Pokemon Primeval Black 2 – Item Changes and Redistributions

Item Location Changes:
Shards are now gifts after completing Optional Trainers (Pokemon Rangers).
(26 Red Shards) (30 Blue Shards) (36 Yellow Shards total) (40 Green Shards)
Note: Shards are no longer farmable in Hidden Grottos
Heart Scales have been increased from 13 to 20.
-Removed from NPCs in Driftveil and Mistralton and wild Luvdisc. NPCs now give Star Pieces and Nuggets.
All Vitamins have been removed from Marts & Overworld, as well as Unusable
All Feathers have been removed from the Overworld & Bridges as well as unusable/no effect
All X-Items have been made unusable in battle
Pickup (Ability) has been removed from all Pokemon (and hidden abilities)

Rare Candies are now $10 at all Marts.
Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav, and Iapapa berries are now available in Virbank City Mart
All Evolution Stones are available in Castelia City Mart
Oran, Leppa, and Status removing berries are available from trainers in Castelia Sewers (x50).
Sitrus, Lum, and All Super Effective-reducing Berries are available in Nimbasa City Mart
All Gems are available in Driftveil City Mart
Micle, Custap, Jaboca, and Rowap berries are now available in Mistralton City Mart
Liechi, Ganlon, Salac, Petaya, Apicot, Lansat, Starf, and Enigma berries are now available in Opelucid City Mart

Both Fossils (Claw and Root) are now available in Relic Castle (TO BE DONE AT A LATER TIME)
Choice Band, Specs, and Scarf are now available in Victory Road
Toxic Orb and Flame Orb are now found in Lostlorn Forest and Desert Resort Respectively

Held Item Changes:
Pokemon Removed of their Naturally Held Items:
Butterfree (SilverPowder)
Beedrill (Poison Barb)
Fearow (Sharp Beak)
Sandshrew (Quick Claw)
Venomoth (Shed Shell)
Diglett Line (Soft Sand)
Meowth Line (Quick Claw)
Poliwhirl Line (King’s Rock)
Abra Line (Twistedspoon)
Tentacool Line (Poison Barb)
Slowpoke Line (Lagging Tail/King’s Rock)
Magnemite Line (Metal Coat)
Farfetch’d (Stick)
Doduo Line (Sharp Beak)
Grimer (Black Sludge)
Cubone Line (Thick Club
Lickitung (Lagging Tail)
Horsea Line (Dragon Scale)
Ditto (Metal Powder/Quick Powder)
Snorlax Line (Leftovers)
Dratini Line (Dragon Scale)
Chinchou Line (DeepSeaScale)
Yanma (Wide Lens)
Qwilfish (Poison Barb)
Steelix (Metal Coat)
Sneasel Line (Quick Claw/Grip Claw)
Corsola (Hard Stone)
Beautifly/Dustox (Shed Shell)
Masquerain (SilverPowder)
Hariyama (King’s Rock)
Aron Line (Hard Stone)
Roselia (Poison Barb ONLY)
Carvanha Line (DeepSeaTooth)
Trapinch (Soft Sand)
Cacnea (Sticky Barb)
Zangoose (Quick Claw)
Lileep Line (Big Root)
Shuppet Line (Spell Tag)
Clamperl Line (DeepSeaTooth/Scale)
Luvdisc (Heart Scale)
Bagon Line (Dragon Fang)
Beldum Line (Metal Coat)

Item Redistributions:

Absorb Bulb: Now found in Lostlorn Forest
Air Ballon: Now found in Mistralton City
Berry Juice: Now found in Virbank Complex
Big Root
Binding Band: Now found in Chargestone Cave
Black Belt: Now found in Mistralton City
Black Glasses:
Black Sludge: Now found in Castelia City & Castelia Sewers
Bright Powder: Now found in Anville Town
Cell Battery: Now found in Castelia City
Damp Rock: Now found in Celestial Tower
Destiny Knot
Dragon Fang: Now found in Opelucid City
Dragon Scale
Eject Button
Eviolite: Now found in Relic Passage (Castelia Side)
Expert Belt
Float Stone
Focus Band: Now found in Mistralton Cave
Focus Sash: Now found in Route 22
Full Incense
Grip Claw
Hard Stone: Now found in Relic Passage (Driftveil Side)
Heat Rock: Now found in Route 9
Icy Rock: Now found in Moor of Icirrus
Iron Ball: Now found on wild Magnemite (5%)
King’s Rock: Now found on wild Poliwrath
Lagging Tail: Now found on wild Onix
Lax Incense
Life Orb: Now found in Twist Mountain
Light Ball: Now found on wild Pichu/Pikachu (50%)
Light Clay: Now found in Route 4 (Colress Reward)
Lucky Punch: Now in Route 16
Macho Brace: (Unavailable)
Mental Herb: Now found on wild Lotad and Lombre (5%)
Metal Coat: Now also found in Strange House
Metal Powder
Miracle Seed
Muscle Band: Now found in Seaside Cave
Mystic Water: Now found in Castelia Sewers
Never-Melt Ice: Now found in Dragonspiral Tower (All Seasons)
Odd Incense
Oval Stone
Poison Barb: Now found in Virbank City
Power Items: (Unavailable)
Power Herb: Now found in Route 22
Quick Claw
Quick Powder
Rare Bone
Razor Claw: Now found in Route 11
Razor Fang
Red Card: Now found in Reversal Mountain
Ring Target
Rock Incense
Rocky Helmet
Rose Incense
Scope Lens
Sharp Beak
Shed Shell: Now found in Nimbasa City
Shell Bell
Silk Scarf
Silver Powder: Now found in Castelia City
Smooth Rock: Now found in Desert Resort
Soft Sand:
Spell Tag
Stick: Now found in Pinwheel Forest
Sticky Barb: Now found in Route 5
Thick Club: Now found in Relic Castle (Volcarona Side)
Twisted Spoon
Wave Incense
White Herb: Now found in Route 17
Wide Lens
Wise Glasses: Now found in Strange House
Zoom Lens: Now found in Nacrene City

Berries Held by Wild Pokemon

Cheri Berries
Glameow, Blitzle Line, and Emolga

Chesto Berries
Whismur, and Minccino Line

Pecha Berries
Poochyena, Stunky, Tympole Line, Skitty Line, and Buneary Line

Rawst Berries
Vulpix Line, Growlithe, Numel Line, and Darumaka Line

Aspear Berries
Jynx, and Cubchoo Line

Leppa Berries
Clefairy and Clefable

Oran Berries
Furret, Bibarel, Pansage/Pansear/Panpour, and Audino

Persim Berries
Girafarig, Kecleon, Gothita Line, Solosis Line, and Spoink Line

Sitrus Berries
Bibarel and Audino

Occa Berries
Pansage and Mawile

Passho Berries
Wacan Berries
Buizel Line

Rindo Berries
Finneon Line and Panpour

Yache Berries
Starly Line

Kebia Berries
Shroomish Line

Shuca Berries
Ponyta Line

Coba Berries
Sunkern Line

Payapa Berries
Mankey Line

Charti Berries
Taillow Line

Kasib Berries
Duskull Line

Haban Berries
Gible Line

Colbur Berries
Chingling and Chimecho