Pokemon CosmicEmerald Locations Guide (12-24-2019)

Also, remember that you can hit Ctrl+F to bring up the search function for ease of use. Printing this, however, might use
huge amounts of black ink so I don’t recommend it. I wanted to use this style though, makes the various other colors
stand out a bit better in my opinion.
There is a Notes section at the bottom of this document that may answer some questions concerning obtaining certain
Pokémon or reaching certain areas.

======================================== Chances: ==========================================
Event /  Event / IGT (in-game trade): 100%
Roaming: N/A
Very Common: 25%+
Common: 16 – 24%
Uncommon: 10% – 15%
Rare: 4 – 9%
Very Rare: 2%
Extremely Rare: 1%
Yep, I went with a ‘Borderlands loot’ colorization theme (except the first 2).

======================================= Generation 1: =======================================
BULBASAUR = Breed Ivysaur/Venusaur
IVYSAUR = Faraway Island (interior) [Rare]
CHARMANDER = Breed Charmeleon/Charizard
CHARMELEON = Faraway Island (interior) [Rare]
SQUIRTLE = Breed Wartortle/Blastoise
WARTORTLE = Faraway Island (interior) [Rare]
CATERPIE = Petalburg Woods [Very Rare]
METAPOD = Faraway Island (exterior) [Uncommon]
BUTTERFREE = Faraway Island (interior) [Common]
WEEDLE = Trade a VENONAT @ Rustboro City [IGT]
KAKUNA = Faraway Island (exterior) [Uncommon]
BEEDRILL = Faraway Island (interior) [Common]
PIDGEY = Navel Rock (exterior) [Common]
= Routes 101, 103 [Very Rare]
PIDGEOTTO = Faraway Island (exterior) [Common]
RATTATTA = Rusturf Tunnel [Rare]
RATICATE = New Mauville – Entrance Room [Rare]
SPEAROW = Navel Rock (exterior) [Common]
= Routes 102, 113 [Very Rare]
FEAROW = Faraway Island (exterior) [Common]
EKANS = Altering Cave [Common]
ARBOK = Altering Cave [Rare]
NIDORAN M & F = Faraway Island (exterior) [Rare]
CLEFAIRY = Meteor Falls – All rooms (except for Bagon Room) [Very Rare]
PARAS = Faraway Island (exterior) [Uncommon]
PARASECT = Navel Rock (interior) [Uncommon]
= Faraway Island (interior) [Uncommon]
VENONAT = Route 116 [Rare]
VENOMOTH = Faraway Island (interior) [Uncommon]
DIGLETT = Desert Underpass [Uncommon]
DUGTRIO = Desert Underpass [Rare]
MANKEY = Route 112 [Rare]
GROWLITHE = Route 112 [Rare]
POLIWAG = Route 123 – Pond {surf} [Rare]
BELLSPROUT = Route 123 [Rare]
WEEPINBELL = Faraway Island (exterior) [Uncommon]
PONYTA = Mt. Pyre – Below Summit [Rare]
SLOWPOKE = Meteor Falls – All water {surf} [Rare]
= Faraway Island (surf) [Very Common]
SLOWBRO = Faraway Island (surf) [Very Common]
FARFETCH’D = Mirage Island [Rare]
= Faraway Island (exterior) [Rare]
SEEL = Shoal Cave – Water {surf} [Rare]
SHELLDER = Shoal Cave {Super Rod} [Rare]
= Faraway Island {Old Rod, Good Rod} [Very Common]
= Faraway Island {Good Rod} [Very Common]
GASTLY = Mt. Pyre – All Inner Floors; more common on Top Inner Floor [Very rare/Rare]
HAUNTER = Mt. Pyre – Top Inner Floor [Extremely Rare]
ONIX = Navel Rock (interior) [Common]
STEELIX = Navel Rock (interior) [Extremely Rare]
DROWZEE = Jagged Pass [Very Rare]
KRABBY = Safari Zone – All Non-Expansion Zone water areas {Super Rod} [Rare]
EXEGGCUTE = Safari Zone – First Area [Rare]
CUBONE = Route 111 [Very Rare]
LICKITUNG = Route 119 [Very Rare]
CHANSEY = Safari Zone – West (puddle-filled area) [Very Rare]
TANGELA = Trade a LICKITUNG @ Fortree City [IGT]
KANGASKHAN = Safari Zone – NW Corner (Mach Bike area) [Very Rare]
= Faraway Island (interior) [Uncommon]
MR. MIME – Artisan Cave [Rare]
SCYTHER = Safari Zone – N (Acro Bike area) [Rare]
JYNX = Shoal Cave – Ice Room [Very Rare]
ELECTABUZZ = New Mauville – Interior [Very Rare]
MAGMAR = Magma Hideout – Last 2 Rooms (the ones with huge slopes) [Very Rare]
TAUROS = Safari Zone – NW (Mach Bike area) [Uncommon]
LAPRAS = Meteor Falls (Capture 120+ National Dex Pokémon; arrive on a Monday) [Event]
EEVEE = Route 115 [Very Rare]
PORYGON = Trade a MR. MIME) @ Pacifidlog Town [IGT]
OMANYTE = Faraway Island (surf) [Rare]
KABUTO = Faraway Island (surf) [Rare]
AERODACTYL = Faraway Island (interior) [Rare]
= Defeat Moltres, heal at PKMN Center [Roaming]
SNORLAX = Artisan Cave [Event]
ARTICUNO = Defeat LATI@S, activate by healing at any PKMN Center [Roaming]
ZAPDOS = Defeat ARTICUNO, activate by healing at any PKMN Center [Roaming]
MOLTRES = Defeat ZAPDOS, activate by healing at any PKMN Center [Roaming]
DRATINI = Meteor Falls – Bagon Room {Super Rod} [Very Rare]
= Faraway Island (Good & Super Rod) [Common & Very Common]
DRAGONAIR = Faraway Island (Super Rod) [Rare]
MEWTWO = Seafloor Cavern (Capture 180+ National Dex Pokémon, arrive past midnight [Event]

