Pokemon Crystal Ultimate Documentation

First of all, please note that this hack is based off of Pokemon Crystal 1.1, so make sure to have that ROM if you intend on using my patch instead of the .gbc. The goal of this hack is to be the ultimate Pokemon Crystal experience for fans, a remake of sorts: same story, same Pokemon, same world, but the game is more playable, balanced and challenging. There’s a bit of extra content added too as well as many QoL improvements from music to sprite work to brand new features to battle system improvements!
Just about everything is viable now due to a thorough revision of moves, typing, learnsets, base stats, and Pokemon availability. The game’s challenge has been increased by revamping the level curve and adding to trainer parties custom moves, DVs and stat experience, as well as providing a greater variety and number of Pokemon to their teams.
More or less empty locations in the original game such as Ilex Forest, Ice Path and Victory Road (to say nothing of Kanto) now have extra trainers and items. I have also taken some liberties to spice up and rebalance gameplay, such as type changes to a dozen Pokemon, a few regular-shiny palette swaps to reflect this, and type changes to balance out Poison and Steel.
Understandably, some players may find that some of these changes stray too far from what they want from this type of hack, so I made a Classic version of the game, which removes most base stat changes, Pokemon typing and type matchup changes, and will lower the shiny rate a bit in the final release, among other changes TBD. The specific differences for that version will be noted in this documentation using the highlighted Classic tag.
As well, all 251 Pokemon can be obtained through normal play and all Johto Pokemon can be obtained before reaching the Pokemon League, except for legendaries and the starter/odd egg Pokemon that you didn’t get. On top of all of this, there are many quality of life upgrades as well as brand new features that improve playability without compromising the feel of the original game! These include new music and softer night versions for all outdoor themes, darkened sprites to better match the night graphics, Hold B to run, an improved move tutor and new gen 1 tutors, a move deleter in Goldenrod, and brand new move reminders in Olivine and Blackthorn. I also removed the badge boost and 25% AI chance to fail status moves, TMs are reusable, the entire game economy has been revised, the shiny odds have been increased and shinies always have high DVs, in-game trades have been revised, brand new quests that fit the original game have been added, many bugs have been fixed, etc.
If you want to learn more about this hack or wish to refer to specific changes while playing through the game, feel free to use the table of contents in the left margin to jump through the sections. There is a lot of information that will be quite useful during your first playthrough, due to the scope of the changes in this hack. For example, you may want to look up moves as you learn them, since there’s a good chance a new move has been changed (e.g. don’t just ignore Bind; it’s actually good now!). It’s also worth looking up the learnsets of Pokemon you plan on raising since those have changed a lot, as well as a good number of Pokemon’s base stats (many previously unviable Pokemon are good, if not great)! There are also a good number of wild encounter changes and new item locations that you may want to be aware of, as well as the level ranges for gym leaders, which are particularly useful to know for advanced Nuzlocke runs.
Note that changes listed in red are only available post-demo and may be incomplete, although you are free to check them out by using a walk through walls code to bypass the end of the demo! Spoilers are highlighted in black; to view them, simply highlight the text with your cursor or paste it into some other text field.
Finally, to access the hack files, my Discord channel and YouTube channel, please refer to the Files & Resources section of this document.
New and Upgraded Features
Below is a bulleted list of all improvements that do not belong to any of the other sections listed in the table of contents. Note that while some changes may seem like detriments or restrictions, they are done with the intention of fulfilling one of the hack’s main goals, namely that of providing a more challenging experience to the player:

