Walkthrough Pokemon Glazed – Johto Region

Johto Region:::::
Cherrygrove City
Guide Gent will talk to you and tell you to head over to Elm’s lab. Head up and west to the beach and surf over to the little area with the item. Pick it up , it’s a mystic water. So when you’re ready head east out of town onto Route 29! Follow the path and go north where you can pick some oran berries. The man standing by the tree off to the right will teach you headbutt. Keep going east , ignore the building for now and you will soon be in the next town.

New bark Town
Head into the lab and? you will see Chelle and Silver. Silver will leave and Chelle will soon follow. Go up and talk to Elm to pick a starter.
Once you pick one Elm will tell you to challenge the Violet City Gym. Which is North out of Cherrygrove. Before we leave , head into the house next to his lab. Go upstairs and grab the luxury ball. Head back onto route 29 and go west until you can go north. If you see the bug catcher you’re in the right spot. There is a shiny stone to the east of him. Head back to Cherrygrove and go north where the guide will give you a badge case.

Route 30/31
Head up this path and you will see an item ball on the other side of the water , it’s a sharp beak. Head into the house and talk to the old man , answer yes to his question for a sitrus berry. Leave and go north. You will come to a fork. The right path has a star peice and the left has battles. Once you go up the right path head into the house. He will give you an egg which will hatch in a Togepi. Head outside and pick the berries. Head north , ignore the cave for now and go west through the building

Violet City
The man in the south western house will trade you his Onix for a Bellsprout. Head north and Henri will stop you and tell you about his parents divorce and Regina forming a new coalition. He said they went to the ruins south of the city. Head into the school right above you and battle the three students if you want. Head north into the sprout tower to pick up an x defend. Go north and enter the hole. Follow the path to a battle and the next floor. Keep following the path and fighting for $10,000 each. Third floor has a trade stone. Head to the fourth floor and battle the three men. Go north where Li will tell Pius to leave the tower and Pius will tell you to contract him at the church of alpha to learn about arceus. Go pick up the escape rope and talk to Li to learn Bounce. Head on out and stock up on supplies.

Route 32/Ruins Of Alph
Head south out of the city and follow the path down and around to the hiker there is a Max revive hidden in the trees. Head back up into the building. Head north into the ruins. Fall into the hole and go west. Follow this path and you will come to a scene with Regina and Drudge. Follow Regina. She will take the orb and battle you. She will run off after you beat her , head back to the ladder that was being guarded before and go up. Falkner will stop to talk to you and ask if you are going to challenge his gym. Head south where you will find the penthouse key on the ground. Go back into town and heal if you need then head to the gym.

Violet City Gym
Cato will want to battle you before you go inside. Go on in and head up the snake like path for your gym battle


*Gliscor level 54
*Salamence level 55
*Gyarados level 54
*Pidgeot level 54
*Pidgeot level 55
Congratulations on the Zephyr Badge! You can now use Bounce outside of battle. He will also give you Aerial Ace.

Southerly City
I know I know this isn’t in Johto but now that we have the penthouse key you can fly back here to head up to floor number 5 of the resort. Head on up and fight the two engineers and grab the dragon fang off the table. Keep going through and battling them and you will end up finding a tabble with the three orbs , adamant , lustrous , and griseous. Pick them all up. You can now catch three more legendary pokemon (refer to the top of the post).

Route 36/Legendary Lab/Route 37
Head west out of Violet City. Go toward the three light green trees and Lards will run into you for a battle. Head inside the building and talk to him. He will tell you they track Latias and Latios and will tell you where they are if you ever want to know. Leave the building and head north on route 37. Take the right path for some apricorns. Ten take the other path north into the city.

Ecruteak City
Pius is there and will take you over to the Brass Tower. He will tell you to contact him if you hear anything about team fusion. Head to the man north of the poke center , it’s Bill. He will tell you about the teleport systems. Head into the building to the left and battle all five kimono girls on stage. They give you $12,000 each and you can keep leaving and entering to fight them over and over again. Then talk to the old man and he will give you a sacred ash. Head on into the gym. It’s pretty dark in here so follow the path , at the second double head stone go right and follow it all the way up to your next gym battle.


*Froslass level 58
*Sableye level 58
*Mismagius level 58
*Gengar level 59
*Gengar level 60
Nice job! You now have the Fog Badge and he will also give you Shadow Ball.

Route 38/39
Head west out of the city and follow this path , pick the berries on route 38 if you want. When you go onto route 39 Chelle will stop you for a battle and then run off. Talk to the girl outside on the farm for a moomoo milk. Head west then north and you can capture Mildred the Miltank. Pick the berries next to the house before you leave the farm. Head south to the next city.

