Pokemon Theta Emerald All Pokemon Locations (Guide)

Pokemon Theta Emerald is a good QoL Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Emerald by LCCoolJ95. Pokemon Theta Emerald all pokemon location guide is documentation for Pokemon Theta Emerald. I said it because Pokemon Theta Emerald has a lot of versions.

Overview the documentation

This documentation will help you where to catch the pokemon you love in other hand you can know how to evolve pokemon. It’s too lengthy so I will split it. You can use find by the way using Ctrl + F or CMD + F. Let’s follow my post.

Pokemon Theta Emerald All Pokemon Location – Part 1

Bulbasaur: Get from a girl in the green dress in Dewford Town (Event)
Ivysaur: Evolve Bulbasaur (Level 16)
Venusaur: Evolve Ivysaur (Level 32)
Charmander: Get from a sailor in the Pokémon Center in Slateport City (Event)
Charmeleon: Evolve Charmeleon (Level 16)
Charizard: Evolve Charizard (Level 36)
Squirtle: Get from a Youngster on the second floor of Mauville City’s Pokémon Center (Event)
Wartortle: Evolve Squirtle (Level 16)
Blastoise: Evolve Wartortle (Level 36)
Caterpie: Petalburg Woods
Metapod: Evolve Caterpie (Level 7)
Butterfree: Evolve Metapod (Level 10)
Weedle: Petalburg Woods
Kakuna: Evolve Weedle (Level 7)
Beedrill: Evolve Kakuna (Level 10)
Pidgey: Route 101
Pidgeotto: Evolve Pidgey (Level 18), Route 120
Pidgeot: Evolve Pidgeotto (Level 36)
Rattata: Route 101
Raticate: Evolve Rattata (Level 20)
Spearow: Petalburg Woods

Pokemon Theta Emerald All Pokemon Location – Part 2

Fearow: Evolve Spearow (Level 20)
Ekans: Route 116
Arbok: Evolve Ekans (Level 22)
Pikachu: Evolve Pichu (Friendship), Route 121, New Mauville, Safari Zone
Raichu: Evolve Pikachu (ThunderStone)
Sandshrew: Route 111, Granite Cave, Mirage Tower
Sandslash: Evolve Sandshrew (Level 22)
Nidoran♀: Route 103
Nidorina: Evolve Nidoran♀ (Level 16), Route 119
Nidoqueen: Evolve Nidorina (Moon Stone)
Nidoran♂: Route 103
Nidorino: Evolve Nidoran♂ (Level 16), Route 119
Nidoking: Evolve Nidorino (Moon Stone)
Clefairy: Evolve Cleffa (Friendship)
Clefable: Evolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
Vulpix: Fiery Path, Mt. Pyre (Side of the mountain)
Ninetales: Evolve Vulpix (Fire Stone)
Jigglypuff: Evolve Igglybuff (Friendship)
Wigglytuff: Evolve Jigglypuff (Moon Stone)
Zubat: Petalburg Woods, Cave of Origin, Shoal Cave, Seafloor Cavern
In the water: Meteor Falls
Golbat: Evolve Zubat (Level 22), Cave of Origin, Victory Road, Seafloor Cavern, Sky Pillar
In the water, surfing: Meteor Falls
Oddish: Route 103, Safari Zone
Gloom: Evolve Oddish (Level 21), Route 123, Safari Zone
Vileplume: Evolve Gloom (Leaf Stone)
Paras: Petalburg Woods
Parasect: Evolve Paras (Level 24)
Venonat: Petalburg Woods
Venomoth: Evolve Venonat (Level 31)
Diglett: Route 111
Dugtrio: Evolve Diglett (Level 26), Victory Road
Meowth: Route 102
Persian: Evolve Meowth (Level 28)
Psyduck: (By surfing) Route 134, Route 124, Safari Zone
Golduck: Evolve Psyduck (Level 33), (By surfing), Safari Zone
Mankey: Route 104

