Pokemon Raptor Walkthrough

How to read it:
This Guide covers the storyline of Pokemon Raptor from start to finish it covers all routes
except for routes 19 and 20 as you never have to go on them and the game freezes
somewhere on those routes; the routes have items and pokemon I encountered as well as
the level range of pokemon I found. The trainers are listed to give you an idea of what to
expect, though they may not always be in order.

Sybric City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
5 houses

Poke Mart Inventory
Potion $300
Antidote $100
Paralyze Heal $200

Getting used to the game
Okay to start thing off, the first thing that happens after the whole character creation thing
is that you see Steven fighting off a rattata with his metagross, he then beats it easily and
tells you that you’ve learn basically everything you need to know about pokemon, he then
takes you back to his house were he gives you your starter pokemon, one of the Sinnoh
starters, so pick one so you can move on with your preference. Steven will leave for a
minute and when he returns he says he must go to the Kanto region and gives you a trainer
card and tells you to go see Professor Oak to get a pokedex in the next town.

Route 21 (patch of grass only)

You can only access a little patch of grass for now not much to do otherwise so head to
route 1


Pokemon Lvl range 2-5

Route 1

Paralyze heal

Pokemon lvl range 2-5

Go through Route 1 to Tropical Town.

Tropicia town

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
4 houses
Pokemon Lab

Poke mart
Poke ball $200
Potion $300
Antidote $100
Paralyze heal $200

The lab is the big building you can see when you first arrive in the town but you can go
around a look at the rest of town if you feel like it, you’ll see a member of team hunter
(more on the latter) though he just stands there for now, you’ll be coming back here latter
in the game of him. So anyway just go into the Lab and speak to the aid he tells you that
the professor is on route 1 so head there. After entering the route you will see the Professor
being attacked by an ekans and you’ll have to save the day. As a reward for saving him
professor Oak will give you a pokedex and a pokedevice. Talking to the assistant will get
you 5 free poke balls just like every other game so do it. Time to move on, yes the game
doesn’t really tell you where to go most of the time.

Route 2


Pokemon lvl range 3-6

School Kid Garret
Rattata lvl 3

Just follow the route; here you’ll have your first trainer battle. After that continue till you
see the two men in white suit that are from Team Hunter, talk to them and they’ll go into
the forest, follow them.

Healing Forest

Poke ball
Escape Rope
Rare Candy
Guard Spec.

Pokemon lvl range 3-6

Youngster Braxton
Rattata lvl 3
Zigzagoon lvl 4

Bug Catcher Addison
Caterpie lvl 2
Wurmple lvl 2

Bug Catcher Dexter
Wurmple lvl 3
Caterpie lvl 3
Ledyba lvl 3

Bug Maniac Jeff
Weedle lvl 5

Okay here you only really have to north, after a fight with a Youngster you’ll see a group
of 4 team hunter goons talking about capturing Celebi, Celebi will bring a boy to the time
and you will have to fight Team hunter.

Team Hunter Grunt Chris
Starly lvl 3

After you beat him they will run away, you’ll talk to the boy, who will tell you his name is
Sam, and that he’s traveled through time, go north to Route 3.

Route 3

Dire Hit

Pokemon Lvl range 4-7
Nidoran male
Nidoran Female
Shellos (pink)


Go north to get to Mercure City.

Mercure City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
5 houses
Pokemon Gym
HM01- Cut

Poke mart
Poke ball $200
Portion $300
Antidote $100
Awakening $250
Paralyze Heal $200
Escape Rope $550
Burn Heal $250
Repel $350

Not much to do here but go to the gym, it’s a bug one

Gym-type Bug
Bug Catcher Bill
Weedle Lvl 5
Caterpie lvl 5

Bug Maniac Nelson
Wurmple lvl 5
Kakuna lvl 6
Metapod lvl 5

Leader Gray
Wurmple lvl 7
Spinarak lvl 9
Beedrill lvl 11

After you beat him he gives you the Beetle badge and the TM bullet seed enjoy it as it is
one of the few TM’s in the game. After you have obtained the Beetle Badge go into the
house just above it and talk to the young man he’ll give you cut.

From here we can go to route 7 or route 4

Route 7


Pokemon Lvl Range 6-9


Route 8

Super potion
Rare Candy
X Defend
X Special

(Some of these may be on route 7 I wasn’t paying attention to the route change originally)
Pokemon Lvl range 7-9


Beauty Kristopher
Pidgey lvl 4
Spearow lvl 4

Youngster Bryan
Rattata lvl 7

Moonview Town

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
4 houses

Poke Mart
Poke ball $200
Super Potion $700
Potion $300
Antidote $100
Awakening $250
Paralyze Heal $200
Escape Rope $550
Burn Heal $250
Repel $350

You can find a rare candy next to the Poke Mart, other then that there’s not much to do
here yet, there are Team Hunter goons here though you can’t do anything, and there is a
man blocking the cave here so if you headed here head to route 4 now.

Route 4

Focus Band

Pokemon Lvl range 3-7

Picnicker Cora
Zigzagoon lvl 7
Bidoof lvl 7

Camper Antony
Whismur lvl 8

Route 5

HP up

Pokemon Lvl range 5-8

Bird Keeper Frankie
Pidgey lvl 7
Hoothoot lvl 7
Taillow lvl 7
Starly lvl 7

Guitarist Kurt
Pikachu lvl 12
Electrike lvl 13

There are some cops on this road, don’t worry about it now you’ll be going there shortly. In
the area between route 5 and Krypton City you can get the old rod by talking to the fisherman.

Krypton City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart (Hypermart)
2 houses
Pokemon Gym
HM05 Flash

Hypermart inventory

Floor 2
Potion $300
Super potion $700
Poke ball $200
Great ball $600
Escape Rope $550
Full Heal $600
Repel $350
Antidote $100
Paralyze heal $200
Awakening $250
TM05 Roar $1000
TM31 Brick Break $3000
TM43 Secret Power $3000
TM45 Attract $3000

Floor 3
Poke doll $1000
Leaf Stone $2100
Fire Stone $2100
Thunder Stone $2100
Water Stone $2100

Floor 4
X attack $500
X Defend $550
X speed $350
X special $350
X accuracy $950
Guard Spec. $700
Dire Hit $650
HP up $9800
Protein $9800
Iron $9800
Calcium $9800
Zinc $9800
Carbos $9800

Okay lots to do here, in the house closest to the Poke mart you can buy honey from the girl in the corner, if you try to go to the gym it won’t let you in so head into the factory.


