Pokemon Conversion Emerald – MOVE/ABILITY and Misc

The “Changes” sections were taken directly from a changelog, so sorry about the mess here.

===== HM moves =====
Cut – Steel, 60pow, 100acc, 12% crit (steel was chosen to benefit bugs/birds and complement grass).
Rock Smash – Fighting 60pow, always drops defense.
Strength – Normal 80 pow, 20% chance of raising attack.
Surf – Water 90pow, 10% chance of lowering speed.
Waterfall – —–
Flash – Fire 60pow, always drops speed (fire was chosen to help psy/elec/grass users).
Fly – Flying 90pow, 100% acc. Everything with wings can fly.
Dive – Water 90pow, should probably not be an HM. should be a key item (scuba gear)
Whirlpool – Water 60pow, 100% acc. should probably not be a HM. clear these with waterfall or something?

===== Moves =====
Tackle/scratch/pound/etc – No more miss chance on basic moves, raised to 60 power
Growl/Leer/Defense Curl/Harden/Howl/Meditate – given +1 priority, they have uses in team battles or speed mindgames
Priority attacks – are now +2 priority like in modern games
x Quick attack, mach punch, extremespeed, fake out, sneak attack, teleport, bide
Absorb – 50pow, 100acc, 20PP
Acid – 60pow, 100acc, 30PP, 50% chance of lowering enemy defense
Aerial Ace – 60pow, 100acc, always drops enemy speed
Aeroblast – 100pow, 95acc, 5PP, 50% paralysis chance
Ancientpower – 20% chance to raise all stats.
Arm Thrust – 25pow, 100acc, 20PP
Aurora Beam – Ice attack, 65pow, 100acc, 20PP, always lowers enemy attack
Barrage – Psychic type, 25pow, 100acc, 20PP
Beat up – 15 power, this will make it more generally useful
Bide – Has +2 priority, it takes forever anyway
Bind – 60pow, 100acc, wraps for 2-5 turns
Blast Burn – 200 power, 90acc, 5PP
Blaze Kick – 85pow, 90acc, 15PP, 20% burn+crit chance
Blizzard – 120pow, 80acc, 10PP, 10% freeze
Bone club – 65pow, 100acc, 20PP, 12% crit rate
Bone Rush – 25pow, 100acc, 10PP
Bonemarang – 50pow, 100acc, 20PP
Brick Break – 80pow, 100acc, 15PP
Bubble – 60pow, 100acc, 30% lower enemy attack
Bubblebeam – 65pow, 100acc, 20PP, always lowers enemy speed
Bullet Seed – 25pow, 100acc, 15PP
Charge – Raises user’s attack and defense.
Clamp – 75pow, 85acc, 10PP, wraps for 2-5 turns
Comet Punch – Fighting type, 25pow, 100acc, 15PP
Conversion2 – given +1 priority because it’s too hard to use otherwise
Cotton Spore – Grass attack, 60pow, 100acc, always lowers speed
Crabhammer – 100pow, 90acc, 10PP, 12% crit rate
Cross Chop – 100pow, 80acc, 10PP, 12% crit
Dazzle – Fairy attack, 80pow, 100acc, 10PP, 10% chance of lowering enemy sp.DEF
Dig – 90pow, 100acc, 10PP
Disable – Psychic type, 100% accuracy
Dizzy Punch – 85pow, 100acc/20% confuse chance
Doom Desire – 120pow, 100acc, 15PP
Double Kick – 50pow, 100acc, 30PP
Double Team – Raises user’s speed two stages.
Doubleslap – 25pow, 100acc, 10PP
Dragon Rage – Halves enemy’s remaining HP.
Drain Kiss – Fairy attack, 65pow, 100acc, 15PP, drains half of damage as HP
Dream Eater – 130 power, 100acc, 15PP
Egg bomb – Grass attack, 120 power, 100acc, 10PP. User takes 1/3 damage as recoil.
Explosion – Nerfed by 50 power (25% less damage), still stronger than 4th gen
Extrasensory – 20% flinch
Extremespeed – 80pow, 100acc, 10PP, +2 priority
Fairy Wind – Fairy attack, 60pow, 100acc, 5PP, 20% chance of raising all stats
False swipe – Steel attack, 80 power, 100acc, 40PP, same effect
Fire Blast – 120pow, 85acc, 10PP, 10% burn
Fire Spin – 75pow, 85acc, 15PP, wraps for 2-5 turns
Fissure – Ground attack, 120pow, 50acc, 5PP, always lowers enemy speed
Flame Wheel – 60pow, 100acc, lowers enemy speed 1 stage.
Frenzy Plant – 200power, 90acc, 5PP
Fury Attack – 25pow, 100acc, 20PP
Fury Cutter – 30pow, 95acc, 20PP
Future Sight – 120pow, 100acc, 15PP
Giga Drain – 70pow, 100acc, 10PP
Glare – 100% accuracy, most of the pokemon who get it would rather be attacking
Grasswhistle – 60pow, 100acc, 30% confuse chance
Growth – raises user’s sp atk sharply
Growth – Raises user’s sp.ATK two stages.
Guillotine – Steel attack, 120pow, 50acc, 5PP, always lowers enemy defense
Headbutt – 70pow, 100acc, 15PP, 30% flinch rate
Hi Jump Kick – 120pow, 90acc, 10PP, missing causes self-damage
Horn Drill – Normal attack, 120pow, 50acc, 5PP, always lowers enemy attack
Howl – Boosts user’s special attack one stage. +1 priority.
Hydro Cannon – 200 power, 90acc, 5PP
Hydro Pump – 120pow, 80acc, 10PP