Olivine City
There is a new lighthouse challenge here! It’s down south on the beach. Eight floors of fighting and at the top you will get Overheat and the chance to meet Amphy. You can buy a cup of cocoa in the olivine cafe. Time to head into the gym. Go talk to her to start


*Aggron level 58
*Steelix level 60
*Metagross level 59
*Scizor level 59
*Magnezone level 58
Congatula….Whitney runs in and tells Jasmine about Regina’s thugs. Jasmine asks you to come with her. Head to Violet City then Route 36. Head back to Violet City and go west onto 36. Then go south when you can then west to Whitney (she has pink hair if you don’t rememer).

National Park/Route 35/34/Goldenrod City/Ilex Forest
Head south through the park , then south down through 35 and into the city. Can’t do much here at the moment so head south and heal at the poke center and buy what you need at the mart. The top floor of the mart sells all the evolution stones. Head south onto route 34. Go into the daycare and you can buy three eggs off a guy. They are random. Leave and follow the path south. Head down into the forest. Follow the path all the way around to Jasmine Whitney and Regina. Beat Regina and Celebi will show up. Celebi hands over the orb and Regina leaves. Pius shows up and takes Jasmine. Whitney asks you to come to the goldenrod gym with her. Go pick up the item ball you saw before , it contains a charcoal. Go north into the city.

Goldenrod City : Revisit
A man in the casino will give you the coin case. Lucbui in the train station will tell you a bit about the game. Head west and into the trade building. You will find multiple trainers wanting to trade. Go up to the second floor and oak will offer your a Kanto starter!
You can buy berries in the building next to the gym. Head on into the gym and follow the path. Whitney is here also. Walk up to them and they will talk to you. Whitney leaves , now you can start your battle.


*Clefable level 60
*Togekiss level 61
*Tauros level 62
*Spinda level 61
*Blissey level 61
Congratulations you have obtained the Plain Badge! He also gives you Attract.

Azalea Town
The guy in the house to the north will make custom poke balls for apricorns. Head over to slowpokes well and go on in. Follow the path and pick up the kings rock. Follow the path and surf over to the ladder. Go down the steps and surf over to the next set if stairs with the poke ball , then the other side. We will come back here later to find the sapphire. Head back up and into the gym , Ernest stops you. Head inside and go talk to the gym leader to start your battle


*Forretress level 62
*Armaldo level 63
*Pinsir level 63
*Yanmega level 62
*Scizor level 64
Congratulations on the Hive Badge! Bugsy will also give you Sludge Bomb. Head on over to the house that is east of the gym. The old man will teach you Fury Cutter (for the bamboo from before). Teleport to Ecruteak City and head west out of town towards the Miltank Farm. You can now cut the bamboo!

Bamboo Forest/Route 48
Go north and then east and south. Follow the path north again when you can. Keep going until you find the exit. Once on route 48 go behind the fence and head north to pick up the blank cd. Head back and go north on the sidewalk. Battle all the trainers and head west.

Whitewood City
Head inside and you will see Whitney talking to the Deacon who wont let her inside. She tells you she hasn’t seen Jasmine in a couple days and she needs your help. Before we go inside. Head over to the house to the west of the poke center. The man inside will teach you whirlpool. Time to go inside the church. Walk up a bit and your screen will shoot over to Pius. Once he is done talking go talk to him and he will tell you he doesn’t know Jasmine and the Deacon will come talk to him about’the woman’. Head outside and talk to Whitney then go into the graveyard and interact with the darker tombstone , it will open , go inside. Go into the first open door you see. Then follow the path into the next door where you will find a red key. Head back to the first locked door in the first area and unlock it. Go up that path past the battles and you will see Jasmine in the sell. Talk to her and she will give you the blue key. Head back and go through the first door you went in and unlock the next door. The guy inside will give you the yellow key , go back and unlock the yellow door. Sexton will tell you to not look behind the tombstone to the far south east. Head back outside. Go interact with it and it will read MMXIII. Go back down and enter it into Jasmines cell to free her. Go back to the room with Sexton in it , he will leave once you talk to him , go behind his desk and grab the Ornate key. Head back to Jasmine and unlock the next door. Time to battle Pius and Sexton. After beating them , they will leave and Jasmine will finally give you the Mineral Badge and Steel Wing! Time to challenge the next gym , head on up to the poke center. Once you’ve done that go on into the gym and battle the trainers then head up and start your gym battle.


