Mega Moemon Emerald – Changed Evo


Do NOT take this hack out of the discord server.
For Mega Moemon Emerald ONLY. Does not match any other hack.

Anything not listed here either evolves through its usual method or cannot evolve.
Do NOT come to the server and ask if something is able to evolve without even trying.
Try to evolve it first, and only ask if your mon failed to evolve.

Times of Day changed as of v0.4.
Day is now 6 AM to 5 PM (0600 to 1700)
Night is now 7 PM to 6 AM (1900 to 0600)
Dusk is 5 PM to 7 PM (1700 to 1900)

Poliwhirl -> Politoed: Level up with King’s Rock held
Kadabra -> Alakazam: lv 40
Machoke -> Machamp: lv 40
Graveler -> Golem: lv 40
Slowpoke -> Slowking: Level up with King’s Rock held
Magneton -> Magnezone: Level up at New Mauville OR use Thunder Stone
Haunter -> Gengar: lv 40
Onix -> Steelix: Level up with Metal Coat held
Rhydon -> Rhyperior: Level up with Protector held
Seadra -> Kingdra: Level up with Dragon Scale held
Electabuzz -> Electivire: Level up with Electrizer held
Magmar -> Magmortar: Level up with Magmarizer held
Eevee -> Espeon: Usual method OR use Sun Stone
Eevee -> Umbreon: Usual method OR use Moon Stone
Eevee -> Leafeon: Level up at Petalburg Woods OR use Leaf Stone
Eevee -> Glaceon: Level up at Shoal Cave OR use Ice Stone
Eevee -> Sylveon: Level up with Fairy type move OR use Shiny Stone
Porygon -> Porygon2: Level up with Up-Grade held
Gligar -> Gliscor: Usual method OR use Dusk Stone
Sneasel -> Weavile: Usual method OR use Dusk Stone
Porygon2 -> Porygon-Z: Level up with Dubious Disc held
Nosepass -> Probopass: Level up at New Mauville OR use Thunder Stone
Feebas -> Milotic: Usual Emerald method OR Level up with Prism Scale held
Dusclops -> Dusknoir: Level up with Reaper Cloth held
Clamperl -> Huntail: Level up with Deep Sea Tooth held
Clamperl -> Gorebyss: Level up with Deep Sea Scale held
Chingling -> Chimecho: Friendship at ANY time of day
Happiny -> Chansey: Usual method OR Dawn Stone
Boldore -> Gigalith: lv 40
Gurdurr -> Conkeldurr: lv 40