Pokemon Ashen Frost Walkthrough

Ashen Frost: Complete Case Walkthroughs
This walkthrough is designed to help you solve the cases throughout Ashen Frost. This walkthrough will NOT cover trainer lineups, available Pokémon, held items, etc. Naturally, this walkthrough contains SPOILERS for ALL CASES of the game.
Furthermore, this walkthrough is designed to be EFFICIENT. You will not have the best understanding of the story if you rely on the walkthrough alone.

Case One: Safety First
List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items
Palermo’s Testimony, “The waitress was handed the cheque during the ceremony.”
Cathy’s Testimony, “Cathy took the cheque to the manager’s office. She’s never run into trouble at work.”
Cathy’s Testimony II, “Cathy was at work when the guest was killed in the room above her.”
Mordecai’s Testimony, “The mafia tried to pressure the hotel manager to pay protection money.”
Manager’s Testimony, “The cheque was to be kept in the safe overnight. He handed it to Cathy on stage.”
Safe Clue, “An indestructible safe. It was somehow broken into.”
Receipt Clue, “A receipt for an indestructible safe.”
Table Clue, “An ugly table from the guest room. It has an aura of menace.”,
Dead Guest Clue, “A guest died in the Riverview Hotel when the manager refused to pay the mafia protection money.”

I. Palermo’s Testimony
i. Go to the Riverview Room.
ii. Talk to Mr. Palermo, the man on the stage twice in a row to unlock his four dialogue options.
iii. Ask Mr. Palermo about [The fundraiser?] followed by [Why keep it in the hotel?] to get (Palermo’s Testimony).
iv. Ask Mr. Palermo about [The Daycare] followed by [The Daycare’s Financials?] to get (Palermo’s Testimony).*

*You MUST do steps iii and iv even if they give the same evidence, because this unlocks the ability to talk to Cathy.

II. Cathy’s Testimony
i. Go to the Riverview Room.
ii. Talk to Cathy, the blonde waitress at a table, twice in a row. Once to introduce
yourself, the next to get (Cathy’s Testimony).

III. Manager’s Testimony
i. Go to the Manager’s Office and speak to the Manager. Ask about
either [Recount last night] or [Recount this morning] to get
the (Manager’s Testimony).*

*You can do this step before steps I and II.

IV. Mordecai’s Testimony
i. Go to the hotel lobby and speak to Mordecai, the blue-haired thief.*
ii. Fight Mordecai.**
iii. Ask Mordecai [About Riverview Hotel?] followed by [Something nasty?]
to get (Mordecai’s Testimony).

*Mordecai will not appear in the lobby until the player has (Cathy’s Testimony).
**Mordecai will not fight you unless you have the (Manager’s Testimony).

V. Cathy’s Testimony II
i. Go to the Hotel Alleyway. (Through the Riverview Room and Kitchen.)
ii. Fight Lue.
iii. Talk to Cathy to receive (Cathy’s Testimony II).

VI. Unlocking the Guest Room
i. Go to the Hotel Lobby and speak with the stairs guard.
ii. Present (Cathy’s Testimony II) to the guard.

VII. Guest Room Clues
i. Inspect the table to get the (Table Clue).
ii. Inspect the trash can to get the (Receipt Clue).
iii. Leave the guest room.

VIII. Confronting the Manager
i. Go to the Manager’s Office and ask the Manager about the [Hotel’s… reputation?]
ii. Present (Cathy’s Testimony).
iii. Present (Mordecai’s Testimony).
iv. Present (Table Clue).
v. Present (Receipt Clue).

Case Two: Man’s Greatest Vice

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Mordecai’s Testimony, “Mordecai stumbled across the frozen puddle that once was the statue.”
Richler’s Testimony ,”Duchampe seems to have some issue with Philippe according to Richler.”
Philippe Clue, “Philippe and Richler are in a very happy relationship.”
Photo Clue, “Duchampe has an intimate picture of her and Philippe in her safe.”
Blowtorch, “A still warm blowtorch that smells of propane.”
Philippe’s Testimony, “Phillippe was once with Duchampe. He now has engagement rings and plans to propose to Richler.”
Struggle Clue, “It looks as though two someones fought in the pump room and knocked something into the water.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Leave Sylvester’s Office and go east to the Duchampe Gardens.
ii. Enter the Duchampe Residence and speak with the Butler.
iii. Go to the backyard and speak with Mordecai.

