Pokemon Stranded – Walkthrough Documentation

Guide for Pokemon Stranded Beta 0.1.1

Welcome to the nameless islands, a remote island far away from almost all human connection where Pokemon of all kinds
thrive in all nooks and crannies.
The main aim of this guide is to help you inform about all the different flora and fauna found throughout the islands so that
you don’t get stuck trying to figure out why a certain Pokemon is not letting you progress in the story.
This guide has been made as much spoiler-free as possible. But if you still want to be on the safe side and you want to
experience the story blind, you are welcome to do so. You can check back here only when you are stuck and cannot
Without further ado, let us begin.

1. Flora
a. Berry Forest
Like the original Berry Forest in Pokemon Fire Red, the Forest in this game also contains many spots where
Berries are hidden that will regenerate after being taken. Look out for a visibly different tuft of grass. Chances
are, a berry is hidden there!
The regeneration of a taken berry usually takes around 512 steps.
b. Kasib Berry
Kasib Berries grow in abundance in the middle-south parts of the islands. Although they don’t heal HP or
status problems, some Pokemon love them and will help you out if you give them a Kasib Berry or two.
Because of how the game is programmed, you can take Kasib Berry from these shrubs only when you don’t
have a single Kasib Berry in your bag. But every time you can take berries from the shrub, you can take 5
c. Mushrooms
There are two patches of Mushroom in the Forest that the player can collect at most six times each day.Every time the player plucks the Mushrooms, they receive five Mushrooms. Mushrooms once plucked cannot
be plucked again until the color of the sky has changed

2. Fauna
a. Azumarill
Azumarill lives at the outskirts of the Forest, in the side closer to Outcast Island (name subject to change). It
will appear near your tent if you use Charizard’s campfire to cook some Curry for your Pokemon. If you give
it some curry, it will reward you with either a Revival Herb or an Energy Root.
Azumarill will have more events in one of the future beta.
b. Chansey
Chansey resides in a small cave in the Valley. It uses Soft-boiled on your Pokemon to restore them to full
Chansey will also give you a Cleffa egg when you first interact with it. The Cleffa, when hatched is a very frail
Pokemon for combat but it can teleport you back to the Valley near Chansey’s cave whenever you want.
c. Clefairy
Clefairy is another Pokemon residing in Chansey’s cave. It does not have any particular event associated
with it. It will have events in one of the future beta.

d. Cubone
Cubone lives on top of the Mountain. Cubone’s mother has recently died and that is why it remains sad all
the time. Its tears are rich in nitric acid which is useful to undo petrification.If you bring Cubone’s mothers’ Thick Club to it, you will get a Mystic Water.
e. Doduo
Doduo is the berry maniac of the island and can be found in Valley close to Prairie. If you give Doduo a Kasib
Berry, it gives you one random berry out of ten possible ones.
Doduo can be a semi-reliable source of berries apart from the berries in Forest, the ones you can covet from
the wild Pokemon in Prairie and the ones Venusaur brings you from the Adventure Mode.
f. Eevee
Eevee is one of the three Pokemon left by the last human residing in the islands, the other two being a
Gardevoir and a Corviknight. It is obtainable very early in the game.
Eevee’s held item is randomly determined and can be one of eight different evolutionary stones. Each stone
triggers each of Eevee’s evolution.
g. Fearow
Fearow is found in the cave in the Mountain. It battles the player after player takes Charizard’s Pokeball,
because there is some untold rivalry between the Charizard and Fearow. This story will be developed in one
of the future beta.Fearow leaves the cave once defeated or fled from the battle. It leaves behind a satchet of Paseri Crumbs
h. Haunter
Haunter is found in the Mountain Foot and is one of the few Pokemon in the game who can talk using
telepathy. It is one of the major secondary characters in the story. It likes to show small tricks to the player.
When given a Leppa Berry, Haunter makes way for the player to reach the Mountain. And once that is done,
Haunter becomes free to tell the player a part of its backstory.
Haunter can also be seen making a cameo when the person in the Mountain is being reverted from
petrification, depending on choices the player takes. It can also be battled in a small opening on the other
end of the tunnel that the Nidorino digs, based on player’s choice.
i. Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff is another Pokemon residing in Chansey’s cave. It does not have any particular event associated
with it. It will have events in one of the future beta.
j. Kirlia
Kirlia resides in the cave connecting the Beach, Mountain Foot and Laboratory. It has been there since its
birth along with its mother, the Gardevoir left by the last human. Kirlia is one of the major characters in the
story and all interactions and events related to it heavily depend on player’s choices.
Kirlia is scared of the player at first but Cleffa can help Kirlia open up to the player.
k. NidorinoNidorino is seen in a quite a few places throughout the early game. It is one of the major secondary characters
in the story.
Nidorino is digging a cave throughout most of the early game to reach somewhere and becomes exhausted
very quickly. However, it replenishes its energy and motivation very quickly as well when it gets a Kasib
Nidorino can be battled in a small opening on the other end of the tunnel that it digs, based on the player’s

l. Pidgeot
Pidgeot is one of the Pokemon residing in the Prairie. It does not have any particular event associated with
it. It will have events in one of the future beta.
m. Pidgey
Pidgey is another Pokemon residing in the Prairie. It does not have any particular event associated with it. It
will have events in one of the future beta.
n. Pikachu(s)
Several Pikachu reside in the valley near the River Bank. One of them seems quite different.
Stories related to the Pikachu Valley will be added in a future beta.
o. Poliwhirl(s)
The two Poliwhirl are found in the Prairie in a never ending argument about which is more important between
strength and intelligence.After the player has heard Haunter’s backstory, they will asks the player regarding what player thinks is more
important. Depending on the answer, the player receives either a Choice Band or a Choice Scarf.
p. Psyduck(s)
Two psyducks can be found in locations close to the Valley. They lost their path while returning to their village
and also lost each other along the way as well.
The player can help the two Psyduck reunite. More events and more Psyduck will be added in the future
q. Slowbro
Slowbro is one of the oldest residents of the islands and can talk English normally. It has seen the last human
residing in the islands and makes a comparison between him and the player when talked to.
Slowbro will be added as a major character in a future beta.
r. Spearow
Spearow is the only Pokemon from Prairie who is not native to the place. It is found eating crumbs in the
When it smells the sachet of Paseri Crumbs in player’s bag, it steals the sachet and flies away.

s. Tentacruel
A trio of Tentacruel is seen near the Beach that bullies a helpless Wartortle. The player can intervene them
and engage in a battle to save the Wartortle.After battling the Tentacruels, the Wartortle will gladly take the player to its home.
t. Wartortle
A Wartortle is seen being bullied by a trio of Tentacruel near the Beach. The player can save the Wartortle
which would result in the Wartortle joining the player’s team.
After defeating the Tentacruel trio, the Wartortle will take the player to its home.
u. Wigglytuff
Wigglytuff is another Pokemon residing in Chansey’s cave.
Once the player has interacted with Chansey, Wigglytuff removes a small boulder and shows a secret
entrance to the player.
That oughtta do it. Thanks for playing Pokemon Stranded. And in case you haven’t read the phrase enough times already,
this guide will also be updated in a future beta. Happy exploring!