Pokemon Theta Emerald All Pokemon Locations (Guide)

Pokemon Theta Emerald

Bulbasaur: Get from a girl in the green dress in Dewford Town (Event)
Ivysaur: Evolve Bulbasaur (Level 16)
Venusaur: Evolve Ivysaur (Level 32)
Charmander: Get from a sailor in the Pokémon Center in Slateport City (Event)
Charmeleon: Evolve Charmeleon (Level 16)
Charizard: Evolve Charizard (Level 36)
Squirtle: Get from a Youngster on the second floor of Mauville City’s Pokémon Center (Event)
Wartortle: Evolve Squirtle (Level 16)
Blastoise: Evolve Wartortle (Level 36)
Caterpie: Petalburg Woods
Metapod: Evolve Caterpie (Level 7)
Butterfree: Evolve Metapod (Level 10)
Weedle: Petalburg Woods
Kakuna: Evolve Weedle (Level 7)
Beedrill: Evolve Kakuna (Level 10)
Pidgey: Route 101
Pidgeotto: Evolve Pidgey (Level 18), Route 120
Pidgeot: Evolve Pidgeotto (Level 36)
Rattata: Route 101
Raticate: Evolve Rattata (Level 20)
Spearow: Petalburg Woods
Fearow: Evolve Spearow (Level 20)
Ekans: Route 116
Arbok: Evolve Ekans (Level 22)
Pikachu: Evolve Pichu (Friendship), Route 121, New Mauville, Safari Zone
Raichu: Evolve Pikachu (ThunderStone)
Sandshrew: Route 111, Granite Cave, Mirage Tower
Sandslash: Evolve Sandshrew (Level 22)
Nidoran♀: Route 103
Nidorina: Evolve Nidoran♀ (Level 16), Route 119
Nidoqueen: Evolve Nidorina (Moon Stone)
Nidoran♂: Route 103
Nidorino: Evolve Nidoran♂ (Level 16), Route 119
Nidoking: Evolve Nidorino (Moon Stone)
Clefairy: Evolve Cleffa (Friendship)
Clefable: Evolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
Vulpix: Fiery Path, Mt. Pyre (Side of the mountain)
Ninetales: Evolve Vulpix (Fire Stone)
Jigglypuff: Evolve Igglybuff (Friendship)
Wigglytuff: Evolve Jigglypuff (Moon Stone)
Zubat: Petalburg Woods, Cave of Origin, Shoal Cave, Seafloor Cavern
In the water: Meteor Falls
Golbat: Evolve Zubat (Level 22), Cave of Origin, Victory Road, Seafloor Cavern, Sky Pillar
In the water, surfing: Meteor Falls
Oddish: Route 103, Safari Zone
Gloom: Evolve Oddish (Level 21), Route 123, Safari Zone
Vileplume: Evolve Gloom (Leaf Stone)
Paras: Petalburg Woods
Parasect: Evolve Paras (Level 24)
Venonat: Petalburg Woods
Venomoth: Evolve Venonat (Level 31)
Diglett: Route 111
Dugtrio: Evolve Diglett (Level 26), Victory Road
Meowth: Route 102
Persian: Evolve Meowth (Level 28)
Psyduck: (By surfing) Route 134, Route 124, Safari Zone
Golduck: Evolve Psyduck (Level 33), (By surfing), Safari Zone
Mankey: Route 104
Primeape: Evolve Mankey (Level 28), Victory Road
Growlithe: Fiery Path
Arcanine: Evolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
Poliwag: Route 103
By surfing, Route 127
Poliwhirl: Evolve Poliwag (Level 25), Route 121
Poliwrath: Evolve Poliwhirl (Water Stone)
Abra: Route 104
Kadabra: Evolve Abra (Level 16)
Alakazam: Evolve Kadabra (Link Cable)
Machop: Route 112
Machoke: Evolve Machop (Level 28), Route 120, Victory Road
Machamp: Evolve Machoke (Link Cable)
Bellsprout: Route 104
Weepinbell: Evolve Bellsprout (Level 21), Route 119
Victreebel: Evolve Weepinbell (Leaf Stone)
Tentacool: Route 104 (Old Rod), Route 125 (Surfing, Old Rod, Good Rod), Route 131 (Surfing, Old Rod, Good Rod), Route 134 (Surfing, Old Rod, Good Rod)