II. Mordecai’s Testimony
i. Ask Mordecai [What happened?] to get (Mordecai’s Testimony).

III. Duchampe
i. Go inside the Duchampe Residence and enter the Reading Room.
ii. Speak with Madamoiselle Duchampe about the [Duchampe Residence]
followed by [Where is Richler Working]. This will trigger the Greenhouse event.

IV. Blowtorch
i. Return to the backyard and fight the gangster outside the Greenhouse.
ii. Fight the gangsters inside the Greenhouse.
iii. Open the present at the back of the Greenhouse to find the (Blowtorch).

V. Mademoiselle Richler’s Testimony
i. Go to the statue room and press the statue buttons in the order 7-3-1-6.*
ii. Go to the tiny room and take the hidden ladder up to the Studio.
iii. Ask Mademoiselle Richler about [What happened?].**
iv. Ask Mademoiselle Richler [Tell me about your art.] followed by [About Philippe] to get (Philippe Clue).
v. Ask Mademoiselle Richler [Tell me about your art.] followed by [About Mlle. Duchampe] and present the (Philippe Clue) to get (Richler’s Testimony).

*You can find this code in the open-faced book in the Reading Room.
**This case works on a variable, meaning you have to collect every piece of evidence, even if it isn’t a recorded piece of evidence. Thus, you have to listen to this story to progress the case.

VI. Photo Clue
i. Go to the Master Bedroom.
ii. While playing as Truffles, smell the white scent.
iii. Return to the spot as Sylvester and dig up the safe.
iv. Unlock the safe with the code 7316 to get the (Photo Clue).

VII. Struggle Clue
i. Go to the Pump Room.
ii. Interact with either of the footprints by the water to get the (Struggle Clue).

VIII. Ring Clue
i. Introduce yourself to Philippe.
Ii. Ask Philippe about [Mlle. Duchampe] and present the (Photo Clue) to get the (Ring Clue).

IX. Confronting the Group
i. Go to the foyer and speak with the Butler.
ii. Speak with the Butler again to start the case confrontation.
iii. Present the (Ring Clue) to Mlle. Duchampe.
iv. Present (Richler’s Testimony) to Mlle. Richler.
v. Present the (Struggle Clue) to Philippe.
vi. Present the (Blowtorch) to Mordecai.

Case Three: Missing the Point

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

House Lady’s Testimony, “The owner bought the haunted penthouse from a nice man. He might be a biologist.”
Ghostly Lady’s Testimony, “The lady was killed by a man who she was close to.”
Birdseed, “A bag of birdseed, made for birds by birds.”
Patent 251730 Clue, “The man was going through the motions of filing a patent with Felicia Scottsborough.”
Office Key, “A key for someone’s office at home.”
Den Key, “A key for someone’s den at home.”
Box Clue, “The present box held a gift Pokémon at one point.”
Monty’s Description, “Missing for a week, Monty works at the spa and has a brother called the Python.”
Donation Books, “A stack of books that need to be donated to the library.”
Spa Card, “A reservation card for the spa in the Eastridge Mall.”
Lue’s Testimony, “The mafia is looking into the death of Ivy Thorne, believed to be killed by her boyfriend.”
Scottsborough’s Testimony, “Patent 251730 is a cure for rabies, designed by Serenity Inc.”
Lucy’s Letter, “A letter of permission from Mrs. Lonardo.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Speak to the Barista in Tim’s Café to pay your tab and get the (Office Key).
ii. Go outside and meet Luciano.

II. Monty’s Description
i. Go to the Warehouse in the Café District.
ii. Speak to Luciano and the gangsters to get (Monty’s Description).*

*The Eastridge Mall becomes unblocked once you do this event.

III. Birdseed and Scottsborough’s Event
i. Go to the Shopping District and enter the Eastridge Mall.
ii. Speak with the vendor to buy a bag of (Birdseed).
iii. Leave the mall and climb on the roof of the building to the south
to sit with Scottsborough. Give her the (Birdseed).*

*This will prompt Scottsborough to go back to her office.