⦁ The stat boost obtained from badges has been removed in order to even the playing field
⦁ Hold B to run
⦁ Saving is now almost instantaneous
⦁ Tons of updated sprites: new battle and overworld sprites for many gym leaders and major characters, and unique overworld sprites for Pokemon and Surfing (thanks to Polished Crystal for that last one)
⦁ Badges on your trainer card are now in colour rather than greyscale and the tops of the leaders’ heads are no longer cut off. Added a 3rd trainer card page for the Kanto badges (code adapted with the help of Seasick and Polished Crystal)
⦁ Sprite palettes are darker at night so that they are softer on the eyes
⦁ All 251 Pokemon are obtainable in-game (the diploma now requires all 251 Pokemon), all Johto Pokemon are available in Johto regions and all non-legendary/starter/baby Johto Pokemon can be obtained before the Pokemon League
⦁ Party menu icons in colour for EVERY Pokemon in the game (doll sprites are in colour too); see Credits section. These include different palettes for shinies and if an egg contains a shiny Pokemon, it’ll be green instead of red!
⦁ The above menu icons also replace the more generic overworld sprites (in colour as well); credit to Polished Crystal for the Rattata back overworld sprite
⦁ Legendaries: some battle themes have been changed (such as Mew, Ho-Oh and Lugia’s new themes by Pigu) and they are all obtainable in-game: (MASSIVE SPOILERS) Mewtwo is received as a gift (he is holding a Gorgeous Box, which yields the Gold Trophy) from the Curse guy in Celadon once you’ve caught all other Pokemon; Mew, who now has its own party menu sprite, is behind Red if you have the Clear Bell in your inventory; the three legendary birds will be obtainable in the wild and may hold Brightpowders; restored GS Ball event for Celebi (does Elite Four check instead of mobile check)
⦁ Gift Pokemon and static encounters are at higher levels, and fossil Pokemon can now be found by solving the Ruins of Alph puzzles (see the ‘Map Changes’ section for further details)
⦁ Kurt’s Balls: Kurt no longer takes a day to make balls, just talk to him again, and many balls have been fixed (see Bug Fixes)
⦁ Heavy Ball: now subtracts 20 from catch rate for Pokemon weighing below 50.4 kg, does not affect catch rate for those between 50.4 kg and 102.4 kg, adds 20 between 102.5 kg and 204.7 kg, adds 30 between 204.8 kg and 307.1 kg, and adds 40 for those weighing over 307.1 kg
⦁ Fast Ball: x4 catch rate multiplier on all fleeing Pokemon (as originally intended) except x8 for those that always flee (now includes Eevee in addition to the legendary beasts)
⦁ Lure Ball: x5 multiplier (like in gen 7) instead of x3 (code from Idain)
⦁ Love Ball: Now works on opposite gender Pokemon of the same egg group rather than same species, but x4 multiplier instead of x8 (code from Idain)
⦁ Some fleeing Pokemon are less likely to flee
⦁ Gym guides give useful hints for each leader’s roster or moveset
⦁ In-game trades have been revised:
⦁ Violet: You now receive (SPOILERS) a Crystal Onix
⦁ Olivine: Trade a female Kingler for a Farfetch’d (DUX) instead of a Voltorb and it comes with a Stick
⦁ Blackthorn: Trade a female Dragonair for a Pupitar instead of a Dodrio
⦁ Route 14: Chansey is now received (instead of traded) in exchange for a Nidoking and comes with a Miracleberry
⦁ Traded Pokemon now have higher DVs and most are shiny
⦁ Outdoor night themes (including for some Kanto themes that were omitted from gen 2, like Cerulean, Cinnabar and Route 25!) courtesy of TriteHexagon, which are remixed versions of the original themes that are a little slower and softer
⦁ Evening has been added as a new time of day, thanks to Rangi’s github tutorial! Evening is from 5PM – 8PM (meaning day is one hour shorter and night now starts at 8PM instead of 6PM) and features a warm orange glow as well as most of the game’s night features and events, such as Buena’s Password and Eevee evolving into Umbreon (now starts at 5PM). Dialogue has been changed to reflect evening and the new night themes will also play during the evening as well, thanks to TriteHexagon’s tutorial! Note that Officers and the PokeFan on Route 39 still only fight you at night
⦁ Updated some of the Gym Leader sprites, in-battle and overworld (mostly thanks to Soloo993!)
⦁ Additional music to spice up and accent certain moments in the game: the RBY Indigo Plateau theme is the Route 28/Mt Silver theme (by Mmmmmm), the (SPOILERS) RBY gym leader theme is Blue’s theme (credit to Crystal Complete), and Lugia’s Song is Lugia’s chamber theme (also by Mmmmmm), and the Route 47 HGSS theme (demixed by TriteHexagon) plays on Routes 26-27 (the original theme now plays on Routes 14-15). The SS Aqua theme has been replaced with Pigu’s SS Anne theme from Anniversary Crystal (demix of Oceanic Museum theme)
⦁ Surf music and some wild encounters have been removed so as to not interrupt route music (such as Lugia’s Song in Lugia’s chamber) and because it may be jarring when transitioning from the mellow night themes
⦁ Gold (previously Cal) and Crystal (new trainer) play the Champion theme, while Red now plays (SPOILERS) the RBY Champion theme and an extra trainer before Red plays the Hoenn Champion theme (Mmmmmm)
⦁ Empty areas in the world have been given new life with more trainers and items!
⦁ Improved level curve, which can be gleaned from the ‘Boss Trainer Level Ranges’ subsection; in addition, the section of the story between Ecruteak City and the Radio Tower events has been given a more linear level curve, rather than the stagnant/flat one where most of the trainers in this section are around the same level
⦁ To help with this, the guard in the gate area east of Ecruteak now turns you back if you have less than 6 badges; despite this restriction, Chuck and Jasmine can still be fought in either order (and you may still go to Blackthorn City prior to completing the Radio Tower)
⦁ Trainer parties have been buffed with higher levels, more variety, custom DVs, stat exp, and even held items in some cases!
⦁ Improved rematch system: rematch trainers will automatically offer their phone number after first battling them, rather than requiring you to talk to them again. Also, rematch parties increase in level at more reasonable intervals and the trigger for their upgrades is simply the flypoints you’ve unlocked or events completed, so no more fight count requirements to increase their levels. This means that you can fight Joey’s Pokemon at level 40 or so as your first rematch if he hasn’t called before reaching Olivine, for example.
⦁ Tip: each rematch trainer has 2-4 rematch teams, so you’ll eventually want to delete the numbers of trainers from earlier in the game (unless you want an item that they give) once you’ve fought their levels stop keeping up (usually by their fourth rematch party). For more information, check out my github tutorial: https://github.com/pret/pokecrystal/wiki/Improve-the-trainer-rematch-system
⦁ Many Pokemon base stats have been revised in order to increase viability and balance the game (most are omitted from Classic; See the Base Stats section)
⦁ You can now Fly to Mt Moon Square and Rock Tunnel
⦁ Catching Pokemon now yields exp
⦁ Exp is no longer obtained at level 100
⦁ Balls of each type now have unique colour palettes and Ultra Balls now have a catch rate of 2.5x instead of 2x, although it’s now more expensive
⦁ There is now an in-battle weather indicator to let you know when weather is active
⦁ You will now be automatically prompted to reuse Repels of a given type once they expire
⦁ Max obedience level with no badges is 15 instead of 10 in order to accommodate new level curve
⦁ The Lake of Rage Magikarp House minigame has been fixed so that Magikarp found in the Lake are bigger than usual
⦁ When you first meet him, Bill gives you a quest (see Map and Quest Changes for details) to obtain a new item, the Pocket PC (can only use it to deposit Pokemon)
⦁ Many moves have been revised, HM Moves are much more useful, and learnsets have been expanded (e.g. most Fire-types now learn Flash, which has been buffed!)
⦁ Hidden Power always has a power of 70, but type is still determined the same way
⦁ TMs are reusable and cannot be sold, and their methods of acquisition have been optimized
⦁ A Move Deleter has been added to the PP House in Goldenrod City and there’s now a Move Reminder (costs $500 per move reminded) in the Blackthorn City Move Deleter’s house
⦁ There’s new (and free!) gen 1 move tutors in Celadon City and the Goldenrod City tutor has been revised: he now appears after beating Pryce (Elm will tell you during the call) every day of the week except Sunday, only charges 400 coins per move, now also teaches Rock Slide, and there is no daily limit on learning moves
⦁ Days of the week siblings (like Monica of Monday) that give you type-boost items now appear every day (will likely make them battle you on their respective days in the full version)
⦁ Type and matchup changes (all omitted from Classic): Poison is now super effective against Bug, and Ghost/Dark hit Steel for neutral damage like in later gens; Sudowoodo is now Rock/Grass, Politoed is Water/Grass, Gyarados (who now evolves from Magikarp at level 30) is pure Dragon (shiny and default sprite palettes have been swapped to highlight this), Corsola is pure Ice (palettes have also been swapped), Meowth/Persian are pure Dark (palettes have also been swapped and slightly modified), Girafarig is Dark/Psychic, Magcargo is pure Fire, Smeargle is Ghost/Normal, Cloyster is Water/Ghost, Charizard is Fire/Dragon, Blastoise is Water/Steel and Marill/Azumarill are Water/Normal