Tentacruel: Evolve Tentacool (Level 30), Abandoned Ship
Geodude: Route 111, Route 114, Rusturf Tunnel, Granite Cave, Safari Zone
Graveler: Evolve Geodude (Level 25), Victory Road
Golem: Evolve Graveler (Link Cable)
Ponyta: Route 110
Rapidash: Evolve Ponyta (Level 40)
Slowpoke: Meteor Falls
Slowbro: Evolve Slowpoke (Level 37)
Magnemite: Meteor Falls, New Mauville
Magneton: Evolve Magnemite (Level 30), Meteor Falls
Farfetch’d: Jagged Pass
Doduo: Route 112, Safari Zone
Dodrio: Evolve Doduo (Level 31), Safari Zone
Seel: Petalburg City (Old Rod), Shoal Cave, Route 126 (Surfing)
Dewgong: Evolve Seel (Level 34)
Grimer: Route 116
Muk: Evolve Grimer (Level 38)
Shellder: Route 111 (Old Rod), Route 127 (Surfing)
Cloyster: Evolve Shellder (Water Stone),
Gastly: Route 114, Mt. Pyre
Haunter: Evolve Gastly (Level 25)
Gengar: Evolve Haunter (Dusk Stone)
Onix: Fiery Path, Victory Road
Drowzee: Jagged Pass
Hypno: Evolve Drowzee (Level 26)
Krabby: Route 102 (Old Rod), Route 126 (Surfing), Route 132 (Surfing)
Kingler: Evolve Krabby (Level 28)
Voltorb: Route 112, New Mauville, Route 123
Electrode: Evolve Voltorb (Level 30)
Exeggcute: Route 116 , Route 121
Exeggutor: Evolve Exeggcute (Leaf Stone)
Cubone: Granite Cave
Marowak: Evolve Cubone (Level 28)
Hitmonlee: Evolve Tyrogue (Level 20 if Attack > Defense)
Hitmonchan: Evolve Tyrogue (Level 20 if Attack < Defense) Lickitung: Route 115 Koffing: Route 116 Weezing: Evolve Koffing (Level 35) Rhyhorn: Fiery Path, Route 123, Victory Road, Safari Zone Rhydon: Evolve Rhyhorn (Level 42) Chansey: Evolve Happiny (Friendship) Tangela: Route 115, Route 123 Kangaskhan: Route 115 Horsea: Slateport City (Old Rod), Route 132 (Super Rod), Route 133 (Super Rod), Route 134 (Super Rod) Seadra: Evolve Horsea (Level 32) Goldeen: Slateport City (Old Rod), Route 111 (Old Rod), Route 127 (Surfing) Seaking: Evolve Goldeen (Level 33), Safari Zone (Super Rod) Staryu: Route 103 (Old Rod), Route 122 (Surfing), Route 129 (Surfing), Route 133 (Surfing) Starmie: Evolve Staryu (Water Stone) Mr. Mime: Evolve Mime Jr. (Level up + Mimic) Scyther: Jagged Pass Jynx: Evolve Smoochum (Level 30) Electabuzz: Evolve Elekid (Level 30) Magmar: Evolve Magby (Level 30) Pinsir: Route 111, Safari Zone Tauros: Route 115 Magikarp: Route 103 (Old Rod), Route 129 (Old Rod or Good Rod) Gyarados: Evolve Magikarp (Level 20), Sootopolis City (Super Rod), Route 129 (Surfing) Lapras: Route 124 Ditto: Desert Underpass Eevee: Route 103 Vaporeon: Evolve Eevee (Water Stone) Jolteon: Evolve Eevee (ThunderStone) Flareon: Evolve Eevee (Fire Stone) Porygon: Route 119 Omanyte: Route 111 (Surfing) Omastar: Evolve Omanyte (Level 40) Kabuto: Route 111 (Surfing) Kabutops: Evolve Kabuto (Level 40) Aerodactyl: Desert Underpass (Battle Event) Snorlax: Evolve Munchlax (Friendship) Articuno: Shoal Cave (Legendary Battle) Zapdos: New Mauville (Legendary Battle) Moltres: Mt. Chimney (Legendary Battle) Dratini: Route 114 Dragonair: Evolve Dratini (Level 30) Dragonite: Evolve Dragonair (Level 55) Mewtwo: Artisan Cave (Legendary Battle) Mew: Old Sea Map Event* Chikorita: Get from a the girl near the flower patch on Route 117 Bayleef: Evolve Chikorita (Level 