Hyper Beam – 200 power, 90acc, 5PP
Hypnosis – 70% accurate
Ice Ball – 30pow, 90acc, 20PP, this is ice rollout if you forgot
Icicle Spear – 25pow, 100acc, 15PP
Iron Tail – 100pow, 85acc, 15PP, 30% chance of raising user DEF
Jump Kick – 100pow, 95acc, 20PP, missing causes self-damage
Kinesis – Psychic attack, 80pow, 80acc, 20PP, 30% chance of attack drop
Knock Off – PP increased to 30
Leaf Blade – updated to 90pow, 100acc, 15PP, 12% crit rate
Lovely Kiss – 80acc, this is a sigNature move and should be good as such
Luster Purge – Dragon attack, 70pow, 100acc, 10PP, 50% chance of lowering sp.DEF
Magical Leaf – Grass attack, 60atk, 100acc, 15PP, always lowers enemy sp.DEF
Mega Drain – 60pow, 100acc, 15PP
Mega Kick – 120pow, 80acc, 5PP
Mega Punch – 110pow, 90acc, 20PP
Metronome – has 40PP.
Minimize – raises both defenses like Cosmic Power.
Mist Ball – Dragon attack, 70pow, 100acc, 10PP, 50% chance of lowering sp.ATK
Moonblast – Fairy attack, 70pow, 100acc, 10PP, 50% chance of lowering enemy sp.ATK
Mud shot – 80pow, 80acc, 15PP, always lowers enemy speed
Mud Sport – Works like Light Screen.
Muddy Water – 90pow, 90acc/20% poison+crit, like poison tail
Octazooka – 80pow, 90acc, always lowers speed
Odor Sleuth – Lowers enemy sp.DEF two stages.
Outrage – 120pow, 100acc, 15PP
Pay Day – Steel attack, 60pow, 100acc, 20PP
Petal Dance – 120pow, 100acc, 20PP
Pin Missile – 25pow, 100acc, 20PP
Play Rough – Fairy attack, 85pow, 90acc, 15PP, 20% chance of raising user’s DEF
Poison Fang – 60pow, 100acc, 15PP, 50% chance of toxic poison
Poison Gas – 20pow, 100acc, 85% poison chance
Poison Tail – 100pow, 90acc, 10PP, 20% poison+crit chance
Poisonpowder – 40pow, 100acc, 75% poison chance
Psybeam – 65pow, 100acc, 20PP, always lowers enemy attack.
Psywave – has the effect of Magnitude
Rage – 80pow, 100acc, 20PP
Razor Wind – 120pow, 100acc, 10PP
Rock Blast – 25pow, 100acc, 10PP
Rock throw – 60pow, 100acc, 20PP, 30% paralysis rate
Rock Tomb – 60pow, 100acc, 20 PP, Wrap effect for 2-5 turns.
Rollout – 30pow, 90acc, 20PP
Sand Attack – Ground attack, 60pow, 100acc, 20PP, always lowers enemy speed
Sand Tomb – Ground attack, 60pow, 100acc, 15PP, wraps enemy for 2-5 turns.
Screech – 100% accuracy
Selfdestruct – Nerfed by 50 power (33% less damage), still stronger than 4th gen
Shadow Punch – 60pow, 100acc, 20PP, always lowers enemy speed
Sharpen – Raises attack two stages.
Sheer Cold – Ice attack, 120pow, 50acc, 5PP, always lowers enemy sp.ATK
Shock Wave – 60pow, 100acc, always drops enemy speed.
Signal Beam – 90pow, 100acc, 10PP, 10% confuse chance
Silverwind – 20% chance to raise all stats.
Sing – changed to 65% acc to make the crapshoot work better.
Skull bash – 130pow, 100acc, 15PP, raises defense during charge-up
Sky attack – 140pow, 90acc, 5PP
Sky Uppercut – 100pow, 90acc, 15PP
Slam – 80pow, 100acc, 20PP, 20% lower defense
Sludge – 70pow, 100acc, 15PP, drains enemy health
Smellingsalt – 70 power, 100acc, 10PP
Smog – 60pow, 100acc, 20PP, 40% poison chance
Smokescreen – Poison attack, 60pow, 100acc, 20PP, always lowers enemy speed
Sneak attack – New move, Dark attack, 60pow, 100acc, 20PP, +2 priority
Snore – 50% flinch chance.
Solarbeam – 120pow, 100acc, 10PP
Sonicboom – Halves enemy’s remaining HP.
Spike Cannon – 25pow, 100acc, 15PP
Splash – The ultimate move
Steel Wing – 70pow, 90acc, 25PP, 20% chance of raising defense.
String shot – Bug attack, 60pow, 100acc, 15PP, 100% speed drop
Submission – Fighting attack, 80pow, 80acc, 25PP, wrap effect for 2-5 turns.
Supersonic – Normal attack, 60pow, 100acc, 20PP, 30% confuse chance
Sweet Scent – Lowers enemy sp.DEF two stages.
Swift – 60pow, 100acc, always drops enemy speed.
Tail Whip – Normal attack, 50pow, 100acc, 30PP, 50% chance of lowering enemy defense
Teleport – 60pow, 100acc, +2 priority psychic attack
Thief – PP increased to 25
Thrash – 120pow, 100acc, 20PP
Thunder – 120pow, 80acc, 10PP, 30% para
Tri Attack – 100pow, 100acc, 10PP, 30% status
Triple Kick – 20 power (120 total)
Twineedle – 50pow, 100acc, 20PP, 20% poison chance each hit
Uproar – 90pow, 100acc, 10PP, prevents sleep
Vicegrip – Steel attack, 60pow, 100acc, 30PP, wrap effect
Vine Whip – 15PP
Vital Throw – 100pow, 100acc, 10PP, always goes last
Water Sport – Works like Reflect.
Whirlwind – changed to flying type
Withdraw – Raises user’s defense two stages.
Wrap – 60pow, 100acc, wraps for 2-5 turns

