Pokemon Hyper Emerald 807 English Patched Cheat Codes

Before copying Pokemon Hyper Emerald 807 English Patched Cheat Codes, we will give you the instructions to use them:

Please sure that your GBA Emulator supports to enter Gameshark Codes. If not, please use VBA.
Choose File > Open and load your Pokemon Hyper Emerald 807 English Patched ROM
Save your game in VBA: File > Save
Do you see “Cheats” menu? Then choose Cheat List…
Click Gameshark and enter your codes. Please sure you know the uses of any codes you enter.
Some codes need “Real Time Clock” to work. To active it in VBA, Options > Emulators > Check “Real Time Clock”
Enjoy them.

v1/v2/v3, orginal code, code breaker are type of code!

Functional Cheat
Through the wall
Format: v1 / v2
C518E259 5ADBAF5B
Quick upgrade
Format: Code breaker
020241F0 2710
Get Pokemon Shiny
Format: v3
F3A9A86D 4E2629B4
18452A7D DDE55BCC
Format: The original code
02024530 0F
Beauty page the highest score
Format: The original code
02002EF4 00FF
Beauty the largest number of hearts
Format: The original code
02002EF2 00A0
Quickly lay eggs
Format: The original code
Rapid hatching
Format: The original code
02028B4C FE
Not the enemy
Format: The original code
020375D4 0000
Unlimited money
Format: v3
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
1C7B3231 B494738C
C051CCF6 975E8DA1
Zero purchase
Format: v1v2
3E7780DF CB851DDB
Buy 1 get 99
Format: The original code
03005E0A 0063

All attributes 999
Format: The original code
02024542 03E7
02024544 03E7
02024544 03E7
02024546 03E7
02024546 03E7
02024548 03E7
0202454A 03E7
0202454C 03E7
0202454E 03E7

All attributes 65535
Format: The original code
02024542 FFFF
02024544 FFFF
02024546 FFFF
02024548 FFFF
0202454A FFFF
0202454C FFFF
0202454E FFFF

Full effort value
Format: Code breaker
82024528 FFFF
82024527 FFFF
82024526 FFFF
82024525 FFFF
82024524 FFFF
82024523 FFFF
82024529 FFFF

Full of individual cheating code
Format: The original code
02024534 3FFFFFFF
Second feature
02024534 BFFFFFFF

Cheat Item – Code Breaker: buy in Mart!
82005274 XXXX
000D Potion (physical recovery 20)
000E Antidote (restores toxin)
000F Burns medicine (to restore the burn state)
0010 Ice medicine (to restore the frozen state)
0011 Awakening (to restore sleepiness)
0012 Parlyz Heal (recovery ** state)
0013 Full Restore (full recovery of physical strength and all states)
0014 Max Potion (full physical recovery)
0015 Hyper Potion (physical recovery 200)
0016 Super Potion (physical recovery 50)
0017 Full Heal (all recovered)
0018 Revive (half of the body to restore physical strength)
0019 Max Revive (death full recovery of physical)
001A Fresh Water (to restore physical strength 50)
001B Soda Pop (to restore physical strength 60)
001C Lemonade (to restore physical strength 80)
001D Moomoo Milk (to restore physical strength 100)
001E EnergyPowder (to restore physical strength 50, bitter powder, by the end of monster densities)
001F Energy Root (to restore physical strength 200, it is very bitter, reduced by the end of monster intimacy)
0020 Heal Powder (full recovery state, very bitter powder, greatly reduce the intimacy with monsters)
0021 Revival Herb (resurrection of death, very bitter grass)
0022 Ether (a skill recovery of 10)
0023 Max Ether (a skill value full recovery)
0024 Elixir (all skills to restore 10)
0025 Max Elixir (1 monster all skill value full recovery)
0026 Lava Cookie (to restore all the abnormal state)
0027 blue whistle (to restore the sleeping state, available unlimited)
0028 yellow whistle (to restore chaos, available unlimited)
0029 red whistle (restore decadent status, available unlimited)
002A black whistle (not to encounter wild monster)
002B white whistle (prone to wild monster)
002C tree fruit juice (to restore physical strength 20)
002D Ash (death recovery full physical, abnormal state recovery)
002E shallow salt (see the props used in the hole)
002F shallow shellfish (see the props used in the hole)
0030 red debris (into the fossil props)
0031 blue debris (into the fossil props)
0032 yellow debris (into the fossil props)
0033 green debris (into the fossil props)
0036 Sharp stone (?????)
0037 weird patch (?????)