16) Meganium: Evolve Bayleef (Level 32) Cyndaquil: Receive from a Picnicker at the beginning of Route 110 Quilava: Evolve Cyndaquil (Level 14) Typhlosion: Evolve Quilava (Level 36) Totodile: Receive from the non-Trainer girl on the Mauville side of Route 118 Croconaw: Evolve Totodile (Level 18) Feraligatr: Evolve Croconaw (Level 30) Sentret: Route 101 Furret: Evolve Sentret (Level 15) Hoothoot: Route 101, Safari Zone Noctowl: Evolve Hoothoot (Level 20) Ledyba: Route 102, Safari Zone Ledian: Evolve Ledyba (Level 18) Spinarak: Route 102, Safari Zone Ariados: Evolve Spinarak (Level 22) Crobat: Evolve Golbat (Friendship) Chinchou: Route 106 (Old Rod) Lanturn: Evolve Chinchou (Level 27) Pichu: Rusturf Tunnel Cleffa: Rusturf Tunnel Igglypuff: Rusturf Tunnel Togepi: Get from the girl in Rustboro City's Pokémon Center Togetic: Evolve Togepi (Friendship) Natu: Route 113, Route 121, Safari Zone Xatu: Evolve Natu (Level 25), Safari Zone Mareep: Route 104, Safari Zone Flaaffy: Evolve Mareep (Level 15), New Mauville, Route 120 Ampharos: Evolve Flaaffy (Level 30) Bellossom: Evolve Gloom (Sun Stone) Marill: Evolve Azurill (Friendship), Route 133 (Surfing) Azumarill: Evolve Marill (Level 18) Sudowoodo: Evolve Bonsly (Level Up + Mimic), Battle Frontier (Battle Event) Politoed: Evolve Poliwhirl (Sun Stone) Hoppip: Route 102 Skiploom: Evolve Hoppip (Level 18), Route 120 Jumpluff: Evolve Skiploom (Level 27) Aipom: Route 113, Safari Zone Sunkern: Route 103, Safari Zone Sunflora: Evolve Sunkern (Sun Stone) Yanma: Route 112, Route 121 Wooper: Route 104, Route 129 (Surfing) Quagsire: Evolve Wooper (Level 20), Route 123, Safari Zone (Surfing) Espeon: Evolve Eevee (Sun Stone) Umbreon: Evolve Eevee (Moon Stone) Murkrow: Route 112, Route 121 Slowking: Evolve Slowpoke (Water Stone) Misdreavus: Route 112, Mt. Pyre Unown: Mt. Pyre (side of the mountain) Wobbuffet: Evolve Wynaut (Level 15), Safari Zone Girafarig: Route 113, Safari Zone Pineco: Petalburg Woods, Safari Zone Forretress: Evolve Pineco (Level 31) Dunsparce: Route 116 Gligar: Fiery Path, Route 120, Safari Zone Steelix: Evolve Onix (Link Cable) Snubbull: Jagged Pass, Safari Zone Granbull: Evolve Snubbull (Level 23) Qwilfish: Route 109 (Old Rod), Route 124 (Surfing), Route 129 (Surfing) Scizor: Evolve Scyther (Sun Stone) Shuckle: Fiery Path, Safari Zone (Rock Smash) Heracross: Route 119, Safari Zone Sneasel: Route 117, Shoal Cave Teddiursa: Jagged Pass, Safari Zone Ursaring: Evolve Teddiursa (Level 30) Slugma: Fiery Path Magcargo: Evolve Slugma (Level 38) Swinub: Route 110, Shoal Cave Piloswine: Evolve Swinub (Level 33) Corsola: Route 117 (Old Rod), Route 128 (Super Rod), Route 129 (Surfing) Remoraid: Route 109 (Old Rod), Route 124 (Surfing), Route 130 (Surfing) Octillery: Evolve Remoraid (Level 25), Safari Zone (Super Rod) Delibird: Jagged Pass, Shoal Cave Mantine: Evolve Mantyke (Level Up + Remoraid), Route 126 (Surfing) Skarmory: Route 113 Houndour: Route 116, Safari Zone Houndoom: Evolve Houndour (Level 24) Kingdra: Evolve Seadra (Water Stone) Phanpy: Granite Cave, Safari Zone Donphan: Evolve Phanpy (Level 25) Porygon2: Evolve Porygon (Link Cable) Stantler: Route 119, Safari