Pokemon Theta Emerald All Pokemon Location – Part 3

Primeape: Evolve Mankey (Level 28), Victory Road
Growlithe: Fiery Path
Arcanine: Evolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
Poliwag: Route 103
By surfing, Route 127
Poliwhirl: Evolve Poliwag (Level 25), Route 121
Poliwrath: Evolve Poliwhirl (Water Stone)
Abra: Route 104
Kadabra: Evolve Abra (Level 16)
Alakazam: Evolve Kadabra (Link Cable)
Machop: Route 112
Machoke: Evolve Machop (Level 28), Route 120, Victory Road
Machamp: Evolve Machoke (Link Cable)
Bellsprout: Route 104
Weepinbell: Evolve Bellsprout (Level 21), Route 119
Victreebel: Evolve Weepinbell (Leaf Stone)
Tentacool: Route 104 (Old Rod), Route 125 (Surfing, Old Rod, Good Rod), Route 131 (Surfing, Old Rod, Good Rod), Route 134 (Surfing, Old Rod, Good Rod)
Tentacruel: Evolve Tentacool (Level 30), Abandoned Ship
Geodude: Route 111, Route 114, Rusturf Tunnel, Granite Cave, Safari Zone
Graveler: Evolve Geodude (Level 25), Victory Road
Golem: Evolve Graveler (Link Cable)
Ponyta: Route 110
Rapidash: Evolve Ponyta (Level 40)
Slowpoke: Meteor Falls
Slowbro: Evolve Slowpoke (Level 37)
Magnemite: Meteor Falls, New Mauville
Magneton: Evolve Magnemite (Level 30), Meteor Falls
Farfetch’d: Jagged Pass
Doduo: Route 112, Safari Zone
Dodrio: Evolve Doduo (Level 31), Safari Zone
Seel: Petalburg City (Old Rod), Shoal Cave, Route 126 (Surfing)
Dewgong: Evolve Seel (Level 34)
Grimer: Route 116
Muk: Evolve Grimer (Level 38)
Shellder: Route 111 (Old Rod), Route 127 (Surfing)
Cloyster: Evolve Shellder (Water Stone),
Gastly: Route 114, Mt. Pyre
Haunter: Evolve Gastly (Level 25)
Gengar: Evolve Haunter (Dusk Stone)
Onix: Fiery Path, Victory Road
Drowzee: Jagged Pass
Hypno: Evolve Drowzee (Level 26)
Krabby: Route 102 (Old Rod), Route 126 (Surfing), Route 132 (Surfing)
Kingler: Evolve Krabby (Level 28)
Voltorb: Route 112, New Mauville, Route 123
Electrode: Evolve Voltorb (Level 30)
Exeggcute: Route 116 , Route 121
Exeggutor: Evolve Exeggcute (Leaf Stone)
Cubone: Granite Cave
Marowak: Evolve Cubone (Level 28)
Hitmonlee: Evolve Tyrogue (Level 20 if Attack > Defense)
Hitmonchan: Evolve Tyrogue (Level 20 if Attack < Defense)