003A red line (after carrying, addicted to their opponents also fascinated)
003F HP refreshing agent (increased physical basis value)
0040 Protein Pharmacy (Attack Basal Value Increased)
0041 Iron supplements (increased defense base value)
0042 Replenishment agent (agile base value increase)
0043 Calcium-supplements (special attack base value increase)
0044 magical candy (monster l level)
0045 PP rising agent (maximum skill value increases)
0046 zinc supplement (special defense base value increase)
0047 PP maximum agent (skill value increased to maximum)
0049 Special Effects Defense (combat ability to avoid decline)
004A fatal attack (easy to hit the battle)
004B Attack Enhancement (combat attack increased)
004C Defense Enhancement (use of defenses in combat increases)
004D speed increase (Agile use in combat)
004E hit to enhance (use the skills easy to hit the battle)
004F Special Attack Enhancement (Increases the power of special attacks in combat)
0050 Pippi doll (can be avoided immediately meet the wild elves)
0051 to tail meow tail (can immediately avoid the encounter of the wild elves)
0053 Silver Spray (within 200 steps do not meet with weaker elves)
0054 Golden Spray (within 250 steps do not meet weaker elf)
0055 Unloader Rope (able to escape from the cave)
0056 Repellent Spray (within 100 steps do not meet the weaker elf) 005D Sunstone (evolve specific pokemon)
005E Moonstone (can evolve specific Po dream)
005F inflammation of the stone (to evolve specific Po dream)
0060 Thunder Stone (to evolve a specific treasure dream)
0061 stone water (can evolve a specific treasure dream)
0062 Ye stone (to evolve a specific treasure dream)
0063 Stone of Light (to evolve a specific treasure dream)
0064 dark stone (to evolve a specific treasure dream)
0065 ice stone (to evolve a specific treasure dream)
0066 Awakening stone (to evolve a specific treasure dream)
0067 small mushrooms (ordinary tree mushrooms sell cheap)
0068 big mushroom (precious tree mushroom sell high)
006A pearl (beautiful pearl easy to mature)
006B large pearl (very beautiful pearl difficult to mature)
006C Xingsha (beautiful red sand)
006D Star debris (beautiful ruby ​​fragments)
006E gold beads (pure gold, you can sell at high prices)
006F Heart Scale (can restore the forgotten skills)
0077 flash amulet (more likely to encounter flash wizard)
0079 orange stationery (acupuncture looks like letters)
007a Harbor letterheads (Seagulls look like letters)
007b shiny stationery (Pikachu looks like a letter)
007c mechanical stationery (small magnet strange letter)
007d trees stationery (lazy Weng looks like letters)
007e Wave Letterhead (Phi Phi whale letter)
007f bead letterhead (with monster-like letters)
0080 shadow letterhead (strange wall drill letter)
0081 tropical stationery (beautiful flower letter)
0082 Fantasy Stationery (with letters that hold monsters)
0083 Miracle Stationery (Luxury Letters)
0084 nostalgia stationery (wonderful frog seed Little Fire Dragon Jay Nepal turtle letter looks like)
0085 NO.1 spicy cherry fruit (recovery **)
0086 NO.2 astringent chestnut (rest sleeping)
0087 NO.3 sweet peach fruit (recovery poisoning)
0088 NO.4 bitter berry (restore burns)
0089 NO.5 sour pear (to restore the frozen)
008A NO.6 red apple (recovery skill 10)
008B NO.7 blue orange fruit (to restore physical strength 10)
008C NO.8 persimmon fruit (to restore confusion)
008D NO.9 Greenmob (restore all)
008E NO.10 grapefruit fruit (to restore physical strength 30)
008F NO.11 spicy coconut (to restore physical confusion)
0090 NO.12 blue singular fruit (to restore physical disorder)
0091 NO.13 Naked fruit (to restore physical confusion)
0092 NO.14 Green Leba (to restore physical confusion)
