Pokemon Gold Sinnoh – Walkthrough

Twinleaf town:
– The game begins.

– go to Sandgem Town to get Starter Pokémon

Route 201:
Just go to Sandgem Town.

Sandgem Town:
Go meet Prof. Elm and receive your first Pokémon. You have the choice between Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon.
After, you can train on Route 219 before going to Lake Verity. You can also catch your first Pokémon by yourself.
After training, proceed west toward home Mr. Pokémon at Lake Verity,

Route 219:
This is a good area for training your first Pokémon, and catching some too. There is an abandoned house with an underground tunnel.

Lake Verity:

Do not forget to talk to the officer at the gate to receive a free Spearow Lv10. It will help you with some trainers at Lake Verity.
Go into Mr. Pokemon’s house after battling the trainers.
After the dialog and receiving your pokedex, you can train or catch Pokémon in the basement of the house, which also serves a as tunnel which leads to the grass where wild Pokemon of the Lake Verity lives.
After getting a Mystery Egg and Pokedex Mr.Pokemon home, back to the Lab to leave it to Prof.Elm. in Sandgem Town. Here you can name your rival, which you have just met outside.
After, go through the gate north to reach Route 202.

Route 202

Just proceed north towards Jubilife City.

Jubilife City:

Be sure to talk to people inside buildings, they give good information on what to do, plus nice gifts too. Notice that the Trainer’s School’s teacher is Cynthia, the ex-Champion of Sinnoh.
You can train on Route 218 too, which is West.
Defeat Rival at Ravaged Path to gain access to Jubilife’s Radio Station, which used to be a TV station in the past. (P.S. the guard in Jubilife City’s North Gate give a TM12, which contains Megahorn.)
Go back to Jubilife City. Go to the Radio Station (ex TV station) and take the Coin Case on 4F. (Helping the man with his computer on 2F is facultative and ignore him for now!)
After that, continue east to Route 203.

Route 203:
Just fight trainers and reach Oreburgh Tunnel.

Oreburgh tunnel:
Optional: Catch Lapras in the cave underground. (If you can!)
just go through it to reach Oreburgh City
Oreburgh City:
– go to Oreburgh Mine Tunnel, find the karate expert and beat him –

go to the gym and beat Clair –
go to gate on Route 207 (North) to receive TM36, which is Sludge Bomb.
go to the top left corner of the town to get HM05 Rock Smash –
now back to Route 204, and the Ravaged Path (North of Jubilife City)

Ravaged Path:
Smash the rocks, exit north and proceed north to Floaroma Town

Floaroma Town:
Go to Fuego Ironworks, just pass the Floaroma Meadow, to Beat Rival there and pick the item in the basement of this building.
You can but berries at the Mart. They are very cheap!
You can receive TM29 in a house.
Go back to Floaroma Town and proceed to Route 205, then to Valley Windworks.

Route 205:
Just go East to Valley Windworks Gym.
Defeat Lt.Surge, then go down the stairs and find Dragon Fang.
the road to the west and turn north to Route 205 (Where the Biker blocked path).
Go to Eterna Forest

Eterna Forest:
Fight trainers and enter in the Old Chateau, which is now Kurt’s secondary home
Talk to Kurt and defeat all the team rocket on the 2F of the Old Chateau
Exit the Old chateau, notice that the tree has been cut by the trainer beside it, continue east towards Eterna City.

Eterna City:
Go to Route 211, then at Mt.Coronet (at east). Talk to someone inside Mt.Coronet who will give you HM01 Cut and TM02 Drill Peck.
Make sure you visit the two houses on Route 211: One is an easy trade with Roark, and another one you can receive an EEVEE.
Go back to Eterna City, go to the gym and beat Bugsy.
Go in north part and enter into Team Rocket Building (Which used to be Team Galactic’s) and defeat all the team rocket members.
Come back to Eterna City and go to the Mart to get a Bike.
Continue on to the south to go to Route 206, which is also a cycling road.

Route 206 (Cycling Road):
Just go through south to route 207.

Route 207:
Just go to Mt.Coronet at east.

Just go at east to Route 208.