Pokemon Theta Emerald All Pokemon Location – Part 4

Lickitung: Route 115 Koffing: Route 116 Weezing: Evolve Koffing (Level 35) Rhyhorn: Fiery Path, Route 123, Victory Road, Safari Zone Rhydon: Evolve Rhyhorn (Level 42) Chansey: Evolve Happiny (Friendship) Tangela: Route 115, Route 123 Kangaskhan: Route 115 Horsea: Slateport City (Old Rod), Route 132 (Super Rod), Route 133 (Super Rod), Route 134 (Super Rod) Seadra: Evolve Horsea (Level 32) Goldeen: Slateport City (Old Rod), Route 111 (Old Rod), Route 127 (Surfing) Seaking: Evolve Goldeen (Level 33), Safari Zone (Super Rod) Staryu: Route 103 (Old Rod), Route 122 (Surfing), Route 129 (Surfing), Route 133 (Surfing) Starmie: Evolve Staryu (Water Stone) Mr. Mime: Evolve Mime Jr. (Level up + Mimic) Scyther: Jagged Pass Jynx: Evolve Smoochum (Level 30) Electabuzz: Evolve Elekid (Level 30) Magmar: Evolve Magby (Level 30) Pinsir: Route 111, Safari Zone Tauros: Route 115 Magikarp: Route 103 (Old Rod), Route 129 (Old Rod or Good Rod) Gyarados: Evolve Magikarp (Level 20), Sootopolis City (Super Rod), Route 129 (Surfing) Lapras: Route 124 Ditto: Desert Underpass Eevee: Route 103 Vaporeon: Evolve Eevee (Water Stone) Jolteon: Evolve Eevee (ThunderStone) Flareon: Evolve Eevee (Fire Stone) Porygon: Route 119 Omanyte: Route 111 (Surfing) Omastar: Evolve Omanyte (Level 40) Kabuto: Route 111 (Surfing) Kabutops: Evolve Kabuto (Level 40) Aerodactyl: Desert Underpass (Battle Event) Snorlax: Evolve Munchlax (Friendship) Articuno: Shoal Cave (Legendary Battle) Zapdos: New Mauville (Legendary Battle) Moltres: Mt. Chimney (Legendary Battle) Dratini: Route 114 Dragonair: Evolve Dratini (Level 30) Dragonite: Evolve Dragonair (Level 55) Mewtwo: Artisan Cave (Legendary Battle) Mew: Old Sea Map Event* Chikorita: Get from a the girl near the flower patch on Route 117 Bayleef: Evolve Chikorita (Level 16) Meganium: Evolve Bayleef (Level 32) Cyndaquil: Receive from a Picnicker at the beginning of Route 110 Quilava: Evolve Cyndaquil (Level 14) Typhlosion: Evolve Quilava (Level 36) Totodile: Receive from the non-Trainer girl on the Mauville side of Route 118 Croconaw: Evolve Totodile (Level 18) Feraligatr: Evolve Croconaw (Level 30) Sentret: Route 101 Furret: Evolve Sentret (Level 15) Hoothoot: Route 101, Safari Zone Noctowl: Evolve Hoothoot (Level 20) Ledyba: Route 102, Safari Zone Ledian: Evolve Ledyba (Level 18) Spinarak: Route 102, Safari Zone Ariados: Evolve Spinarak (Level 22) Crobat: Evolve Golbat (Friendship) Chinchou: Route 106 (Old Rod) Lanturn: Evolve Chinchou (Level 27) Pichu: Rusturf Tunnel Cleffa: Rusturf Tunnel Igglypuff: Rusturf Tunnel Togepi: Get from the girl in Rustboro City’s Pokémon Center Togetic: Evolve Togepi (Friendship) Natu: Route 113, Route 121, Safari Zone Xatu: Evolve Natu (Level 25), Safari Zone Mareep: Route 104, Safari Zone Flaaffy: Evolve Mareep (Level 15), New Mauville, Route 120 Ampharos: Evolve Flaaffy (Level 30) Bellossom: Evolve Gloom (Sun Stone) Marill: Evolve Azurill (Friendship), Route 133 (Surfing) Azumarill: Evolve Marill (Level 18) Sudowoodo: Evolve Bonsly (Level Up + Mimic), Battle Frontier (Battle Event) Politoed: Evolve Poliwhirl (Sun Stone) Hoppip: Route 102 Skiploom: Evolve Hoppip (Level 18), Route 120 Jumpluff: Evolve Skiploom (Level 27) Aipom: Route 113, Safari Zone Sunkern: Route 103, Safari Zone Sunflora: Evolve Sunkern (Sun Stone) Yanma: Route 112, Route 121 Wooper: Route 104, Route 129 (Surfing) Quagsire: Evolve Wooper (Level 20), Route 123, Safari Zone (Surfing) Espeon: Evolve Eevee (Sun Stone) Umbreon: Evolve Eevee (Moon Stone) Murkrow: Route 112, Route 121 Slowking: Evolve Slowpoke (Water Stone) Misdreavus: Route 112, Mt. Pyre Unown: Mt. Pyre (side of the mountain) Wobbuffet: Evolve Wynaut (Level 15), Safari Zone Girafarig: Route 113, Safari Zone Pineco: Petalburg Woods, Safari Zone Forretress: Evolve Pineco (Level 31) Dunsparce: Route 116 Gligar: Fiery Path, Route 120, Safari Zone Steelix: Evolve Onix (Link Cable) Snubbull: Jagged Pass, Safari Zone Granbull: Evolve Snubbull (Level 23) Qwilfish: Route 109 (Old Rod), Route 124 (Surfing), Route 129 (Surfing) Scizor: Evolve Scyther (Sun Stone) Shuckle: Fiery Path, Safari Zone (Rock Smash) Heracross: Route 119, Safari Zone Sneasel: Route 117, Shoal Cave Teddiursa: Jagged Pass, Safari Zone Ursaring: Evolve Teddiursa (Level 30)