IV. Spa Card and Triggering the Serenity Event
i. Go to the Spa.
ii. Tell the receptionist [No] to having an appointment. Doing so will cause Lucile, the Python, and Violet to appear in the mall.
iii. Go to the Soap Store and ask the Python [What are you doing here?]. This will allow you to do the favour for the Python’s girlfriend. (Cordelia.)
iv. Ask the Python [About your brother…] to cause the Serenity event to happen.
v. Go to the Bookstore and ask Cordelia (the seemingly unnamed store employee with blue hair) [Is there any way I can help?] to get the (Donation Books).
vi. Take the (Donation Books) to the Library in the Limegate Park and return
to Cordelia to get the (Spa Card).

V. Lue’s Testimony
i. Go to the Duchampe Gardens and enter the Serenity Marine Facility.
ii. Fight Lue.
iii. Chase Lue to the Hotel District.
iv. Go to Lulu’s Diner and confront Lue to get (Lue’s Testimony).

VI. Den Key
i. Pay your tab at the diner with the cashier to get the (Den Key).

VII. House Lady’s Testimony
i. Go to the Office District.
ii. Enter the Penthouse. (Building with the dog ice sculptures outside it.)
iii. Enter the door on the first floor.
iv. Introduce yourself to the Penthouse Lady.
v. Ask the Penthouse Lady about [The previous owner?] to get the (House Lady’s Testimony).

VIII. Unlocking Elsewhere
i. Go to the Penthouse Lady’s room and fight Phantump.
ii. Go to the office and inspect the open book to fight Gastly.
iii. Go to the kitchen and inspect the notepad to fight Shedinja.
iv. Go to the den, open the present, and leave the room to fight Shuppet.
v. Go upstairs to the (now unlocked) master bedroom and fall asleep in the bed.

IX. Ghostly Lady’s Testimony
i. Go to the bottom floor of Elsewhere and go through the northern door to encounter the Ghostly Lady.
ii. Ask the Ghostly Lady about [The man?] to get the (Ghostly Lady’s Testimony).*

*Steps I through IV can be done before Case Three even begins. I personally recommend doing them as early as possible to get them out of the way with. (I’ve patched that out though, come the release of cases 15-19. Too much open-ended confusion.)

X. Box Clue
i. Return to the Penthouse.
ii. Use the (Den Key) to unlock the Den.
iii. Interact with the present box to get the (Box Clue).

XI. Patent 251730 Clue
i. Use the (Office Key) to unlock the Office.
ii. Unlock the computer by entering the password, “Ivy.”
iii. Interact with the computer, selecting [Work] followed by [Patent Request] to get the (Patent 251730 Clue).

*Because you can get the Office Key so early on, it is possible to get this evidence at the beginning of the case, followed by Scottsborough’s testimony. (Assuming you know the computer password is Ivy) It’s just more efficient to go back to Elsewhere only once.

XII. Scottsborough’s Testimony
i. Go to Scottsborough’s Office in the Café District. (Beside Lulu’s Diner.)
ii. Show Scottsborough the (Patent 251730 Clue) to get (Scottsborough’s Testimony).

XIII. Confronting the Manager
i. Go to the Serenity Marine Facility and talk to the Manager (Allan).
ii. Say, “Ivy.”
ii. Present the (Ghostly Lady’s Testimony).
iii. Present the (Box Clue).
iv. Present the (Scottsborough’s Testimony).

XIV. Finding Monty
i. Go to the Warehouse and talk with Luciano.
ii. Go to the Spa in the mall and talk with Mrs. Lonardo (Lucile).
iii. Battle Lucile to get (Lucy’s Letter).
iv. Return to Lulu’s Diner with (Lucy’s Letter) and go to the diner alley.

Case Three-and-a-half: Mordecai’s Marvelous Misadventure

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items



I. Starting the Case
i. Talk to Truffles
ii. Go to the Police Station and talk to the officer at the desk.

II. Finding Sylvester
i. Go to the Docks.
ii. Go to the Docks Warehouse and enter the sewer through the back.
iii. Go through the sewers to reach Accordion Sur Seine. (Snobby French Café.)
iv. Take the sewers from there to enter the Lonardo Prison Block.
v. Fight Lue.