0093 NO.15 sour papaya (to restore physical confusion)
0094 NO.16 red cranberry (monster box material)
0095 NO.17 blueberry (monster box material)
0096 NO.18 Fen Banana (monster box material)
0097 NO.19 Green pear (monster box material)
0098 NO.20 Huang Wang pear (monster box material)
0099 NO.21 red pomegranate fruit (the sprite is slightly close to the owner, but the HP value drops)
009A NO.22 blue root algae (elves slightly close to the owner, but the attack value decreased)
009B NO.23 pink loquat (the elven and the owner slightly close but the defense value decreased)
009C NO.24 yellow honeydew melon (the elven and the owner slightly close but the special attack value decreased)
009D NO.25 gold Portuguese (the elven and the owner a little close but special anti-value drop)
009E NO.26 spicy tomato fruit (the elven and the host a little close but the speed of decline)
009F NO.27 purple millet (monster box material)
00A0 NO.28 sweet bamboo (monster box material)
00A1 NO.29 Lvmaodan (monster box material)
00A2 NO.30 lime (monster box material)
00A3 NO.31 spicy music odd (monster box material)
00A4 NO.32 purple coconut (monster box material)
00A5 NO.33 melon (monster box material)
00A6 NO.34 bitter lotus (monster box material)
00A7 NO.35 Indigo berry (monster box material)
00A8 NO.36 Chola fruit (combat critical rise in attack)
00A9 NO.37 Dragon good fruit (fighting in critical defense increased)
00AA NO.38 speed fruit (rapid agility in the battle when the rise)
00AB NO.39 red dragon fruit (attack critical rise in combat)
00AC NO.40 Green apricot fruit (the crisis in the fighting hope to rise)
00AD NO.41 Hong Yang fruit (the critical moment of the battle easy to hit)
00AE NO.42 Green Star Peach (a substantial increase in combat critical ability to a random)
00AF NO.43 fans of the fruit (mysterious tree)
00B3 bright powder (to bring the enemy hit rate down)
00B4 White Herbs (with automatic removal of abnormal state)
00B5 Competitive Vest (Bring Fight Speed ​​Down But Upgrades Up And Up)
00B6 learning device (carrying elves can be assigned to experience)
00B7 first claw (occasionally to attack the battle to carry the occasional)
00B8 pacify the bell (easy to bring people closer to the elves)
00B9 Spirit Herbs (to bring the spirit can be inverted Wizard to bring back)
00BA head scarf (to carry the battle to enhance the attack but can only use one skill)
00BB king of the card (to bring battle scared opponents)
00BC silver powder (worm power increases)
00BD body gold (holding a monster can get 2 times the money war)
00BE Purification of the character (difficult to meet with the wild monster)
00BF Heart of the water droplets (red and blue water hold special attack and special anti-rise)
00C0 deep sea teeth (pearl shell holds a special attack rose)
00C1 deep sea scales (pearl shell holds a special anti-rise)
00C2 smoke ball (encountered wild monsters can escape)
00C3 constant stone (monster does not evolve)
00C4 breath scarf (Hold the sprite occasionally left 1 HP)
00C5 lucky egg (fairy experience more likely to rise)
00C6 focus lens (easy to hit after the key to the opportunity to bring)
00C7 metal coating (steel skills power increase)
00C8 leftovers (physical strength to slowly recover between battles)
00C9 Dragonscale (strange scales held by dragons monsters)
00CA electric ball (special attack rose, limited to Pikachu)
00CB soft sand (the power of ground-based skills rise)
00CC hard rock (the power of rock skills to rise)
00CD Miracle Seed (the power of grass-like skills to rise)
00CE black glasses (the power of evil skills rise)
00CF black band (fighting skills, the power of ascension)
00D0 magnet (the power of electric skills increased)
00D1 mysterious water droplets (the power of water skills rise)