⦁ Shinies: Pokemon with DVs of 12 or higher in every stat (except HP; it’s not factored into shininess or HP type) are shinies, which yields a shiny rate of 1/256, based on popular request (will be 1/850 or so in the full release/1.0 of Classic); now you know that a shiny Pokemon will be good! Additionally, Onix now has an ice blue shiny palette, reminiscent of Crystal Onix from the anime, Articuno has a violet shiny palette, similar to its Galarian form, and Charizard has a dark grey shiny palette, similar to his Mega X (shiny palette RGBs taken from Polished Crystal because I’m lazy, thanks Rangi lol). Other shiny palettes were touched up such as Lapras, Dratini and Dragonair’s
⦁ The Lake of Rage shiny Gyarados now has near-perfect DVs of 14 in every stat and yields a Blue Scale instead of a Red Scale; Gyarados also have a lower catch rate now (same as Snorlax), due to their buff
⦁ Odd egg improvements: good DVs are guaranteed, there’s a 33% chance to get a shiny, it only takes 10 egg cycles to hatch, and the odds of getting a given Pokemon vary less (all are 15% other than Tyrogue at 10%)
⦁ Togepi egg only takes 5 cycles to hatch instead of 10
⦁ Dialogue changes to conform better to in-game events and to accommodate some of the changes I have made
⦁ Mom no longer explains how the PokeGear works if you say that you know how to use it and the items she buys with your money have changed (e.g. Clefairy doll (now purchasable at Mt Moon) and Super Repel have been removed, and she buys many dolls that were previously restricted to Mystery Gift)
⦁ Mom (and later Red’s mom) now leaves decorations and items as gifts to pick up in your room after certain important story milestones, so check often (e.g., SPOILERS: once you get your first badge you’ll find a Pikachu Poster, once you clear the Rocket Hideout you’ll find a Voltorb Doll, and you’ll find an item for a new quest in Red’s room once you restore power to Kanto)
⦁ Decoration carpeting now covers your entire room (thanks to Rangi’s tutorial)
⦁ Options: menu account off, set, stereo, and fast text by default
⦁ The Elite Four is stronger after obtaining all 16 badges!
⦁ Max number of items in the “Items” Pack slot has been increased from 20 to 40
⦁ Max number of phone contacts has been increased from 10 to 25
⦁ Pokemon that evolved via trade evolution (except Seadra and Porygon) now do so with stones:
⦁ Fire Stone: Machamp
⦁ Water Stone: Slowking
⦁ Leaf Stone: Politoed
⦁ Thunderstone: Steelix
⦁ Moon Stone: Golem, Gengar, Alakazam
⦁ Sun Stone: Scizor
⦁ Dragon Scale (available only in Mt Mortar and from wild Dragonairs) and Up-Grade (milestone gift in your room (Silph Co has a new item instead) and from wild Porygons) are now used like evolutionary stones to evolve Seadra and Porygon.
⦁ Lucky Punch now ups Blissey’s crit ratio instead of Chansey’s
⦁ Gold Berry now heals 20 HP
⦁ Ragecandybar acts like a berry and now heals 30 HP
⦁ Mysteryberry now restores 10 instead of 5 PP
⦁ Gold Berry Juice has been added, which restores 100 HP (held)
⦁ Increased item availability, such as type-boosting and other held items (many can be stolen from strong trainers), evolutionary stones (see ‘Economy’ and ‘Map Changes’ sections), berries, decorations, etc. In fact, every item from the original game is now obtainable, including decorations, through normal play
⦁ Type-boosting items like Dragon Fang (which has been fixed and Dragon Scale no longer has this effect) now provide a 20% boost, like in the newer games, and some previously useless items now sell for a lot of money, such as the Leafs
⦁ Instead of losing half of your money when you whiteout, you lose money based on a modified version of the formula in later gens (based on number of badges and highest level Pokemon)
⦁ The Bug Contest has been beefed up (see the ‘Wild Encounter’ section)
Base Stats
Listed below are all Pokemon whose base stats were changed; Pokemon in parentheses are not final forms and the stat format is: hp, atk, def, sp atk, sp def, spd
NOTE: The Classic tag indicates a change that has remained in Classic due to it being fundamental to balancing or viability; all other Pokemon listed have their original Crystal stats in Classic version
⦁ Aipom: 75, 100, 66, 60, 66, 115 (Ambipom stats) Classic
⦁ (Ekans): 41, 66, 50, 46, 60, 61 (+6 to all stats)
⦁ Arbok: 70, 95, 79, 75, 89, 90 (+10 to all stats)
⦁ (Spinarak): 40, 60, 40, 40, 40, 90 (tripled spd stat) Classic
⦁ Ariados: 70, 90, 70, 60, 60, 120 (tripled spd stat) Classic
⦁ (Marill): 70, 35, 50, 35, 50, 40 (+15 atk and sp atk) Classic
⦁ Azumarill: 100, 80, 80, 80, 80, 50 (+30 atk and sp atk) Classic
⦁ Beedrill: 65, 90, 65, 45, 80, 95 (+10 atk, +25 def, +20 spd)
⦁ Butterfree: 60, 45, 75, 90, 80, 90 (+10 sp atk, +25 def, +20 spd)
⦁ Corsola: 60, 75, 105, 115, 105, 35 (partially inspired by Cursola) Classic
⦁ Delibird: 75, 85, 75, 95, 75, 75 (+30 to all stats except spd) Classic
⦁ (Seel): 65, 45, 55, 60, 70, 45 (+15 sp atk)
⦁ Dewgong: 90, 70, 80, 95, 95, 70 (+25 sp atk)
⦁ Ditto: 96, 96, 96, 96, 96, 96 (doubled all stats) Classic
⦁ (Diglett): 20, 70, 35, 45, 55, 95 (+10 HP, +15 atk, +10 def, sp atk and sp def)
⦁ Dugtrio: 55, 100, 70, 70, 90, 120 (+20 to all stats except spd)
⦁ Dunsparce: 110, 80, 80, 75, 75, 55 (+10 to all stats)
⦁ Electabuzz: 75, 83, 72, 95, 85, 105 (+10 HP and + 15 def)
⦁ Electrode: 60, 50, 70, 90, 90, 140 (+10 Sp Atk and Sp Def)
⦁ Farfetch’d: 62, 90, 82, 68, 82, 65 (Sirfetch’d stats except atk) Classic
⦁ (Spearow): 50, 60, 35, 31, 31, 70 (+10 HP, +5 def)
⦁ Fearow: 80, 90, 65, 61, 61, 100 (+15 HP)
⦁ Feraligatr: 85, 79, 100, 105, 83, 78 (swapped atk and sp atk for whole family) Classic
⦁ Flareon: 65, 95, 60, 130, 110, 65 (swapped atk and sp atk) Classic
⦁ (Sentret): 50, 46, 34, 35, 45, 50 (+15 HP, +30 spd)
⦁ Furret: 85, 86, 64, 45, 65, 110 (+10 atk and sp def, and +20 spd)
⦁ Girafarig: 80, 80, 80, 90, 80, 85 (+10 HP, +15 def and sp def)
⦁ Gligar: 75, 95, 125, 45, 75, 85 (Gliscor stats except speed) Classic
⦁ Gyarados: 95, 125, 79, 100, 100, 81 (+40 sp atk, like in gen 1)
⦁ Hitmonchan: 50, 79, 105, 65, 110, 46 (swapped atk and def, -30 spd, +30 sp atk)
⦁ (Drowzee): 60, 48, 45, 60, 90, 42 (+17 sp atk)
⦁ Hypno: 85, 73, 70, 95, 115, 67 (+22 sp atk (half of gen 1 difference))
⦁ Jumpluff: 75, 55, 70, 75, 95, 110 (+20 sp atk and +10 sp def)
⦁ Jynx: 65, 50, 50, 115, 95, 95 (+15 def)
⦁ (Kabuto): 35, 85, 85, 55, 45, 65 (+5 atk, +10 spd, -5 def)
⦁ Kabutops: 60, 125, 95, 80, 70, 95 (+10 atk, -10 def, +15 sp atk and spd)
⦁ (Krabby): 40, 105, 80, 35, 25, 50 (+10 HP and sp atk, -10 def)
⦁ Kingler: 70, 130, 100, 65, 50, 75 (+15 HP and sp atk, -15 def)
⦁ Lanturn: 125, 58, 58, 90, 76, 67 (+14 sp atk)
⦁ (Ledyba): 40, 40, 30, 20, 80, 55 (swapped atk and sp atk)
⦁ Ledian: 75, 85, 50, 55, 110, 85 (+20 HP, +50 atk)
⦁ Lickitung: 110, 85, 95, 80, 95, 50 (Lickilicky stats) Classic
⦁ (Slugma): 50, 40, 60, 70, 50, 20 (+10 HP and sp def, +20 def) Classic
⦁ Magcargo: 70, 50, 120, 100, 80, 30 (+20 HP and sp atk) Classic
⦁ Magmar: 75, 95, 72, 100, 85, 93 (+10 HP and + 15 def)
⦁ Magneton: 60, 60, 95, 120, 80, 70 (+10 HP and sp def; inspired from Magnezone)
⦁ Mantine: 85, 60, 70, 80, 140, 70 (+20 HP (gen 7 buff) and +20 atk)
⦁ Murkrow: 70, 95, 52, 95, 52, 91 (+10 atk, sp atk, def, and sp def; inspired from Honchkrow)
⦁ Ninetales: 73, 67, 75, 90, 100, 109 (+9 sp atk and speed, -9 atk; inspired from Alolan form)
⦁ Noctowl: 100, 66, 50, 86, 96, 70 (+16 atk and +10 sp atk)
⦁ Octillery: 75, 105, 75, 105, 75, 65 (+20 spd to have the same as Remoraid)
⦁ (Omanyte): 45, 40, 90, 90, 70, 35 (+10 HP, +15 sp def and -10 def)
⦁ Omastar: 70, 60, 125, 115, 100, 55 (+30 sp def, similar to gen 1)
⦁ Onix: 45, 55, 160, 30, 45, 70 (+10 HP and atk)
⦁ (Paras): 45, 70, 55, 55, 55, 25 (+10 HP and sp atk)
⦁ Parasect: 90, 95, 80, 90, 80, 30 (+30 HP and sp atk) Classic
⦁ (Meowth): 40, 50, 35, 60, 40, 90 (+5 atk and +20 sp atk)
⦁ Persian: 65, 80, 60, 95, 65, 115 (+10 atk and +30 sp atk)
⦁ (Pidgey): 46, 45, 40, 35, 35, 56 (+6 HP)
⦁ Pidgeot: 93, 80, 75, 70, 70, 91 (+10 HP)
⦁ (Swinub): 60, 50, 40, 40, 30, 50 (+10 HP and sp atk)
⦁ Piloswine: 110, 100, 80, 70, 60, 70 (+10 HP and sp atk, +20 spd, inspired from Mamoswine)
⦁ Pinsir: 65, 125, 100, 55, 70, 100 (+15 spd)
⦁ (Poliwag): 30, 50, 40, 50, 40, 90 (-10 HP and +10 sp atk)
⦁ (Poliwhirl): 65, 65, 50, 65, 65, 90 (+15 sp atk, swapped def and sp def)
⦁ Poliwrath: 100, 95, 95, 70, 90, 70 (+10 HP and atk)
⦁ (Porygon): 65, 65, 70, 85, 75, 40 (+5 atk)
⦁ Porygon2: 85, 90, 90, 105, 95, 60 (+10 atk)
⦁ Primeape: 75, 105, 70, 60, 80, 105 (+10 HP, def, sp def, and spd)
⦁ (Wooper): 55, 45, 45, 35, 45, 15 (+10 sp atk and +20 sp def) Classic
⦁ Quagsire: 95, 85, 95, 65, 95, 35 (+10 def and +30 sp def) Classic
⦁ Qwilfish: 65, 95, 85, 75, 55, 85 (+10 def like in gen 7 and +20 sp atk)
⦁ (Rattata): 40, 56, 35, 25, 35, 72 (+10 HP)
⦁ Raticate: 65, 91, 60, 50, 70, 97 (+10 HP and atk)
⦁ Sandslash: 75, 100, 120, 25, 65, 65 (Alolan stats)
⦁ (Goldeen): 45, 67, 60, 50, 50, 63 (+15 sp atk, like in gen 1)
⦁ Seaking: 80, 92, 65, 85, 80, 88 (+20 sp atk and spd)
⦁ Shuckle: 30, 10, 230, 10, 230, 5 (+10 HP)
⦁ Sneasel: 60, 35, 55, 110, 75, 115 (Weavile’s stats -10 and atk/sp atk swapped) Classic
⦁ Snorlax: 160, 110, 65, 65, 65, 30 (-45 sp def, like in gen 1)
⦁ Stantler: 73, 95, 62, 85, 82, 95 (+17 sp def and +10 spd)
⦁ Suicune: 100, 75, 115, 100, 115, 95 (+10 sp atk and speed; 600 BST to distinguish it from the other dogs, since it’s the title Pokemon)
⦁ (Sunkern): 40, 30, 30, 50, 50, 30 (+10 HP and +20 sp atk and sp def)
⦁ Sunflora: 75, 75, 55, 105, 105, 40 (+20 sp def and +10 spd)
⦁ Tangela: 65, 55, 115, 100, 100, 60 (+60 sp def, like gen 1) Classic
⦁ (Togepi): 45, 40, 65, 30, 65, 20 (+10 HP, +20 atk, -10 sp atk) Classic
⦁ Togetic: 75, 80, 85, 65, 105, 40 (+20 HP, +40 atk, -15 sp atk) Classic
⦁ Unown: 48, 48, 72, 48, 72, 72 (inverted all stats except HP) Classic
⦁ Venomoth: 70, 90, 60, 65, 90, 90 (+15 sp def like in gen 1, swapped atk and sp atk)
⦁ Weezing: 75, 90, 120, 85, 70, 60 (+10 HP to tie with Muk’s BST)
⦁ (Jigglypuff): 115, 45, 30, 55, 35, 20 (+10 def, sp atk and sp def) Classic
⦁ Wigglytuff: 140, 70, 65, 85, 70, 45 (+20 def and sp def, +10 sp atk like in later gens) Classic
⦁ Xatu: 65, 85, 70, 105, 70, 95 (+10 atk and sp atk)
⦁ Yanma: 76, 96, 76, 76, 56, 95 (inspired by Yanmega stats) Classic