Okay here you find out that they are creating a new poke balls, head upstairs and talk with the scientist closest to the door and he’ll mention something about a raptor ball and leave, head back downstairs now. You’ll see the scientist that was blocking the basement is now gone so go down there.

Here you will see some Team Hunter Goons just keep going down.
1rst room fight the Grunt here
Team Hunter Grunt Jonathan
Zubat lvl 7
Zubat lvl 7
Zubat lvl 7

You’ll see lots of statues but before that go get the item, it’s a nugget. Anyway Go up to bottom rows of statues and then press the c button on the middle one to get rid of the door. You’ll have another fight against a grunt

Team Hunter Grunt Johnson
Taillow lvl 8
Bidoof lvl 7
Starly lvl 7

Head down the stairs
Floor 2
You’ll fight another grunt
Team Hunter Grunt Justin
Geodude lvl 5
Snubbull lvl 9

Head south and there’s an optional grunt battle.
Team Hunter Grunt Wilson
Shinx lvl 8

If you beat this grunt hell tell you that you need a password to unlock the door coming up.
If you just wanna get the password and continue he’s up in the top right of the room.
The next grunt you can see is not the password holder but here are his stats anyway

Team Hunter Grunt Endrance
Drifloon lvl 6
Buizel lvl 8

From him you know have two route you can take, the closer one holds
A mental Herb
Team Hunter Grunt Alex
Zigzagoon lvl 6
Rattata lvl 8
Team Hunter Grunt Jack
Bidoof lvl 9

Though the password holder is not any of them the last route is
Team Hunter Grunt Rolph
Zubat lvl 5
Geodude lvl 5
Beautifly lvl 10
A Carbos and
Team Hunter Grunt Ben
Poochyena lvl 8
After beating him he unlocks the door for you, go down the stairs to reach Floor 3.

Floor 3
The item there is a smoke ball anyway head south for your first double battle.
Team Hunter Duo Jay & Bobby
Zangoose lvl 11
Seviper lvl 11

Beat them and continue on to here more of the plot, involving the Raptor Ball. The leader of the gym will come to save the day but will be destroyed and the bad guys will leave.
You’ll then have to go get a potion unless you already have one, once you have the potion talk to him again. Anyway after he gets his potion he’ll leave, and you can finally challenge
him so go do that.

Gym-type Electric
This gym is a lot like Mossdeep City’s gym.

Guitarist Cleo
Magnemite lvl 11
Mareep lvl 13

Gentleman Endrance
Electrike lvl 12
Voltorb lvl 13
Pikachu lvl 13

Leader Buzzer
Voltorb lvl 15
Electrike lvl 18
Electabuzz lvl 20

You’ll get the Volt badge for beating him which lets you use Flash outside of battle, and the TM light screen. Now that you’ve beaten him go into the house next to the factory and
talk to the man to receive flash.

Head south again because those cops are now gone and there are a couple of trainers blocking the path on route 11. If you didn’t see the cops before on route 5 just past the bird
keeper there is another path, just follow that. On the way you can now get an item that was blocked by the cops which is an ultra ball.

Route 6


Pokemon Lvl range 10-17


Branchtrake Town

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
4 houses
Bike shop

Poke mart inventory
Poke ball $200
Potion $300
Antidote $100
Burn heal $250
Paralyze heal $200
Repel $350
Escape Rope $550

Go into the bike shop and talk to the policeman in front of the clerk. Then go back down to Route 6 where you will fight the bike thief.

Punk Biker
Absol lvl 18
After you beat him you’ll be warped back to the bike shop and given a free bike. Now it’s time to go to route 11 because route 17 needs strength.

Route 11

Macho Brace (hidden item)

Pokemon Lvl range 6-13

Lass Sarah
Kricketot lvl 14
Guitarist Kurt
Pikachu lvl 12
Electrike lvl 13

Peakland City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
4 houses
Pokemon Gym
Pokemon Day care
Rock Smash
Name Rater

Poke mart inventory
Poke ball $200
Super potion $700
Potion $300
Antidote $100
Burn heal $250
Paralyze heal $200
Awakening $250
Ice Heal $250
Repel $350
Escape Rope $550

Here inside of a house you can get rock smash so do that as you’ll need it for the rest of the game. If you talk to the old man you will receive a pokemon egg. In the house next to the
pokemon center is the name rater. Anyway Gym –type Rock (leader only has steel types though)

Hiker King
Geodude lvl 17
Geodude lvl 17
Geodude lvl 17

Lass Angel
Nosepass lvl 20
Rich Boy Gate
Onix Lvl 19

Leader Knuck
Mawile lvl 24
Bronzor lvl 22
Steelix lvl 26

For beating him you’ll get the Break Badge which lets you use Rock Smash outside of
battle. You’ll also get Brick Break. Continue to route 12

Route 12 part 1

Max Repel

Pokemon Lvl range 7-15

Youngster Mark
Drifloon lvl 18
Buizel lvl 18
Magnemite lvl 17

Bird Keeper May
Starly lvl 15
Pidgeotto lvl 20
Wingull lvl 15
Fearow lvl 20

Black Belt Sam
Machoke lvl 20

Route 12 part 2


Pokemon Lvl range 12-21

Poke fan Stefan
Pikachu lvl 20

Mount Rainbow

Hyper potion

Pokemon Lvl range 15-20

Hiker George
Geodude lvl 17
Aron lvl 14

Hiker Mike
Onix lvl 20

Hiker David
Nosepass lvl 15
Shieldon lvl 15

Cooltrainer Dillon
Meowth lvl 15
Glameow lvl 15
Skitty lvl 15

Hiker Van
Aron lvl 16
Aron lvl 16

Hiker Birch
Mawile lvl 18
Sableye lvl 18

Hiker Steven
Bronzor lvl 17

Youngster Basch
Pidgey lvl 15
Pidgeotto lvl 18

Lass Ashe
Rattata lvl 17
Starly lvl 17

Guitarist Jonas
Croagunk lvl 23

Route 13

Red Flute
Amulet Coin (Hidden)

Pokemon Lvl range 18-23

Youngster Scott
Cubone lvl 14
Wooper lvl 14

Rich Boy Alonso
Phanpy lvl 22

From here you’ll have to go north as there are some boulders blocking your path.

Route 14


Pokemon Lvl range 6-22

Rattata lvl 20
Quilava lvl 22
Mightyena lvl 22
Luxio lvl 22

Battle Girl Ashley
Machoke lvl 20
Riolu lvl 22
Croagunk lvl 23

Hiker John
Graveler lvl 20
Cranidos lvl 23

You can get an Exp. Share from the guy in between route 14 and Dawnsnow Town for a hyper potion.