Case Four: May Flowers

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Lockpick, “A tool for picking locks, confiscated from a fellow officer.”
Rosewell Photo, “A picture of the missing man Louis Rosewell and his daughter.”
Python’s Request, “The Python wishes to know where his estranged brother lived.”
Charley’s Testimony, “The most expensive pair of engagement rings in Charley’s store was stolen, likely by Monty.”
Philippe’s Testimony II, “Philippe returned the rings to the friend who initially gave him the money for them.”
Apartment Key, “A key found by the Penthouse Lady that does not belong to her. It has numbers etched into it.”
House Lady’s Testimony II, “Monty’s landlord has an office in Southern Riverview.”
Hart’s Testimony, “Monty’s landlady would know him, and have an idea of where he lived.”
Landlady Smell, “Truffles knows the smell of the Landlady now.”
Landlady’s Directions, “Directions to Monty’s apartment in Western Riverview.”
Violet Clue, “Violet isn’t the Lonardo’s biological child, Monty knew this.”
Theory Board, “Monty was keeping tabs on many key figures involved in and against the mafia.”
Monty’s Letter, “A confession letter written by Monty, ‘I am afraid.’”
Monty’s Rings, “The rings were in Monty’s apartment. You can give them back to Philippe!”


I. Flashback Case
i. Enter the Art Gallery
ii. Challenge Office Karl to a fight to get the (Lockpick).
iii. Use the (Lockpick) to unlock the north door in the northern room.
iv. Talk to Leonardo.
v. Go to the western room and talk to Leonardo again.
vi. Suffer through the very frustrating stealth event to get to Rosewell’s office.
vii. Inspect the present box to get the (Rosewell Photo).
viii. Unlock the computer with the password,”Rose.”
ix. Return to the main hall and speak with Leonardo.

II. Angst
i. Return to Sylvester’s Office.
ii. Pick up the flower vase and all the books on the office floor.

III. Starting the Case
i. Leave the Airport and go north, to Spadina’s. (Restaurant in the Casino District.)
ii. Talk to Leonardo.
iii. Go to the Casino lounge and talk to Philippe.
iv. Go to the Shopping District, specifically the Plant Store in the mall
and talk to Mlle. Richler.
v. Leave the mall and encounter the Python to get the (Python’s Request).

IV. Lead-Gathering
i. Return to the Casino Lounge and talk to Philippe to get (Philippe’s Testimony II).
ii. Go to the Jewelry Store beside the Casino and talk to Charley to get (Charley’s Testimony).
iii. Talk to Detective Hart and present the (Python’s Request) to get (Hart’s Testimony).
v. Go to the Penthouse in the Office District.
vi. Speak with the Penthouse Lady. (If you have not gotten your reward already.)
v. Speak with the Penthouse Lady again. Ask [About the house…] and present(Hart’s Testimony) to get (House Lady’s Testimony II) and the (Apartment Key).

V. The Landlady.
i. Go to Southern Riverview and enter the Real Estate Office.
ii. Fight Hart.
iii. Go upstairs. As Truffles, smell the mug to get the (Landlady Smell).
iv. Return to Spadina’s and talk to the Lady in the front row of the audience.
(Blue dress.)
v. Present the (House Lady’s Testimony II) followed by the (Apartment Key)
to get the (Landlady’s Directions).

VI. Monty’s Place
i. Inspect the trash can.
ii. Look at all five of the notes on the ground.
iii. Look at the theory board to get the (Theory Board)
iv. Inspect the newly-appeared present box to get (Monty’s Rings) and (Monty’s Letter).

VII. Wrapping Up
i. Go to the Casino Lounge and give Philippe the rings.
Ii. Go to the bookstore beside the Casino and speak with the Python.
iii. Go to Spadina’s and tell Leo [I am],”afraid.”

Case Five: Lu3

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

a. Rosewell Photo, “A picture of the missing man Louis Rosewell and his daughter.”
b. Theory Board, “Monty was keeping tabs on many key figures involved in and against the mafia.”
c. Monty’s Letter, “A confession letter written by Monty, ‘I am afraid.’”