Notes on learnset changes:
⦁ If no Pokemon are specified in a change, the change applies to the entire line
⦁ Learnsets now include crucial moves that were previously event-only
⦁ I didn’t bother listing EVERY change since some are simply a matter of adjusting levels slightly (I use the term ‘rearrange’), such as Tangela learning Stun Spore three levels later. If you’re really curious, you can compare the changes to the originals on Serebii (or your preferred database)
⦁ Note that changes to Kanto Pokemon learnsets are listed in the Johto section if a Pokemon in their family line is a new/Johto Pokemon (e.g. Scyther’s changes are listed with Scizor’s in the Johto section). Other than this exception, all family lines are listed by the first evolution’s name

Johto Pokemon:
⦁ Chikorita line: Learn Leech Seed naturally at level 11, Reflect is now learned along with Light Screen, swapped Safeguard and Solarbeam, and Poisonpowder is learned at level 14; Vine Whip is learned instead of Razor Leaf, which is now learned slightly later (learn levels slightly arranged). Meganium can now learn Swords Dance via move reminder
⦁ Cyndaquil line: Learn Smokescreen at level 8; Quick Attack, Flame Wheel and Flamethrower are learned earlier; Swift is replaced with Submission; can now learn Flash instead of Cut and Quilava/Typhlosion no longer learn Fury Cutter; Typhlosion learns Thrash at level 60 and can now be taught Solarbeam and Rock Slide
⦁ Totodile line: Swapped Rage and Water Gun; learn Bubblebeam at level 24, Crunch (level 48 for Feraligatr) between Screech and Hydro Pump, and mid-tier moves learned earlier
⦁ Hoothoot line: Reflect and Confusion swapped (the latter is now learned in early 20s); Wing Attack is now learned in the late 20s; Noctowl learns Dream Eater earlier (level 54)
⦁ Ledyba line: Learn Comet Punch (now BUG) at level 13 instead of 15; Ledian learns Gust at level 18, Razor Wind at 60 (replacing Double-Edge), and can learn TM 49 (Fury Cutter)
⦁ Spinarak line: Scary Face replaced with Pin Missile, Acid now learned (takes Leech Life’s old slot), and Constrict and Spider Web swapped; learn Meditate at the same level as Agility, Fury Swipes replaced with Leech Life; learn levels have been rearranged
⦁ Crobat line: Slightly rearranged learn levels; Crobat learns screech at level 42; Haze is replaced by Crunch; Leech Life swapped with Bite and Mean Look swapped with Crunch; Golbat and Crobat now learn Sludge at level 30 and can be taught Sludge Bomb
⦁ Chinchou line: Water Gun replaced with Bubblebeam
⦁ Pichu line: Pikachu/Raichu can now be taught Surf and Slam has swapped with Thunderbolt; Pikachu learns Sing instead of Agility and Spark instead of Thunderbolt; Raichu now learns Thunder and Light Screen
⦁ Cleffa line: Clefairy and Clefable now learn Belly Drum; Clefable learns moves starting at level 38, so you don’t need to keep a Clefairy until it has learned all moves
⦁ Igglybuff line: Swapped Defense Curl and Pound; Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff can now learn Counter and Softboiled; Wigglytuff learns moves starting at level 43, so you don’t need to keep a Jigglypuff until it has learned all moves
⦁ Togepi line: Replaced Encore with Wing Attack for Togetic and Togetic learns Aeroblast at level 49
⦁ Natu line: Learn Confusion at level 16; Xatu learns Drill Peck at 29, Beat Up at 64, and learns later moves earlier; can now be taught Shadow Ball
⦁ Bellossom line: Both Bellossom and Vileplume now learn Petal Dance at level 44; swapped Acid and Sleep Powder for Oddish and Gloom, both of whom also learn Mega Drain in the late 20s; Vileplume learns Solarbeam at level 55; Bellossom learns Morning Sun via move reminder, Fire Spin at level 55, Pain Split at 66, and can now be taught Shadow Ball
⦁ Marill line: Replaced Rain Dance with Hydro Pump
⦁ Sudowoodo: Replaced Rock Throw with Flail and Faint Attack with Bind, and lowered learn levels. Now learns Leech Seed at level 25, Synthesis at 57 and Substitute at 66
⦁ Politoed line: Rain Dance has been replaced with Lovely Kiss, DoubleSlap with Body Slam, Bubblebeam and Belly Drum are learned naturally, and Dream Eater can now be taught; learn levels have been adjusted. Poliwrath learns Hydro Pump at level 59 and can now be taught Thunder/Fire Punch and Rock Slide. Politoed (now water/grass) learns Cotton Spore at level 44 (Perish Song now learned at level 59) and can now be taught Sunny Day, Giga Drain and Solarbeam
⦁ Hoppip line: Synthesis learned later, Absorb is now learned instead of Tackle, and other moves have been rearranged; Jumpluff now learns Mean Look at level 55 and can be taught Fly
⦁ Aipom: Can now be taught Psych Up and significant moveset changes (can still learn Screech as an egg move):
⦁ Lv. 1, SCRATCH
⦁ Lv. 1, TAIL WHIP
⦁ Lv. 17, SWIFT
⦁ Lv. 31, HYPNOSIS
⦁ Lv. 39, BATON PASS
⦁ Lv. 49, AGILITY
⦁ Lv. 60, MEGA KICK
⦁ Sunkern line: Rearranged learn levels; Sunkern’s Synthesis has been replaced with Morning Sun; Sunflora can now be taught Flamethrower and learns Synthesis via Move reminder
⦁ Yanma: Move learn order has been rearranged and Supersonic has been replaced with Leech Life; learns Whirlwind at level 37,Razor Wind at 49, and Ancientpower at 55; can now be taught Hyper Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Steel Wing, Dragonbreath, and Fury Cutter
⦁ Wooper line: Water Gun and Tail Whip have swapped, as well as Amnesia and Haze; Mist has been replaced with Hydro Pump; Quagsire now learns Belly Drum at level 66, his learn levels have been adjusted, and can now be taught Rock Slide
⦁ Eevee line: Replaced Eevee’s Growl with Growth; replaced Flareon’s Leer with Agility, it learns Flame Wheel at level 36 and Fire Spin at 52; and it can now be taught Solarbeam; replaced Jolteon’s Thunder Wave with Spark, which has swapped with Pin Missile; Espeon and Umbreon’s moves have been slightly rearranged; Espeon can now be taught Solarbeam. All evos can learn Growth and Baton Pass via move reminder
⦁ Murkrow: Now learns Beat Up and Sky Attack, Faint Attack and Pursuit swapped
⦁ Slowking line: Swapped Slowking’s Swagger for Withdraw and it now learns Spikes at level 46; Slowbro and Slowking now learn Belly Drum at level 57
⦁ Misdreavus: Now learns Hypnosis
⦁ Unown: Now has Psywave in addition to Hidden Power
⦁ Wobbuffet: Now learns Mimic at level 1 and Safeguard at level 30
⦁ Girafarig: Swapped Psybeam and Baton Pass, now learns Faint Attack at level 27 and Psychic at level 48; rearranged learn levels slightly and can now be taught Hypnosis via move reminder
⦁ Pineco line: Pin Missile has replaced Protect and Forretress learns Spike Cannon instead of Double Edge
⦁ Dunsparce: Now learns Tackle at level 1, Rage (buffed) at level 17 and Rock Slide at 42; learn levels slightly rearranged and only learns Headbutt via TM
⦁ Gligar: Can now learn Earthquake, Dig and Mud Slap via TM, and Fly via HM; Sand Attack swapped for Mud Slap and Faint Attack swapped for Wing Attack
⦁ Steelix line: Bind is learned later due to its buff; Rock Slide is learned at level 49 (replacing Crunch for Steelix) and Skull Bash at level 59
⦁ Snubbull line: Replaced Rage with Mega Punch (Granbull only) and Tail Whip with Stomp; moves have been rearranged and can now learn Heal Bell naturally
⦁ Qwilfish: Spikes and Rapid Spin are now learned at level 24
⦁ Scizor line: Agility is learned later and Baton Pass after that; Scizor doesn’t learn Double Team, Scyther learns it (and Wing Attack) earlier; Scyther learns Razor Wind at level 39; Scizor learns Comet Punch at level 27
⦁ Shuckle: Replaced Rest with Baton Pass; no longer learns Constrict and instead learns Wrap at level 1; learns Spider Web at level 46. Can now be taught Roar and Rock Slide
⦁ Heracross: Replaced Fury Attack with Vital Throw and replaced Reversal with Submission; Seismic Toss can now be learned via Move Reminder (Level 1) and Reversal is learned at level 65. Can now be taught Rock Slide
⦁ Sneasel: Significant changes: Now learns Moonlight (move reminder), Pursuit, Powder Snow, and Ice Beam due to stat changes; Agility replaced with Reflect; can now be taught Psychic and Surf
⦁ Teddiursa line: Swapped Lick with Faint Attack; Slash’s slot has been replaced with Strength and Ursaring alone learns Slash at level 30
⦁ Slugma line: Harden replaced with Spikes; Rock Slide replaced with Acid Armor; Body Slam replaced with Sacred Fire; Magcargo can be taught Solarbeam and Rock Slide
⦁ Swinub line: Piloswine learns some of his later moves earlier and learns Horn Drill upon evolution, rather than Horn Attack; level 1 move for both Pokemon is Fury Attack. Can be taught Dig
⦁ Corsola: Now learns Powder Snow instead of Bubble, Spikes instead of Spike Cannon, Aurora Beam at the same time as Bubblebeam, and Blizzard at level 51; can be taught Icy Wind, Hyper Beam and Blizzard
⦁ Remoraid line: Replaced Octillery’s Focus Energy with Constrict and Hyper Beam with Beat Up; lowered level requirements for some moves; Octillery can now be taught Zap Cannon
⦁ Delibird: Has Spikes and Rapid Spin along with Present in its default moveset and learns Drill Peck at level 35
⦁ Mantine: Take Down replaced with Wing Attack, its slot having been replaced by Twister, and Agility has been replaced with Haze; now learns Hydro Pump at level 53 and other late moves are learned earlier; can now be taught Fly, Zap Cannon, Solarbeam, Dragonbreath, and Thunder
⦁ Skarmory: Fury Attack replaced with Drill Peck; now learns Whirlwind at level 8, Spikes at level 41 and Sky Attack at level 57. Learn levels slightly rearranged; can now be taught Rock Slide
⦁ Houndour line: Replaced Faint Attack with Fire Spin; can now learn Flash
⦁ Kingdra line: Leer and Water Gun swapped; Haze is now learned as a final move; Seadra and Kingdra learn Octazooka at level 32; Kingdra learns Outrage at level 58
⦁ Phanpy line: Moves rearranged and now learn Rock Throw; Donphan’s Fury Attack replaced with Horn Attack and learns Body Slam at level 57; can now be taught Rock Slide
⦁ Porygon2 line: Swapped Lock-On and Tri Attack; replaced Zap Cannon with Thunder Wave; Mega Kick learned at level 52
⦁ Stantler: Replaced Sand Attack with Icy Wind and learns Blizzard at level 49 (Confuse Ray now at 59). Can now be taught Blizzard, Icy Wind, and Strength
⦁ Tyrogue line: Learns Rolling Kick and Comet Punch at level 16; Hitmontop learns Substitute at level 49; Hitmon moves have been changed significantly so that they are all learnable in-game and they can now be taught Earthquake and Rock Slide
⦁ Smoochum line: Replaced Jynx’s Body Slam with Psychic and added Substitute at level 59; rearranged moves so that Jynx learns them all
⦁ Elekid line: Replaced Screech with Pursuit and Swift with Substitute; Electabuzz learns Cross Chop at level 58
⦁ Magby line: Replaced Sunny Day with Substitute; can now learn Flash; Magmar learns Cross Chop at level 57, can be taught Dragonbreath, and can learn Rock Slide from the move tutor
⦁ Miltank: Now learns Mega Kick at level 64 and can now be taught Rock Slide
⦁ Blissey line: Swapped Minimize and Egg Bomb and replaced Double-Edge with Heal Bell, now learn Barrage at level 66
⦁ Raikou: Swapped Thundershock for Spark, Reflect takes Spark’s old slot, and Thunderbolt takes Reflect’s old slot
⦁ Entei: Replaced Ember with Flame Wheel
⦁ Suicune: Now learns Whirlwind at level 81, swapped Bubblebeam and Gust
⦁ Larvitar line: Replaced Hyper Beam with Thrash and Thrash’s old slot was replaced with Pursuit
⦁ Lugia: Rearranged learnset slightly
⦁ Ho-Oh: Rearranged learnset slightly
⦁ Celebi: Rearranged learnset slightly