*Starmie level 63
*Gallade level 65
*Espeon level 63
*Gardevoir level 64
*Alakazam level 64
Congratulations on the Psychic Badge! You will also get Calm Mind. He will heal your party because he can sense some turmoil soon. Head outside and Henri asking for your help in Mahogany Town (That is Mahogany!!) Too soon? Teleport on over to Ecruteak City and head east on route 42. Head inside Mt. Mortar and follow the path all the way to the end to pick up a max revive then go back outside. Surf east over the water and go back in Mt. Mortar to pick up a nest ball in the second room down the ladder , go back outside. Cut the tree to get more apricorns then surf east. Go back into Mt. Mortar and go to the ladder at the end of the path to pick up a big pearl. Head back outside for a final time and head east into town.

Mahogany Town/Rocket Hideout
Go heal your team and head into the souvenir shop to the north. Go in the basement. Head down to the hallway where the grunt will block your way and battle you , beat him and head back up to reset him then follow that path to the rare candy. Go back and follow the path south and then west down the steps. Go all the way east to the next set of steps. The man to the west will heal you. Go north up the next set of steps. Follow this path south then west down to the next area. Do your double battle and go talk to Henri and Pius. Then we will go talk to Regina. Pryce will give her the orb and she will run off to the Bell tower. Go up the steps to your west and pick up Toxic then head back up to town. You can buy some items in the shop you are in. Head on over to Ecruteak City and go into the building to the north next to the water.

Bellchime Trail/Bell Tower
Follow the trail and you will see Henri and Pius fighting some grunts. Go on in and head north to the next floor. Go south and battle the grunts and head onto floor number three. Jump over the first step (Top right) then the four in the middle. Go north to battle a grunt then go over the next five steps. Go up the the next floor. Go south down one step then go west over one. Head south again until you can go west once more. Go past the next grunt and jump over the two steps on the top left and head into the hole. Jump over two steps to the north and down one to the south. Go over two to the west and head south.all the way and then go east and south to the next hole. Go north where you should be at a grunt running around and she has three HitmonX’s, Follow the path and go down two steps to the next hole and head north jump into the teleporter and the next one. Then go south and head east over three steps where there will be a grunt and two pads. Jump on the left one to pick up a shiny stone and go back. Head back to the first teleport pad you came from and cross over two steps and head south. Jump in the most southern teleporter. Just follow this path as you go and pick up Sunny Day then head into the next teleporter. Go into the hole and you will be on the roof. You will see Regina place the orbs and somehow capture Ho-Oh with a regular poke ball. Battle her , Henri and Pius will show up. They will all leave and you can continue on your badge journey.

Brass Tower
Head over to the Brass Tower in Ecruteak City. This is pretty straightforward battle the sages and go up the stairs. Second floor has a fire stone in the top right corner. Max repel on the fourth floor. When you get to the teleport pad ignore it and head into the next area and you will be on the roof. Talk to the man and after that , every time you go to the top of the Bell tower one of the three legendary pokemon he spoke of will randomly be there so you can catch all three.

Route 40
Head over to Olivine Town and go west through the checkpoint. Bridgette is there and will stop you to ask if you want to take on the challenge. Take it and go battle all five of her friends. Once you are done with that go back to her and she will give you a lucky egg. Go west into the city.

Cianwood City
The first house you see will have the Obedience Man. You can take mew here so it will listen to you. All the way south is the pharmacy. The yellow building is the dojo. Silver is inside go talk to him and he will get back to his gym. You can also battle the three people sitting at the tables.

Cliff Edge Cave/Route 47
Head on in from Cianwood City. Surf around the back and rock climb to pick up the rare candy. Go up all the steps and head east and climb down the rocks to pick up a hard stone. Go back up and head west and all the way south out of the cave. Once outside head south then west. Go over the bridge to pick up the silverpowder and head into the cave. Go up not down. Go over the next few bridges. Head north up the steps to get to the safari zone where you will have twelve different areas you can catch pokemon. Go back outside and head west into the next town.

Evergreen Town
The first house you see is Chelle’s house. Head to the west side of town and go inside the build where the lady will give you another blank cd. Go over to her brother and he can make you TM’s. Head south after that and Chelle will stop you for a battle. Before we take on her brother in the gym , go south and west onto the docks where you can enter the surfing race. You need to get first place to get the Sea Jewel which will then let you catch a certain pokemon in the spatial sea. Time for the gym battle. Go on in. Go up five spots , go over one so you are behind the first trainer. Go up two and to the right four. Go up seven and to the left twice. Go south three and west eight. Go north five and east two then north two and finally east two. Woohoo trial and error. Time to fight.


