HMs Location on Pokemon Crystal Clear

HM changes:
– HM moves no longer require badges to be used outside of battle
– HMs are available in both regions, with the exception of Whirlpool and Waterfall
– NPCs will give you the HMs if you have enough badges
– Badge requirements are different per region to encourage traveling between the two
– Since most blocking cut trees have been removed, cut is only used for shortcuts and secrets
– Fly can be used to fly between the two regions directly (press left/right on the fly map)
– Having visited an area is no longer a requirement to fly to it

  • Indigo Plateau and New Cinnabar Island however must be visited at least once.


– Johto: Charcoal Kiln (2 badges)
– Kanto: Route 2 Gate (2 badges)

– Johto: Dance Theater (4 badges)
– Kanto: Safari Warden’s House (0 badges)

– Johto: Olivine Cafe (0 badges)
– Kanto: Vermilion Port (4 badges)

– Johto: Cianwood City (3 badges)
– Kanto: Route 16 House (3 badges)

– Johto: Sprout Tower 1F (1 badges)
– Kanto: Route 10 Center (1 badges)

– Johto: Dragon’s Den (2 badges or Risingbadge to enter Dragon’s Den)

– Johto: Ice Path (0 badges)