Kanto Pokemon:
⦁ Bulbasaur line: Can now be taught Sludge Bomb, Synthesis is learned earlier and Sweet Scent was replaced with Petal Dance; Venusaur learns Reflect at level 36 and can learn Skull Bash via move reminder
⦁ Charmander line: Swapped Slash and Flamethrower and moves are learned a little earlier; can now learn Flash; Charizard learns Belly Drum at level 48 and can be taught Solarbeam
⦁ Squirtle line: Blastoise learns Spike Cannon at level 36, Mega Punch (along with Hydro Pump) at level 47, Skull Bash at 55 and Mega Kick at level 63; later moves learned a bit earlier. Blastoise can now be taught Rock Slide and Sandstorm
⦁ Caterpie line: Replaced Butterfree’s Supersonic with Gust; Mega Drain takes Gust’s old slot, and it learns Reflect at level 47; Metapod knows Tackle at level 1
⦁ Weedle line: Beedrill learns Swords Dance at level 47 and moves have been rearranged; Kakuna knows Tackle at level 1
⦁ Pidgey line: Swapped Whirlwind and Wing Attack; Sky Attack and Baton Pass are learned after Mirror Move; Pidgeot learns Razor Wind at level 36
⦁ Rattata line: Adjusted learn levels and added 3 new moves: Mimic, Body Slam, and Substitute
⦁ Spearow line: Now learn Substitute, Double-Edge and Sky Attack
⦁ Ekans line: Now learn Substitute; swapped Acid and Glare
⦁ Sandshrew line: Changed learn levels, replaced Sand Attack with Mud Slap and Sandstorm with Earthquake; Sandslash: learns Metal Claw instead of Poison Sting and Swords Dance instead of Fury Swipes, and now learns Rock Slide at level 58
⦁ Nidoran♀ line: Tail Whip (still available for Nidoqueen via move reminder) replaced with Lovely Kiss, Tackle replaced with Horn Attack, Fury Swipes replaced with Body Slam (Nidoran/Nidorina) and Poison Sting learned earlier; Nidoqueen now learns Body Slam at level 33 (formerly 23) and Moonlight at 42; Nidorina and Nidoqueen can be taught Dig and Nightmare
⦁ Nidoran♂ line: Focus Energy (still available for Nidoking via move reminder) replaced with Lovely Kiss, Poison Sting swapped with Horn Attack; Nidoking now learns Thrash at level 42 (formerly 23), Horn Drill at 53 and can be taught Sludge Bomb. Nidorino and Nidoking can be taught Dig and Nightmare
⦁ Vulpix line: Now learn Hypnosis and Safeguard is replaced with Flame Wheel; learn levels have been slightly rearranged; can now learn Flash; Ninetales learns Spite at level 55 and can be taught Solarbeam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Dream Eater
⦁ Paras line: Swapped Leech Life and Slash, and replaced Poisonpowder with Absorb
⦁ Venonat line: Added Reflect and rearranged learnset; now learn Sludge at level 20; Venomoth’s Gust replaced with Wing Attack
⦁ Diglett line: Now learn Beat Up and Swords Dance; Dugtrio learns Tri Attack at level 26
⦁ Meowth line: Crunch is now learned at level 44/48 and Hypnosis at 51/57; Pursuit can be learned via move reminder; adjusted learn levels slightly (e.g. Slash and Fury Swipes learned earlier, Screech later)
⦁ Psyduck line: Replaced Tail Whip with Water Gun, Fury Swipes with Cross Chop, and Psych Up with Psybeam; Golduck now learns Recover upon evolving at level 33 and can now be taught Thunderbolt and Thunder
⦁ Mankey line: Low Kick takes Karate Chop’s slot and Rage takes Low Kick’s old slot; swapped Screech and Cross Chop; Primeape learns Vital Throw at level 28 instead of Rage; Primeape can now be taught Earthquake
⦁ Growlithe line: Can now be taught Flash; Growlithe learns moves earlier and Stomp instead of Take Down; Arcanine now learns Agility, Flamethrower, Extremespeed, and Take Down (level 66) and can be taught Earthquake and Solarbeam
⦁ Abra line: Rearranged levels slightly and Kinesis is learned by Kadabra/Alakazam at level 36; Abra now learns Disable at level 21 and Alakazam learns Thunder Wave at level 60
⦁ Machop line: Swapped Cross Chop and Submission, and Foresight and Vital Throw
⦁ Bellsprout line: Swapped Sweet Scent with Razor Leaf; Victreebel learns Constrict at level 45
⦁ Tentacool line: Now learn Rapid Spin at level 12; replaced Wrap with Constrict
⦁ Geodude line: Replaced Harden with Rapid Spin; Rock Slide now learned after Explosion
⦁ Ponyta line: Replaced Ember with Flame Wheel and can now be taught Flash. Rapidash now learns Hi Jump Kick via move reminder, learns Horn Drill instead of Fury Attack at level 40, and learns Extremespeed at level 67; can be taught Solarbeam and Earthquake
⦁ Magnemite line: Now learn Spark (instead of Screech), swapped Thundershock and Supersonic and replaced Swift with Confuse Ray (Magnemite) and Tri Attack (Magneton; can still learn Confuse Ray via move reminder); Thunder is now learned instead of Zap Cannon, which is now learned at the same level as Lock-On. Magneton can now be taught Thief
⦁ Farfetch’d: Now learns Vine Whip at level 1, Razor Wind and Razor Leaf at level 51, and Baton Pass at level 59; can now be taught Fury Cutter
⦁ Doduo line: Now learn Double-Edge after Agility and learn levels rearranged; Dodrio learns Hi Jump Kick at level 60
⦁ Seel line: Rearranged learn levels and Megahorn is now learned at levels 47 and 54; Dewgong learns Horn Drill at level 34
⦁ Grimer line: Can now learn Explosion; fixed levels for Muk’s moves
⦁ Shellder line: Now learn Rapid Spin at level 57 and Spikes at level 49 + Lick instead of Withdraw; Shellder no longer learns Leer and learns Clamp/Ice Beam earlier; Cloyster learns Night Shade instead of Clamp and can now be taught Shadow Ball and Zap Cannon
⦁ Gastly line: Gengar now learns Perish Song at level 58
⦁ Drowzee line: Replaced Meditate with Light Screen, Poison Gas learned at level 32 for Drowzee and 34 for Hypno
⦁ Krabby line: Rearranged learnset, added Bubblebeam and replaced Protect with Swords Dance; now learn Bind after Crabhammer. Kingler can now be taught Rock Slide
⦁ Voltorb line: Rollout replaced with Spark, Swift replaced with Thunderbolt and they now learn Thunder Wave after Mirror Coat; Electrode can now be taught Giga Drain, Psychic, and Thief
⦁ Exeggcute line: Barrage is now learned last (due to its buff) and Exeggcutor learns Egg Bomb and Stomp later
⦁ Cubone line: Now learn Rock Slide; Headbutt swapped with Rage and Bonemerang with False Swipe; no longer learns Tail Whip and learn levels rearranged. Can now be taught Rollout and Roar
⦁ Lickitung: Screech replaced with Swords Dance and can now be taught Sludge Bomb and Rock Slide
⦁ Koffing line: Now learn Fire Spin after Destiny Bond and Screech along with Poison Gas at level 33; Haze can now only be learned via move reminder
⦁ Rhyhorn line: Take Down replaced with Rock Slide and Fury Attack replaced with Magnitude; last two moves learned a bit earlier; can now learn Megahorn
⦁ Tangela: Bind replaced with Synthesis and Slam replaced with Constrict; learn levels have been rearranged and learns Leech Seed at level 52
⦁ Kangaskhan: Rearranged learnset; now learns Double-Edge at level 55
⦁ Goldeen line: Now learn Swords Dance; Fury Attack has been replaced with Drill Peck and Horn Drill with Megahorn
⦁ Staryu line: Replace Swift with Psybeam; rearranged learnset and Starmie now learns Light Screen and Hydro Pump
⦁ Mr. Mime: Meditate has been replaced with Growth, which is a level 1 move, swapped Encore and Psybeam, and Confusion and Doubleslap; now learns Barrier is learned at level 17, Mimic at level 51 and Mirror Move at 56
⦁ Pinsir: Swapped Harden and Vicegrip; replaced Bind with Fury Cutter; now learns Megahorn at level 55. Can now be taught Rock Slide
⦁ Tauros: Pursuit replaced with Stomp and Rest with Horn Drill; now learns Megahorn at level 64. Can now be taught Rock Slide
⦁ Magikarp line: Magikarp now learns Tackle and Flail earlier; significantly rearranged Gyarados’ learnset: due to buffs, moves are learned later, Thrash is now learned at level 55, Crunch at level 60, and Outrage at 65; Gyarados can now be taught Iron Tail, Earthquake and Fly
⦁ Lapras: Rearranged moveset slightly
⦁ Omanyte line: Rearranged learnset so that Constrict is learned later (due to buff). Omastar can now be taught Rock Slide
⦁ Kabuto line: Swapped Mega Drain for Giga Drain (Kabuto) and Extremespeed (Kabutops); replaced Absorb with Rock Throw, Leer with Rapid Spin, Sand Attack with Bind, Endure with Ancientpower and Rock Slide takes Ancientpower’s old slot; Bubblebeam is learned naturally and Kabutops can now learn Razor Wind via move reminder and be taught Earthquake
⦁ Aerodactyl: Rearranged learnset so that Wing Attack is learnable; replaced Agility with Rock Slide, now learns Razor Wind at level 57 and Crunch at 50 (Hyper Beam is now learned at 64 instead)
⦁ Snorlax: Now learns Lovely Kiss at level 57, Mega Kick at 71, and Skull Bash at 78; can be taught Explosion via move tutor; rearranged moveset
⦁ Articuno: Can now learn Surf; Mind Reader replaced with Razor Wind
⦁ Moltres: Replaced Endure with Razor Wind; can now be taught Solarbeam and Flash
⦁ Dratini line: Swapped Dragon Rage and Agility, and Thunder Wave and Twister; replaced Dragonite’s Wing Attack with Razor Wind, Hyper Beam is learned earlier and Mega Kick is learned at level 79. Dragonite can now be taught Rock Slide and whole line can learn Whirlpool
⦁ Mewtwo: Can now be taught Explosion and Rock Slide via move tutor
⦁ Mew: Swapped Transform and Ancientpower; now learns Rock Slide, Future Sight, Mimic, Mega Kick, and Barrage
Move Changes
All moves not listed below are unchanged from Pokemon Crystal
⦁ Weather: Like Sandstorm (and like in gen 3+), Rain Dance and Sunny Day now fail when used while the same weather is already in effect. Rock Slide never misses during a Sandstorm, like Thunder when it’s raining
⦁ Grass-type Pokemon are now immune to Spore, Stun Spore and Sleep Powder
⦁ Fire-type Pokemon are immune to the modified Fire Spin (aka Will-O-Wisp)
⦁ Synthesis, Morning Sun and Moonlight are no longer affected by the time of day. Harsh sunlight will cause Synthesis and Morning Sun (rain for Moonlight) to restore ⅔ HP and any other weather effect = ⅓ HP restored. If there is no weather effect, ½ HP is restored
⦁ Doubleslap: Double hit, Pow 40
⦁ Comet Punch: Now Bug-type
⦁ Mega Punch: Pow 100, PP 10, 30% Flinch
⦁ Vicegrip: PP 10, 50% Flinch
⦁ Razor Wind: Now Flying type, no charge turn or high crit ratio, Acc 100, Gust effect
⦁ Cut: Now Bug-type, Pow 70, PP 10, 20% Flinch
⦁ Whirlwind: Now Flying type
⦁ Fly: Pow 90 like in Gen IV+
⦁ Bind: Now Rock type, Pow 65, Acc 95, PP 15, 75% evasion down
⦁ Slam: Pow 100, PP 10, 30% paralysis
⦁ Vine Whip: Pow 45, PP 25 (like in X/Y)
⦁ Stomp: Never misses minimized foes (still does double damage to them as well)
⦁ Mega Kick: Pow 175, Acc 75, PP 1 (PP Ups don’t increase it)
⦁ Rolling Kick: Acc 100, PP 10
⦁ Horn Attack: Now Poison type, 10% chance to poison
⦁ Fury Attack: Acc 95, PP 15
⦁ Tackle: Pow 40, Acc 100 like Scratch (and in later gens)
⦁ Take Down: Jump Kick effect, Pow 120, PP 15
⦁ Thrash: Pow 120, PP 10
⦁ Twineedle: Pow 40, Acc 90, PP 10
⦁ Pin Missile: Pow 18, Acc 88 PP 10
⦁ Bite: Flinch chance is now 10% instead of 30%
⦁ Roar: Increases user’s attack by one stage (like Howl), PP 10
⦁ Sing: Acc 70, 10 PP
⦁ Supersonic: Acc 70, 15 PP
⦁ Sonicboom: 25 HP damage
⦁ Disable: Acc 80, PP 10
⦁ Acid: Pow 50, PP 10, 20% burn chance
⦁ Blizzard: Acc 80
⦁ Psybeam: Effect chance 30%, PP 15
⦁ Bubblebeam: Effect chance 30%, PP 15
⦁ Aurora Beam: Effect chance 30%, PP 15
⦁ Hyper Beam: Pow 160
⦁ Drill Peck: PP 15
⦁ Submission: Pow 90, Acc 100, PP 15
⦁ Low Kick: Acc 100
⦁ Strength: Pow 95
⦁ Absorb: PP 25
⦁ Mega Drain: PP 15
⦁ Poisonpowder: Acc 100, PP 15
⦁ Petal Dance: Pow 120, PP 10
⦁ Dragon Rage: Pow 60 (does non-fixed DRG type damage), 30% Burn chance
⦁ Fire Spin: Acc 75, no more trap effect; instead does no damage and causes burn (essentially gen 3 Will-O-Wisp)
⦁ Thunder Wave: Acc 90 (like in gen 7+)
⦁ Dig: Pow 80
⦁ Toxic: Acc 90 (like in gen 5+)
⦁ Confusion: Pow 50, PP 15, 20% confuse chance
⦁ Rage: Pow 30
⦁ Selfdestruct: PP 1
⦁ Egg Bomb: Now Fire type, 30% chance to burn
⦁ Lick: Acc 95, PP 10, 50% chance to paralyze
⦁ Smog: Acc 95, PP 10, 50% chance to poison
⦁ Bone Club: Now multi-hit (2-5x), Pow 30, PP 10
⦁ Waterfall: 20% Flinch chance (like in gen 4+)
⦁ Clamp: Pow 65, Acc 100 PP 15, 75% evasion down
⦁ Skull Bash: Now Steel type, Pow 150, Acc 90, PP 5
⦁ Spike Cannon: Now Steel type, PP 10
⦁ Constrict: Now Grass type, Pow 65, Acc 95 PP 15, 50% speed down one stage
⦁ Kinesis: Now lowers Acc by 2 stages, PP 5
⦁ Hi Jump Kick: Pow 100 (like in gen IV)
⦁ Glare: Acc 100, PP 15
⦁ Poison Gas: Badly poisons, Acc 95, PP 5
⦁ Barrage: Now Fire type and has False Swipe effect, Pow 140, Acc 90, PP 5
⦁ Leech Life: Pow 60, PP 10
⦁ Sky Attack: Now has a high crit rate and 30% flinch chance like in gen 3
⦁ Dizzy Punch: Pow 85, 30% confuse chance
⦁ Flash: Acc 95, PP 10
⦁ Psywave: Acc 100, PP 10
⦁ Crabhammer: Pow 120
⦁ Explosion: PP 1
⦁ Fury Swipes: Acc 95
⦁ Bonemerang: Pow 55
⦁ Rock Slide: Pow 85, 10% flinch chance, never misses during a Sandstorm
⦁ Triple Kick: Pow 20 (+30, 40 = 90 total), Acc 95
⦁ Thief: Pow 60, PP 15
⦁ Flame Wheel: 20% burn chance, PP 15
⦁ Snore: Pow 80
⦁ Cotton Spore: Grass-type Ancientpower: Pow 60, Acc 100, PP 10, 10% All stats up
⦁ Powder Snow: PP 10, 30% freeze chance
⦁ Mach Punch: Pow 60, PP 15
⦁ Sweet Kiss: Acc 100
⦁ Octazooka: Acc 100
⦁ Detect: PP 20 (cuz why not?)
⦁ Bone Rush: No longer multi-hit and has priority (like Quick Attack), Pow 65, PP 15
⦁ Outrage: Pow 120, PP 10
⦁ Giga Drain: PP 10
⦁ Fury Cutter: Pow 20, Acc 90, PP 15
⦁ Steel Wing: Pow 80, Acc 100 PP 15
⦁ Mean Look: Now ghost type (simply aesthetic, has no bearing on effectiveness)
⦁ Present: Acc 100, PP 10, Pow 75, 90, or 200 (same odds as before)
⦁ Megahorn: PP 5
⦁ Dragonbreath: Pow 80, PP 15
⦁ Iron Tail: Acc 90, PP 10
⦁ Metal Claw: Pow 70, Acc 90, PP 15, 30% chance Atk up
⦁ Hidden Power: Pow is always 70; DVs only determine type
⦁ Twister: Pow 55, no longer flinches/hits during Fly but never misses
⦁ Ancientpower: PP 10
⦁ Shadow Ball: Lowers Def instead of Sp. Def
⦁ Future Sight: Pow 100, Acc 100, PP 10
⦁ Rock Smash: PP 10, 100% chance to lower Defence
⦁ Whirlpool: Now like a stronger Aqua Jet: Pow 60, Acc 100, PP 10
⦁ Beat Up: Multi-hit (2-5x), Pow 25, Acc 90, PP 10 (damage is no longer typeless & STAB is applied; also uses the Mega Punch animation now)