00D2 sharp beak (the power of flying skills to rise)
00D3 Poison needles (the power of poisonous skills increased)
00D4 does not melt the ice (the power of freezing skills increases)
00D5 Cursed Amulets (Ghost class skills increased power)
00D6 Curved Spoon (Power of Super Skills Increases)
00D7 charcoal (the power of flame-like skills to rise)
00D8 Dragon Tooth (the power of the dragon-like skills to rise)
00D9 silk scarves (the power of ordinary class skills rise)
00DA upgrade card (singular box, collection)
00DB shell bell (physical damage to the enemy will recover)
00DC tide incense (the power of water skills rose a little)
00DD leisure incense (the enemy’s hit rate dropped a little)
00DE lucky glove (to the lucky egg strap can improve the key hit rate)
00DF metal powder (to change the weird to bring its defense)
00E0 Coarse Bone Bar (Held by Koala or Galagar, Attack × 2)
00E1 long onions (to the onion holding a heart attack rate rose 2)
00FE red towel (to participate in the competition will be smarter than usual)
00FF Blue Handkerchief (holding to participate in the competition will be more beautiful than usual)
0100 pink hand towel (holding to participate in the competition will be more lovely than usual)
0101 green hand towel (to participate in the competition will be smarter than usual)
0102 yellow towel (hold to participate in the competition will be stronger than usual)
0001 Master Ball (can definitely catch the Elves’ ball)
0002 senior ball (more powerful than the super ball)
0003 Super Ball (more powerful than the Elf Ball)
0004 Wizard ball (ordinary ball)
0005 Wilderness ball (wild round wild ball)
0006 textured ball (easy to catch water and insect monster)
0007 diving ball (easy to catch the bottom of the monster)
0008 Nest ball (the weaker the easier the monster)
0009 repeat the ball (easy to catch the ball)
000A time ball (the longer the number of rounds, the easier it is to catch)
000B gorgeous ball (caught monster closer)
000C chief ball (treasure monster ball)
0121 grade ball (easier to capture the level of their own lower than the special elven ball)
0122 Bait Ball (a special Elf Ball that catches the elves of fishing easily)
0123 Moon Ball (a special Elven Ball that catches the Elves who use the Moonstone evolution more easily)
0124 Friends of the ball (caught elves will be particularly friendly to the owner of the special Elves)
0125 ball of love (easy to capture the genie of different genie special elf ball)
0126 weight ball (easy to capture the heavier weight of the special Elves sprite ball)
0127 Speed ​​Ball (a special Elf ball that makes it easy to catch the fast elves)
0128 Race Ball (Special Elf Ball for Catcher Assembly)
0129 Dark Ball (easier to capture Elves at night and in caves)
012A Quickball (Special Elf Ball used at the beginning of the battle to catch the Elves more easily)
012B cure the ball (can cure the captured elves, with a special gentle ball of elves)
012C Valuable Ball (Very rare Elf Ball specially crafted to honor special events)
012D Park ball (special elf ball used in partner park)
012E dream ball (into the forest in the incredible emergence of any wizard can capture the ball of the wizard)
012F Polar Ball (special elven ball made to catch the supernatural beast, it’s hard to catch other elves)
MEGA stone Cheat
0078 Mega Bracelet (can be super evolved in combat)
0130 Fire Dragon Stone X
0131 wonderful frog stone
0132 spray fire dragon stone Y.
0133 Water Arrow turtle stone
0134 big needle bee stone
0135 than carved stone
0136 Hu stone
0137 stay hippocampus stone
0138 Geng ghost stone
0139 bag dragon stone
013A Dajia stone
013B carp dragon stone
013C fossil pterosaur
013D super dream stone X
013E super dream stone Y.