Dawnsnow Town

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
3 houses
Move Deleter

Poke mart inventory
Ultra ball $1200
Great Ball $600
Hyper potion $1200
Revive $1500
Full heal $600
Ice Heal $250
Escape Rope $550
Max Repel $700

The move Deleter is in the house in the lower left of town. Nothing else in this town so just continue on.

Route 15

Yellow Flute (hidden Item)

Pokemon Lvl range 17-24

Skier Devin
Snover lvl 21
Spheal lvl 18

Skier Eva
Snorunt lvl 20
Sneasel lvl 20

Freezday City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
5 houses
Freezday Square (1 house with a blue flute in it +lighthouse)
Pokemon Gym

Poke mart inventory
Ultra ball $1200
Great Ball $600
Hyper Potion $1200
Revive $1500
Full heal $600
Ice Heal $250
Escape Rope $550
Max Repel $700

You get Surf from one of the fat men inside a house here. Once you heal up and get surf, go take on the gym.

Gym- Type Ice

Skier Edwin
Smoochum lvl 24
Sneasel lvl 24

Skier Benjamin
Swinub lvl 25

Skier Winson
Delibird lvl 24
Snorunt lvl 22

Skier Katherine
Snover lvl 25
Spheal lvl 25

Skier Felicia
Snover lvl 23
Sneasel lvl 25

Skier Karen
Jynx lvl 26

Leader Maximillion
Spheal lvl 26
Froslass lvl 27
Weavile lvl 30

Beating her nets you the Blizzard Badge and the ability to use surf outside of battle. As well as the TM Hail. After she finishes talking you’ll be warped outside were you will see a
meteor fall. Go to Freezday square. Here you’ll find out that the meteor is really deoxys but it’ll flash and you’ll then be in the bottom floor of the pokemon center. Were a scientist will ask you about what happened, and then leave, you next goal is Duskduke city so lets head back to wear the boulders were Route 13.


Even thought you know have surf do not go back to Rainbow mountain and scale it, you’ll trigger an event too soon and have to reset the entire game.

Route 13

The man moved the boulders so you can get into the city.

Duskduke City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
5 houses
Pokemon Gym

Poke mart inventory
Ultra ball $1200
Great Ball $600
Super Potion $700
Revive $1500
Full heal $600
Max Repel $700

There’s not much to do Yet so go take on the gym.

Gym- type Flying

Bird keeper Kevin & Guitarist Lance
Pidgeotto lvl 27
Staravia lvl 25

Camper Duo Vincent & Shirley
Fearow lvl 25
Swablu lvl 25

Cooltrainer Duo Romeo & Juliet
Pelipper lvl 28
Doduo lvl 28

Camper Duo Alanna& Dennis
Murkrow lvl 28
Starly lvl 28

Bird keeper Nash & Guitarist Eddie
Chatot lvl 30
Gliscor lvl 30

Leader Dawn & Leader Dusk
Swablu lvl 32
Dodrio lvl 32
Altaria lvl 35
Staraptor lvl 34

Beating them gets you the Peck Badge which gives you the ability to use fly outside of battle (which you will get in a little bit), and the TM Aerial Ace. Leave the gym to trigger an event, with Deoxys. You and everyone in town will be captured and put in a room, Steven will come and save you and tell you Deoxys is looking for you. Steven then tells
you to deal with Deoxys. After you beat/catch Deoxys go back to the man who moved the boulders and get the HM fly. Then head to Route 16 which is south of the pokemon center in Duskduke City.

Route 16

Special location
Here you can find a little patch of land called the sunstone garden, here there are 4
sunstones that you can pick up but they are all hidden items.

Pokemon Lvl range 22-26

Beauty Susan
Delcatty lvl 26

Gentleman Jack
Growlithe lvl 25
Skorupi lvl 27
Nuzleaf lvl 27

Bug Catcher George
Vespiquen lvl 28

Daystraits Port

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
4 houses
Cosmo Institute

Poke mart inventory
Great Ball $600
Hyper Potion $1200
Revive $1500
Full heal $600
Paralyze Heal $200
Max Repel $700
Escape Rope $550

In the house next to the pokemon center you will find a woman who can tell you who much myour pokemon likes you, helpful for those pokemon that evolve by happiness. Anyway heal up and talk to the hunter grunt in front of the institute, to fight her.

Team Hunter Grunt Alice
Murkrow lvl 29
Absol lvl 29

Enter the building she was guarding.

Cosmo Institute

Fight your way to the top
Fight the First Grunt
Team Hunter Grunt Menuela
Sableye lvl 27
Mightyena lvl 29

Get a black flute

Then fight another Grunt
Team Hunter Grunt Frank
Stunky lvl 28

There’s another Hunter Grunt on this floor though you don’t have to fight her here she is
Team Hunter Grunt Helena
Sneasel lvl 28
Carvanha lvl 28

Go up to the second floor and fight another Grunt
Team Hunter Grunt Will
Houndour lvl 25
Poochyena lvl 25
Houndour lvl 26
Poochyena lvl 26

There’s an optional grunt in front of a Revive, if you don’t fight her at least go get that never know when it’ll come in handy talking to the scientist near there will get you TM 29 Psychic, below is her stats

Team Hunter Grunt Hope
Koffing lvl 27
Gulpin lvl 27
Croagunk lvl 27

In order to get to floor 3 you have to fight yet another Grunt
Team Hunter Grunt Pauline
Grimer lvl 26
Baltoy lvl 26

The 3rd floor is the last one so just beat the following Grunts

Team Hunter Grunt Edmund
Machop lvl 27
Kirlia lvl 27
Primeape lvl 28

Team Hunter Grunt Georgiana
Slowpoke lvl 25
Bronzor lvl 25

After beating the two of them go forward to trigger an event. Were you’ll meet Fergus one of the leaders of Team Hunter, and learn that the Millennium Comet can be seen in Moonview town. You’ll then fight Fergus

Team Hunter Leader Fergus
Lunatone lvl 34
Solrock lvl 34

Not that strong for a Leader of Team Hunter.
After you beat him he will leave and you’ll be told about the Millennium Comet, and then
you get asked to stop whatever Team hunters planning, so use that fly you got and head to
Moonview, if you followed my advice and went there earlier if not then you have to walk
all the way there.

Moonview Town

The old man in front of the cave no longer blocks your path, go into the mountain. If you don’t have a pokemon that can use surf get one now you’ll need it.