Luciano’s Testimony ,”Luciano believes either his food or his medicine is being poisoned.”
Lucy’s Food, “Food that Mrs. Lonardo brought for Luciano to eat.”
Doctor’s Testimony, “The hospital’s supply of special medications comes from the city pharmacy.”
Luciano’s Note, “A letter of consent from Luciano.”
List of Medications, “An extensive list of the different medications that Luciano is taking. Impossible to understand.”
Sugar Pills, “A bottle of so-called painkillers from the pharmacy, prescribed to Sylvester.”
Biologist’s Testimony, “Luciano is being given multiple medicines that shouldn’t be taken together.
Bronze Key, “An old-fashioned bronze key, likely for something(s) in the Lonardo’s Mansion.”
Bucket, “A perfectly ordinary bucket stored in a perfectly unordinary place, a grandfather clock.”
Bucket of Water, “The bucket is back. This time filled with water.”
Bottle of Formonitrile, “A hidden bottle of formonitrile, or cyanide. The powder comes in white grains.”
Salt Shaker, “An almost overflowing salt-shaker.”
Violet’s Testimony, “Violet took Mrs. Lonardo’s purse when she ran away. The formonitrile was in it.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Go to Luciano’s hospital room.
ii. Speak with Luciano.
iii. Speak with the doctor outside the room and ask either [About Luciano Meri…]
or [Luciaino Meri’s meds…] to get the (Doctor’s Testimony).
iv. Speak with Luciano again to get (Luciano’s Testimony) and (Luciano’s Note).*

*You can get (Luciano’s Testimony) by talking to him right after Lucile leaves the room.
You cannot, however, get the note until after talking with the doctor to get his testimony.

II. Medicine Hunting
i. Go to the Lonardo Property and speak with the pharmacist to get the (List of Medications) and (Sugar Pills).
ii. Go to the Serenity Marine Facility and show the new manager, Anna, the (List of Medications)
to get the (Biologist’s Testimony).
iii. Return to Luciano’s hospital room.

III. Lonardo Mansion Pt. 1
i. Go to the Lonardo Property, where Lonardo Mansion will now be unlocked to you.
ii. Enter Luciano’s room to speak with Lucile and Luciano.
iii. Speak with Luciano after Lucile is gone to give him the (Sugar Pills).
iv. Go to the bedroom to the South and inspect the hat to get the (Bronze Key).
v. Go to the sitting area and unlock the grandfather clock with the (Bronze Key) to get the (Bucket).
vi. Go to the kitchenette and use the (Bucket) with the sink to get the (Bucket of Water).
vii. Unlock the grandfather clock with the (Bronze Key) to free Violet and get the (Bottle of Formonitrile).
viii. Ask Violet about [Your real father.] and present her with (Monty’s Letter).

IV. Lonardo Mansion Pt. 2
i. Return to Luciano’s room.
ii. Speak with the doctor.
iii. Return to the kitchenette to get the (Salt Shaker).
iv. Return to Luciano’s room to fight the doctor.
v. Talk to Luciano now that he is out of bed, and present the (Bottle of Formonitrile).
vi. Talk to Violet again, and this time show Luciano (Monty’s Letter) to get (Violet’s Testimony).

IV. Lonardo Mansion Pt. 3
i. Talk to Luciano and Violet.
ii. Douse the fireplace with the (Bucket of Water) and remove the firewood.
iii. Climb up the ladder.
iv. Fight Lucile.
v. Go to the River Crossing Subway Station and ride the subway.

Case Six: Lafayette, Lonardo, Palermo

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Receptionist’s Description,Receptionist’s Description, “The supervisor who has the keys is at the Airport.”
Supervisor’s Description,Receptionist’s Description, “The Retirement Home Supervisor left the keys in her green suitcase.”
Suitcase, “A stolen bag that belongs to a nurse who works at the Retirement Home.”
Retirement Home Key, “A key for the Retirement Home in Western Riverview.”
Mr. Palermo’s Testimony, “Lucile left her father at the Retirement Home, and now he cannot leave.”
Mordecai’s Idea, “Ousting Leo from his job as Chief of Police would weaken the Lonardos.”
Palermo’s Key, “A wooden key for Mr. Palermo’s home in Olde Riverviewe. It seems to resemble another…”
Cordelia’s Request, “Cordelia wants three different files from Olde Riverviewe’s Archives: 3467, 6970, and 5923.
Niece’s Testimony, “The kids were playing hide-and-go-seek and the key went missing”
Cousin’s Testimony, “Sylvan is in charge of maintaining the paths in Olde Riverviewe, to prevent slipping and falling.
Sylvan’s Testimony ,”Sylvan witnessed I slip and fall on the ice, while a woman ran to the Windmill.”
I’s Testimony, “Cousin I witnessed a tourist woman bump into a girl, before blacking out.”
Archives Key, “A wooden key for the Olde Riverviewe Archives Collection. It seems to resemble another…”
Keys Clue, “The keys to Mr. Palermo’s home and the Olde Riverviewe Archives were mixed up somehow.”
First Code Slip, “A slip of paper with the number 41 on it.”
Second Code Slip, “A slip of paper with the number 90 on it.”
Third Code Slip, “A slip of paper with the number 84 on it.”
Fourth Code Slip, “A slip of paper with the number 5 on it.”
Lucile’s Testimony, “Lucile was in love with Raphael before he died.”
File 3467, “Like all families, the Lafayettes had their share of good and bad people, some of whom were gangsters.”
File 6970, “Silva Lafayette, Chief of Police, was removed from office by a child after attempting to bring eternal summer to Riverview.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Meet Mordecai at the Western Crossing Subway Station
ii. Go home and meet Mordecai in the lobby.
iii. Enter Sylvester’s apartment and speak to Lue.