Zone Smeargle: Route 111, Artisan Cave Tyrogue: Route 115 Hitmontop: Evolve Tyrogue (Level 20 if Attack = Defense) Smoochum: Rusturf Tunnel, Shoal Cave Elekid: Rusturf Tunnel, New Mauville Magby: Rusturf Tunnel Miltank: Route 113, Safari Zone Blissey: Evolve Chansey (Sun Stone) Raikou: Route 116, in the cave if you have Lugia & Ho-oh (Legendary Battle) Entei: Route 116, in the cave if you have Lugia & Ho-oh (Legendary Battle) Suicune: Route 116, in the cave if you have Lugia & Ho-oh (Legendary Battle) Larvitar: Granite Cave Pupitar: Evolve Larvitar (Level 30) Tyranitar: Evolve Pupitar (Level 55) Lugia: MysticTicket Event* Ho-oh: MysticTicket Event* Celebi: Battle Frontier (Legendary Battle) Treecko: Starter/Receive from the CoolTrainer near Gabby & Ty on Route 111 Grovyle: Evolve Treecko (Level 16) Sceptile: Evolve Grovyle (Level 36) Torchic: Starter/Receive from the person at the end of Jagged Pass Combusken: Evolve Torchic (Level 16) Blaziken: Evolve Combusken (Level 36) Mudkip: Starter/Receive from the non-Trainer Fisherman on Route 114’s Bridge Marshtomp: Evolve Mudkip (Level 16) Swampert: Evolve Marshtomp (Level 36) Poochyena: Route 101 Mightyena: Evolve Poochyena (Level 18) Zigzagoon: Route 101, Route 118 Linoone: Evolve Zigzagoon (Level 20), Route 118, Route 121 Wurmple: Petalburg Woods Silcoon: Evolve Wurmple (Level 7 w/ high personality) Beautifly: Evolve Silcoon (Level 10) Cascoon: Evolve Wurmple (Level 7 w/ low personality) Dustox: Evolve Cascoon (Level 10) Lotad: Route 102 Lombre: Evolve Lotad (Level 14) Ludicolo: Evolve Lombre (Water Stone) Seedot: Route 102 Nuzleaf: Evolve Seedot (Level 14) Shiftry: Evolve Nuzleaf (Leaf Stone) Taillow: Route 104 Swellow: Evolve Taillow (Level 22) Wingull: Route 103, Route 134 (Surfing) Pelipper: Evolve Wingull (Level 25), Route 122 (Surfing), Route 134 (Surfing) Ralts: Route 102 Kirlia: Evolve Ralts (Level 20) Gardevoir: Evolve Kirlia (Level 30) Surskit: Route 102 Masquerain: Evolve Surskit (Level 22) Shroomish: Route 104 Breloom: Evolve Shroomish (Level 23) Slakoth: Jagged Pass Vigoroth: Evolve Slakoth (Level 18), Route 120 Slaking: Evolve Vigoroth (Level 36) Nincada: Route 116 Ninjask: Evolve Nincada (Level 20) Shedinja: Mt. Pyre (side of mountain/summit) Whismur: Rusturf Tunnel, Desert Underpass Loudred: Evolve Whismur (Level 20), Route 120, Desert Underpass Exploud: Evolve Loudred (Level 40) Makuhita: Granite Cave Hariyama: Evolve Makuhita (Level 24) Azurill: Route 103 Nosepass: Granite Cave, Route 123 Skitty: Route 104 Delcatty: Evolve Skitty (Moon Stone) Sableye: Mt. Pyre, Cave of Origin, Sky Pillar Mawile: Granite Cave, Mt. Pyre Aron: Granite Cave Lairon: Evolve Aron (Level 32), Victory Road Aggron: Evolve Lairon (Level 42) Meditite: Route 114 Medicham: Evolve Meditite (Level 37) Electrike: Route 110, Route 118, New Mauville Manectric: Evolve Electrike (Level 26), Route 118 Plusle: Route 110 Minun: Route 110 Volbeat: Route 117 Illumise: Route 117 Roselia: Evolve Budew (Friendship) Gulpin: Route 104 Swalot: Evolve Gulpin (Level 26) Carvanha: Route 118 (Surfing, Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod), Route 125 (Surfing), Route 134 (Surfing) Sharpedo: Evolve Carvanha (Level 30), Route 132 (Super Rod) Wailmer: Route 118 (Surfing, Old Rod), Route 125 (Surfing, Good Rod, Super Rod), Route 132 (Surfing, Good Rod, Super Rod) Wailord: Evolve Wailmer (Level 40) Numel: Route 112 Camerupt: Evolve Numel (Level 33) Torkoal: Fiery Path, Mt. Pyre (side of the mountain) Spoink: Route 112 Grumpig: Evolve Spoink (Level 32) Spinda: Route 113, Route 121 Trapinch: Granite Cave, Route 111, Mirage Tower Vibrava: Evolve Trapinch (Level 35) Flygon: Evolve Vibrava (Level 45) Cacnea: Route 117, Route 111, Route 121 Cacturne: Evolve Cacnea (Level 32) Swablu: Route 117 Altaria: Evolve Swablu (Level 35), Sky Pillar Zangoose: Route 115 Seviper: Route 115 Lunatone: Meteor Falls Solrock: Meteor Falls Barboach: Route 104 (Old Rod), Route 122 (Surfing) Whiscash: Evolve Barboach (Level 30), Meteor Falls (Super Rod), Victory Road (Super Rod) Corphish: Route 102 (Old Rod), Route 126 (Surfing), Route 132 (Surfing) Crawdaunt: Evolve Corphish (Level 30) Baltoy: Route 111, Meteor Falls Claydol: Evolve Baltoy (Level 36), Meteor Falls, Sky Pillar Lileep: Route 111 Cradily: Evolve Lileep (Level 40) Anorith: Route 111 Armaldo: Evolve Anorith (Level 40) Feebas: Route 107 (Old Rod), Route 133 (Surfing) Milotic: Evolve Feebas (Water Stone) Castform: Get from a scientist after you beat Team Aqua at the Weather Institute Kecleon: Route 118, Route 121 Shuppet: Route 114, Mt. Pyre Banette: Evolve Shuppet (Level 37), Sky Pillar Duskull: Route 114, Mt. Pyre Dusclops: Evolve Duskull (Level 37) Tropius: Route 115, Route 119 Chimecho: Evolve Chingling (Friendship), Mt. Pyre (Summit) Absol: Route 114 Wynaut: Received as Egg from the old lady in front of the Pokémo Center at Lavaridge Town Snorunt: Route 110, Shoal Cave Glalie: Evolve Snorunt (Level 42) Spheal: Petalburg City (Old Rod), Route 126 (Surfing) Sealeo: Evolve Spheal (Level 32) Walrein: Evolve Sealeo (Level 44) Clamperl: Dewford Town (Old Rod), Route 125 (Surfing), Route 130 (Surfing), Route 133 (Surfing) Huntail: Evolve Clamperl (Moon Stone) Gorebyss: Evolve Clamperl (Sun Stone) Relicanth: Route 124 (Surfing), Route 130 (Surfing) Luvdisc: Route 106 (Old Rod), Route 122 (Surfing), Route 128 (Surfing, Good Rod, Super Rod), Route 131 (Surfing) Bagon: Meteor Falls Shelgon: Evolve Bagon (Level 30), Meteor Falls Salamence: Evolve Shelgon (Level 50) Beldum: Get from the Poké Ball on Steven’s desk in his house in Mossdeep City Metang: Evolve Beldum (Level 20) Metagross: Evolve Metang (Level 45) Regirock: Desert Ruins (Legendary Event) Regice: Island Cave (Legendary Event) Registeel: Ancient Tomb (Legendary Event) Latias: Roaming*/Southern Island (Legendary Event) Latios: Roaming*/Southern Island (Legendary Event) Kyogre: Marine Cave (Legendary Event)* Groudon: Terra Cave (Legendary Event)* Rayquaza: Sky Pillar (Legendary Event) Jirachi: Meteor Falls (Legendary Battle) Deoxys: AuroraTicket Event* Turtwig: Receive from a Cycler on Cycling Road on Route 110 Grotle: Evolve Turtwig (Level 18) Torterra: Evolve Grotle (Level 32) Chimchar: Receive from the wanderer in Granite Cave Monferno: Evolve Chimchar (Level 14) Infernape: Evolve Monferno (Level 36) Piplup: Receive from the old man with the Zigzagoon on Route 109 Prinplup: Evolve Piplup (Level 16) Empoleon: Evolve Prinplup (Level 36) Starly: Route 101 Staravia: Evolve Starly (Level 14), Route 119 Staraptor: Evolve Staravia (Level 34) Bidoof: Route 101 Bibarel: Evolve Bidoof (Level 15), Route 131 (Surfing) Kricketot: Route 103 Kricketune: Evolve Kricketot (Level 10) Shinx: Route 103 Luxio: Evolve Shinx (Level 15), New Mauville Luxray: Evolve Luxio (Level 30) Budew: Route 102 Roserade: Evolve Roselia (Leaf Stone) Cranidos: Route 111 Rampardos: Evolve Cranidos (Level 30) Shieldon: Route 111 Bastiodon: Evolve Shieldon (Level 30) Burmy: Route 103 Wormadam: Evolve Burmy (Level 20 if Female) Mothim: Evolve Burmy (Level 20 if Male) Combee: Route 104 Vespiquen: Evolve Combee (Level 21) Pachirisu: Route 112, New Mauville, Route 120 Buizel: Route 113, Route 123, Route 127 (Surfing) Floatzel: Evolve Buizel (Level 26) Cherubi: Route 117, Route 123 Cherrim: Evolve Cherubi (Level 25) Shellos: Route 117 (Old Rod), Route 127 (Surfing) Gastrodon: Evolve Shellos (Level 30) Ambipom: Evolve Aipom (Level Up + Double Hit) Drifloon: Jagged Pass, Mt. Pyre Drifblim: Evolve Drifloon (Level 28) Buneary: Route 104 Lopunny: Evolve Buneary (Friendship) Mismagius: Evolve Misdreavus (Dusk Stone) Honchkrow: Evolve Murkrow (Dusk Stone) Glameow: Jagged Pass Purugly: Evolve Glameow (Level 38) Chingling: Rusturf Tunnel, Mt. Pyre (Summit) Stunky: Jagged Pass Skuntank: Evolve Stunky (Level 34) Bronzor: Meteor Falls Bronzong: Evolve Bronzor (Level 33), Meteor Falls Bonsly: Rusturf Tunnel Mime Jr.: Route 112 Happiny: Get from a girl near Mauville City’s main sign Chatot: Route 114, Route 120 Spiritomb: Get from the man who hit his back in Mt. Pyre Gible: Route 113 Gabite: Evolve Gible (Level 24) Garchomp: Evolve Gabite (Level 48) Munchlax: Rusturf Tunnel Riolu: Get from the lady in Dewford City's Pokémon Center Lucario: Evolve Riolu (Friendship) Hippopotas: Fiery Path Hippowdon: Evolve Hippopotas (Level 34) Skorupi: Route 116 Drapion: Evolve Skorupi (Level 40) Croagunk: Route 112 Toxicroak: Evolve Croagunk (Level 37) Carnivine: Route 113 Finneon: Dewford Town (Old Rod), Route 128 (Surfing) Lumineon: Evolve Finneon (Level 31) Mantyke: Route 110 (Old Rod), Route 132 (Surfing) Snover: Route 113, Shoal Cave Abomasnow: Evolve Snover (Level 40) Weavile: Evolve Sneasel (Dusk Stone) Magnezone: Evolve Magneton (Level Up in New Mauville) Lickilicky: Evolve Lickitung (Level Up + Rollout) Rhyperior: Evolve Rhydon (Link Cable) Tangrowth: Evolve Tangela (Level Up + AncientPower) Electivire: Evolve Electabuzz (ThunderStone) Magmortar: Evolve Magmar (Fire Stone) Togekiss: Evolve Togetic (Shiny Stone) Yanmega: Evolve Yanma (AncientPower) Leafeon: Evolve Eevee (Level Up in Petalburg Woods) Glaceon: Evolve Eevee (Level Up in Shoal Cave) Gliscor: Evolve Gligar (Dusk Stone) Mamoswine: Evolve Piloswine (Level Up + AncientPower) Porygon-Z: Evolve Porygon2 (Link Cable) Gallade: Evolve Kirlia (Dawn Stone) Probopass: Evolve Nosepass (Level Up in New Mauville) Dusknoir: Evolve Dusclops (Dusk Stone) Froslass: Evolve Snorunt (Dawn Stone) Rotom: New