Pokemon Theta Emerald All Pokemon Location – Part 5

Slugma: Fiery Path Magcargo: Evolve Slugma (Level 38) Swinub: Route 110, Shoal Cave Piloswine: Evolve Swinub (Level 33) Corsola: Route 117 (Old Rod), Route 128 (Super Rod), Route 129 (Surfing) Remoraid: Route 109 (Old Rod), Route 124 (Surfing), Route 130 (Surfing) Octillery: Evolve Remoraid (Level 25), Safari Zone (Super Rod) Delibird: Jagged Pass, Shoal Cave Mantine: Evolve Mantyke (Level Up + Remoraid), Route 126 (Surfing) Skarmory: Route 113 Houndour: Route 116, Safari Zone Houndoom: Evolve Houndour (Level 24) Kingdra: Evolve Seadra (Water Stone) Phanpy: Granite Cave, Safari Zone Donphan: Evolve Phanpy (Level 25) Porygon2: Evolve Porygon (Link Cable) Stantler: Route 119, Safari Zone Smeargle: Route 111, Artisan Cave Tyrogue: Route 115 Hitmontop: Evolve Tyrogue (Level 20 if Attack = Defense) Smoochum: Rusturf Tunnel, Shoal Cave Elekid: Rusturf Tunnel, New Mauville Magby: Rusturf Tunnel Miltank: Route 113, Safari Zone Blissey: Evolve Chansey (Sun Stone) Raikou: Route 116, in the cave if you have Lugia & Ho-oh (Legendary Battle) Entei: Route 116, in the cave if you have Lugia & Ho-oh (Legendary Battle) Suicune: Route 116, in the cave if you have Lugia & Ho-oh (Legendary Battle) Larvitar: Granite Cave Pupitar: Evolve Larvitar (Level 30) Tyranitar: Evolve Pupitar (Level 55) Lugia: MysticTicket Event* Ho-oh: MysticTicket Event* Celebi: Battle Frontier (Legendary Battle) Treecko: Starter/Receive from the CoolTrainer near Gabby & Ty on Route 111 Grovyle: Evolve Treecko (Level 16) Sceptile: Evolve Grovyle (Level 36) Torchic: Starter/Receive from the person at the end of Jagged Pass Combusken: Evolve Torchic (Level 16) Blaziken: Evolve Combusken (Level 36) Mudkip: Starter/Receive from the non-Trainer Fisherman on Route 114’s Bridge Marshtomp: Evolve Mudkip (Level 16) Swampert: Evolve Marshtomp (Level 36) Poochyena: Route 101 Mightyena: Evolve Poochyena (Level 18) Zigzagoon: Route 101, Route 118 Linoone: Evolve Zigzagoon (Level 20), Route 118, Route 121 Wurmple: Petalburg Woods Silcoon: Evolve Wurmple (Level 7 w/ high personality) Beautifly: Evolve Silcoon (Level 10) Cascoon: Evolve Wurmple (Level 7 w/ low personality) Dustox: Evolve Cascoon (Level 10) Lotad: Route 102 Lombre: Evolve Lotad (Level 14) Ludicolo: Evolve Lombre (Water Stone) Seedot: Route 102 Nuzleaf: Evolve Seedot (Level 14) Shiftry: Evolve Nuzleaf (Leaf Stone) Taillow: Route 104 Swellow: Evolve Taillow (Level 22) Wingull: Route 103, Route 134 (Surfing) Pelipper: Evolve Wingull (Level 25), Route 122 (Surfing), Route 134 (Surfing) Ralts: Route 102 Kirlia: Evolve Ralts (Level 20) Gardevoir: Evolve Kirlia (Level 