===== Move data log =====
x HM05 (flash) description needs fixing
x Use meteor mash as a reference for unique moves
x Luster purge and mist ball changed to dragon type, 70pow/100acc/50%
x Fairy moves – moonblast, play rough, dazzling gleam, drain kiss, fairy wind
x Fairy moves added to learnsets – x play rough, x moonblast, x dazzle, x drain kiss, xfairy wind
x Changed “Foresight” to “Sneak Attack”.
x Gave “Sneak Attack” to Cacturne and Nidoking, Murkrow, Sneasel
x moves to change into fairy moves (will take some hex editing)
x helping hand = dazzling gleam (psychic) because weirdoes
x luster purge anim, both foes
48 50 09 64 0a 0a 08 00 30 00
x changed “Dazzling Gle” to “Dazzle”
x take down = play rough (steel wing) almost all physical UUs
x same anim
x 85pow/90acc/20% chance like blaze kick
8a 55 09 5a 0f 14 00 00 33 00
x hyper voice = fairy wind (ancientpower) hardly anything gets this
x silver wind anim
x 60pow/100acc/20%
8c 3c 09 64 05 14 00 00 12 00
x sweet kiss = drain kiss (mega drain) works for these
x same anim
x 65pow/100acc/15pp like mega drain
03 41 09 64 0f 00 00 00 33 00
x astonish = moonblast (mist ball) nothing that gets this is physical
x aurora beam anim
x 70pow/100acc/50%
47 46 09 64 0a 32 00 00 12 00
x make these all fairy type instead of ??? type
x the third byte is type, change them from 09 to 17