Mount Moonview

Here you can fight a member of Team Hunter though you are’nt required to as you can go past him.

Wild Pokemon lvl range 21-25

Team Hunter Grunt Owen
Machop lvl 27
Croagunk lvl 28

Again you can avoid the grunt by the latter but it wouldn’t be a guide if I didn’t have her listed.
Team Hunter Grunt Olivia
Mankey lvl 26
Drifloon lvl 26
Noctowl lvl 26

Finally a grunt you have to fight

Team Hunter Grunt Daniela
Drifblim lvl 30

You can find an Everstone, as well as a zinc on this floor

You want to go down the latter on the piece of land with the grunt looking out at the water, though if you want the info on what else there is on this floor read what is next if not just skip it.

Anyway the grunt I just mentioned the one looking out at the water is this one
Team Hunter Grunt Daniel
Drowzee lvl 27
Kirlia lvl 27
Spoink lvl 27

Other then him there are 4 more grunts on this floor, in the upper left there are three, they nare you can find an either at the rock there:

Team Hunter Grunt Diane
Persian lvl 30

Team Hunter Grunt Keren
Granbull lvl 28
Vigoroth lvl 28

Team Hunter Grunt Roger
Graveler lvl 25
Shieldon lvl 25

The Hunter Grunt in the lower right corner is

Team Hunter Grunt David
Xatu lvl 28
Quagsire lvl 28
Going up either of the two ladders their guarding brings you to the same place where you
can find the following items
Hyper Potion
Quick Claw
Moon Stone

Anyway go back the piece of the guy looking out at the water and go down the stairs.
Back on floor 1 you find a soft sand then go downstairs.

Here surf across and get the soothe bell and then go up the ladder.
Here you have more Team Hunter Grunts to kill

Team Hunter Grunt Tamara
Flaaffy lvl 28
Manectric lvl 28

Team Hunter Grunt Lawrence
Slowpoke lvl 27
Vulpix lvl 27
Carnivine lvl 27

Get the rare candy from the rock and head outside.
The following is very important to the story line and I will be summarizing it.

Outside Mount Moonview

Here get the choice band then head north to trigger the event for Jirachi. Here you will meet Cynthia, and hear about Gaia Wings.

Moonview Town

Head back to town and talk with Cynthia. Jirachi wakes up and you are told about Arceus, and now have to head to Mount Rainbow to fight Ho-oh.

If you fly to Duskduke City and head to mount Rainbow from there, as that’s the way I’ll be telling you from.

Mount Rainbow

After arriving surf over to get a rare candy, go through the ladder, to get to the middle floor and continue till you get to the next floor, go east till you get to water and surf, you can get
a King’s Rock and a PP Max, go up the ladder near the PP max.
Pokemon lvl range 19-22
Same as lower level’s of the cave but they are of higher lvl.

Option fight with a Hunter Grunt
Team Hunter Grunt Gina
Staravia lvl 26
Lopunny lvl 27
Vigoroth lvl 27

Go up the ladder and find another option Hunter Grunt battle

Team Hunter Grunt Casper
Kadabra lvl 27
Hypno lvl 27

You can get a Max Revive before heading up the ladder. On the next floor get the white
flute before going up the ladder. Keep going up till you get the last floor where you can get
a Energypowder.

Rainbow Peak

You’ll have to go up a little further here and fight a couple more grunts.

Team Hunter Grunt Bilson
Gabite lvl 27

Team Hunter Grunt Lena
Shieldon lvl 26
Cranidos lvl 26

Team Hunter Grunt Badwin
Zubat lvl 27
Absol lvl 27

After the last one the next opponent will be another member of Chaos 16 Veronica, but before that you learn that Ho-oh is the guardian of the Sky Plate.

Team Hunter Leader Veronica
Staraptor lvl 34
Swellow lvl 30
Pidgeot lvl 36

After you beat her she runs away and you have to get the Sky Plate that Ho-oh guards. So you’ll have to fight him. Once you have beaten/ caught Ho-oh return to Moonview and go downstairs to find out that Jirachi is missing. You’ll also meet Reynold a member of Gaia Wings. He’ll tell you that Chaos 16’s goal is to awaken Groudon and Kyogre who are both plate holders. You’ll give him the Sky plate as he will hold them. You are then told that you have to go to Tropicia town (I told you we’d be going back) so fly there. Tropicia Town
Remember that Grunt I said to leave alone, well if you don’t you’ll see him, just talk to him to fight him.

Team Hunter Grunt Baskar
Gallade lvl 30

After you beat him he’ll tell you that Team Hunter has everything they need to summon Groudon and Kyogre, and Cynthia will tell you to head back to the Moonview pokecenter so go there

Moonview Town

Go to the downstairs of the pokecenter. You’ll see a scene of Groudon and Kyogre awakening. When you can move again head outside the pokemon center to see Steven.
He’ll give you an S.S. Ticket that lets you go to Hoenn, so it’s off to Daystraits Port.

Daystraits Port

Go on the ferry, to go to Mossdeep City in Hoenn.

Mossdeep City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
3 houses
Cosmo Institute

Poke mart inventory
Ultra ball $1200
Great Ball $600
Hyper Potion $1200
Revive $1500
Full heal $600
Ice Heal $250
Escape Rope $550
Max Repel $700

Not much to do here but to go into the Space Institute. In here you’ll see Team Magma and Team Aqua battling, just head upstairs and everyone will leave because they just noticed Groudon and Kyogre have awakened. Leave the Institute and Steven will bring you to Sootopolis City. You’ll then see Groudon and Kyogre fighting so you decide to go get Rayquaza, and Steven will bring you to Sky Pillar.

Sky Pillar

Pokemon Lvl range 24-27
At the top of the Tower talk to Rayquaza and he’ll fly off to stop Groudon and Kyogre, get to the bottom of the tower and talk to Steven to go back to Sootopolis City. At Sootopolis City you see Rayquaza stop Groudon and Kyogre and then meet 2 more members of Chaos 16 Rhoda and Sylvia they tell you to go to Mastric City.
Steven will tell you to go back to Torxia and get Jirachi back and gives you the D-pass which lets you use the ferry to get to Mastric City.