30) Surskit: Route 102 Masquerain: Evolve Surskit (Level 22) Shroomish: Route 104 Breloom: Evolve Shroomish (Level 23) Slakoth: Jagged Pass Vigoroth: Evolve Slakoth (Level 18), Route 120 Slaking: Evolve Vigoroth (Level 36) Nincada: Route 116 Ninjask: Evolve Nincada (Level 20) Shedinja: Mt. Pyre (side of mountain/summit) Whismur: Rusturf Tunnel, Desert Underpass Loudred: Evolve Whismur (Level 20), Route 120, Desert Underpass Exploud: Evolve Loudred (Level 40) Makuhita: Granite Cave Hariyama: Evolve Makuhita (Level 24) Azurill: Route 103 Nosepass: Granite Cave, Route 123 Skitty: Route 104 Delcatty: Evolve Skitty (Moon Stone) Sableye: Mt. Pyre, Cave of Origin, Sky Pillar Mawile: Granite Cave, Mt. Pyre Aron: Granite Cave Lairon: Evolve Aron (Level 32), Victory Road Aggron: Evolve Lairon (Level 42) Meditite: Route 114 Medicham: Evolve Meditite (Level 37) Electrike: Route 110, Route 118, New Mauville Manectric: Evolve Electrike (Level 26), Route 118 Plusle: Route 110 Minun: Route 110 Volbeat: Route 117 Illumise: Route 117 Roselia: Evolve Budew (Friendship) Gulpin: Route 104 Swalot: Evolve Gulpin (Level 26) Carvanha: Route 118 (Surfing, Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod), Route 125 (Surfing), Route 134 (Surfing) Sharpedo: Evolve Carvanha (Level 30), Route 132 (Super Rod) Wailmer: Route 118 (Surfing, Old Rod), Route 125 (Surfing, Good Rod, Super Rod), Route 132 (Surfing, Good Rod, Super Rod) Wailord: Evolve Wailmer (Level 40) Numel: Route 112 Camerupt: Evolve Numel (Level 33) Torkoal: Fiery Path, Mt. Pyre (side of the mountain) Spoink: Route 112 Grumpig: Evolve Spoink (Level 32) Spinda: Route 113, Route 121 Trapinch: Granite Cave, Route 111, Mirage Tower Vibrava: Evolve Trapinch (Level 35) Flygon: Evolve Vibrava (Level 45) Cacnea: Route 117, Route 111, Route 121 Cacturne: Evolve Cacnea (Level 32) Swablu: Route 117 Altaria: Evolve Swablu (Level 35), Sky Pillar Zangoose: Route 115 Seviper: Route 115 Lunatone: Meteor Falls Solrock: Meteor Falls Barboach: Route 104 (Old Rod), Route 122 (Surfing) Whiscash: Evolve Barboach (Level 30), Meteor Falls (Super Rod), Victory Road (Super Rod) Corphish: Route 102 (Old Rod), Route 126 (Surfing), Route 132 (Surfing) Crawdaunt: Evolve Corphish (Level 30) Baltoy: Route 111, Meteor Falls Claydol: Evolve Baltoy (Level 36), Meteor Falls, Sky Pillar Lileep: Route 111 Cradily: Evolve Lileep (Level 40) Anorith: Route 111 Armaldo: Evolve Anorith (Level 40) Feebas: Route 107 (Old Rod), Route 133 (Surfing) Milotic: Evolve Feebas (Water Stone) Castform: Get from a scientist after you beat Team Aqua at the Weather Institute Kecleon: Route 118, Route 121 Shuppet: Route 114, Mt. Pyre