The economy has been revamped in order to incentivize the player to be more selective with their purchases and there is now a greater variety of items to be purchased.

Mart Changes:
Prices have mostly increased across the board to incentivize resource management and contribute to the difficulty increase:
⦁ Poke Balls are half price, Great Balls are regular price, and Ultra Balls are 1.5x
⦁ Essential restorative items: Potion price has not changed, Super Potion/Energy Powder are ~1.3x, Hyper Potion,Energy Root and Max Potion are about x1.5
⦁ Drinks are more expensive, but still a better deal than regular and herbal restoratives: Fresh Water $650, Soda Pop $750, Lemonade $900, Moomoo Milk $1000
⦁ Status-healing items (not counting Full Heal/Restore) have increased by 1.5-2x in price
⦁ Non-essential restorative items (e.g. Full Heal/Restore, Heal Powder, Revive, Revival Herb) have increased in price by 2-2.5x
⦁ Non-essential miscellaneous items: Battle items (e.g. X-Accuracy) increased by 2-3x, all Repels x2, Escape Rope and Poke Doll by 1.5x
⦁ Nutrients are now $1000 each due to trainers having stat exp. This is helpful for when you catch a new Pokemon, since it’ll be behind in terms of stat exp, which can be crippling later into a Nuzlocke)
⦁ TM prices have increased significantly because they are now reusable. TM 09 (Psych Up) can now be purchased from the Goldenrod Dept Store and TMs 02 (Headbutt) and 08 (Rock Smash) can no longer be purchased there. TM 10 (Hidden Power) and the weather TMs are no longer sold in Celadon, and TMs 14, 25, 32 and 38 (Blizzard, Thunder, Double Team, and Fire Blast) can now be purchased from the Celadon Dept Store (except for Double Team, they can still be obtained from the Game Corner)
⦁ Note: you obtain more cash from trainers and there are more of them now, treasures sell for more, and more of them are found throughout your adventure
⦁ Treasures: Nuggets now sell for 7500 and other treasures sell for more than before
⦁ Bargains:
⦁ Goldenrod Dept Store Rooftop Sale: items and prices have been adjusted and all nutrients are available every sale ($500 each during the sale)
⦁ Goldenrod Underground Bargain Mart: prices have been changed to reflect the updated treasure prices
⦁ Evolutionary stones (except Sun and Moon Stones) are now available for purchase on the 4th floor of both dept stores for $10,000
⦁ Mart inventory changes:
⦁ Cherrygrove City: Now carries Bluesky Mail
⦁ Violet City: Super Potion replaces Flower Mail
⦁ Azalea Town: Awakening replaces Charcoal, Flower Mail removed, X Attack, Defend and Speed added
⦁ Goldenrod City: See above + Underground mart (old lady that sells herbs) now carries all 3 plant decorations, Dept Store now carries Pink and Polkadot Beds, Blue and Red Carpets, and the NES (2nd floor); some medicine/general utility items have swapped clerks
⦁ Olivine City: Now carries Ultra Balls
⦁ Cianwood: Now carries Great Balls
⦁ Mahogany Town (after Rocket Hideout): Now carries Ultra Balls, Ice Heals replace Parlyz Heals, Flower Mail has been replaced with Mirage and Morph Mail. Ragecandybar is $500 (now heals 30HP and can be held/activated like a berry; costs $350 from the guy blocking the east exit before you clear the hideout)
⦁ Blackthorn City: Now carries Music Mail
⦁ Indigo Plateau: Now carries Rare Candies for $2000
⦁ Pewter City: Ultra Balls replace Great Balls and Hyper Potions replace Super Potions
⦁ Mt Moon Square: Now carries Jigglypuff and Clefairy Dolls and Posters
⦁ Cerulean City: Hyper Potions replace Super Potions
⦁ Vermilion City: No longer carries Super Potions
⦁ Lavender Town: Ultra Balls replace Great Balls and Hyper/Max Potions replace Potions/Super Potions
⦁ Celadon City: See above + Dept Store now carries the N64 and Virtual Boy, Green and Yellow Carpets, and a Pikachu Bed (2F); some medicine/general utility items have swapped clerks
⦁ Fuschia City: Max Potions replace Super Potions

Other Changes:
⦁ Buena’s point prizes: Changed point requirements (Ultra Ball and Rare Candy 2, Full Restore 3, and the rest 1) and removed Nugget
⦁ Move tutor costs have been revised (see ‘New and Upgraded Features’ section)
⦁ Game Corner:
⦁ Can now buy 2500 coins at a time for $50k
⦁ Adjusted Pokemon prize costs. Adjusted item/TM prizes as follows: Goldenrod: 3 elemental TMs now cost 7500 coins
Celadon: Hyper Beam now costs 9500 coins; Psychic and Double Team have been replaced with Scope Lens and Brightpowder (6000 coins each, listed as “????”)
⦁ Increased game payouts (e.g. triple 7s gives 777 coins now)
⦁ Adjusted prize Pokemon:
Goldenrod: Cubone at level 20, Slowpoke at 20 & Wobuffet at 25
Celadon: Pikachu at 25 (comes with a Light Ball, the only way to get it without Thief), Porygon at level 10 (comes with a Polkadot Bow, the only way to get it without Thief)
⦁ Starters (replacing Larvitar in Celadon): They are at level 5 and listed in the prize menu as “STARTER”: Bulbasaur is available Sunday and Monday, Charmander on Tuesday, Squirtle on Wednesday, Chikorita on Thursday, Cyndaquil on Friday, and Totodile on Saturday. Each starter comes with a Normal Box, which gives the Silver Trophy when used, and you can sell the extra boxes for 10k each
Wild Encounters
The level ranges indicated below are the new level ranges for encounters in a given area; if something is not mentioned, it hasn’t been changed. Also, note that “Walking” includes everything (along with gift Pokemon) except the subsections that follow it.

Johto Walking:
⦁ Route 46: Levels 4-5
⦁ Route 30-31: Levels 4-6
⦁ Dark Cave (Violet entrance): Levels 5-7, Teddiursa is now more common (morning only still) and Sandshrew can be found during the day/night
⦁ Sprout Tower: Levels 5-8, Bellsprout now appear during the day alongside Rattata
⦁ Route 36: Levels 6-9, Mareep and Pidgey added (morning and day only; Mareep is more common during the day)
⦁ Ruins of Alph (interior): Level 8
⦁ Route 32: Levels 9-11, Ekans is now available at night as well and Bellsprout has been replaced with Wooper (all times); NidoranM/F have replaced Rattata and Zubat
⦁ Union Cave (first visit): Levels 11-15, Diglett now available on B1F at all times and replaces Sandshrew on 1F
⦁ Route 33: Levels 13-15, Geodude replaced with Oddish and Zubats no longer appear at night
⦁ Slowpoke Well B1F (first visit): Levels 14-16
⦁ Ilex Forest: Levels 17-19, Pidgey/Hoothoot are less common, Paras is more common; Mankey and Ledyba are now available morning/day and Pikachu is now available (any time, rare)
⦁ Route 34: Levels 20-22, Pidgey/Hoothoot have been replaced with Doduo and Abra is more common
⦁ Route 35: Levels 22-24, no more Jigglypuff, Clefairy at night, and Yanma is more common (especially in the morning); Nidoran F/M are now available in the morning/day, respectively
⦁ National Park: Levels 21-25, some Pokemon have been replaced by their evolved forms (Ledian, Nidorino, Nidorina, Pidgeotto, Ariados)
⦁ Bug Contest: Levels 17-25, Pokemon removed: Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna; Pokemon added: Ledyba, Ledian, Yanma, Heracross; levels range from 14-25 and prizes are unchanged, but Everstones now sell for $2000
⦁ Route 36 (second visit): Sudowoodo now appears at level 30
⦁ Route 37: Levels 26-28, Pidgey is replaced with Spearow (also appearing during the day) in the morning, Vulpix replaces Growlithe during the day, and Stantler now appears during the day and night
⦁ Burned Tower: Levels 26-29, Zubat replaced with Grimer (more common on B1F), Machop (1F only) and Houndour added
⦁ Ruins of Alph (outside): Levels 29-32, Xatu appears and Smeargle now appears at night as well, replacing Wooper/Quagsire
⦁ Union Cave B2F (second visit): Levels 30-33 (except Lapras), Graveler replaces Geodude, Sandshrew replaces Raticate, Quagsire is now available at all times, and Lapras is now level 35
⦁ Slowpoke Well B2F (second visit): Levels 30-33, Slowpoke and Golbat are more common, and Slowbro and Slowking appear very rarely
⦁ Route 38: Levels 30-33, Rattata has been replaced with Voltorb (morning/day), Raticate has been replaced with Gloom, Ponyta commonly appears & Persian no longer appears. Miltank and Tauros are quite rare (both are available at all times)
⦁ Route 39: Same as Route 38 except no Ponyta and Miltank and Voltorb are more common
⦁ Route 42: Levels 37-40, Gligar can now be found (very rare), as well as Vulpix, Dunsparce and Tauros; Zubat, Marill and Golbat no longer appear and Rattata was replaced by Girafarig (night only). Growlithe replaces Spearow
⦁ Mt Mortar 1F: Level 38-41, Dugtrio and Sneasel now appear rarely, Machoke, Graveler (night)/Onix (morning/day) and Slugma now appear instead of Machop, Geodude and Zubat. Raticate no longer appears and Marill now appears at all times
⦁ Route 43: Levels 41-43, Weepinbell and Sunflora now appear (morning/day), Sentret replaced with Flaafy, Pidgeotto with Pidgeot, Raticate with Girafarig and Murkrow (night)
⦁ Rocket Hideout: Trap Pokemon are now level 45 and evolved, and Electrodes are level 50
⦁ Whirl Islands: Levels 44-47, no encounters in Lugia’s chamber, Shellder now appears instead of Zubat, Kingler and Dewgong now appear; Lugia is now level 80
⦁ Route 44: Levels 45-47, Kadabra replaces Bellsprout and Poliwag, and Stantler now appears, Houndour rarely appears at night
⦁ Ice Path: Levels 47-49, Corsola replaces Zubat, Sneasel and Jynx appear at all times, and Cloyster appears at night (Delibird only morning/day)
⦁ Tin Tower: Suicune is now level 60 and wild encounters are 60-64, with Gastly having been replaced with Haunter and Gengar, and Rattata with Raticate; Ho-Oh is now level 80
⦁ Dark Cave (Blackthorn entrance): Levels 47-49, Murkrow replaces Zubat and Teddiursa, Geodude no longer appears, Dunsparce added and Wobbuffet appears rarely at all times
⦁ Route 45: Levels 47-50, Onix (morning) and Rhyhorn (day/night) replace Geodude, Phanpy is more common, all Pokemon now appear at night except Onix and Machoke (replacing Graveler during morning and day)
⦁ Dragon’s Den: Level 35 Dragonair is received instead of level 15 Dratini; Slam is replaced with Extremespeed if all questions are answered correctly
⦁ Mt Mortar 2F (after Waterfall): Levels 49-52, Azumarill replaces Marill, Rhyhorn replaces Geodude and Graveler, Magcargo replaces Raticate, Dugtrio and Sneasel now appear, Tyrogue is now level 30 when received
⦁ Mt Silver: Sudowoodo, Skarmory, Wobuffet (separate encounters by floor), no encounters in Red’s chamber