Mastric City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
2 houses
Digging Mini-game
Cake Making Mini-game

Poke mart inventory
Ultra ball $1200
Great Ball $600
Super Potion $700
Revive $1500
Full heal $600
Burn Heal $250
Ice Heal $250
Paralyze heal $200
Escape Rope $550
Max Repel $700

This town is the mini-game, we have a digging mini-game where you can get item and the more you dig the higher the lvl goes meaning the better items you can get. There is also a
Cake Making mini-game which lets you create cakes that are health boosting items. Anyway’s incase you can’t tell Team Hunter’s Lair is the house with the two Grunts outside, you can’t fight them but go inside and guarding the stairs there is another one which you do have to fight.

Team Hunter Grunt Georgeson
Kecleon lvl 29
Castform lvl 29

Go downstairs to fight Sylvia and Rhoda.

Team Hunter Leaders Rhoda & Sylvia
Ninetales lvl 35
Cloyster lvl 35
Magcargo lvl 35
Huntail lvl 35

After you beat them you’ll be warped back to the top of Mount Moonview with Jirachi whohas to go back to sleep, though you wish that Jirachi doesn’t have to go and it joins yourteam. You then get told to go to Mossdeep city to fight Groudon and Kyogre.

Mossdeep City

Go to where Steven’s house is in all the other games and he’ll be outside talk to him and you’ll be warped to the location of Groudon Terra Cave.


do not lose to them, some people have reported things happening in there games if they did.

Terra Cave

Pokemon lvl range 21-26

Fight Groudon, beat/capture it to get the Earth Plate, leave the cave and talk to Steven you’ll then go to where Kyogre is Marine Cave.

Marine Cave

Pokemon lvl range 22-26

Fight Kyogre, beat/ capture it to get the Splash Plate, leave the cave and talk to Steven, you’ll head back to Mossdeep City, where you’ll become a member of GAIA WINGS.

Okay now that you’re a GAIA WINGS member, time to go and work on becoming a champ, go back to Mastric City.

Mastric City

Okay now that you’re back in the city, you can go to the gym.

Gym- type fire

This gym is like similar to Fantina’s gym from Diamond and Pearl pick the right answer and advance without battle, talk to the sign and you’ll be asked which is electric, walk to the Pikachu to avoid conflict, and the fire will fade. Pick the wrong pokemon and you’ll fight

Black Belt Kay
Makuhita lvl 30
Croagunk lvl 33
Medicham lvl 33

Then the fire will fade.
The next sign will ask which item recovers HP pick the potion to advance without battle,
though if you pick any other option, you’ll fight
Camper Force
Staraptor lvl 34
After that one you’ll see a man standing at the fire, you need to him 3 times non-stop, his team doesn’t change so I’ll only list it once.

Cool Trainer Wayne
Luxio lvl 30
Luxray lvl 34

Anyway after beating him 3 times he’ll leave and the fire will go out.
The next fight is the leader Volcana

Leader Volcana
Numel lvl 37
Charizard lvl 38
Magmar lvl 40
Magmortar lvl 42

Beating her will get you the 6th badge the Burn Badge it gives you the ability to use strength out of battle (you’ll get it soon). As well as TM38 Fire Blast. Now before you
leave go back to the cake house and talk to the camper and you’ll get HM04 Strength and teach it to a pokemon you’ll need it.
Now time for the next badge. Fly to Krypton City

Krypton City

Not doing much here, just leave east of the city to route 17

Route 17

You’ll find a boulder that needs strength shortly after arriving here. Move it to fight

Dragon Tamer Martin
Bagon lvl 25
Dragonair lvl 27

Now we move on to the actual route


Pokemon Lvl range 24-28

Go through the building to get to route 18

Route 18


Pokemon Lvl range 25-28

Psychic Joanne
Gallade lvl 32

Cooltrainer Adam
Ivysaur lvl 32
Charmeleon lvl 32
Wartortle lvl 32

Breakport City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
3 houses
Statues of Latias and Latios

Poke mart inventory
Ultra ball $1200
Great Ball $600
Hyper potion $1200
Revive $1500
Full heal $600
Burn Heal $250
Ice Heal $250
Paralyze Heal $200
Escape Rope $550
Max Repel $700

Okay in order to get anywhere in Breakport City you need a pokemon that knows surf.

What to do

Talking to the fishermen in the house below the pokemon center will get you the Good Rod.
The Gym is closed for the surfing contest, so talk to the old man you see when you first get into town and enter the surfing contest.

The surfing contest moves automatically, and after a little bit you’ll see Latios, and Latias fly by though no one else can, and the race is cancelled do to strong winds, you’ll be warped to the statues and the old man will tell you he saw Latios and Latias and tell you about them and that he saw them before. Triton (the gym leader of this town) will finally
come out of hiding and tell you that he is a secret researcher of Professor Oak, and that he was given a machine to find them. He’ll see your GAIA WINGS card and tell you he’s checking to see if Latios and Latias are plate holders. Now he tells you he lost the machine and needs to find the lost HM dive, Triton will finally leave and you can go to the gym to
battle him.

GYM- type water (if you couldn’t guess this you should just stop playing now)

This gym is similar to Mossdeep City’s gym as there are teleporters every, I’ll tell you the quickest route.
Take the teleporter to the right, the only teleporter here, then through the southern teleporter, and you’ll reach Triton, though for anyone who actually wants to fight the trainers in the gym here they are.

Swimmer female Necga
Gyarados lvl 36

Swimmer Female Moris
Octillery lvl 33
Octillery lvl 34
Octillery lvl 35

Swimmer male Blit
Sharpedo lvl 34
Wailmer lvl 34

Swimmer female Christina
Golduck lvl 33
Poliwhirl lvl 34

Swimmer male Bill
Tentacool lvl 35
Marill lvl 34
Buizel lvl 34

Swimmer male George
Finneon lvl 32
Lumineon lvl 35

Swimmer female Melody
Buizel lvl 30
Shellos lvl 30

Swimmer female Ashley
Barboach lvl 34
Corphish lvl 33

Swimmer male Lim
Chinchou lvl 32
Seaking lvl 35
Starmie lvl 34
Qwilfish lvl 34

Swimmer male Sam
Crawdaunt lvl 36

Swimmer female Joanna
Wooper lvl 30
Quagsire lvl 35

Swimmer male Joseph
Relicanth lvl 37

Swimmer female Shirley
Buizel lvl 30
Floatzel lvl 34

Leader Triton
Crawdaunt lvl 41
Gastrodon lvl 43
Huntail lvl 45
Whiscash lvl 46
Milotic lvl 47

Beating him gets you the 7th badge the Deep Badge, it lets you use the HM Dive outside of battle, as well as TM18 Rain Dance.
Leave the gym to have the old man invite you to stay at his house. Your pokemon will be fully healed. In the morning Triton will tell you to talk to him so do that. He’ll show you an
invisible big hole that you’ll need to go through (just press down behind the statue to enter)

Secret Garden

HM08 Dive
Pokemon Lvl range 29-34

Talk to Triton and he’ll say his pokedevice isn’t working (look at yours and it’ll say the same thing), he’ll move, follow and talk to him again. He’ll tell you to pick up the item, so
pick it up and you’ll get the HM dive, Triton will tell you to go get the Flasher for him. So head back to Breakport the same way you came in.