Pokemon Theta Emerald All Pokemon Location – Part 6

Banette: Evolve Shuppet (Level 37), Sky Pillar Duskull: Route 114, Mt. Pyre Dusclops: Evolve Duskull (Level 37) Tropius: Route 115, Route 119 Chimecho: Evolve Chingling (Friendship), Mt. Pyre (Summit) Absol: Route 114 Wynaut: Received as Egg from the old lady in front of the Pokémo Center at Lavaridge Town Snorunt: Route 110, Shoal Cave Glalie: Evolve Snorunt (Level 42) Spheal: Petalburg City (Old Rod), Route 126 (Surfing) Sealeo: Evolve Spheal (Level 32) Walrein: Evolve Sealeo (Level 44) Clamperl: Dewford Town (Old Rod), Route 125 (Surfing), Route 130 (Surfing), Route 133 (Surfing) Huntail: Evolve Clamperl (Moon Stone) Gorebyss: Evolve Clamperl (Sun Stone) Relicanth: Route 124 (Surfing), Route 130 (Surfing) Luvdisc: Route 106 (Old Rod), Route 122 (Surfing), Route 128 (Surfing, Good Rod, Super Rod), Route 131 (Surfing) Bagon: Meteor Falls Shelgon: Evolve Bagon (Level 30), Meteor Falls Salamence: Evolve Shelgon (Level 50) Beldum: Get from the Poké Ball on Steven’s desk in his house in Mossdeep City Metang: Evolve Beldum (Level 20) Metagross: Evolve Metang (Level 45) Regirock: Desert Ruins (Legendary Event) Regice: Island Cave (Legendary Event) Registeel: Ancient Tomb (Legendary Event) Latias: Roaming/Southern Island (Legendary Event) Latios: Roaming/Southern Island (Legendary Event) Kyogre: Marine Cave (Legendary Event)* Groudon: Terra Cave (Legendary Event)* Rayquaza: Sky Pillar (Legendary Event) Jirachi: Meteor Falls (Legendary Battle) Deoxys: AuroraTicket Event* Turtwig: Receive from a Cycler on Cycling Road on Route 110 Grotle: Evolve Turtwig (Level 18) Torterra: Evolve Grotle (Level 32) Chimchar: Receive from the wanderer in Granite Cave Monferno: Evolve Chimchar (Level 14) Infernape: Evolve Monferno (Level 36) Piplup: Receive from the old man with the Zigzagoon on Route 109 Prinplup: Evolve Piplup (Level 16) Empoleon: Evolve Prinplup (Level 36) Starly: Route 101 Staravia: Evolve Starly (Level 14), Route 119 Staraptor: Evolve Staravia (Level 34) Bidoof: Route 101 Bibarel: Evolve Bidoof (Level 15), Route 131 (Surfing) Kricketot: Route 103 Kricketune: Evolve Kricketot (Level 10) Shinx: Route 103 Luxio: Evolve Shinx (Level 15), New Mauville Luxray: Evolve Luxio (Level 30) Budew: Route 102 Roserade: Evolve Roselia (Leaf Stone) Cranidos: Route 111 Rampardos: Evolve Cranidos (Level 30) Shieldon: Route 111 Bastiodon: Evolve Shieldon (Level 30) Burmy: Route 103 Wormadam: Evolve Burmy (Level 20 if Female) Mothim: Evolve Burmy (Level 20 if Male) Combee: Route 104 Vespiquen: Evolve Combee (Level 21) Pachirisu: Route 112, New Mauville, Route 120 Buizel: Route 113, Route 123, Route 127 (Surfing) Floatzel: Evolve Buizel (Level 26) Cherubi: Route 117, Route 123 Cherrim: Evolve Cherubi (Level 25) Shellos: Route 117 (Old Rod), Route 127 (Surfing) Gastrodon: Evolve Shellos (Level 30) Ambipom: Evolve Aipom (Level Up + Double Hit) Drifloon: Jagged Pass, Mt. Pyre Drifblim: Evolve Drifloon (Level 28) Buneary: Route 104 Lopunny: Evolve Buneary (Friendship) Mismagius: Evolve Misdreavus (Dusk Stone) Honchkrow: Evolve Murkrow (Dusk Stone) Glameow: Jagged Pass Purugly: Evolve Glameow (Level 38) Chingling: Rusturf Tunnel, Mt. Pyre (Summit) Stunky: Jagged Pass Skuntank: Evolve Stunky (Level 34) Bronzor: Meteor Falls Bronzong: Evolve Bronzor (Level 33), Meteor Falls Bonsly: Rusturf Tunnel Mime Jr.: Route 112 Happiny: Get from a girl near Mauville City’s main sign Chatot: Route 114, Route 120 Spiritomb: Get from the man who hit his back in Mt. Pyre Gible: Route 113 Gabite: Evolve Gible (Level 24) Garchomp: Evolve Gabite (Level 48) Munchlax: Rusturf Tunnel Riolu: Get from the lady in Dewford City’s Pokémon Center Lucario: Evolve Riolu (Friendship)

