Feature Details of Pokemon Crystal Clear

  1. Opening Sequence:
    – New intro sequence, animation, and music

New Game:
– Can start in Johto or Kanto
– Can select 1 of 28 starters (See: Starters for full list + movesets)

  • This now includes some “HARD” starters for things like the “Smeargle challenges”

Character customization:
– Can select from 4 male/female player characters
– Can select from 6 player color options
– Can select from 8 custom pack and gear menu colors

Start with:
– Fully unlocked Gear and Dex
– 1x Potion and 5x balls
– Two useful phone numbers (Bill, League)
– Link functions enabled

  1. Open world:
    – Forced story elements/barriers have been removed
    – Certain areas have been reworked to be more navigable earlier
  • See: Map changes and additions
    – Many cut trees have been removed
    – Strength boulders are only in the Seafoam Islands and Slowpoke Well, which are optional
  • This means places like Ice Path can be navigated without Strength
    – A fast ferry service has been added for quick traveling
  • Can travel between Olivine, Cianwood, Cerulean, and New Cinnabar + Fuchsia
  • Can be ridden for free after 2 badges
    – Fishing Gurus now give you the different fishing rods in sequence
  • If you have the Old Rod, the next Guru you meet will give you the Good Rod, etc.
    – Lots of misc tweaks to help the experience be more open
  1. Scaling Gyms, Trainers, and Gym Rechallenges:
    Scaling Gyms:
    – All 16 Gyms can be faced in any order and have scaled teams based on amount of earned badges
  • This goes from around ~Lv. 7 to ~Lv. 75, making the latter 8 Gyms more challenging than the original games
  • Gym Leaders have fully custom movesets
  • There are no sidequests to enable Gyms or leaders (Amphy is ok, Blue is not traveling, etc.)

– Trainers outside of Gyms scale up to ~Lv45

  • This is to keep world navigation at a minimum hassle
    – Certain event-based trainers do not directly scale (Eusine, Sprout Tower, Elite Four, etc.)
    – Some new special trainers reset once per day, or after beating the E4.

Gym Rechallenges:
– Unlocked at Gyms that you’ve defeated once
– Rechallenge a Gym by talking to the statues at the door
– All Gym Leaders and trainers are rebattleable
– Levels are unlocked and correspond to badge count

  1. New Features and Quality-of-life changes:
    New Features:
    – Running shoes added, can be turned on permanently in options menu
    – A ticket for the Fast Ship can be purchased at any time
    – The Player Profile screen now shows Kanto Gym leaders as well
    – Fourth stats screen:
  • Shows happiness
  • Shows place/level/time caught
  • Shows DVs
  • Shows personality/characteristic blurb text
    – Unlockable wild battle DV display (visit New Cinnabar Lab)
    – “Mom saves your money” has been reworked into Bank Account
  • Accessible from any PC
  • Can set up auto-depositing money after battle

– Haircut happiness has been increased

– Johto and Kanto Game Corners have different prizes
– Total amount of prizes have been increased

– Gym Leaders and certain trainers have “Final” text

– The new Event Tutor will try to teach any moves given out exclusively at events

  • This has also reflected on learnable TMs, any event moves that are also TMs can now be taught directly.

– A Move Reminder NPC has been added in the Move Deleter’s house in Blackthorn City

– The Move Tutor now takes cash and is available from the start in front of both Game Corners

Quality-of-life changes:

– Nurse Joy now turns you around at the end of her script

  • No more accidental second heals

– The clock reset function is available on the continue menu and does not require a password

– The Magnet train is free

– Removed Name Rater restrictions

– Overworld poison fades away at 1HP

– Daycare man appears outside of the fence

  • Goldenrod NPCs have also been moved out of the main street

– Odd Egg is now a perfect shiny or has decent DVs, instead of the original flat 0’s

  • Probability has been reworked so Magby and Elekid are more likely than Cleffa and IgglyBuff

– Traded obedience was rescaled to be 10x the current badge count

  • 2 badges is up to Lv 20, 3 badges is up to Lv 30 etc.
  • With the exception of 1 badge, which is up to Lv 15.

– Pressing SELECT on the Gear Phone screen clears out the non-default numbers

– Bill will call you when your Box is full, and switch it for you if you have room.