Route 208:
Get Good Rod in a house
Be ready for two great battles against the two finals trainers in this route. One has given QUICK CLAW to his Pokémon, while the other gives a Leftovers to each!
After that, go to Hearthome City

Hearthome City:
Go to the Contest Hall and talk to Gary Oak.
Go to the gym and beat Sabrina.
You can trade a Miltank to Gardenia in exchange for a Celebi in a house. You can catch a Miltank on Route 209 only, so you’ll have to wait a little.
Continue north to Amity Square: Here you could trade a Pikachu to Volkner in exchange for a Zapdos in a house. You can also rename a Pokemon there or catch some good rare Pokemon, such as Eevee or Togepi.
Go back to Hearthome City and proceed east to Route 209.

Route 209:
Just go to Solaceon Town and defeat the trainers. You can leave 2 Pokemon at the Day-Care Center on this route.
Ignore the Lost Tower for now, coz it is too dark to go.

Solaceon Town:
go to the mart and buy TM42 Flash, which is considered as an HM, coz you need a badge to use it out of battle, and once learned, it can’t be forgotten unless you go see the Move Deleter in Canalave City. That’s why Flash is still an HM move in this game.
go to the new gym in town and beat Falkner.
Go back to Route 209 and into the Lost Tower: Use Flash, talk to the girl and take all the items. Three good TMs are in there, especially TM40 Jump Kick.
Go back to Solaceon Town and proceed north to Route 210.

Route 210:

Go into the big gate, then to Route 215 to reach Veilstone City.

Veilstone CITY:
go to the gym and beat Chuck.
You can buy all TMs in the 2 marts of this city. Also, there’s Sacred Ashes, Rare candies and other useful items on sale!
You can trade with Maylene on 5F of the mart that used to be TG’s HQ. She offers a Machamp for a Marill. You can catch Marill on Route 215.
After beating Chuck, go to the teleporter in the basement of ex TG’s HQ to be teleported in Survival Area. Talk to the girl to receive HM02 Fly. Very usefull!
Return to Veilstone City and proceed south to Route 214.

Route 214:

Just go to the south and enter in the big Gate border which leads to 4 directions. You can receive a SUPER ROD in a house.

Big gate of Route 214:
Be prepared for serious fights! One trainer gave LEFTOVERS this all his Pokemon, and another one is a QUICK CLAW team! Have some Sacred Ashes if you don’t want to retun back to a PokéCenter. D’ailleurs, you must have a couple of Sacred Ashes from now on!!!
Head west to visit Lake Valor. There is a TM28 Dig there.
Head south to Route 213, then west to Pastoria City.

Pastoria CITY:

talk to people in houses to get the Item Finder and a Charcoal
In the Pokémon Center, you can have a trade with Byron, the ex Gym Leader of Canalave City. He offers a Steelix in exchange for a Fearow.
You can buy Leftovers in the Mart, which can be really useful.
go to the gym and beat Misty
Go to the Great Marsh’s gate and defeat Team Rocket. Get the item on the first floor in the gate.
Continue on to the south and talk to the boy who cut the trees to get the Silver Wing.

Route 212:

Defeat the trainers all the way.
Go to Mr. Backlot’s mansion and defeat Rival and a Team Rocket member in the Trophy Garden in the back.
Be sure to talk to the Rocket members inside the chambers of the mansion. One will tell you they are going to Celestic Town next. That’s where you’ll go too next! ?
After that, head back to the north to Hearthome City, then on Route 209, in Solaceon Town and on Route 210.

Route 210:
Enter the big gate and go to the north exit doors that were previously in the block officers. You’ll access to Route 210-N!
Head stray to the west to Celestic Town. Defeat the trainers on the way, including some Team Rocket members.

Celestic Town:

Talk to the woman next to the entry of the town to get a very low quality Map Card, coz it doesn’t show the right names of places!!!
Go to the new gym in town and beat Morty.
Continue west to the gate to Route 211-E and defeat all the trainers in the gate, then talk to the clerk to get HM03 Surf.
After that, fly back to Sandgem Town and talk to Prof. Elm to get a Master Ball.
You have to pick HM07 at Pal Park before entering in Canalave City.
You can also catch or defeat the red Gyarados at Lake Verity. Talk to Lance after that.

Routes 219 to 221:

Surf south to Route 221, then enter in the Pal Park. Here can get Ho-oh and HM07 Waterfall.
Ignore the man who wants a mail.
Go back to Sandgem Town, then to Jubilife City and Surf on Route 218.

Route 218:
Just surf to the west to go to Canalave CITY.

