Legendaries and Stationaries of Pokemon Crystal Clear

Table of Contents:

  1. Availability
    – Stationaries
    – Legendaries
  2. How to
    – Three Birds
    – Three Beasts
    – Suicune Event
    – Celebi Event
    – Ho-Oh Event
    – Lugia Event
    – Mewtwo Event
    – Mew Event

Skimming Availability is recommended.
Rather than take a “play the game and find it for yourself” approach, I’ve added spoiler free outlines of how to do certain events, for the completionists who don’t want to waste time.

  1. Availability:
    – Snorlax is in Vermilion, and scales up to level 50 based on current badges
    – Lapras is in Union Cave and in a cave on Route 24, and scales up to level 50 based on current badges
  • It also now appears on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, instead of just Friday
    – Sudowoodo is in both the Ilex Forest and Viridian Forest
  • A 2 badge requirement to get the Squirtbottle in Goldenrod or Pewter
    – Eevee can be obtained in either Goldenrod or Celadon
    – Dome Fossil/Helix Fossil/Old Amber can be obtained in Mt. Mortar B1F, Mt. Moon, and Pewter Museum respectively
  • Take these to the New Cinnabar Lab to get them revived
    – Prof. Elm gives you a Togepi Egg (requires 1 badge)
    – The ODD EGG in the Day Care has it’s species probabilities reworked
  • Cleffa and IgglyBuff are now less likely
  • Magby and Elekid are now more likely
    – Dragon Shrine Dratini always has Extremespeed

– The three Legendary birds become available after 5 badges are obtained

  • Seafoam Islands
  • Power Plant
  • Cave near Mt. Silver
    – Lugia can be obtained after acquiring the Silver Wing (found at the Olivine Lighthouse)
    – Ho-oh can be obtained after completing the Suicune event
    – Celebi can be obtained after completing a small “proof of worth” quest
    – Mew can be released as a roamer after completing the Mewtwo Event
    – Mewtwo event can be started after completing the Suicune event
    – The three Legendary beasts can be found in Burned Tower, after a small event
  • Entei/Raikou are released as roamers, where Suicune has an extended version of the original quest
  1. How to:
    Three Birds:
    – Obtain 5 badges
    – Visit Seafoam Islands, Route 10 North, or the outside of Mt. Silver
  • Will reset after the E4

Three Beasts:
– Visit the Burned Tower in Ecruteak
– Release two as roamers

  • Individual roamers that are fainted can be reset by beating the E4
  • Will retain shiny status if shiny

Suicune Event:
– Release the three beasts
– Visit Cianwood City
– Visit Route 42
– Visit Route 36
– Visit Dance Theatre in Ecruteak (can be done at any point)
– Visit large Ecruteak House (can be done at any point)
– Save before entering Tin Tower

  • If Suicune is fainted, it can be reset after beating the E4 and refought in Cianwood City

Celebi Event:
– Visit Ilex Forest
– Visit Kurt in Azalea Town
– Visit Oak in Pallet Town

  • Have caught any legend, OR
  • Have 8 badges, OR
  • Battle him (can also be done later)
    – Visit Kurt
  • Wait a day OR
  • Visit Oak
    – Visit Ilex Forest
  • If Celebi is not caught, you will keep the item, and can reset it by beating the E4

Ho-Oh Event:
– Complete the Suicune event
– Complete the Sprout Tower Event
– Visit Tin Tower

  • Ho-Oh can be reset via the Elite 4 if fainted but not caught

Lugia Event:
– Visit the Olivine Lighthouse (bring a berry)
– Visit the Whirl Islands

  • Lugia can be reset via the Elite 4 if fainted but not caught

Mewtwo Event:
– Complete the Suicune Event
– Visit Lavender Town
– Visit the cave in Cinnabar Tunnel
– Visit Cerulean Cave

  • Mewtwo can be reset via the Elite 4 if fainted but not caught

Mew Event:
– Complete the Cinnabar Mansion portion of the Mewtwo Event
– You’ll see where Mew is as a part of that
– Mew will be released as a roamer in Kanto
– You can acquire seen data to ease the hunt by moving the truck.

  • Mew can be reset if fainted by beating the E4, and will retain shiny status if shiny