======================================= Generation 2: =======================================
CHIKORITA = Navel Rock (exterior) [Rare]
TOTODILE = Navel Rock (exterior) [Rare]
CYNDAQUIL = Navel Rock (exterior) [Rare]
SENTRET = Route 104 [Very Rare]
= Navel Rock (exterior) [Common]
TOGEPI = Navel Rock (exterior) [Common]
HOPPIP = Safari Zone – Southern Expansion (waterfall area) [Uncommon]
YANMA = Route 116 [Very Rare]
= Navel Rock (exterior) [Uncommon]
MURKROW = Safari Zone – Northern Expansion (crag area) [Uncommon]
MISDREAVUS = Navel Rock (interior) [Rare]
UNOWN = Navel Rock (interior) [Uncommon]
DUNSPARCE = Desert Underpass [Very Rare]
QWILFISH = Safari Zone – Southern Expansion {Super Rod} [Rare]
SNEASEL = Shoal Cave – Ice Room [Rare]
SWINUB = Shoal Cave – Ice Room [Rare]
DELIBIRD = Shoal Cave – Ice Room [Rare]
MANTINE = Route 130 {surf} [Rare]
TYROGUE = Speak to a guy near the Battle Tower
LARVITAR = Navel Rock (interior) [Rare]
PUPITAR = Navel Rock (interior) [Extremely Rare]
RAIKOU = To begin, meet Wattson after capturing 150+ National Dex captures [Event]
ENTEI = Mt. Chimney’s peak (Certain time of day, after 150+ National Dex captures [Event]
SUICUNE = Route 123 (Certain time of day, after 150+ National Dex captures [Event]
CELEBI = Mystery – After defeating the Event Lati@s and achieving 220 National Dex captures, find the Mystery Gift
receptionist [Event]

======================================= Generation 3: =======================================
TREECKO = Game Corner/Starter
TORCHIC = Game Corner/Starter
MUDKIP = Game Corner/Starter
HUNTAIL = Low-Personality Clamperl @ level 28*
GOREBYSS = High-Personality Clamperl @ level 28*

All version-exclusive Hoenn Pokemon are at their normal R/S locations, though a few have had their encounter chance
increased slightly (Surskit, Seedot, etc.)

JIRACHI = Mystery – After defeating the Event Lati@s and achieving a Complete Hoenn Dex, head towards Mossdeep
Space Center to start event** [Event]

======================================= Notes: ==============================================

  • – High/Low Personality evolution is the same way Wurmple evolves into either Silcoon or Cascoon.
    ** – Hint if stuck: After obtaining the item, rest up at Littleroot Town (bed) on a certain night of the week.
    ¤ For all normally Trade-Only evolutions (except Clamperl), use Plasma Stones.
    ¤ Mirage Island is accessible on Sunday mornings after capturing 180+ National Dex Pokémon.
    ¤ Event Tickets: Activate Mystery Gift via the questionnaire in Marts. Then you will be able to find the receptionist upstairs
    in all PKMN Centers once the requirements are met (they are on the questionnaire).
    ¤ Item/TM Location Changes:
    ¤ Thunderbolt (TM24) is now located on Route 123 instead of given by Wattson
    ¤ Flamethrower (TM35) is now located in the Magma Hideout