Pokemon Metallic – Evolution Change

Twin/New Evo. Pokemon
⦁ Offense-based Pokemon typically have higher attack/special attack and are more agile while they have lower defenses.
⦁ Defense-based Pokemon are the opposite of offense-based Pokemon. They typically have higher defense/special defense and higher HP while they lack high attack and speed stats.
⦁ Some Pokemon need to evolve at a certain level with a stone because of how the movesets are set up.

New Branch Evolutions
Evolve these Pokemon at level 30 with the proper stone for the best moveset. Each Pokemon’s evolutions shares the same stat base, growth rate, and base exp. making them “twin” pokemon also.

Moon Stone —> Mr. Mime
Water Stone —> Jynx

Moon Stone —> Octillery
Sun Stone —> Mantine
Water Stone —> Lapras

Moon Stone —> Graveler
Sun Stone —> Golem

Moon Stone —> Golbat
Sun Stone —> Crobat

Moon Stone —> Skarmory
Sun Stone —> Farfetch’d
Thunderstone —> Fearow

Moon Stone —> Heracross
Sun Stone —> Pinsir
Leaf Stone —> Parasect

Moon Stone —> Murkrow
Sun Stone —> Noctowl

Moon Stone —> Gengar
Sun Stone —> Misdreavus

Sun Stone —> Sunflora
Leaf Stone —> Bellossom

Moon Stone —> Kangaskhan
Sun Stone —> Marowak

Offense/Defense Twin Evolutions

Scyther (Offense)
Moon Stone —> Scizor (Defense)
(Note: Evolve at level 30.)

Pikachu (Offense)
Thunderstone —> Raichu (Defense)
(Note: Use a Sun Stone on Pichu when you capture it at level 10. If you want Raichu, I would recommend evolving Pikachu at level 40 for the best moveset.)

Teddiursa (Offense)
Moon Stone —> Ursaring (Defense)
(Note: Evolve Anytime)

Onix (Offense)
Moon Stone —> Steelix (Defense)
(Note: Evolve at level 10)

Porygon (Defense)
Thunderstone —> Porygon 2 (Offense)
(Note: Evolve anytime.)

Other Twin Pokemon

(Note: Evolve Vulpix, Growlithe, and/or Houndour with a fire stone at level 30.)

(Note: Grimer/Koffing will evolve at level 30)

(Note: Caterpie/Weedle evolve at level 10, Metapod/Kakuna evolve at level 20.)

Other Evolution Changes
Abra lvl 15 —> Kadabra lvl 30 —> Alakazam
Machoke (Moon Stone) —> Machamp
Magikarp lvl 30 —> Gyarados
Ponyta lvl 30 —> Rapidash
Tentacool lvl 30 —> Tentacruel
Gastly lvl 20 —> Haunter
Ledyba lvl 30 —> Ledian
Ekans lvl 30 —> Arbok
Slowpoke (Water Stone) —> Slowbro
Slowpoke (Moon Stone) —> Slowking
Poliwhirl (Sun Stone) —> Politoed
Natu lvl 30 —> Xatu
Shellder lvl 30 —> Cloyster
Dratini lvl 25 —> Dragonair lvl 50 —> Dragonite
Bellsprout lvl 20 —> Weepinbell lvl 30 —> Victreebell
Psyduck lvl 30 —> Golduck