Kanto Walking:
⦁ Tohjo Falls: No wild encounters
⦁ Route 27: Levels 51-55, Dodrio and Ponyta (replacing Doduo) appear more frequently and Rapidash now appears (very rarely), Quagsire appears at all times, Raticate is replaced by Yanma (morning/day) and Porygon (night)
⦁ Route 26: Same as Route 27 except Sandslash replaces Quagsire during the day and Houndour replaces Ponyta at night
⦁ Victory Road: Levels 53-57 (except Larvitar at level 26), Golbat is replaced by Larvitar (morning/day) and Crobat (night), Steelix replaces Onix, Chansey replaces Sandslash, Graveler no longer appears, Azumarill and Misdreavus appear at night, and Forretress appears during the morning/day

Johto Surfing:
⦁ Cherrygrove City: Levels 30-33, added Marill & replaced Tentacruel with Qwilfish
⦁ Route 30-31: Levels 30-33
⦁ Dark Cave (Violet entrance): Level 10
⦁ Violet City: Levels 30-33
⦁ Ruins of Alph: Levels 30-33
⦁ Route 32: Levels 30-33, removed Tentacool/cruel and added Marill and Wooper
⦁ Union Cave: Levels 30-33
⦁ Slowpoke Well: Levels 30-33
⦁ Ilex Forest: Levels 30-33
⦁ Route 34: Levels 30-33, Staryu now appears
⦁ Route 35: Levels 30-33
⦁ Ecruteak City: Levels 30-33, Poli’s replaced with Goldeen and Seaking
⦁ Olivine City/Port: Levels 33-36, Shellder now appears
⦁ Route 40: Levels 33-36, Chinchou now appears and replaced Tentacruel with Corsola
⦁ Route 41: Levels 33-36
⦁ Cianwood City: Levels 33-36, Seel now appears
⦁ Route 42: Levels 37-40
⦁ Mt Mortar: Levels 38-41
⦁ Route 43: Level 30
⦁ Lake of Rage: Levels 30-43
⦁ Whirl Islands: Levels 44-47
⦁ Route 44: Levels 45-47, Poliwag replaced with Poliwhirl and added Corsola
⦁ Blackthorn City: Levels 47-49, Magikarp replaced with Gyarados
⦁ Dark Cave (Blackthorn entrance): Level 25
⦁ Route 45: Levels 25-50, Magikarp replaced with Gyarados and Dratini
⦁ Dragon’s Den: Levels 25-50, Horsea replaces Magikarp and Seadra now appears

Kanto Surfing:
⦁ Tohjo Falls: No wild encounters, but can still fish
⦁ Route 27: No wild encounters, but can still fish
⦁ Route 26: No wild encounters, but can still fish
⦁ Victory Road: No wild encounters, but can still fish

⦁ Qwilfish and Remoraid can now be caught in their original locations with a Good Rod without swarms, rather than simply with a Super Rod, and Octillery replaces Remoraid for Super Rod catches
⦁ Magikarp is always found at level 10 (Old) or 15 (Good) so as to make Gyarados more of an investment
⦁ Chinchou is more common in the ocean with a Good Rod
⦁ Corsola has been replaced with Staryu/Starmie due to being a pure Ice type
⦁ Poliwag has been replaced with Poliwhirl (Good rod) and Poliwrath/Politoed (Super rod)
⦁ Shellder (Good) and Cloyster (Super) can now be caught in shore areas (e.g. Cherrygrove)
⦁ Old Rod catches: Now level 15 except for Magikarp (10)
⦁ Good Rod catches: Now level 35 except for Magikarp (15), Dratini (25) and Dragonair (50)
⦁ Super Rod catches: Now level 70 except for Dratini and Poliwhirl (65) and most are evolved

Headbutt/Rock Smash: Levels increased, more variety and new Pokemon. Can now Headbutt in all Johto cities with headbutt trees, like in G/S; TO-DO add headbutt trees to Route 28/Mt Silver. Geodude and Slugma can now be encountered via Rock Smash.
Swarms: Levels updated to match their new regular route encounter levels.

Trainer Changes
AI and System Upgrades:
⦁ AI: Every trainer now has the smarter AI used by ‘boss trainers’ and their 25% chance to miss status moves has been removed, along with some bugs (see the ‘Bug Fixes’ section), and challenging trainers now switch and use items more often. As well, the AI has been slightly improved (e.g. Solarbeam is now a favoured move with Sunny Day, more likely to use OHKO moves if your evasion has been lowered, likely to swap out if a stat other than spd has been significantly lowered, all trainers swap out at a Perish count of 1, etc.)
⦁ Custom Parties: Trainers now have a greater variety of Pokemon and much stronger teams with custom DVs and stat experience, in addition to the more challenging level curve. Boss trainers also have held items and meta-lite movesets later as the game progresses
⦁ Rematch System: trainer rematch parties are now closer to your own level, regardless of how many times you have fought them before, and rematch trainers will automatically offer their phone number after first battling them (see the ‘New and Upgraded Features’ section for more details)

New trainers and notable trainer party changes:
⦁ Rival: Starter is now shiny with perfect DVs (and later has a nasty ‘in-character’ move up his sleeve…)
⦁ Sprout Tower: Sage Li is now named Sage Jason, his dialogue has been slightly changed and he has a more powerful team; other Sages have also been mixed up a bit
⦁ Slowpoke Well: Final grunt is much stronger
⦁ Ilex Forest: Added Picnicker Beth, Bug Catcher Tobias and Bug Catcher Adam (facing a bush in the SE of the map and is quite strong)
⦁ Ecruteak City: Kimono girls are more challenging and their Pokemon now better match their dress colours
⦁ Burned Tower: Firebreathers Dick and Ned have been added back from Gold/Silver, Eusine has a new overworld sprite (adapted from Polished Crystal)
⦁ Route 35: The Cooltrainers that give you Soft Sand are tougher (still scaled for when you first get Surf, although you may want to gain a few levels before challenging them) and there is no break before the third fight
⦁ Union Cave (2nd visit): Cooltrainer Nick has added dialogue in Union Cave referencing his 1st place Pokemon in the Bug Contest, which has perfect DVs; also refers to you as “Bro” (Space World ’97 reference) and has his unique blue palette from the contest
⦁ Olivine Lighthouse: Bird Keeper Theo has been renamed to Kirt, who has quite the party
⦁ Battle Tower: Level 90/100 Pokemon have better items and moves, and slightly higher DVs and stat experience
⦁ Cianwood City: Eusine is much more powerful than before, so be prepared!
⦁ Ice Path: Added Boarders Theo and Jordan, and moved Skier Clarissa here (from Mahogany Gym)
⦁ Mt Silver: Red is still the strongest trainer and is now dubbed “PKMN MASTER RED” instead of “PKMN TRAINER RED”; team has been changed a bit, inspired from RBY and Pokemon Adventures. There is a new boss trainer (sprite adapted from Polished Crystal) before facing Red (new sprite from Polished) and a few other new trainers in Mt Silver and Silver Cave

⦁ Victory Road: Added 5 new trainers: Blackbelt Bobby, Swimmer Claire, Biker Gryphon, Cooltrainer Christ, and Super Nerd Brady
⦁ Pokemon League: Elite Four has been buffed (plus Karen has a new look, credit to Polished Crystal) and has a second tier of parties (and new dialogue) once you obtain all 16 badges
⦁ Viridian City
⦁ Trainer House: Gold (formerly Cal) and Crystal (newly added) now have teams with levels on par with Red’s from the original game; Crystal appears instead of Gold on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A warning is now given about how tough the trainers are in the Trainer House
⦁ Gym: Blue has a new sprite (courtesy of Polished Crystal) and is now has a blue colour palette

Boss Trainer Level Ranges
⦁ Cherrygrove City: 7
⦁ Azalea Town: 19-22
⦁ Burned Tower: 31-34
⦁ Goldenrod Underground: 52-55
⦁ Victory Road: 62-66
⦁ Mt. Moon: ???
⦁ Indigo Plateau: ???
Gym Leaders:
⦁ Falkner: 13-15
⦁ Bugsy: 21-24 (has a different ace based on your starter)
⦁ Whitney: 29-32
⦁ Morty: 34-37
⦁ Chuck: 42-45
⦁ Jasmine: 44-47
⦁ Pryce: 51-53
⦁ Clair: 57-60
⦁ Lt Surge: ???
⦁ Sabrina: ???
⦁ Erika: ???
⦁ Misty: ???
⦁ Janine: ???
⦁ Blaine: ???
⦁ Brock: ???
⦁ Blue: ???
Elite Four & Champion:
⦁ Will: 65-67
⦁ Koga: 66-68
⦁ Bruno: 67-69
⦁ Karen: 68-70
⦁ Lance: 70-72
⦁ Will (rematch): ???
⦁ Koga (rematch): ???
⦁ Bruno (rematch): ???
⦁ Karen (rematch): ???
⦁ Lance (rematch): ???
Special Trainers:
⦁ Eusine: 41-43
⦁ Radio Tower Top Executive: 54-57
⦁ Eusine 2: ???
⦁ Morty 2: ???
⦁ Gold: ???
⦁ Crystal: ???
⦁ Secret Boss: ???
⦁ Red: ???
Map and Quest Changes
Listed below are all map and quest changes except those involving trainers; note that the order of progression in Kanto has been changed up a bit:

