Pokemon Flawless Platinum – Special Encounters

Special Encounters
This document lists all of the Special Encounters in Flawless Platinum. This includes Pokemon in the Overworld, the daily Pokemon in the Great Marsh, and the daily Pokemon found in the Trophy Garden. If it isn’t listed here, it is unedited from the vanilla game.

Trophy Garden:
Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Eevee, Porygon, Riolu, Togepi

Great Marsh:
Arbok, Toxicroak, Swalot, Carnivine, Drapion, Tropius, Kangaskhan, Yanmega

Honey Trees (All of them)
Vespiquen, Wormadam, Mothim, Dustox, Beautifly, Cherrim, Ambipom

While not a real encounter, Manaphy is obtained on Route 219 as soon as you get your Pokédex. There is a little girl there who will give you its Egg, which you must then hatch. Naturally, it is at Level 1. It is required in order to see and obtain Phione, much like it is the Vanilla Game.

Drifloon is one of two Special Encounters that have been left 100% unedited. It is still found at Level 15 at the Valley Windworks on Friday.

Each of the Fossils can be obtained for free by talking to the female scientist in the Underground Man’s house in Eterna City. This is the only way to obtain either a Skull or Armor Fossil depending on your ID. They are unchanged when revived.

After you beat Gardenia and obtain HM01, return to Route 205 and go to the area of Eterna Forest that is blocked off by trees. Standing on a hill is the Time Travel Pokémon. It is at Level 25.

Same deal as it is in the Vanilla Game, except it’s now at Level 25.

Though it isn’t exactly a Special Encounter, this is where it best fits. It is the other one that has been left 100% unedited. You still get its Egg from Cynthia after beating Jupiter the first time. It isn’t the only way to get Togepi, but it’s the only one that is guaranteed.

The Gift Eevee is still found in the same place, only now it is Level 28. This is the only guaranteed Eevee, though you can find them elsewhere.

Spiritomb is found in the same place as usual. Now, however, it no longer requires you to go into the Underground. You need to interact with the Hallowed Tower twice with an Odd Keystone. It’s also now at Level 35.

Jirachi is found waiting at the bottom of the Solaceon Ruins, where you obtain HM05. It’s at Level 35.

Porygon is still obtained from the same spot it was in the Vanilla game, though now its at Level 38. Like the other Gift Pokémon, you can encounter it elsewhere but this is the only guaranteed one.

Deoxys is found on Route 214, very poorly hidden away. It’s at Level 40 and has had its moveset altered slightly so it won’t run away.

Unlike in the Vanilla Game, Zapdos no longer roams and is situated in front of the Fuego Ironworks, which is accessible after getting Surf. It is at Level 45.

Like Togepi, Riolu is still obtained in the same spot as an Egg. And like the other Gift Pokémon, this is your only guaranteed Riolu, but they are found elsewhere.

Registeel is found in the normal spot, but not it no longer requires the Event Regigigas. Simply interacting with the statue will start the battle. It’s at Level 50.

Mew is found hidden at Lake Verity once Team Galactic catches Mesprit. It’s at Level 55.

Regice is found in the normal spot, and no longer requires the Event Regigigas. Like Registeel, simply interacting with the statue will start the battle. It’s at Level 55.

No longer a Roamer, Articuno is sitting directly in front of the Ice Rock on Route 217. It’s at Level 57.

After Team Galactic captures Uxie, Suicune may be found hidden away on Lake Acuity. It’s at Level 60.

After beating Candice and getting HM08, Entei can be battled at the Valor Lakefront. It’s also at Level 60.

After beating Candice and getting HM08, Raikou can be battled on Route 213. Like the other two, it’s at Level 60.

Giratina is found in both of the normal locations. When you battle it in the Distortion World, it is Level 70. If you defeat or run away from it, Giratina will be waiting in Turnback Cave at Level 85.

Uxie, Azelf
The only difference for Uxie and Azelf is that they are at Level 68.

Mesprit is very different than in the Vanilla Game. Once you defeat Team Galactic for the final time, Mesprit may be found in its Cavern as usual. However, it is no longer a Roaming Pokémon. It is now like the others in its trio, and can be battled at Level 68 in the Cavern itself.

Latias, Latios
The Eon Duo can both be found on Route 222 close to Sunyshore. They are both Level 70 and have had their movesets slightly altered to avoid them committing suicide.

Like the rest of its trio, Moltres no longer Roams and is found in Victory Road, akin to its Gen I location. It’s at Level 72.

Mewtwo is found at the end of Victory Road, just before you get to the Pokémon League. It’s the last Legendary Pokémon that can be encountered before the Elite Four. It’s at Level 75.

Cresselia is no longer a Roaming Pokémon and is instead battled on Fullmoon Island. It’s at Level 85.

Dialga, Palkia
Both Dialga and Palkia are found in the normal way. They are both at Level 85.

Kyogre is found floating on Route 230. It’s at Level 85.
Regirock is found in the normal area, and also no longer requires the Event Regigigas. It’s at Level 85 now.

Lugia is found sitting on a beach on Route 226. It’s at Level 85.

Ho-Oh is found on Route 227 in an area only accessible with Rock Climb from Stark Mountain. It’s at Level 88.

Groudon is found on Stark Mountain along the same path Ho-Oh is. It’s at Level 88.

Like most other normally obtainable Legendaries, Heatran can be found in the same place. It’s now at Level 90.

You still need to have all three of the Regis to battle it, but now it’s at Level 85 as opposed to the measly Level 1.

Rayquaza can be found on Route 224, sitting on a hill. It’s at Level 88.

The Member Card is obtained where you would normally have obtained the Super Rod, same person and all. After that, the event proceeds normally. It’s now at Level 90.

Oak’s Letter is, naturally, obtained from Professor Oak. In order to do so, you need to visit Pal Park and then go to his house in Eterna City and talk to him. After that and defeating the Elite Four, the event proceeds as normal. It’s now at Level 88.

In order to obtain the Azure Flute, you must first do two things. Complete the Galactic events at Stark Mountain and battle Shaymin. After that, talk to Buck’s Grandfather in the Battleground. He will then give you the Azure Flute. The event was slightly altered in order for it to work. When you travel to the Spear Pillar, you will find yourself in the Hall of Origin. After that, the event proceeds as normal. It’s now at Level 95.