Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective USA Cheat Code

Enable Code (Must Be On)
0000B527 000A
10021762 0007

Infinite Health-All Characters
43001020 6C00
00000004 0008

Infinite Spirit Energy-All Characters
43001022 6C00
00000004 0008

Max Levels/Stats-All Characters
43001026 0018
00000004 0008

Have All Spirit Attacks-All Characters
83000E4A FFFF

Press R Trigger+L Trigger To Reset Timer (Timed Levels)
WIth this code, in very few places in the game, if you hold down R+L, it will cause the game to freeze> The times you need to press both buttons at the same time & the places are few & far between, so it shouldnt be a problem.
74000130 00FF
3300203D 0000

Level Select Menu
With this code, Pause your game first, do not press the buttons while the game is not paused, it could cause it to freeze, then Hold R Trigger first, then Press Select while holding the R Trigger to bring up the Level Select Menu.
74000130 02FB
33007DC9 0005

Unlock Extras Menu
33007E52 0001

4095 Score (Genkai Test)
830010F4 0FFF

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