Mauville Uxie: Route 124 (Legendary Battle) Mesprit: Route 124 (Legendary Battle) Azelf: Route 124 (Legendary Battle) Dialga: Meteor Falls if you have Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf (Legendary Battle) Palkia: Meteor Falls if you have Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf (Legendary Battle) Heatran: Scorched Slab (Legendary Battle) Regigigas: Sealed Chamber if you have Regirock, Regice, and Registeel (Legendary Battle) Giratina: Mt. Pyre if you have Dialga & Palkia (Legendary Battle) Cresselia: Route 129 (Legendary Battle) Phione: Breed Manaphy Manaphy: Get from the old man in Mossdeep City Darkrai: Mt. Pyre (Legendary Battle) Shaymin: Petalburg Woods (Legendary Battle) Arceus: Sky Pillar if you bring Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina (Legendary Battle) Victini: Sootopolis City (Legendary Battle) Snivy: Get from the girl in the bottom right corner of Fortree City Servine: Evolve Snivy (Level 17) Serperior: Evolve Servine (Level 36) Tepig: Get from the girl in Lavaridge Town’s Pokémon Center Pignite: Evolve Tepig (Level 17) Emboar: Evolve Pignite (Level 36) Oshawott: Receive from the girl in Sootopolis City Dewott: Evolve Oshawott (Level 17) Samurott: Evolve Dewott (Level 36) Patrat: Route 101 Watchog: Evolve Patrat (Level 20) Lillipup: Route 101 Herdier: Evolve Lillipup (Level 16), Route 120 Stoutland: Evolve Herdier (Level 32) Purrloin: Route 101 Liepard: Evolve Purrloin (Level 20) Pansage: Route 102 Simisage: Evolve Pansage (Leaf Stone) Pansear: Route 102 Simisear: Evolve Pansear (Fire Stone) Panpour: Route 102 Simipour: Evolve Panpour (Water Stone) Munna: Route 110 Musharna: Evolve Munna (Moon Stone) Pidove: Route 116 Tranquill: Evolve Pidove (Level 21), Route 119 Unfezant: Evolve Tranquill (Level 32) Blitzle: Route 110, New Mauville Zebstrika: Evolve Blitzle (Level 27) Roggenrola: Granite Cave Boldore: Evolve Roggenrola (Level 25), Victory Road Gigalith: Evolve Boldore (Link Cable) Woobat: Rusturf Tunnel Swoobat: Evolve Woobat (Friendship) Drilbur: Granite Cave Excadrill: Evolve Drilbur (Level 31) Audino: Route 114, Route 121 Timburr: Route 110 Gurdurr: Evolve Timburr (Level 25), Victory Road Conkeldurr: Evolve Gurdurr (Link Cable) Tympole: Route 128 (Surfing) Palpitoad: Evolve Tympole (Level 25), Route 121 Seismitoad: Evolve Palpitoad (Level 36) Throh: Jagged Pass Sawk: Jagged Pass Sewaddle: Route 101 Swadloon: Evolve Sewaddle (Level 20), Route 119 Leavanny: Evolve Swadloon (Friendship) Venipede: Route 103 Whirlipede: Evolve Venipede (Level 22), Route 123 Scolipede: Evolve Whirlipede (Level 30) Cottonee: Petalburg Woods Whimsicott: Evolve Cottonee (Sun Stone) Petilil: Petalburg Woods Lilligant: Evolve Petilil (Sun Stone) Basculin: Route 118 (Surfing), Route 128 (Surfing), Route 133 (Surfing) Sandile: Route 104, Fiery Path Krokorok: Evolve Sandile (Level 29), Victory Road Krookodile: Evolve Krokorok (Level 40) Darumaka: Fiery Path Darmanitan: Evolve Darumaka (Level 35) Maractus: Route 114 Dwebble: Granite Cave Crustle: Evolve Dwebble (Level 34) Scraggy: Route 117 Scrafty: Evolve Scraggy (Level 39) Sigilyph: Meteor Falls Yamask: Route 115, Mt. Pyre