013F electric dragon stone
0140 large steel snake stone
0141 giant pincers mantis stone
0142 Hercules stone
0143 black Lu Ji stone
0144 Bangura stone
0145 Lizard king stone
0146 flame chicken stone
0147 marsh rock
0148 Chana Duo stone
0149 Erotic eye stone
014A mouth frog stone
014B Bosco to pull the stone
014C Qiaolei Mu Shi
014D lightning animal stone
014E giant tooth shark stone
014F spray fire camel
0150 Tanabata Bluebird stone
0151 Curse doll stone
0152 Absalon Stone
0153 ice ghost care stone
0154 storm salamander rock
0156 La Dijas stone
0157 Laodius stone
0158 blue orb
0159 red orb
0034 Blizzard Wang Shi
0035 Ai Lulei Duo stone
015A long-eared rabbit stone
0038 almost doll stone
0039 Tyrian stone
015B strong bite shark stone
015C Road Caliph stone
Airspace to take two weeks to meteor shower to learn the finishing touch to mega

Cheat Key Item
0103 Mach bike
0104 tokens box
0105 treasure hunt machine
0106 broken fishing rod
0107 Good fishing rod
0108 Super fishing rod
0109 tickets
010A gorgeous race pass
010C Pippi whaling water bottle
010D Tianli luggage
010E ash collection bag
010F underground key
0110 Leaping bike
0111 capacity box box
0112 Oda letter
0113 fantasy tickets
0114 red jade
9115 blue jade
0116 Probe
0117 Go-Go goggles
0118 Meteorite
0119 1 room key
011A 2 room keys
011B 4-Room Key
011C 6-Room Key
011D warehouse key
011E Wood root fossil
011F nail fossil
0120 Derwent observation mirror
015D on behalf of the goods to send (store owner asked me to bring Dr. things)
105E treasure dream of flute (let sleep wake woke up)
015F secret key (the key used to enter the red lotus island)
0160 Bicycle Redemption Roll (Bicycle Voucher)
0161 Golden Denture (golden denture lost by the headmaster of the wild wilderness area)
0162 Secret amber (stone left with the genetic information of ancient elf)
0163 Card Key (Electronic Lock that Opens Sirov Building)
0164 Elevator Key (Rocket Base Elevator Key)
0165 shell fossil (ammonite animal fossils)
0166 Carapace fossil (fossil helmet fossil)
0167 Sirov Observation Microscope (a device that can detect things invisible to the eyes)
0168 bicycle (folding bike, faster than running shoes)
0169 town map (ready to see the map, can know their own location)
016A Fighting Detector (find the machine waiting to fight the trainer position)
016B celebrity check-in machine (updated celebrity intelligence)
016C skill box (custody machine and secret pass machine box)
016D tree bag (save the tree’s tape)
016E Teaching TV (TV that plays programs helpful to trainers)
016F Mishima Pass (1, 2, 3 island ticket)
0170 Rainbow Pass (Tickets from Kashiba to Seven Islands)
0171 tea (old lady bubble tea, very thirst quencher)
0172 Mysterious ticket (to the umbilical rock tickets)
0173 Birth Island Ferry Tickets (tickets to the island of birth)
0174 Tree fruit powder bottle (fruit powder box can be made of fruit crusher)
0175 Ruby (a beautiful gemstone shimmering in red light)
0176 Sapphire (a beautiful gemstone shimmering in red light)
0177 fire rock team card (fire rock metal badge)
0178 Ancient charts (shabby charts with routes to an island)

Cheat HM/TM
017A NO.1 grinding claws
017B NO.2 Dragon claws
017C NO.3 spiritual impact
017D NO.4 meditation
017E NO.5 roar
017F NO.6 highly toxic
0180 NO.7 hail
0181 NO.8 bodybuilding
0182 NO.9 venom impact
0183 NO.10 awakening power
0184 NO.11 sunny day
0185 NO.12 provocation
0186 NO.13 frozen beam
0187 NO.14 snowstorm
0188 NO.15 destroy light
0189 NO.16 light wall
018A NO.17 hold
018B NO.18 rain
018C NO.19 Yu habitat
018D NO.20 mysterious guardian
018E NO.21 angry
0190 NO.23 shot down
0191 NO.24 one hundred thousand volts
0192 NO.25 thunder
0193 NO.26 earthquake
0194 NO.27 gratitude
0195 NO.28 digging holes
0196 NO.29 Spirit strong read