*Honchkrow level 63
*Weavile level 63
*Hydreigon level 65
*Absol level 64
*Umbreon level 64
Congratulations on the Night Badge! You can use Dig outside of battle now(thought you could before haha). He will also give you the move Thief. Let’s head on over to Mahogany Town.

Route 44/Olivine City
Once here head east out of town. Follow the path and a Dragonite will stop and talk to you. You will get a letter that says ,”Please come to New Island as soon as possible. You may take a ferry from Olivine to get there.”alright let’s head over to Olivine! Go into the building to the south and the man will tell you they canceled all the ferries due to the storm. Well guess what we are going anyways , head south outside onto the dock and dive. Once down here head all the way south and loop around the little turn and use dive once more.

New Island
Go onto shore and head up the stairs inside. Grab the Blank Cd off to the left and then go north up the steps. (Save here)Keep heading north until you see mewtwo! He will want to battle you. He uses the same party as you so it may be a little tough. Once you beat him he will battle you himself. You can use your master ball you got from before on him or try with your ultra ones. Woo hoo we have Mew and Mew Two now! (If you haven’t gotten Mew yet go read the top of this guide).

Lake Of Rage
North of Mahogany Town is Lake Of Rage. If you head all the way north (on foot) you will come to some trees you need to cut and then finally a house. Here a man will give you Hidden Power!

Ice Path
Head east of Mahogany and there will be a man waiting by a sign. He will give you Dig and tell you that if you use it on the divot you might find a way in. Use it and you will make a hole , jump in. Follow the path south and then east (you need surf here) pick up the max repel and go up the ladder. Head down the steps and surf again to the next ladder. Go pick up the nevermeltice and then go back to the iced over area. Start on the left side of the steps and go up so you hit the top left rock. Then move to the right and then go south and surf. Use rock climb and you will be at another iced over area. Jump off the ledge where the brown and gray rock meet. Smash it and go south and up the next ladder. Head down the steps and start at the middle so you can go pick up a rare candy then go back and start at the top and head over and up. Once up the ladder jump off the ledge so you can go pick up a nugget. Go north then east and south to the exit and the next city.

Blackthorn City
Head south and the first house you see will have a man who will trade you his ampharos for a dragonair. The movedeleter and relearner are both in the house west of the pokemart. Time to get your eighth Johto badge! Head north into the gym and fight all the sages. Once done head further north and start your battle.


*Garchomp level 67
*Druddigon level 67
*Salamence level 68
*Dragonite level 69
*Kingdra level 68
Congratulations on your Rising Badge! You can now use whirlpool outside of battle and you can now challenge the Johto League! She will also give you Dragon Claw.

Route 27/49
Head east of New Bark Town and go south to the whirlpool. Go through it. Head south and dive in the area to the most south east (not the most southern one) Follow the path until you can go up again. Head south down to the poke center and victory road!

Victory Road
For the sake of the guide I will take the long route. You can talk to the two men guarding the steps and they will let you through just go up and out and head north. Chelle will stop you for a battle. Head north to the ladder and go down. Go over the ice to get the Max Revive up the steps then head back and go into the next area. You will need to dive down this next ladder. Head west north then east to the next area. Go up the steps and then the ladder. Rock climb down , pick up the cd and go up the ladder. Go west and rock climb up. Or not haha. I guess you do have to take the guarded steps that I first mentioned. Whoever made this is sneaky. If you want the items in Victory road just follow that part of the guide. Head inside the Johto League building. Battle Cato off to the right. Heal up and buy your supplies before we start. Head on in!

Johto League/Elite Four


*Muk level 75
*Seviper level 77
*Tentacruel level 75
*Crobat level 76
*Gengar level 76


*Clefable level 76
*Togekiss level 77
*Blissey level 77
*Lickilicky level 76
*Miltank level 76


*Raichu level 77
*Electivire level 78
*Ampharos level 80
*Galvantula level 78
*Jolteon level 78


*Gyarados level 79
*Swampert level 80
*Starmie level 79
*Milotic level 80
*Suicune level 81


*Heracross level 81
*Garchomp level 82
*Metagross level 82
*Feraligatr level 84
*Sceptile level 82

Congratulations on beating your second elite four! Once you get registered you will get a call from Henri saying he knows where Regina and Pius are headed and to meet him in Evergreen Town. If you go talk to him in the captains house he will tell you that it doesn’t exist yet.