Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004 USA Cheat Code

[M] Must Be On
98261DDE7712 F365173FC00E 35395FCD370B

Infinite LP

Instant Win [Press Select+Up]
66C4AF00E24B AC7A048E37E7

Inflict Max Direct Damage

Avoid Direct Damage

Weak Opponent
EC37442B38E6 ACB2EC2131E6

Have all Cards
593C1DB9A01A 4C7E408F96D7

Free Ritual

No Tributes Necessary*
07C6BE40DFD5 ED369D05966F DA66401EB63E DA69C43304B8

Repeat Draw Phase by pressing “Select + Down”
26CC0F89CBC3 90358236A192

Access all Duelists
F36F539FB4AC CC3E08ED94F7

Access all Boosters
2F60DF2415E3 2F25DF0497E3 643E4EA994C5 2F60DF2415E3 445F48ADC0F7

Access Booster Menu by pressing “Select + Right” during play
24F1AF004BC3 0C35C426E1F3 24F1AF004BC3 7033C232081C

Activate Polymerization’s effect by pressing “Select + R”
26C4AF04CBC3 ADFE75AEBDE7 26C4AF04CBC3 6456C227C4CF

Activate Raigeki’s effect
27CC1ECDDFC3 2436CA41ABC7 27CC1ECDDFC3 64568227C4CF

Activate Harpie’s Feather Duster’s effect
67C4BE44F64B 443C2AC88259 67C4BE44F64B 64568227C4CF

Activate Monster Reborn’s effect
25F1BE445FC3 8CFC64EAA9F1 25F1BE445FC3 64568227C4CF

Activate Change of Heart’s effect
2704B666DDC3 26CB22EE29C7 2704B666DDC3 64568227C4CF
Free Fusion (Use with “Access High Level Fusion Deck” code)
73C4BE50B60A DA6904AE14B3 73C4BE50B60A CC7C04BED4D2 73C4BE50B60A 9974F567693A 73C4BE50B60A 457C53FE80F3 73C4BE50B60A 7AAB2C881EA5 73C4BE50B60A 44DC42FEDCD2 6493425B7E4C 53A4530F8A93

Access High Level Fusion Deck
D302915616B6 B285081CBF28 A74DB1E3A969 93EFF1F7A13E A7E5116AA169 F13019580AA0 6DF0576E08C1 59925F580A96 195AF7F3611E F345517A88A0 1B4FB7F7E11E 8727794CEB7F E410680C16E1 2F053F4CEB49 3A0DCE91FF08 2C50662A7D49 F365317EC0A0 C5B2394842F7 2C70662E3D49 F325395C8AA0 F225281CDEA0

*Highlight summon card, press L to access the Set command, highlight ‘Summon’, hold R and press A button to set the card.

Must Be On b8de9a14 4b4ed4fa c0befa41 55347213

All Cards
e38f97d6 846fb436 Infinite LP d7a23a6a 87f4b5d1

Instant Win
481a736b 01134e5a