0197 NO.30 shadow ball
0198 NO.31 splitting tile
0199 NO.32 shadow avatar
019A NO.33 reflective wall
019B NO.34 sludge wave
019C NO.35 jet flame
019D NO.36 sludge bomb
019E NO.37 sandstorm
019F NO.38 characters explosion inflammation
01A0 NO.39 Rock blockade
01A1 NO.40 Yan back
01A2 NO.41 vexatious
01A3 NO.42 hard support
01A4 NO.43 Energy storage raid
01A5 NO.44 to sleep
01A6 NO.45 charming
01A7 NO.46 thief
01A8 NO.47 kick under the plate
01A9 NO.48 round of singing
01AA NO.49 echo
01AB NO.50 overheating
01AC NO.51 steel wing
01AD NO.52 infuriating bomb
01AE NO.53 energy ball
01AF NO.54 until now
01B0 NO.55 hot water
01B1 NO.56 Throwing
01B2 NO.57 charging beam
01B3 NO.58 free fall
01B4 NO.59 burn out
01B5 NO.60 delay
01B6 NO.61 Wicked fire
01B7 NO.62 acrobatics
01B8 NO.63 seized
01B9 NO.64 big bang
01BA NO.65 shadow claw
01BB NO.66 Dental teeth
01BC NO.67 revenge
01BD NO.68 ultimate impact
01BE NO.69 rock polished
01BF NO.70 water fluctuations
01C0 NO.71 Spirestone attack
01C1 NO.72 volt replacement
01C2 NO.73 electromagnetic wave
01C3 NO.74 gyro ball
01C4 NO.75 sword dance
01C5 NO.76 insect resistance
01C6 NO.77 self-suggestion
01C7 NO.78 stomp
01C8 NO.79 ice-cream
01C9 NO.80 rock collapse
01CA NO.81 cross cut
01CB NO.82 Dragon tail
01CC NO.83 stalker
01CD NO.84 poisoning
01CE NO.85 food dreams
01CF NO.86 knot knot
01D0 NO.87 bluff
01D1 NO.88 Dream
01D2 NO.89 speed foldback
01D3 NO.90 avatars
01D4 NO.91 plus light gun
01D5 NO.92 space of play
01D6 NO.93 crazy volts
01D7 NO.94 The power of the secret
01D8 NO.95 growling loudly
01D9 NO.96 The power of nature
01DA NO.97 evil fluctuations
01DB NO.98 enhanced boxing
01DC NO.99 magic shine
01DD NO.100 whisper
01DE HM01 cut
01DF HM02 fly
01E0 HM03 surf
01E1 HM04 Strength
01E2 HM05 flash
01E3 HM06 Rock Smash
01E4 HM07 Dive
01E5 HM08 Waterfall

Cheat Battle Item
01E6 water cassette
01E7 lightning cartridge
01E8 flame cassette
01E9 frozen cassette
01EA gene wedge
01EB Thanksgiving flowers
01EC disciplinary pot
01ED shape mirror
00EE fireball slate
00EF water drops slate
00F0 lightning stone
00F1 green stone
00F2 icicle slate
00F3 fist stone
00F4 highly toxic slate
00F5 earth stone
00F6 blue sky stone
00F7 magic stone
00F8 jade stone slate
00F9 rock stone
00FA monster stone
00FB Dragon stone
00FC bad Yan Shiban
00FD steel slate
00FE round stone (stone can make a specific evolution of the wizard)
00FF Diamond Orb (to Emperor Di Luka carrying words, dragons and steel will increase the power of the property)
0200 white ebony (let Pa Luocao carry it, the dragons and water properties of the moves will increase)
0201 Platinum Orb (let Lala Tina carry it, the dragons and the ghost property of the moves will improve)
0202 strange incense (after carrying super-power property moves into 1.2 times, after the sucker magic puppet can produce magic Nini)
0203 rock incense (after carrying the rock property moves into 1.2 times, after carrying nonsense tree can give birth to a tree of love)
0204 full stomach incense (after carrying elves slower than usual, after carrying a card than the beast can produce a small card than the beast)
0205 ripple incense (after carrying the water property moves into 1.2 times, giant finned flying fish can produce a ball after flying fish)
0206 Flower incense (after carrying the grass property moves into 1.2 times, poisonous rose or Rose Ray carrying can produce shy)
0207 Lucky incense (Geely egg or happy egg carrying can produce good luck and training of the warriors, as long as the carrying Pokemon dreams come true, the money obtained after the battle doubled)
0208 clean incense incense (Campanula bell can be born bell ringing .Book dream team carrying, the wild treasure dream of meeting the chance to reduce the wild treasure)
