Pokemon Dreams Walkthrough

Start at Solda Station / Centralis City
Visit Professor Confier’s Lab to obtain the Pokédex
[Optional] Visit the Settings Sisters, Name Rater, and Move Relearner
[Optional] Challenge a trainer inside the Pokémon Center to win a TM; most Pokémon Centers from here on have this challenge

Travel West on Route 1 to Thicket Town
Obtain the Exp Share from Jim
[Optional] Challenge the Thicket Colosse

Travel South on Route 2 to Route 3
[Optional] Challenge Fisherman Ray for the Old Rod
[Optional] Travel West from Route 2 to explore the Pokemon Ranch
Defeat Team Coil on Route 3
Return to Thicket Town, and challenge the Thicket Gym for the Beetle Badge

Travel North on Route 4 to Verdedge City
[Optional] Obtain a Coin Case from the man outside the Game Corner
Challenge the Verdedge Gym for the Foresight Badge
[Optional] Travel West on Route 6 to explore Seis Bluff & the Strange House
[Optional] Explore Route 7’s west half, and challenge Fisherman Jerry for the Good Rod

Travel North on Route 5 to Mt. Oren & Montanore Town
Defeat Team Coil in Mt. Oren
Challenge the Montanore Gym for the Ore Badge and Bicycle
[Optional] Visit the Stone Emporium to purchase any & all evolution stones
[Optional] Challenge the Montanore Colosseum

Return to Centralis City, then travel South on the Cycling Road & Route 8 to Eccoh City
[Optional] Visit the Cemetary and Daycare on Route 10
Battle Prof. Conifer for HM02 Fly
Challenge the Eccoh Gym for the Herb Badge

Travel East on Route 9 to the Eccohglades
[Optional] Visit the Eccoh Institute
[Optional] Explore Victory Road (1F)
Find the Coil Base in the Eccohglades and clear it for HM01 Cut and the Sapphire
Return to Centralis City and visit Prof. Conifer
[Optional] Use Cut to explore the Railway Tunnel

Travel North on Route 11 and through Iceteam Cave to Iceteam Town
[Optional] Explore Route 7’s east half, and challenge Fisherman Cooper for the Super Rod
[Optional] Explore the Safari Zone
[Optional] Challenge the Iceteam Colosseum
Rescue Slowpoke from the Luna Gang on Route 12
Challenge the Iceteam Gym for the Thermo Badge

Travel West from Route 13 to Ruby Ascent and the Ruby Tower
Find HM04 Strength in the small building on Ruby Ascent
Enter the Ruby Tower and defeat Team Coil

Travel East on Route 13 to Solaview Port
[Optional] Approach the Luna Gang Grunt from behind to open up the lower road on Route 13
[Optional] Travel North from Route 13 to explore the Dimlit Wood & Hiker’s Cave
[Optional] Explore the Solaview Port Warehouse
Speak to Lorson to learn about the Mega Ring, then return to Route 13 to win it from your Rival

Travel through Eclipse Tunnel to Eclipse City
Challenge the Eclipse Gym for the Luna Badge
Clear the Luna Hideout
[Optional] Explore the Eclipse Catacomb beneath the Luna Hideout

Return to Solaview Port
Challenge the Solaview Gym for the Sail Badge and HM03 Surf
[Optional] Revisit old areas with Surf to collect items and find new areas

Travel West on Route 14, then South on Routes 15, 16, & 17 to Emerald Isle
[Optional] Visit the House on Route 16 for a Fly waypoint
Speak to Lyre at the base of Emerald Isle to obtain HM08 Dive

Travel through Marble Rock to the top of Emerald Isle
Speak to the man blocking the path to Emerald Tower
Return to Conifer’s Lab, then return to Emerald Isle
Clear Emerald Tower for HM07 Waterfall

[Optional] Use Dive to explore Routes 19, 20, 21, and 22
[Optional] Use Dive & Waterfall to explore mini-dungeons Outskirt Cave (contains HM05 Flash), Sea Dragon Fall, Submerged Cavern, and Champion’s Den
[Optional] Use Waterfall to explore the Ruby Generator (North of Route 7) and the Lunar Cave (East of Eclipse City)

Travel South on Route 18 to Finagara City
Challenge Finagara Gym for the All Badge
[Optional] Challenge Finagara Colosseum
[Optional] Visit the Egg Tutor in Centralis City (Appears after obtaining the All Badge)

Travel West on Route 23 to Victory Road

Traverse Victory Road to reach the Pokémon League
[Optional] Find HM06 Rock Smash within Victory Road
Challenge the Elite Four to become League Champion!

[Optional] Enter the Battle Bar in Centralis City
[Optional] Rematch various trainers in the Battle Bar
A certain stranger from distant lands will award the Shiny Charm
[Optional] Claim Hoopa in the Battle Bar to open wormholes throughout the region
[Optional] Revisit previously explored areas to collect Legendary Pokémon from the wormholes
[Optional] Rematch the Elite Four