  1. New options:

Quick Continue:
– Four different bootup options:

  • Normal: Full intro sequence
  • Title: Title screen
  • Menu: Main menu screen
  • Quick: Load directly into the overworld
    – Available in the options menu
    – Can also be used by holding a button combo when booting
  • Normal: Select + A
  • Title: Select + B
  • Menu: Select
  • Quick: Start

Quick Encounter:
– Fancy: normal encounter animation
– Fast:

  • A simple fade and no sliding animation
  • Skips the “Got away safely” text
  • Skips the “Wild appeared!” text

Quick Nurse:
– Skips dialogue

Always run:
– Inverts B button running

  • When this is on, hold B to walk instead of run.

Gear Color:
– Change the Gear/Map color to one of the eight options

Pack Color:
– Change the Item Pack color to one of the eight options

Last flown:
– Home: Default fly icon on New Bark/Pallet
– Save: Remembers last flown cities for both regions

See also: Music Menu

  1. General improvements:


– Added new 251 overworld/menu mini sprites

– Many shiny palettes have been updated to the modern colors
– Some normal sprite colors have been tweaked as well
– See: Modified Sprite Palettes

– New gray and purple overworld sprite colors

– Overworld sprites now have morning/night palettes

Gen 2 glitch fixes:

– Kurt’s specialty balls now work properly
– Transform Ditto assumption glitch has been fixed
– PAR/BRN/PSN now properly affect catch rate
– Magikarp size related bugs are correct
– HP bar animation bug fixed
– Slot machine sound bug fixed
– 0.4% massage happiness bug fixed
– Evolution stone bug fixed
– Experience text bug fixed
– Enemy trainer not healing nightmare fixed
– Experience underflow glitch fixed
– Ellipsis is fixed⋯

Stadium 2:

– No longer requires saving at a center
– No longer require 150+ caught for full transfer capabilities

  1. Elite Four:

– Requires any 8 badges to face

– A new, more difficult set of trainers

– The original set can still be challenged at any time using the BATTLE SIM

  • Located in the Indigo Plateau building (which does not require 8 badges to get to)

– Rooms have been redesigned with new themes and new animations

– Upon defeating the E4 once, the teams become much stronger

– Mt. Silver Champion is based on region/gender choice

  1. Map changes and additions:

– New Cinnabar Island
– Blaine’s Gym
– Cinnabar Tunnel
– Moltres Chamber
– Route 40 Olivine Fast Ferry Service
– Cianwood City Fast Ferry Service
– New Cinnabar Island Fast Ferry Terminal
– Route 19 Fuchsia City Fast Ferry Service
– Route 25 Cerulean City Fast Ferry Service
– Route 24 Cave
– Cherrygrove Bay
– Cherrygrove Bay Caves

– Viridian Forest
– Cinnabar Mansion
– Seafoam Islands
– Power Plant
– Pewter Museum
– Cinnabar Fossil Lab
– Cerulean Cave
– The Safari Zone

  • Also has a new area

Major changes:
– Clair’s Gym
– Route 27
– Ruins of Alph
– Cianwood City
– Route 40
– Route 41 (Whirl Islands)
– Route 42
– Dark Cave (now usable as a shortcut to Blackthorn City)

Minor changes:
– Pallet Town
– New Bark Town
– Route 24
– Route 25
– Route 46
– Burned Tower uses the time of day palette

Many maps in Kanto have also been restored to Gen 1 sizes.

  1. Obtainability and Compatibility:


– See Wild data changes
– See Legendaries and Stationaries
– See HM availability

– The “Area” function of the Dex has been improved to be more useful:

  • Shows headbutt trees
  • Shows fishing spots
  • Shows some event locations
  • Can check Johto/Kanto from start

– You can “Unlock Seen Data” on the Dex option screen

– A Tradeback NPC has been added to help with trade based evolutions

  • Can be found on the first floor of Goldenrod/Celadon Department Stores

– Fishing has been tweaked to have a larger variety across rods/multiple areas.

  • This means the Old Rod isn’t just the Magikarp Rod anymore.

– Map and HM reworks allow for many areas to be accessed early


– No new moves
– No additions beyond 251 from later gens
– No physical/special split
– No compatibility-breaking bugfixes (see: Belly drum, Dragon Fang, etc.)
– Non-canon wild data exists, however no new landmarks are used to preserve Stadium 2/Seer compatibility.