Pokemon Theta Emerald All Pokemon Location – Part 7

Hippopotas: Fiery Path Hippowdon: Evolve Hippopotas (Level 34) Skorupi: Route 116 Drapion: Evolve Skorupi (Level 40) Croagunk: Route 112 Toxicroak: Evolve Croagunk (Level 37) Carnivine: Route 113 Finneon: Dewford Town (Old Rod), Route 128 (Surfing) Lumineon: Evolve Finneon (Level 31) Mantyke: Route 110 (Old Rod), Route 132 (Surfing) Snover: Route 113, Shoal Cave Abomasnow: Evolve Snover (Level 40) Weavile: Evolve Sneasel (Dusk Stone) Magnezone: Evolve Magneton (Level Up in New Mauville) Lickilicky: Evolve Lickitung (Level Up + Rollout) Rhyperior: Evolve Rhydon (Link Cable) Tangrowth: Evolve Tangela (Level Up + AncientPower) Electivire: Evolve Electabuzz (ThunderStone) Magmortar: Evolve Magmar (Fire Stone) Togekiss: Evolve Togetic (Shiny Stone) Yanmega: Evolve Yanma (AncientPower) Leafeon: Evolve Eevee (Level Up in Petalburg Woods) Glaceon: Evolve Eevee (Level Up in Shoal Cave) Gliscor: Evolve Gligar (Dusk Stone) Mamoswine: Evolve Piloswine (Level Up + AncientPower) Porygon-Z: Evolve Porygon2 (Link Cable) Gallade: Evolve Kirlia (Dawn Stone) Probopass: Evolve Nosepass (Level Up in New Mauville) Dusknoir: Evolve Dusclops (Dusk Stone) Froslass: Evolve Snorunt (Dawn Stone) Rotom: New Mauville Uxie: Route 124 (Legendary Battle) Mesprit: Route 124 (Legendary Battle) Azelf: Route 124 (Legendary Battle) Dialga: Meteor Falls if you have Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf (Legendary Battle) Palkia: Meteor Falls if you have Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf (Legendary Battle) Heatran: Scorched Slab (Legendary Battle) Regigigas: Sealed Chamber if you have Regirock, Regice, and Registeel (Legendary Battle) Giratina: Mt. Pyre if you have Dialga & Palkia (Legendary Battle) Cresselia: Route 129 (Legendary Battle) Phione: Breed Manaphy Manaphy: Get from the old man in Mossdeep City Darkrai: Mt. Pyre (Legendary Battle) Shaymin: Petalburg Woods (Legendary Battle) Arceus: Sky Pillar if you bring Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina (Legendary Battle) Victini: Sootopolis City (Legendary Battle) Snivy: Get from the girl in the bottom right corner of Fortree City Servine: Evolve Snivy (Level 17) Serperior: Evolve Servine (Level 36) Tepig: Get from the girl in Lavaridge Town’s Pokémon Center Pignite: Evolve Tepig (Level 17) Emboar: Evolve Pignite (Level 36) Oshawott: Receive from the girl in Sootopolis City Dewott: Evolve Oshawott (Level 17) Samurott: Evolve Dewott (Level 36) Patrat: Route 101 Watchog: Evolve Patrat (Level 20) Lillipup: Route 101 Herdier: Evolve Lillipup (Level 16), Route 120 Stoutland: Evolve Herdier (Level 32) Purrloin: Route 101 Liepard: Evolve Purrloin (Level 20) Pansage: Route 102 Simisage: Evolve Pansage (Leaf Stone) Pansear: Route 102 Simisear: Evolve Pansear (Fire Stone) Panpour: Route 102 Simipour: Evolve Panpour (Water Stone) Munna: Route 110 Musharna: Evolve Munna (Moon Stone) Pidove: Route 116 Tranquill: Evolve Pidove (Level 21), Route 119 Unfezant: Evolve Tranquill (Level 32) Blitzle: Route 110, New Mauville Zebstrika: Evolve Blitzle (Level 27) Roggenrola: Granite Cave Boldore: Evolve Roggenrola (Level 25), Victory Road Gigalith: Evolve Boldore (Link Cable) Woobat: Rusturf Tunnel Swoobat: Evolve Woobat (Friendship) Drilbur: Granite Cave Excadrill: Evolve Drilbur (Level 31) Audino: Route 114, Route 121 Timburr: Route 110 Gurdurr: Evolve Timburr (Level 25), Victory Road Conkeldurr: Evolve Gurdurr (Link Cable) Tympole: Route 128 (Surfing) Palpitoad: Evolve Tympole (Level 25), Route 121 Seismitoad: Evolve Palpitoad (Level 36) Throh: Jagged Pass Sawk: Jagged Pass Sewaddle: Route 101 Swadloon: Evolve Sewaddle (Level 20), Route 119