0209 Protector (armored tyrannosaurus teleport after the exchange of communication into a super-iron tyrannosaurus)
020A Power Amplifier (Shock beast after the exchange of communications into the evolution of electric shock Warcraft)
020B Lava Amplifier (Duck mouth beast after the exchange of communication and evolution into duckbill flame dragon)
020C suspicious patch (3D Dragon Ⅱ after the exchange of communication into the evolution of 3D Dragon Z)
020D Lingjie of the cloth (night giants to carry after the communication exchange evolved into night black devil)
020E Sharp claw (after carrying the moves will become easy to hit the key, 狃 pull after upgrade at night into evolution 玛 狃 pull)
020F sharp teeth (after carrying harm sometimes give opponents scared, after the scorpio escort upgrade to Scorpio King)
0210 wide-angle lens (with wide-angle lens hit rate becomes 1.1 times)
0211 Power headband (when carrying the power of physical moves into 1.1 times)
0212 Bo know glasses (carrying special moves into 1.1 times the power)
0213 Daren band (carrying Daren belt Po dream to make a property-restrained attack, the damage becomes 1.2 times)
0214 Light Clay (Light Clay with Light Wall, Reflector Wall, or Aurora Curtain, Duration Will Change to 8 Rounds)
0215 Life Orb (using the attack moves, the damage becomes 1.3 times, but each attack will lose their own HP maximum of 1/10)
0216 Powerful vanilla (use the power of skill, when the power of the moment can immediately attack)
0217 Poisonous Pozhu (after carrying will become highly toxic in combat)
0218 flame treasure (after carrying will become burned in combat)
0219 speed powder (a hundred strange to carry, the speed doubled, turned invalid)
021A imposing girdle (carrying breath belt Baomeng HP state in the deadly attack, it will leave 1HP)
021B Focusing Mirror (Increases this hits by 20% if the player moves in the opposite direction)
021C metronome (continuous use of the same skills, damage per turn increased)
021D black iron ball (50% reduction in speed)
021E after the attack of the tail (after carrying the move must be out)
021F cosmic meteorite (change generation Odyssey form)
0220 Black Sludge (Poisonous property Po dream to carry, each round of recovery HP maximum 1/16; non-toxic Po Po dream to carry, each round of loss HP maximum 1/8)
0221 Icy Rock (the duration of the hail that goes with the icy rock’s Pokemon uses the skill to turn into 8 rounds)
0222 Shattered rock (the duration of sandstorms carrying Poblet using sandstorms turns into 8 rounds)
0223 Blazing Rock (Brilliant Dreams with Blazing Rock spell has a duration of 8 rounds)
0224 damp rock (the damp rock carrying Polaroids use the ability to pray for rain duration becomes 8 rounds)
0225 tighten the hook (the use of restraint technology for a fixed duration of 8 rounds)
0226 pay attention to scarves (carrying speed increased by 50%, only the first choice when playing the moves)
0227 attached needles (when carrying one loss of HP per round of 1/8, when subjected to melee attacks, if the attacking party did not carry props, sticky needles will be transferred to the attacking party)
0228 Beautiful shell (must be able to exchange after carrying, ignoring any banned exchange of features, status)
0229 Large rhizomes (with a massive rhizome with an injury-absorbing effect, HP’s response becomes 1.3 times)
022A pay attention to glasses (carrying 50% increase in special attack, only the first choice when playing the moves)
022B beautiful scales (stupid fish after the communication evolved into the United States Maith)
022C Evolution Stones (50% more defense and special security when not in the final form)
022D pumice (carrying body weight halved)
022E Convex Helmet (Polar Dreams with Hard Helmets lose 1/6 of HP maximum when attacked)
