Pokemon Emerald Advanced Moves Changes

Move changes
Double Slap has 95% accuracy and 20 PP
Comet Punch has 20 BP, 95% accuracy, and 25 PP
Mega Punch has 95% accuracy
Cut has 60 BP, 100% accuracy, and Steel-type
Fly has 100 BP and 100% accu
Slam has 120 BP
Fury Attack has 20 BP, 90% accuracy, and 25 PP
Wrap has 25 BP
Poison Sting has 30 BP and a 20% chance to poison
Submission has 100% accuracy and 15 PP
Strength has 100 BP
Absorb has 30 BP
Mega Drain has 50 BP
Thunder Wave has perfect accuracy for Electric-types
Egg Bomb is special

Barrage has 25 BP and 95% accuracy
Leech Life has 40 BP and 20 PP
Fury Swipes has 20 BP, 95% accuracy, and 20 PP
Rock Slide has 100% accuracy and a 20% flinch chance
Octazooka has 70 BP, 100% accuracy, and a high critical hit ratio
Detect has 15 PP
Swagger has perfect accuracy for Dark-types
Steel Wing has 100% accuracy
Attract is Fairy-type
Heal Bell has 15 PP

Sweet Scent is Grass-type
Iron Tail has 85% accuracy and a 20% chance of Defense drop
Twister has 55 BP
Rock Smash has 60 BP and a 30% chance of Defense drop
Dive has 100 BP
Luster Purge has 80 BP, 10 PP, and a 30% chance of Sp. Defense drop
Mist Ball has 80 BP, 10 PP, and a 30% chance of Sp. Attack drop
Crush Claw is Steel-type
Aromatherapy has 15 PP
Muddy Water has 90% accuracy and a 20% chance of accuracy drop
Bounce has 100% accuracy and 10 PP
Covet is Fairy-type

Hammer Arm has 100% accuracy
Dragon Rush has 85% accuracy
Focus Blast has 110 BP
Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, and Fire Fang have 100% accuracy
Zen Headbutt has 95% accuracy
Frost Breath has 100% accuracy
Drill Run has 100% accuracy
Tail Slap has 95% accuracy
Flying Press has 100% accuracy
Disarm Voice has 60 BP
Bane Bunker inflicts toxic poison
Ice Hammer has 100% accuracy
Pollen Puff has a 20% chance to inflict paralysis
Shell Trap has 75 BP and works like Revenge
Stomping Fit works like Payback but receives a x1.5 boost rather than x2