===== Misc stuff ======
x give stuff dragon dance because it’s a pain to breed
x will o wisp is also a pain to breed, find any other examples later
x gardevoir, gengar, weezing, moltres, houndoom
x useful egg moves https://www.gamefaqs.com/gba/921905-pokemon-emerald-version/faqs/48003
x fire punch, heal bell/aromatherapy, curse, silver wind, wish, baton pass
x make sure all of the users of keen eye and run away are replaced
x eevee was given clear body, Poochyena given intimidate, Snubbull given intimidate
x sturdy – Skarmory given hyper cutter, rhydon thick fat, a lot of other stuff has battle armor or shell armor
x legendary birds’ agility was replaced; will o wisp, baton pass, heal bell for molt/zap/cuno
x FINISHED giving all fairies fairy moves, and all the new dragons dragon moves.
x gave blastoise crunch to function as a spinner/utility
x make sure that baby pokemon have usable movesets more comparable to their evolutions
x Bugs given signal beam, twin needle, or fury cutter.
x learnsets – generally give things STAB moves before level 20, first move around 8
x Spearow starts with leer(1) peck(1) bite (7)
x Sentret starts with quick attack (1), defense curl (4), powder snow (7)
x Gave cut to all birds, all bugs, things with claws (beastly egg group?)
x Gave flash to all electrics, fires, and psychics
x Typhlosion, give it back element punches like GSC
x Onix – sand attack or something

========== VII. STYLE GUIDE ==========
for recoloring and retyping stuff

===== Types guide =====
Fairy – implementing this, anything that was “normal” that is humanoid will be changed to fairy
Normal – only real world-ish animals should be normal types. otherwise it’s fairy.
Electric – needs to be diversified
Flying – need to be diversified
Bug – make sure these are diverse
Ground – diversify
Ice – diversify
Fire – diversify
Water – diversify
Dragon – need more of these, look at legendaries
Steel – could use more as it is significant for meta

===== Types color style guide =====
Color Composition ; Try to pick colors that are complementary or opposites.
Try to use a Natural (muted) color for the main body unless it is a magical type.
Secondary highlights should be colorful.
Tertiary accents are usually dark unless the body is dark.

Normal – light brown (Pidgey). white highlight is good for birds. try to use animal references. Shiny is often gold or albino.
Fire – Fire types are generally orange (Charmander). Red is fine, Yellow/white are good secondary colors. Black (charcoal grey) is a good highlight color, and is also good for shinies.
Psychic – Yellow (Abra) or purple (Jynx). Pink (espeon) is okay sparingly as long as it doesn’t look like a fairy type. Avoid modern habit of making all of the esoteric types green for no reason.
Ice – Cyan (regice). Greenish-blue can be okay (articuno). White or blue can be acceptable for shinies.
Grass – Green (Bulbasaur) or yellow (Bellsprout). Try to do research on the plants that come from the pokemon’s biome. Autumn colors or flowery colors are good for shinies.
Water – Blue (Poliwhirl) is king. Look up fish references for ideas. Green is a pretty good shiny color, but try to have variety and make use of the secondary type’s colors.
Electric – Yellow (electabuzz) and blue (luxray). gold and bronze colors can be okay.
Fighting – Skin tones (hitmonlee). gray is okay if the pokemon comes from caves. primary colored accents. the body should pretty much always be dark.
Rock – Gray (rhyhorn). brown is okay if the pokemon is obviously made of rock. try to use mineral references.
Ground – Brown (Diglett). colors like clay red or gray are decent substitutions. some pokemon use gold as a highlight, try not to do this too much though.
Dragon – Slightly greenish blue (Salamence). Yellow is a good highlight color. Green can rarely work. Usually the shiny is purple or inverted composition.
Dark – Deep gray or deep blue. Dark purple is a decent color for some things, but be careful not to make it look like a poison type.
Steel – Blued steel (metagross) or silver (steelix). Try not to use steely grays except for accents. Gold is a good shiny color. The contrast between the lightest and darkest tones should be exaggerated to make the lighting dramatic and shiny.
Fairy – White with pink or blue (sylveon). Generally try to make the pokemon look like a cupcake or a baby toy.
Ghost – Black (Banette) or deep violet (Misdreavus). white should be used sparingly.