Part 8

Leavanny: Evolve Swadloon (Friendship) Venipede: Route 103 Whirlipede: Evolve Venipede (Level 22), Route 123 Scolipede: Evolve Whirlipede (Level 30) Cottonee: Petalburg Woods Whimsicott: Evolve Cottonee (Sun Stone) Petilil: Petalburg Woods Lilligant: Evolve Petilil (Sun Stone) Basculin: Route 118 (Surfing), Route 128 (Surfing), Route 133 (Surfing) Sandile: Route 104, Fiery Path Krokorok: Evolve Sandile (Level 29), Victory Road Krookodile: Evolve Krokorok (Level 40) Darumaka: Fiery Path Darmanitan: Evolve Darumaka (Level 35) Maractus: Route 114 Dwebble: Granite Cave Crustle: Evolve Dwebble (Level 34) Scraggy: Route 117 Scrafty: Evolve Scraggy (Level 39) Sigilyph: Meteor Falls Yamask: Route 115, Mt. Pyre Cofagrigus: Evolve Yamask (Level 34) Tirtouga: Route 111 (Surfing) Carracosta: Evolve Tirtouga (Level 37) Archen: Route 111 Archeops: Evolve Archen (Level 37) Trubbish: Route 114 Garbodor: Evolve Trubbish (Level 36) Zorua: Get from the old man in Petalburg City (8.2) Zoroark: Evolve Zorua (Level 30) Minccino: Route 114, Route 120 Cinccino: Evolve Minccino (Sun Stone) Gothita: Route 117 Gothorita: Evolve Gothita (Level 32), Mt. Pyre Gothitelle: Evolve Gothorita (Level 41) Solosis: Route 117 Duosion: Evolve Solosis (Level 32), Mt. Pyre Reuniclus: Evolve Duosion (Level 41) Ducklett: Route 117, Route 123 Swanna: Evolve Ducklett (Level 35) Vanillite: Route 110, Shoal Cave Vanillish: Evolve Vanillite (Level 35) Vanilluxe: Evolve Vanillish (Level 47) Deerling: Route 113 Sawsbuck: Evolve Deerling (Level 34) Emolga: Route 113 Karrablast: Route 116 Escavalier: Evolve Karrablast (Link Cable) Foongus: Route 116 , Route 120 Amoonguss: Evolve Foongus (Level 39) Frillish: Route 107 (Old Rod), Route 122 (Surfing), Route 131 (Surfing) Jellicent: Evolve Frillish (Level 40) Alomomola: Route 118 Joltik: Petalburg Woods, New Mauville Galvantula: Evolve Joltik (Level 36) Ferroseed: Petalburg Woods Ferrothorn: Evolve Ferroseed (Level 40) Klink: Route 114 Klang: Evolve Klink (Level 38) Klinklang: Evolve Klang (Level 49) Tynamo: Route 112, New Mauville Eelektrik: Evolve Tynamo (Level 39) Eelektross: Evolve Eelektrik (ThunderStone) Elgyem: Meteor Falls Beheeyem: Evolve Elgyem (Level 42) Litwick: Route 110, Mt. Pyre Lampent: Evolve Litwick (Level 41) Chandelure: Evolve Lampent (Dusk Stone) Axew: Route 110 Fraxure: Evolve Axew (Level 38) Haxorus: Evolve Fraxure (Level 48), Cubchoo: Route 115, Shoal Cave Beartic: Evolve Cubchoo (Level 37) Cryogonal: Route 115, Shoal Cave Shelmet: Route 116 Accelgor: Evolve Shelmet (Link Cable) Stunfisk: Route 118 (Surfing) Mienfoo: Route 117 Mienshao: Evolve Mienfoo (Level 50) Druddigon: Route 119 Golett: Fiery Path, Route 123 Golurk: Evolve Golett (Level 43) Pawniard: Meteor Falls, Route 123 Bisharp: Evolve Pawniard (Level 52) Bouffalant: Route 119, Victory Road Rufflet: Meteor Falls Braviary: Evolve Rufflet (Level 54) Vullaby: Meteor Falls Mandibuzz: Evolve Vullaby (Level 54) Heatmor: Fiery Path Durant: Route 117 Deino: Route 115 Zweilous: Evolve Deino (Level 50) Hydreigon: Evolve Zweilous (Level 64) Larvesta: Get from the Collector at the Slateport Side of Route 134 Volcarona: Evolve Larvesta (Level 59) Cobalion: Victory Road (Legendary Battle) Terrakion: Victory Road (Legendary Battle) Virizion: Victory Road (Legendary Battle) Tornadus: Route 119 if you have Castform (Legendary Battle) Thundurus: Route 119 if you have Castform (Legendary Battle) Reshiram: Sky Pillar (Legendary Battle) Zekrom: Sky Pillar (Legendary Battle) Landorus: Mirage Tower if you have Tornadus and Thundurus (Legendary Battle) Kyurem: Shoal Cave if you have Reshiram and Zekrom (Legendary Battle) Keldeo: Route 123 if you have Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion (Legendary Battle) Meloetta: Lilycove City (Legendary Battle) Genesect: New Mauville (Legendary Battle) Sylveon: Evolve Eevee (Friendship)


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