Cofagrigus: Evolve Yamask (Level 34) Tirtouga: Route 111 (Surfing) Carracosta: Evolve Tirtouga (Level 37) Archen: Route 111 Archeops: Evolve Archen (Level 37) Trubbish: Route 114 Garbodor: Evolve Trubbish (Level 36) Zorua: Get from the old man in Petalburg City (8.2) Zoroark: Evolve Zorua (Level 30) Minccino: Route 114, Route 120 Cinccino: Evolve Minccino (Sun Stone) Gothita: Route 117 Gothorita: Evolve Gothita (Level 32), Mt. Pyre Gothitelle: Evolve Gothorita (Level 41) Solosis: Route 117 Duosion: Evolve Solosis (Level 32), Mt. Pyre Reuniclus: Evolve Duosion (Level 41) Ducklett: Route 117, Route 123 Swanna: Evolve Ducklett (Level 35) Vanillite: Route 110, Shoal Cave Vanillish: Evolve Vanillite (Level 35) Vanilluxe: Evolve Vanillish (Level 47) Deerling: Route 113 Sawsbuck: Evolve Deerling (Level 34) Emolga: Route 113 Karrablast: Route 116 Escavalier: Evolve Karrablast (Link Cable) Foongus: Route 116 , Route 120 Amoonguss: Evolve Foongus (Level 39) Frillish: Route 107 (Old Rod), Route 122 (Surfing), Route 131 (Surfing) Jellicent: Evolve Frillish (Level 40) Alomomola: Route 118 Joltik: Petalburg Woods, New Mauville Galvantula: Evolve Joltik (Level 36) Ferroseed: Petalburg Woods Ferrothorn: Evolve Ferroseed (Level 40) Klink: Route 114 Klang: Evolve Klink (Level 38) Klinklang: Evolve Klang (Level 49) Tynamo: Route 112, New Mauville Eelektrik: Evolve Tynamo (Level 39) Eelektross: Evolve Eelektrik (ThunderStone) Elgyem: Meteor Falls Beheeyem: Evolve Elgyem (Level 42) Litwick: Route 110, Mt. Pyre Lampent: Evolve Litwick (Level 41) Chandelure: Evolve Lampent (Dusk Stone) Axew: Route 110 Fraxure: Evolve Axew (Level 38) Haxorus: Evolve Fraxure (Level 48), Cubchoo: Route 115, Shoal Cave Beartic: Evolve Cubchoo (Level 37) Cryogonal: Route 115, Shoal Cave Shelmet: Route 116 Accelgor: Evolve Shelmet (Link Cable) Stunfisk: Route 118 (Surfing) Mienfoo: Route 117 Mienshao: Evolve Mienfoo (Level 50) Druddigon: Route 119 Golett: Fiery Path, Route 123 Golurk: Evolve Golett (Level 43) Pawniard: Meteor Falls, Route 123 Bisharp: Evolve Pawniard (Level 52) Bouffalant: Route 119, Victory Road Rufflet: Meteor Falls Braviary: Evolve Rufflet (Level 54) Vullaby: Meteor Falls Mandibuzz: Evolve Vullaby (Level 54) Heatmor: Fiery Path Durant: Route 117 Deino: Route 115 Zweilous: Evolve Deino (Level 50) Hydreigon: Evolve Zweilous (Level 64) Larvesta: Get from the Collector at the Slateport Side of Route 134 Volcarona: Evolve Larvesta (Level 59) Cobalion: Victory Road (Legendary Battle) Terrakion: Victory Road (Legendary Battle) Virizion: Victory Road (Legendary Battle) Tornadus: Route 119 if you have Castform (Legendary Battle) Thundurus: Route 119 if you have Castform (Legendary Battle) Reshiram: Sky Pillar (Legendary Battle) Zekrom: Sky Pillar (Legendary Battle) Landorus: Mirage Tower if you have Tornadus and Thundurus (Legendary Battle) Kyurem: Shoal Cave if you have Reshiram and Zekrom (Legendary Battle) Keldeo: Route 123 if you have Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion (Legendary Battle) Meloetta: Lilycove City (Legendary Battle) Genesect: New Mauville (Legendary Battle) Sylveon: Evolve Eevee (Friendship)