Pokemon Eternal X and Wilting Y – Item Changes & Locations

All Mega Stones except Mewtwonite X and Y are now available before the Elite Four.
• All TMs except Dream Eater and Retaliate are also available before the Elite Four.
• The following less useful TMs have been changed to teach different moves, as follows:

TM48 Round => Ice Punch
TM60 Quash => Fire Punch
TM49 Echoed Voice => Drain Punch
TM58 Sky Drop => Thunder Punch
TM100 Confide => Giga Drain
TM51 Steel Wing => Sucker Punch
TM79 Frost Breath => Freeze Dry

• As of version 2.4, the Big Root item boosts HP recovered by 100% instead of 30%.
• TM49 and TM100 are found in their usual locations.
• Item locations have been changed as follows:All Marts (Five badges onwards)

Potion => Gardevoirite
Super Potion => Garchompite
Antidote => Scizorite
Paralyze Heal => Kangaskhanite
Awakening => Heracronite
Burn Heal => Gyaradosite
Ice Heal => Tyranitarite
Repel => Pinsirite
Incense Stand (Coumarine City)
Sea Incense => Manectite
Lax Incense => Houndoominite
Rose Incense => Mawilite
Pure Incense => Banettite
Rock Incense => Charizardite Y (X)/Charizardite X (Y)
Odd Incense => Aggronite
Luck Incense => Absolite
Full Incense => Medichamite
Wave Incense => Alakazite

Stone Emporium:
Fire Stone => Dawn Stone
Water Stone => Dusk Stone
Leaf Stone => Shiny Stone
Aquacorde Town Poké Ball Store
Poké Balls => Cherish Balls

Santalune City Mart
X Speed => TM48 Ice Punch
X Attack => TM60 Fire Punch
X Defense => TM58 Thunder Punch
Guard Spec. => TM23 Smack Down
Dire Hit => TM59 Incinerate
X Accuracy => TM05 Roar
X Sp. Attack => TM16 Light Screen
X Sp. Def => TM33 Reflect
Lumiose City, North Boulevard Poké Center
Heal Ball => TM72 Volt Switch
Net Ball => TM87 Swagger
Nest Ball=> TM51 Sucker Punch

Cyllage City
Nest Ball => Flying GemLaverre City Mart
Protein => TM14 Blizzard
Iron => TM25 Thunder
Calcium => TM38 Fire Blast
Zinc => TM52 Focus Blast
Carbos => TM15 Hyper Beam
HP Up => TM68 Giga Impact

(Vitamins are now post-game only; you can use Super Training if you’re desperate for extra EVs)
Anistar City Mart

Blizzard => TM93 Wild Charge
Thunder => TM91 Flash Cannon
Fire Blast => TM34 Sludge Wave
Focus Blast => TM50 Overheat
Hyper Beam => TM64 Explosion
Coumarine City Mart:
Quick Ball => Razor Claw
Timer Ball => Razor Fang
Repeat Ball => Dubious Disc
(These balls are now exclusive to the Poké Ball Emporium)

Snowbelle City Mart:
Heal Ball => Assault Vest
Net Ball => Life Orb
Nest Ball => Flame Orb
Dusk Ball => Toxic Orb
Quick Ball => Choice Band
Timer Ball => Choice Scarf
Repeat Ball => Choice SpecsWild

Hold Items:
• In addition to the usual items (which are now much more common), the following items can also
be found on wild Pokémon:
Flame Orb: sometimes held by wild Drifloon (5%) and Slugma (50%)
Toxic Orb: sometimes held by wild Zangoose (5%) and Muk (50%)
Life Orb:sometimes held by wild Absol (5%)
Fire, Water and Leaf Stones: always held by wild Pansear, Panpour and Pansage respectively
Sun and Moon Stones: always held by wild Solrock and Lunatone
Blazikenite: sometimes held by wild Torchic (50%). Always held by the one-time Torchic
encounter on Route 2.
Latiosite: always held by wild Latias
Latiasite: always held by wild Latios
Lucky Egg: sometimes held by wild Pelipper (5%)
Leftovers: always held by wild Munchlax (same as the vanilla games)

• Held items added in ORAS are also present, usually at a 50% rate (e.g. Power Herbs may be held
by wild Seedot).

• All trade evolution inducing items will sometimes be held by the Pokémon lines that require them
to evolve (except for Metal Coats, which are held by certain Steel-type Pokémon):
King’s Rock: sometimes held by wild Slowpoke and Poliwag (5%), wild Poliwhirl, Poliwrath
and Politoed (50%)
Metal Coat: always held by wild Bronzor and Beldum
Dragon Scale: sometimes held by wild Horsea and Seadra (50%)
Up-Grade: sometimes held by wild Porygon (50%)
Deep Sea Tooth: always held by wild Carvanha
Deep Sea Scale: always held by wild Chinchou
Protector: sometimes held by wild Rhyhorn (50%)
Electirizer: sometimes held by wild Elekid (50%)
Magmarizer: sometimes held by wild Magby (50%)
Reaper Cloth: sometimes held by wild Duskull (50%)
Whipped Dream: sometimes held by wild Swirlix (50%)
Sachet: sometimes held by wild Spritzee (50%)

• Some incense items are held by the lines that use them in the wild:
Lax Incense: always held by wild Wobbuffet
Odd Incense: always held by wild Mr. Mime
Rock Incense: always held by wild Sudowoodo
Rose Incense: sometimes held by wild Roselia (50%)
Sea Incense: Always held by wild Marill and Azumarill
Wave Incense: Always held by wild Mantyke

• Fossils are sometimes held by the following Pokémon, which are all found in or near Glittering
Helix Fossil: Krabby (50%)
Dome Fossil: Onix (50%)
Root Fossil: Relicanth (100%)
Claw Fossil: Kangaskhan (50%)Armor Fossil: Helioptile (50%)
Skull Fossil: Hippopotas (50%)
Plume Fossil: Dwebble (50%)
Cover Fossil: Sandile (50%)
Sail Fossil: Binacle (50%)
Jaw Fossil: Mawile (50%)