===== Types TMs =====
Fire – sunny day, flamethrower, fire blast, flash. solarbeam if it is a special attacker.
Psychic – calm mind, psychic, reflect, light screen, skill swap, flash, shadow ball
Ice – hail, ice beam, blizzard. Surf if it lives near the sea.
Dark – snatch, taunt, torment, thief. give sneak attack to stuff that needed sucker punch badly
Fairy – reflect, light screen, taunt, thief. generally support moves
Steel – iron tail, steel wing, reflect, light screen, cut. earthquake if it is heavy, rock slide if strong
Dragon – dragon claw, aerial ace, fire blast
for other types you are usually better served by just changing the learnsets

===== Biome reference list (for making catch lists) =====
this list was derived from the game lists, egg groups, and mystery dungeon
implement this with “pokemon advance map” probably, may have to add grass in some areas.
desert – Doduo, Nincada, Trapinch, Sandshrew, Cacnea, Gligar
ruins – Whismur, Unown, Baltoy, Natu, chimecho, Smeargle
volcanic – Magby, Spinda, Spoink, Skarmory, Slugma, Ponyta
meteoric – Solrock, Lunatone, Bagon, Larvitar, dratini, Togepi
grass – Sentret, Hoothoot, Rattata, Pidgey, Spearow, nidoran
grass2 – Hoppip, Zigzagoon, mareep, Taillow, Swablu, Mankey
tall grass – Kecleon, Tropius, Slakoth, Tangela, Aipom, Bulbasaur
forest – Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple, Pikachu, Spinarak, Ledyba
safari – tauros, Pinsir, Scyther, chansey, Sunkern, rhyhorn, exeggutor
mountain – Geodude, Rattata, Spearow, Machop, Phanpy, Charmander
cave – Zubat, Clefairy, Paras, Diglett, Makuhita, Teddiursa
iron cave – Aron, Sableye, Mawile, Onix, Nosepass, Shuckle
graveyard – Gastly, Duskull, Shuppet, Cubone, Misdreavus, Girafarig
near towns – Seedot, Houndour, Drowzee, Vulpix, murkrow, Ekans
urban – Meowth, Snubbull, Ralts, Growlithe, Roselia, Skitty
power plant – magnemite, elekid, voltorb, metang, Electrike, Minun-Plusle
polluted – Grimer, Koffing, Gulpin, Torkoal, Numel, Venonat
beach – Wingull, krabby, Slowpoke, Psyduck, staryu, Squirtle
marsh (near water) – Oddish, Bellsprout, Wooper, Yanma, Abra, Mudkip
river – Poliwag, Corphish, Azurill, Lotad, Surskit, Barboach
ocean – tentacool, Goldeen, carvahna, wailmer, mantyke, sharpedo
cave water – Seel, Spheal, lapras, Totodile, Magikarp, octillery
deep sea – clamperl, chinchou, horsea, corsola, relicanth, shellder
icy – Smoochum, sneasel, swinub, delibird, snorunt, Magby
RARE/UNIQUE, use these for adding encounters unique to an area
? – Stantler, Zangoose, Seviper, Mr Mime, Mankey, Sudowoodo, Volbeat-Illumise, farfetchd, luvdisc, Ditto, Wynaut, Absol, Snorlax, Torchic, Treecko, Poochyena, Pineco, kangaskhan, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Feebas, Shroomish, Tyrogue

===== Misc notes =====
My issue now is that every type has basically two pokemon. Like fire has “attacker” and “support” and effective variety comes from dual types. In the future i’ll try making a generic RPG game instead, or make a simplistic pokemon game with 4-5 types like TCG.