Canalave City:
Go to a house to get HM04 Strength.
Go to the gym and beat Whitney and get her badge.
Proceed north by surfing to the way to Iron Island. (Note: This sea route doesn’t have a name, since back in days of DPPt, we just cruised on a ship to go there. So, let’s call it Route 231.)

Iron Island:

– Go to the gym and beat Brock. He uses a variety of Pokémon, based on the ones he has in the Anime!

– Notice that Barry is inside the Gym! ?

– Go to the northern entrance in the mountain and grab Iron at the end of the cave.

– After that, Fly to Celestic Town.

Celestic Town:
Proceed to the west to Route 211-E, and enter Mt-Coronet. Eventually, you’ll reach Route 216.

Routes 216 and 217, Acuity Lakefront:
Defeat all the trainers on these routes. There’s a Pokémon Center (rest stop!) that you can heal your Pokémon by the way.
Talk to a woman in Route 217’s gate (near Acuity Lakefront) to get a Squirtbottle.
Go to Lake Acuity and beat all the trainers
Go to east to reach Snowpoint City.

Snowpoint City:
go to the gym and beat Pryce.
go into building northwest in the city and defeat all the Team Rocket
Go into the Snowpoint Temple and defeat Team Rocket and your Rival. You can also catch a Lv70 Lugia after that, but you must have the Silver wing of course, which you obtain in Pastoria City from a boy who cut the trees to Route 212.
Just to note that the Card Key is totally useless. Don’t bother with that!!!
After that, fly to Pastoria City, or Veilstone City, and head in the big gate of Route 214 to go to Route 222, which were previously blocked by two girls.

Route 222:
Once on route 222, go into the north house. On the grass behind the building you can catch a legendary Pokémon like Zapdos or Raikou – Beware that they can flee from you.
After, go east to Sunyshore City.

Sunyshore City:
go to the gym and beat Jasmine
Go to the mart and talk to Lance. You must visit Lake Verity and fight the Red Gyarados to make that happen!
continue to north to Route 223

Route 223:

fight the trainers and heads north to Victory Road

Victory Road:
enter in the cave at east to go to Route 224, then the Teleporter on that route to go to Fight Area
You can also battle Ash Ketchum in a cave west to Route 224’s Pokémon Center, but it’s an optional battle. If you’re not strong enough, don’t battle him. His Pokémon are around Lv. 95 to let you know.

Fight Area:
Go to the gym and beat Gary Oak.
Go into the gate to Route 225.

Route 225:
Just heads north to go to Survival Area. Pick the item near the gate north to access Survival Area.

Survival Area:
go to the gym and beat Janine
talk to a girl next to mart get Hm02 Fly (If you haven’t go it earlier via the Teleport from Veilstone City’s Old Team Galactic’s HQ)
Head to the east towards Route 226.

Routes 226, 228 and 229:
Fight all the trainers. You can heal your Pokémon by using the Game Boy in a gate between Routes 226 and 228.
Head to Resort Area after Route 229.

Resort Area:
Go to the gym and beat Erika.
Go to the Ribbon Society and defeat all the Team Rocket members. Take the items too.
You can catch very strong Magikarp in the pond. They’re around Level 90, and evolved, it could help if you desire.
Go back to Route 229 and go west to Route 230.

Route 230:
Fight the trainers, and take the items.
You are returned to Fight Area, then fly to Survival Area and go the north gate on Route 226 to reach Route 227, which were previously inaccessible with a tree blocking it. (A man cut it like he promised!)

Route 227 and after:
Head to the north to Stark Mountain.
Beat Blaine, grab items and Hp Up TM20
Go back to the Fight Area, go to the mart and grab Secret Potion
Go back to Sunyshore City and give the Secret Potion to Lance who is in the basement of the mart
Return to Victory Road.
Go to the previous border gate on the block
Defeat the Elite Four Lance
HALL OF FAME and you’ve finished your adventure in Sinnoh.

Optional battles:
In Mt.Coronet, in the access from Hearthome City (Route 208), use surf on the water to access an area where you can battle Jim, an ordinary trainer, once per day. His Pokemon are all LV 80, and can be good training for you.
Go to Route 224 and go into the cave west to Pokémon Center. Here, you will meet and battle Ash Ketchum, the most famous Pokémon trainer in the Pokémon world. His Pokémon are around Level 95. Good luck!