Breakport City

Head south of the gym and you’ll see a part of darkened water get over it and press the c button to use Dive.


do not go to the menu and use dive it will crash your game.



Pokemon Lvl range 27-34

When you see the poke ball on the ground just go to walk over it and you’ll pick up the flasher, return to the Secret Garden.

Secret Garden

You’ll see that you can go further into the garden now so go there.
Speak to Triton and he’ll ask you to go and search for Latias and Latios, turn on the flash machine (lighthouse) and then run around the forest to find them, press C when you are next to Latias (this may take some time as they run around really fast), and find out that Latios went to Breakport City to protect it and that Latias can talk. Return to Breakport City to run into an event with 2 former Aqua grunts wanting to take revenge for being kicked out of the team, you’ll fight one of them.

Pirate Alpha
Relicanth lvl 45
Wailord lvl 45
Kingdra lvl 45

After you beat them you’ll bring Latios back to the Secret Garden to have Latias heal him, after she does that the two of them will leave to travel the world, you’ll be warped back to Breakport City where Triton tells you the location of the final gym Dynas City. Our next destination is Dynas City, so fly to Sybric City as it is south of it.

Sybric City

Odds are you remember this city, it’s the starting one well you’ll see Steven here so talk to
him, he’ll tell you that you get to meet the 4th member of GAIA WINGS in Surfree town,
you’ll notice that you haven’t been there yet and he’ll tell you its in the Flanova Region,
and give you the Flanova Pass so you can use the ferry to get there. Though you can only
get there from Mastric City, so go there to get to the ferry.

Mastric City

Take the ferry to Surfree town

Surfree Town

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
2 houses

Poke mart inventory
Great Ball $600
Potion $300
Antidote $100
Awakening $250
Escape Rope $550

Talk to the fishermen in the house Steven isn’t standing in front of to get the Super Rod.
Talk with Steven, and enter the house to be introduced to the fourth member of GAIA
WINGS Ash. You’ll be working with ash on a mission to get a plate at Tree of Origin at
Mayback Town. To get there you’ll have to go to Tesline City north of here, and take a

Sapphire Path


Pokemon Lvl range 30-39

Gystar Town

Pokemon Center
2 houses
Haunted Museum

Haunted Museum

Pokemon Lvl range 25-35

If you speak to the statue you’ll fight a lvl 30 Dusknoir.

Ruby Path


Pokemon Lvl range 28-35

Tesline City

Pokemon Center
Poke mart
3 houses
Dimensional Tower

Poke mart inventory
Ultra ball $1200
Great Ball $600
Super potion $700
Potion $300
Antidote $100
Awakening $100

Not much to do here yet, just talk to the man near the balloon and go to Mayback Town
(you’ll be going to Floriva town soon).

Mayback Town

Pokemon Center
2 houses
Statue of Sir Aaron
Tree of Origins

Go north to see the Tree of Origins, and hear the legend (it’s the same one as from the
Lucario and the mystery of mew though without the mew), and meet Riley who asks if he
can join you so he can try to recall memory’s of Sir Aaron. Enter the Tree of Origins.

Tree of Origins

Rare Candy x2
Full Restore
Freeze Stone

Pokemon Lvl range 31-38
Azumaril (water)
Slowbro (water)

Just climb the tree until you hit a room with 6 colored orbs. You’ll have to fight the regi’s
here. Beat/catch Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, after beating them Regigigas appears,
after beating him go through the door that appears. Approach the crystal in the back right
of the room to access a cutscene where Riley awakens Lucario, Riley gets the memories of
Sir Aaron, and you have to fight Edgar of Chaos 16.

Team Hunter Leader Edgar
Gardevoir lvl 45
Gallade lvl 45

After beating him you learn how Riley got his memories and Lucario gives you the Fist
Plate, and a Riolu, Riley and Lucario will also fight you.

Trainer Riley
Lucario lvl 50

You then have to leave the Tree of Origins.

Mayback town

When you leave the tree you see Steven and Reynold, and you’ll give the plate to Reynold,
they’ll tell you Professor Gellar told them that he wants you to test a machine that goes to a
different dimension, and that it’s in Tesline City so that’s where we are heading.

Tesline City

When you get here go to the Dimensional Tower, Steven will be standing in front so speak
with him, then enter the building.

Dimensional Tower

When you get in here you’ll see a Team hunter grunt, so there here for the machine, get to
the top floor. The first hunter grunt on the first floor isn’t that strong

Team Hunter Grunt Maxson
Kadabra lvl 42
Bronzor lvl 43

The next hunter grunt is on the next floor

Team hunter Grunt Layser
Baltoy lvl 45

Followed by

Team Hunter Grunt Impkey
Xatu lvl 40
Slowbro lvl 40
Nosepass lvl 40

There’s lots of hunter grunt on the next floor (though you don’t have to fight any of them)
here they are

Team Hunter Grunt Lindsay
Luxray lvl 44

Team hunter grunt Jolina
Manectric lvl 43
Lanturn lvl 43

Team hunter grunt Nicklay
Abomasnow lvl 45

The next floor holds a lone grunt

Team Hunter Grunt Cinday
Weavile lvl 42
Torkoal lvl 42

After her it’s up to the top floor where you’ll see a member of Chaos 16 go into the
machine you’re supposed to test, to go get Giratina, talk to Professor Gellar to go to the
reverse dimension

Reverse Dimension

Here you just gotta go through any door but the bottom one 11 times and you’ll be brought
to Giratina (I generally go through the left entrance and then just go back and forth between
the doors)
Pokemon Lvl range 34-37

Once you locate Giratina it’ll run away and Virgil will introduce himself to you and then
leave to chase Giratina. You then have to leave so just go through any entrance and then go
through the southern exit, and make your way back to the teleporter.

Dimensional Tower

When you get here you’ll be told Giratina is heading to Floriva town and are told to stop it,
so leave the building and head to the balloon and go to Floriva.

Floriva town

Pokemon Center
2 houses
Poke mart

Poke mart inventory
Poke ball $200
Great Ball $600
Potion $300
Antidote $100
Awakening $100
Escape Rope $550

When you get here the town will be on fire, just go north.

