Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction Europe Cheat Code

Enable Code (Must Be On)
000045AA 000A
10008220 0007

Infinite Money
82021DD0 FFFF

Max Money
82021DD0 E0FF

82021DD2 05F5

Infinite Sacrifices
32024200 0003

Infinite Summoning
42023F64 0000
00000005 0008

Have All Cards
42021791 6363
00000190 0002

Infinite Attack
42023F14 0000
00000005 0008

Max Trunk Capacity
82021C1C FFFE

Infinite Life Points P1
82024258 FFFE

Press Select To Make Enemy Life Points 1
74000130 03FB
8202425A 0001

Max Duelist Level
82021C20 270F

Walk Thru Walls (Hold R+Direction)

74000130 02EF
E2024284 0001
74000130 02DF
E2024284 FFFF
74000130 027F
E2024286 0001
74000130 02BF
E2024286 FFFF

Monsters On Field
82023F10 ????
82023F18 ????
82023F20 ????
82023F28 ????
82023F30 ????

Spell/Trap On Field
82023F38 ????
82023F40 ????
82023F48 ????
82023F50 ????
82023F58 ????

Press R+B To Activate Infinite Deck Cards Mode (In-game)
With this code, it turns your deck into INFINITY. It changes the number of cards you have in your deck and never drops. Great if you don’t want to lose if you have no more cards. Also it doubles your deck cards. (IN-DUEL) It does not affect your real deck when not dueling. Only when you are dueling.
74000130 03ED
82020ECC 0050

Max Deck Capacity
*With this code, it turns the capacity to Max so that you can put alot of high level monsters in your deck.
82021C1C 423F
82021C1E 000F