022F Balloon (Balloon-carrying Balloon gains the same effect as Floating without being attacked by ground-based skills and ignoring ground conditions on the field)
0230 red card (carrying a red card Po dream can be hurt by the skills, the mandatory attack square exit, randomly swap out other elves)
0231 target (Boracay carrying aiming target will be hit by an attacking skill that is not valid to itself, for example, if the general department of Polaroid carries aiming target, it will be hit by a ghost line)
0232 Tightly tied straps (to tie the headdress to use the restraint technology, the end of the turn sustained damage plus 4/3)
0233 ball root (carrying the corms treasure dream by the water property of the damage, the special attack to enhance a level)
0234 rechargeable battery (Po Ke dream carrying a rechargeable battery by electric property damage, the attack increased by 1)
0235 escape button (to bring the button off the treasure dream by skills damage, forced exit, the player chose to put on the other elves)

0247 Weaknesses Insurance (Po Ke Men carrying the Weaknesses of the property received by the grams of the movement damage, attack and special enhance 2)
0248 Assault Vest (Polar Dream with carrying assault vest 1.5 times, but can not use the change moves)
0249 Fairy Slate (after carrying the use of the Fairy attribute damage becomes 1.2 times.) Zeus carry the morphological changes, and the skills of the gravel of the property of sanctions into a fairy)
024A Fairy Gems (after carrying the Fairy attribute skills, the damage becomes 1.5 times. Disposable consumables)
024B foam cream (puff puff puffs after carrying the exchange of communication into fat sweet ni)
024C sachet (pink fragrant incense carry after the exchange of communications into the evolution of aromatic)
024D light moss (carrying light moss Po dream dream by the water attribute damage, special anti-upgrade 1)
024E snowball (carrying snowball Po dream by ice attribute damage, the attack increased by 1)
024F dust-proof goggles (dust-proof goggles with dust-proof features to obtain the same effect)
0250 Dim Sum ball (after use will easily call partners, but will disappear after use. After carrying, when intimidated speed will increase)
0251 Membrane (the duration of the venue will be longer than usual when carrying it)
0252 parts of the protective gear (will not be affected by the impact of attack opponents should be)
0253 electric seed (to make Po dream to carry, the use of the electric field, the defense will increase)
0254 Spirit seeds (to make Po dream to carry, the use of mental space, special anti-will increase)
0255 Mist Seeds (so Pokemon carry, the use of the venue in the mist, special anti-will increase)
0256 grass seeds (so that after the Pokemon carry, use in the grass field, the defense will be improved)
0257 battle storage disc
0258 flying storage disc
0259 poison storage disc
025A earth storage disc
025B rock storage disc
025C insect storage disk
025D ghost storage disk
025E steel storage disc
025F flame storage disc
0260 water storage disc
0261 grass storage disc
0262 electronic storage disk
0263 Spirit storage disc
0264 snow storage disc
0265 Dragon Storage Disc
0266 dark storage disc
0267 Fairy storage disc
0268 Carton (body carrying Lotto can choose the form you want to convert directly)
0269 Vermilion nectar (the nectar in the garden of Urara that can change the look of a particular pokemon)
026A Golden nectar (the nectar you get at Merlot Garden, you can change the look of a particular Po Too)
026B Peach pink nectar (nectar in the gardens of the Royal Mile. Can change the look of a particular pokemon)
026C blue-purple nectar (nectar obtained in the Garden of Bonn. Can change the way of a particular Po To dream)