Naruto Ninjutsu Zenkai Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu Cheat Codes

The playable character can acquire scrolls to perform abilities using chakra. These abilities can be used to break walls or create whirlwinds. The story mode loosely follows the Prologue — Land of Waves arc to the Chūnin Exams arc. Players can also fight against Orochimaru. The playable characters are Naruto and Sasuke, and Kakashi can be unlocked. Additionally, there is a hard mode that takes place at night and replaces the fights against Orochimaru, Zabuza, and Haku with fights against Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. Naruto Ninjutsu Zenkai Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu Cheat Codes will give you all cheat codes for ナルト- 忍術全開! 最強忍者大結集.

Warning before using Naruto Ninjutsu Zenkai! Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu Cheats Codes

The decision of whether or not to use cheat codes is up to you. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and consequences before doing so.

List Cheats Codes

■Master code [PAR]
Candidate 1
22ECD0DB 5C574020
830F19AC 52E6390C

■Master code [X-TA]

■Common to Naruto and Sasuke

0300118C:xxxxxxxx Score

03001195:xx Remaining number of people

02003CEC:C0 Life

02003CF0:2000 Chakra

02003CF4:xxxx Technique
2000: Technique 1
4000: Technique 2
6000: Technique 3
8000: Technique 4

02003D04:xx Projectile
5A: Shuriken
59: Senbon
58: Kunai

02003D06:xxxx Ninjutsu used

02003D2C:xx Boss HP [00~C0]
Even if the boss’s HP is reduced to 0, it cannot be defeated, so
please turn on the code and give it a blow.
If you do that, you can defeat it immediately.

02000B29:03 Airborne Kick
↑ Jump upwards when using an aerial technique (flying possible)

02006636:03 Super fast feet & super jump = Scarecrow-like
↑ Foot speed and jumping power will be the same as Kakashi (voice too)

020068BD:03 Tame Haya
↑The speed at which you accumulate techniques becomes as fast as Kakashi (there is a possibility that you cannot use them because they are too fast)

03001176:xx Character change
00=Naruto 01=Sasuke 02=Bug 03=Kakashi
↑Changes when the screen changes.

02000064:xx Special move change
00=Naruto 01=Sasuke 02=Naruto 03=Kakashi
↑ Bug (Oh,
depending on the special move, it will be activated even if it doesn’t hit.
In Sasuke’s state, change the special move to Naruto and use the third technique. When used, Shishi duet will be activated (NO HIT)

0200660A:FF Suddenly a boss battle
↑ After the stage explanation is finished, the boss battle will begin.
Once the conversation with the boss begins, turn off the code.


Here is the end of Naruto Ninjutsu Zenkai Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu Cheat Codes. You can read Naruto Ninja Council Cheats Codes if you want to use it on USA Version.