Floriva Garden

Surf to the back patch of land to see it run away again, you’ll then be told to help put out
the fire, so go back to town.

Floriva Town

When you get back there will be a flash then the fire goes out magically. Go to the southern
most house and talk to the girl outside of it, next to Shaymin, She’ll introduce herself as
Laura, and you’ll find out that Shaymin is a plate holder, you’ll ask her for the plate but she
thinks you Chaos 16, you’ll show here your GAIA card and she’ll go to the garden. Go
follow her.

Floriva Garden

This time surf to the middle, to find out that Laura is really Isaac a Chaos 16 member in
disguise. You’ll also find out that they kidnapped the real Laura, and Isaac tells you where
they are keeping her, (that’s nice of him), you’ll then have to fight him.

Team Hunter Leader Isaac
Mr. Mime lvl 55
Jynx lvl 55

After you beat him talk to Shaymin to battle for its plate. Once you beat it you realize it is a
fake and have to go rescue Laura.


once you beat Shaymin fly back to town (if you can’t fly
back to town, fly back to Tesline town and take the balloon) the script at the bottom of the
stairs is broken and will rerun the event of battling Isaac endlessly. This will be fixed in
Raptor EX.

Floriva Town

The grunt is now gone so enter the house to find Laura and get the Meadow plate, when
you leave the house Reynold will take the meadow plate from you, and they give you
clearance to go to the last gym. For a shortcut fly to Surfree town, and take the ferry back
to Daystraits Port. Then fly to Sybric town

Sybric Town

Head north to route 21

Route 21 (all of the route)


Pokemon Lvl range 2-5

Water lvl range 22-24

All you need to do here is to dive underwater.

Underwater (route 21)

just go up to the arrows and use dive when you get past them.

Route 21

Go into the cave

Cave of Destiny


Pokemon Lvl range 36-43

Dynas City

Pokemon Center
4 houses
Pokemon Gym
Poke mart
Key item- Climbing Rope

Poke mart inventory
Poke ball $200
Ultra ball $1200
Great Ball $600
Potion $300
Hyper potion $1200
Antidote $100
Awakening $100
Paralyze Heal $200
Escape Rope $550

When you first arrive you’ll get a message on your pokedevice from Professor Gellar, who
tells you Giratina is heading to the city, as well as 2 more pokemon from other dimensions
Palkia and Dialga. Explore the town a little and you’ll see team hunter everywhere though
there is a normal citizen, talk with her to get the Climbing Rope. You now have to return to
the Cave of Destiny

Cave of Destiny

Go to the strange looking rocks on the wall and use the rope to climb them, go to the hole
in the wall to have yet another call on your pokedevice. It’s from Professor Gellar who tells
you to go to the Peak of Destiny located at the top of the Cave of Destiny, enter the hole to
meet Darkrai, who will tell you he will protect the city.


Here you’ll see someone who looks like the member of chaos 16 that took the Raptor Ball
earlier approach him to find out he is the master of Palkia and Dialga. You’ll then battle
him in a double battle.

Mystery Trainer ???
Palkia lvl 55
Dialga lvl 55

After you beat him you’ll wake up in the pokemon center, and find out that you’ve been
asleep for 3 days, you’ll then decide with Steven to go back up to the Peak of Destiny

Cave of Destiny

Go back to where you saw Darkrai, and use the Climbing rope to get to the Peak of Destiny

Peak Of Destiny

Up here you’ll see Virgil and Giratina who will summon Palkia and Dialga, who will then
try to fight Giratina, though you’ll swoop in and battle him instead.

Team Hunter Leader Virgil
Gengar lvl 56
Mismagius lvl 57
Dusknoir lvl 58

After you beat him Darkrai will appear again and through you into another dream.


Go into the cave to see Giratina who will bring you back to the Peak of destiny.

Peak of Destiny

Giratina will send Palkia and Dialga back to there dimensions, and then will bring you to
there dimensions as well.

Alternate Dimension

Giratina will want to test your strength here, so fight him, after you beat it two portals
appear the left is the Gate of Time with Dialga and the one to the right is the Gate of Space
with Palkia, you will pick one to fight while Steven will fight the other (They will both run
away so it doesn’t really matter).

Dimension of Time/Dimension of Space

Approach Dialga/Palkia and it will run, Darkrai will come and teleport you away telling
you to let him handle it. You’ll then be brought back to the Peak of Destiny, and get told to
finally fight the gym.

Dynas City

Team Hunter is gone now though the houses aren’t that interesting so just head to the gym.

Pokemon Gym- type Psychic.

This gym uses a strange teleportation system where you have points.
1rst room
Go around to the gym without teleporting until you find the 2 point owners and get there
points. Now use any teleporter, to get to the middle land piece. You can just advance to the
next room, by using the teleporter to the north, though here are the trainers in the first

Psychic Bond
Ralts lvl 48
Kirlia lvl 50

Psychic Roger
Abra lvl 48
Kadabra lvl 50

2 nd room
In the second room talk to the point owner and go north you’ll then have the required fight

Psychic Momoru
Lunatone lvl 48
Solrock lvl 48

Then talk to the point giver here and go north again to get to the 3rd room.

Here are the remaining trainer in the second room

Psychic Amber
Spoink lvl 45
Grumpig lvl 48

Psychic Jerry
Drowzee lvl 47
Hypno lvl 48

3rd room
Talk to the point giver and take the ice on the right to get to the leader without any more

Here are the two trainers that were on the left side

Psychic Meena
Chimecho lvl 46
Chimecho lvl 46
Chimecho lvl 46

Psychic Kyo
Wobbuffet lvl 52

Anyway the gym leader here is named Lucas here’s his team

Leader Lucas
Kadabra lvl 54
Espeon lvl 56
Alakazam lvl 58
Unown lvl 59
Gardevoir lvl 60

Beat him and instead of getting your 8th badge you find out you were hypnotized and that
everything you just did, didn’t count and that you’ll have to fight the real Lucas later.

When you get out you’re told you need to collect the rest of the plates before Team Hunter
does so you now need to go to Professor Oak’s lab in Tropicia Town.

Tropicia Town

Go to Professor Oak’s lab and talk to Oak to be introduced to the secret member of GAIA
WINGS Lance who has gone undercover in Chaos 16 in order to get information on the
plates. Lance will come in and say he got the Draco plate from Lugia and gives the plate to
Reynold. Lance will then tell you about Chaos 16 and Team Hunter, and tell you that he
stole a disc with the location of all other plate holders. Reynold then has to leave, and
everyone wishes him goodbye.