⦁ New Bark Town: Items now appear in your room upon reaching certain story milestones, so check often! A man in town will now stop you from heading east if you’ve beaten Clair but haven’t claimed all of the gifts available in your room up ‘til that point; NOTE: Chikorita and Cyndaquil lines have swapped evolution levels to help players facing Falkner with Chikorita under a level cap; Slowpoke now evolves into Slowbro at level 34 instead of 37; Drowzee evolves at 31 instead of 26; Abra evolves at 26 instead of 16; Magikarp evolves at 30 instead of 20; Wooper evolves at 24 instead of 20 (evo level changes are omitted from Classic)
⦁ Route 30: Youngster Joey now gives you a Nugget instead of an HP Up once you defeat his final rematch party. Mr Pokemon now gives you a Lucky Egg instead of an Exp Share (now obtained from Kurt after the Well) in exchange for the Blue Scale
⦁ Route 31: Cut tree closest to Dark Cave has been removed for ease of travel
⦁ Violet City: Togepi now hatches at level 10
⦁ Ruins of Alph:
⦁ The three fossil Pokemon can now be found in their respective hidden item chambers (Kabuto (level 10) replaces Berry, Omanyte (30) replaces Stardust, Aerodactyl (50) replaces Gold Berry, and Ho-Oh chamber’s berries are replaced with Miracleberries) and some other chamber items have been changed
⦁ The Aerodactyl chamber can only be accessed with Whirlpool and a Twistedspoon can now be found in the grass near Psychic Nathan
⦁ Once you catch all 26 Unown variants, you can speak to a scientist in the Ruins’ research centre to receive an Unown Doll for your room
⦁ Route 32: Added shortcut to Route 35; shortcut is blocked until you reach Goldenrod City for the first time
⦁ Union Cave: X Defend replaced with Guard Spec; Potion is replaced with Great Ball and Stardust is where the Great Ball used to be
⦁ Route 33: New one-way shortcut from Route 34 and extra headbutt trees
⦁ Azalea Town: Kurt now gives you an Exp Share instead of a Lure Ball after clearing the Slowpoke Well and you no longer have to wait a day for him to make balls!
⦁ Ilex Forest: Silverpowder can now be found using Surf (modified map slightly) and Hidden Ether has been replaced with a Tinymushroom. Added 3 extra hidden items: 1 Big Mushroom and 2 Tinymushrooms
⦁ Route 34-Ilex Forest Gate: Lass now gives you a Lucky Egg
⦁ Route 34: Modified map to account for new shortcut to Route 33 (one-way), sign changes and Youngster Ian is now a mandatory encounter
⦁ Goldenrod City: PP House is now the new Move Deleter’s House, with a sign beside it to reflect this, and Eevee is now obtained at level 25; once you’ve met him in Ecruteak, Bill will offer you a Pocket PC in exchange for a Soft Sand (don’t worry, there’s more than one Soft Sand in the game)
⦁ Route 35/Goldenrod Gate: Kenya (Spearow given to you by the gate officer) is now level 20 and, upon completing the quest, you receive instead of a PP Up an Eon Mail (can still be exchanged for a Revive like in the original game)
⦁ Route 35: Cut tree has been removed and map modified for shortcut to Route 32
⦁ Dark Cave: The no-return portion of the Blackthorn side can no longer be accessed from the Violet side as soon as you obtain Surf, since a ledge has been added
⦁ Burned Tower: Replaced HP Up with Hyper Potion
⦁ Route 42/Ecruteak Gate: The guard now lets you pass only once you’ve obtained 6 badges (this is to better control the level curve)
⦁ Slowpoke Well (2nd visit): Can now find two Slowpoketails (one is hidden)
⦁ Route 46: X Speed replaced with Sun Stone and Berry tree now yields Burnt Berries; Picnicker Erin now gives you a Max Potion instead of a Calcium once you defeat her final rematch party
⦁ Route 38: Berry tree now yields Gold Berries
⦁ Route 39: Miltank only requires a single Berry instead of 7; Moomoo Milk can now be purchased even if you already have some in your inventory
⦁ Olivine City: Added the Olivine Beta House, which now features a move reminder
⦁ Olivine Lighthouse: The Super Potion on the top floor (6F) has been replaced with a Hyper Potion and Sailor Huey gives Berry Juice instead of Protein upon beating his final rematch team
⦁ Battle Tower: Instead of nutrients (due to how cheap they now are), the prize for beating 7 trainers in a row is 3 of either PP Ups, Max Revives, or Max Elixers (random)
⦁ Route 40: A hidden Soft Sand and Star Piece can now be found on the shore
⦁ Route 41: Added a small grassy island that houses a hidden Water Stone
⦁ Cianwood City: Shuckle is now level 35 (Berry Juice heals 40 HP instead of 20)
⦁ Route 42: Super Potion replaced with Hyper Potion
⦁ Mt Mortar: Iron has been replaced with Full Heal and Carbos with Nugget
⦁ Lake of Rage: Gyarados is now level 50 (and blue due to shiny palette swap)
⦁ Rocket Hideout: Replaced Protein with Nugget, Dragonite scene changed up: Dragonite has a custom sprite (courtesy of Polished Crystal) and is shiny, while Lance now has red hair in the overworld
⦁ Whirl Islands: Carbos and Calcium have been replaced with a Big Pearl and a Silver Leaf (sells for $15k). Changed the layout of Lugia’s chamber: it is much bigger and contains a new item
⦁ Route 44: Birdkeeper Vance now gives you a Big Pearl instead of a Carbos once you defeat his final rematch party
⦁ Ice Path: Protein has been replaced with Ice Heal and swapped places with HM 07 Waterfall, Iron has been replaced with a Revive, and Hidden Carbos with an X Special
⦁ Blackthorn City: The move deleter’s house now has a move reminder inside as well
⦁ Route 45: Hiker Parry now gives you a Nugget instead of an Iron once you defeat his final rematch party
⦁ Dark Cave (Blackthorn side): TM 13 (Snore) has been replaced with Rare Candy
⦁ Dragon’s Den: Calcium replaced with Big Pearl
⦁ Victory Road Badge Gate: The Mt Silver (left) guard only disappears once you’ve beaten the stronger Elite Four and the Route 22 (right) guard only disappears once you’ve spoken to Oak after obtaining all 16 badges
⦁ Tin Tower: HP Up near the top has been replaced with a Gold Leaf (sells for $15k) and hidden Carbos has been replaced with a Star Piece. A new cutscene has been added which hints at a new boss encounter
⦁ Mt Silver: Master Ball added, invisible Full Restore has been moved closer to the PokeCentre
⦁ Silver Cave: Protein has been replaced with a Max Potion, Calcium with a Full Restore

⦁ Victory Road: Removed Full Heals (invisible one is now a Full Restore), Max Revive is now invisible, TM26 Earthquake is where the visible Full Restore used to be, and a new Moon Stone takes TM26’s old spot. Added TM47 Steel Wing and TM03 Curse (no longer obtainable in Celadon), which replaces the HP Up; also added a boulder puzzle and adjusted the environment (now requires Waterfall). SPOILER: Once you enter, you can no longer return the way you came until you’ve reached the Indigo Plateau; the badge gate guy gives ample warning
⦁ Vermilion Port: Hidden Iron is now a Max Revive
⦁ Vermilion City: Guy who gives you an HP Up after obtaining all badges now gives you a PP Up; Snorlax is now level 80
⦁ Route 11: Berry tree now yields Bitter Berries
⦁ Cerulean City: Guy dowsing for Berserk Gene can now replicate it for you on Sunday once you’ve used it up (but only if you show it to him first! Don’t use up the first one before speaking with him). Guy in long house now gives you a Thick Club once you’ve obtained all badges
⦁ Celadon City: Former Curse guy gives you (SPOILER) Mewtwo instead of TM03 Curse
⦁ Route 12: Calcium has been replaced with a Full Heal
⦁ Route 13: Hidden Calcium has been replaced with a PP Up
⦁ Route 25: The invisible Potion is now a Full Restore and Protein has been replaced with Lucky Punch (now works on Blissey)
⦁ Rock Tunnel: TM47 Steel Wing has been replaced with a Full Restore and Iron has been replaced with a Nugget
⦁ Route 1: Added a tree that yields Miracleberries
⦁ Route 2: Carbos replaced with a Guard Spec
⦁ Route 4: Hp Up replaced with Max Revive
⦁ Cinnabar Island: Hidden Rare Candy has been replaced with a Max Revive and Blue won’t leave until you get all other Kanto badges (dialogue changed slightly)
⦁ Route 28: Steel Wing house girl now gives 3 PP Ups instead of Steel Wing (now found in Victory Road instead). Invisible Rare Candy is now a Max Elixer and a Max Revive has been added
⦁ Pokemon League Rematch (SPOILERS): After his defeat, Gary now tells you to go see Oak, who suggests that you rechallenge a stronger Elite Four and show Lance your new power in order to access Mt Silver. E4 can not be rechallenged before this point

Bug Fixes
The following is a list of bug fixes, including those ‘bugs’ that were intentional:
⦁ Environmental sprites (such as water and flowers) now animate when textboxes are open, like in Gold/Silver
⦁ The artificial delay during saving has been removed, so the process is now much faster
⦁ HP bar no longer drains slowly for high-HP Pokemon
⦁ BRN/PAR/PSN now increase catch rate and FRZ/SLP further increase it, as intended
⦁ Dragon Fang now has its original intended effect of boosting Dragon-type moves by 10%
⦁ Moon, Love and Fast Balls (see Upgraded features for details) now work as intended; Moon Ball also works on the new Moon Stone evos
⦁ Belly Drum no longer raises Attack despite HP being too low
⦁ The correct text for Battle Tower trainers now loads rather than always the female text
⦁ Berserk Gene’s confusion now works properly
⦁ No more DV-discrimination in breeding (not really a bug, but some weird and unnecessary anti-incest quirk)
⦁ Fixed Magikarp size calculation errors and Lake of Rage Magikarp are now larger than others, rather than smaller
⦁ Metal Powder no longer increases damage taken with boosted Sp. Def
⦁ Fixed Thick Club and Light Ball stat rollover glitches
⦁ Perish Song and Spikes no longer leave a Pokémon with 0 HP without fainting
⦁ Defence-lowering moves no longer reduce the stat after breaking a Substitute
⦁ Fixed glitch where a disabled but PP Upped move may not trigger Struggle
⦁ Fainting from Pursuit no longer causes the Pokemon to regain the status condition it had when it fainted
⦁ When using Mind Reader/Lock-On, all moves now hit the enemy during Fly/Dig
⦁ Teleport can now fail if the user has a lower level than the opponent, as intended
⦁ NPCs can now cure Nightmare and confusion
⦁ Fixed AI’s false assumption about CheckTypeMatchup
⦁ Fixed grammar mistakes for Twins
⦁ Cannot jump from a ledge onto objects or NPCs
⦁ Fixed “Smart AI” bug where Mean Look was encouraged when the user was badly poisoned, rather than the enemy
⦁ Present’s damage works correctly in link battles
⦁ Reflect/Light Screen can no longer cause def/sp def to wrap around
⦁ Fixed glitch where moves with a 100% secondary effect chance had a 1/256 chance to not trigger it
⦁ Catching a Transformed Pokemon that is not Ditto (aka Mew) no longer yields a Ditto
⦁ Evolution stone compatibility is reported correctly
⦁ Rocket Executives and Scientists now play the Rocket theme during battle
Files & Resources
For hack files, updates, feedback, and discussion, please check out my Discord server: https://discord.gg/XMYBvDA

If you are interested in seeing my hack in action, visit my YouTube channel using the following link: https://www.youtube.com/user/NicktheLP/videos
I would like to credit the following people who helped me in the process of creating this hack and learning about disassembly hacking. First of all, the fine pret folks that form the backbone of the pokecrystal github community, including Rangi (made countless great tutorials), others who made tutorials (such as growlie777), Seasick, Electro, ax6, Idain, i0brendan0, potato, TriAttackDev, TriteHexagon (created the night themes and help me integrate them), Stan40 (title screen), Mmmmmm and Pigu (many music themes), and Aquacode (helped with the Elite Four rematch code). I’d also like to especially thank Seasick, who helped quite a bit with some coding issues for some of the QoL changes and has been a good friend and collaborator. As well, these fine folks made the unique menu/overworld sprites for every Pokemon in the game:

Finally, I extend much gratitude to the members of my Discord community who have supported me and given feedback throughout the ongoing development process, namely Jason Biggson/Ben&Co, Sir Kitten Tavo, Ping Pong, KingCoocuroo, No_Honor, Azurot, Idain, and KDLPro.