  • For example, you can fish on New Cinnabar, but the caught data will just say Cinnabar.

– Confirmed working with Stadium 2, GSC, and RBY via Time Capsule

– 3DS VC wireless functions

  • Can work between CC to CC, and CC to RBY
  • CC to GSC is currently incompatible for unknown reasons

– Works with Bank via 3DS

  • Event Moves, while acceptable/canon/meta in Gen 2, will disallow transfer
  • Not every species/move combination has been tested, so experimentation is encouraged
  • Transferring Mew requires use of the Legality Fixer NPC located in the Move Deleter’s house
  • This will change the OT and ID to the event Mew.
  • Celebi is transferable

– Mystery gift is untested (but the Bazaar removes the utility of this function.)

  1. Music:

– Music is now customizable from the new Music menu on the start screen

  • Surf music option has a “Regional” variant that plays a matching track per region
    – Many new tracks have been added, including a complete set of Gen 4 arrangements by FroggestSpirit
    – Music can be disabled (mostly for streamers)
    – Low HP beeping can be disabled
    – Certain trainers and legendary encounters will have designated themes
    – Pressing Select on the music screen will set the highlighted track to RANDOMIZE
  1. Shiny hunting:

– The 1/8192 chance has been preserved, but some quality of life features have been added

– Shinies now have in-battle shiny icons
– Shinies now display an icon on the nickname screen (for quickly checking shiniess from events)
– Party screen icon palettes will all have a different palette for shinies

  • This is also reflected on the nickname screen
    – Egg sprite on the party screen will show shininess (blue instead of the default red)

– Sweet scent takes repel into consideration

– Quick Continue allows you to minimize time between resets for shinies
– Quick Encounter speeds up the startup battle animation times

– Roamers now have a different palette and play the sparkle sound when being released

  • If Suicune is released like this, the stationary encounter will be with a shiny one w/15 Attack DV.
  • If not, it can be reset for at the Tin Tower event
  • Shiny palettes are preserved for all overworld story events for all three beasts
  • If a shiny roamer is fainted, when re-released, it will stay shiny (see: renewable resources)
  1. Renewable resources and E4 Resetting:

Renewable resources:

– Master balls can be obtained as a Game Corner prize

  • Can also be bought in the Mahogany Bazaar on Friday nights

– TM Mart always stocks all 50 TMs once you have 8 badges.

– See the Marts section for information on additional items

– Event move tutor can teach moves only given out at special events

  • Found on the first floor of the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City

E4 resets:

– Individual roamers, if they’ve been released and if they were fainted

  • Plays cry and a single shiny sparkle sound if applicable(keeps DVs if shiny)
  • Also checks if they still exist on the save file

– Ho-oh/Lugia/Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres/Mewtwo can be refought after each completion

– Celebi, if it hasn’t been already been caught

– Dome Fossil/Helix Fossil/Old Amber overworld events.

  • Only if you don’t currently have that fossil already

– Dragon Shrine Dratini

– Ilex/Viridian Sudowoodo

– Cerulean/Goldenrod Eevee

– All the Voltorbs and Electrodes in the Power Plant

– Certain rebattleable trainers, notably the Mt. Silver Champion

  1. Marts and Decorations:


– Now scale with badges

Specialty marts:
– Kurt’s house (specialty balls)
– Pewter/Azalea (held items)
– New Cinnabar (mail)
– Celadon/Goldenrod (evolution items)

Scaling TM mart:
– Unlock all 50 TMs by collecting up to 8 badges
– Mart now displays the name of the selected TM onscreen


– Can now be bought directly in the Mahogany Bazaar

– Consoles are now more than cosmetic, each plays a related theme

– Customizable room is in whichever region the player starts in

– Replaced the Virtual Boy with a Wii

  1. Misc stuff

Easter Eggs: (incomplete list)

– Try messing with the game’s code in Celadon Mansion

– Try messing with the guard’s computer in New Cinnabar Lab.

– Try talking to the Old Amber 5 times before speaking with the scientist about it.

– There’s a truck in a place. You know what to do.

– Rebattle Youngster Joey with 16 badges.

– And more!