Location Unknown

(You don’t do anything here but it’s important to the plot so I’ve included it)
Here we see Reynold and a Team Hunter grunt contacts him on his pokedevice telling him
that they got the locations of all other plate holders, and then refers to Reynold as your
majesty, you know see Articuno holder of the Icicle plate, Moltes holder of the Flame
plate, Zapdos holder of the Zap plate, Heatran holder of the Iron plate, Yanmega holder of
the Insect plate, Drapion holder of the Toxic plate, and Rhyperior holder of the Stone plate.
A grunt will enter the room and tell Reynold that they have obtained the Mind plate and the
Dread Plate as well. Reynold now says that he is the founder of Chaos 16 and created it to
rule the universe.

Tropicia Town

Lance gets a call right before you leave to get the plates and everyone finds out that
Reynold has betrayed you. You then get told everyone will show up at Raptor Shrine to
witness the awakening of Arceus, and learn about the Raptor Ritual. Though before you go
to battle them you must go to the Chrono Chamber the secret base of GAIA WINGS were
time moves more slowly (10 hours to 1 minute to be exact), for training. In order to get to
Chrono Camber you must get to Rainbow Peak, so there’s our next destination.

Rainbow Peak

Go to the part were you fought Ho-oh and Ash will make the staircase to the Chrono
Chamber appear, go up the stairs.

Chrono Chamber outside

This is the location of the highest lvl pokemon for you to train at.

Pokemon Lvl range 48-51

Pokemon Center
Poke mart (Auto-Vender)

Poke mart inventory
Ultra ball $1200
Great Ball $600
Max potion $2500
Revive $1500
Full Restore $3000
Full heal $600
Max Repel $700

This may remind you of the Elite 4 well it’s like them you’ll have to fight all the other
members of GAIA WINGS and beat them all to advance, train outside if you need too but
otherwise talk to Oak from the front (talking to him from the right side freezes the game
as he try to walk there but can’t) to start the challenge.

Spiritomb lvl 58
Gastrodon lvl 60
Lucario lvl 59
Milotic lvl 59
Garchomp lvl 62

Skarmory lvl 60
Bastiodon lvl 64
Aggron lvl 61
Bronzong lvl 62
Metagross lvl 65

Dragonite lvl 62
Salamence lvl 63
Aerodactyl lvl 63
Gyarados lvl 64
Dragonite lvl 66

Snorlax lvl 65
Venusaur lvl 68
Charizard lvl 68
Blastoise lvl 68
Pikachu lvl 70

After you beat him you are declared the best trainer in the world (even though you only
have 7 badges), and you are told you have to go to the Peak of Destiny.

Peak of Destiny

Here you’ll see Lucas who will challenge you to a battle; in which if you beat him you get
a badge.

Leader Lucas
Kadabra lvl 64
Espeon lvl 66
Alakazam lvl 68
Unown lvl 65
Gardevoir lvl 69
Gallade lvl 69

After beating him you get your 8th badge the Dream Badge, he tells you it lets you use
strength though you already have that power, and TM 29 Psychic. Heal up and then talk to

Raptor Shrine

Here you’ll see the GAIA WINGS members as well as all 8 gym leaders, and you’ll hear
Oak asked the gym leaders of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and even Sinnoh to come help. In order
to get to the ceremony you have to beat the 15 other members of Chaos 16 (Lance was one
of the 16) though you don’t have to worry about them, as you and ash will proceed to the
main room and everyone else will take care of Chaos 16, you’ll be asked to save Reynold
and give the master ball, and told to use it if needed.

Pokemon lvl range 40-47

Enter the Pyramid, and skip the first room as there are 16 rooms that the gym leaders are
taking care of. In the second room you will see 3 Royal Knights blocking your path, Gary
and Blue will come and Ash, Gary, and Blue will fight them as you continue.
Unfortunately the next room has 3 more Royal Knights, luckily Gold, Silver, and Crystal
come to fight them letting you move on to the next room. You can probably guess what’s
in the next room 3 more Royal Knights, just like in the other 2 rooms people will come this
time Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald come to fight them so you can continue. The next room
has Darkrai on the left and Cresselia on the right, you get to pick one to fight and the statue
blocking the stairs will disappear as well as the other one so pick one and fight.

On the next floor if you talk to the strange machine you can heal your pokemon team. Now
you get to fight Palkia and Dialga the left goes to Dialga and the right goes to Palkia, again
you can only pick one (you’ll get a chance to get the other after this event).

After you beat Dialga/Palkia you’ll enter Reynolds room, he’ll tell you that he is the leader
of Chaos 16 and that he thought it would be Ash who would be here, he’ll tell you that his
goal is to use Arceus to destroy the world and reform it how he wants it to be. Reynold will
heal your pokemon and then battle you

Chaos Sixteenth Founder Reynold
Electivire lvl 71
Magmortar lvl 71
Crawdaunt lvl 70
Carnivine lvl 70
Probopass lvl 72

Beat him and he will open a secret door and run away, follow him. On the way out you’ll
find another healing machine. After you heal up head outside to see Reynold awaken
Arceus and watch his precious Raptor ball fail. Talk to Reynold to tell him your going to
fight Arceus and then you’ll battle it (The master ball still catches it perfectly so much for
the Raptor ball being better). After you beat it, the place will fall apart and Reynold will
teleport you out using his pokemon (though none of them can learn it) leaving himself to
die. Outside the shrine Oak and Lance will tell you everyone else is gone and bring you
back to Sybric City. The Credits will then roll.

You’ve reached the end of the story.

Though there is more, you can fight GAIA WINGS again so fly back to Rainbow Peak. At
the bottom of the stairs to the Chrono Chamber will be Palkia/Dialga (the one you didn’t
fight and you get your shot to catch it).
Here are the GAIA WINGS new powered up teams.

Spiritomb lvl 63
Gastrodon lvl 65
Lucario lvl 64
Milotic lvl 64
Garchomp lvl 66

Skarmory lvl 65
Bastiodon lvl 66
Aggron lvl 65
Bronzong lvl 64
Metagross lvl 68

Dragonite lvl 65
Salamence lvl 66
Aerodactyl lvl 66
Gyarados lvl 67
Dragonite lvl 70

Snorlax lvl 69
Venusaur lvl 71
Charizard lvl 71
Blastoise lvl 71
Pikachu lvl 73

Now you can be called the GREATEST TRAINER IN TOXICA