II. Mordecai’s Coffee Fetch
i. Head out and speak to the Nurse in front of the Retirement Home.
ii. Speak to Mr. Palermo.
iii. Chase down Mr. Palermo until he is speaking to the police officer in front of the Subway.
iv. Head down the subway.

III. The Lonardo Crypt
i. Go through Nettle Bloom Cemetery and speak to Leonardo.
ii. Enter the Lonardo Crypt and fight Leonardo.
iii. Go through the crypt. Ice and pseudo-boulder puzzles ahoy.
iv. Give Truffles the Truffle.

IV. Retirement Home Key
i. Return home.
ii. Fight Luciano and the Python (Pascal).
iii. Speak with Mordecai.
iv. Go to the Retirement Home to get the (Receptionist’s Description).
v. Go to the Airport and speak to the (Supervisor’s Description).
vi. Leave the Airport and speak with the Thief to get the (Suitcase).
vii. Return the suitcase to the Nurse to get the (Retirement Home Key).

V. Mr. Palermo’s Testimony
i. Return to the Retirement Home with the (Retirement Home Key).
ii. Ask Mr. Palermo [Why are you here?] to get (Mr. Palermo’s Testimony).
iii. Ask Mr. Palermo [About your daughter].*

*It doesn’t matter what route you pick after this question. So long as you
have his testimony. This step MUST be done before Mr. Palermo can be
broken out of the Retirement Home.

VI. Cordelia’s Request, Mordecai’s Idea, and Palermo’s Key
i. Return home and speak with Pascal.
ii. Talk to Luciano.
iii. Talk to Cordelia to get (Cordelia’s Request).
iv. Talk to Mordecai to get (Mordecai’s Idea).
v. Receive (Palermo’s Key) from Pascal.

VII. Niece’s Testimony
i. Go to the Olde Riverviewe Archives.
ii. Play hide-n-seek with the little cousins.
iii. Meet the little cousins in the reading room and find the culprit.
iv. Speak to the brunette niece to get the (Niece’s Testimony).

VIII. Cousin’s Testimony
i. Go outside the Olde Riverviewe Archives.
ii. Speak to the orange-haired cousin in front of the frozen
puddle to get the (Cousin’s Testimony).

IX. I’s Testimony
i. Go to the Apothecary in Olde Riverviewe Weste.
ii. Introduce yourself to Silvester.
iii. Ask Silvester [What happened to you?] to get (I’s Testimony).

X. Sylvan’s Testimony
i. Go to Olde Riverviewe Easte and enter the Tavern.
ii. Buy a sarsaparilla and give it to Sylvan.
iii. Present the (Cousin’s Testimony) followed by (I’s Testimony) to get (Sylvan’s Testimony)

XI. Archives Key
i. Go to the Windmill in Olde Riverviewe Weste
ii. Climb to the top to get the (Archives Key) from the Thief.

XII. Keys Clue, File 3467 and File 6970
i. Go to the Olde Riverviewe Archives and unlock the door to get the (Keys Clue).
ii. Pick up (File 3467) and (File 6970) from the sparkling filing cabinets.*

*You can do this step before XIII and still get the (Keys Clue). I recommend doing this step first because it is the shorter of the two.

XIII. Lucile’s Testimony
i. Go to the Palermo Home.
ii. Go upstairs and enter Lucile’s room.
iii. Enter the safe code 4-1-9-0-8-4-5 to get (Lucile’s Testimony).*

*Yes, it is possible to skip all the puzzles in this case if you know the safe combination. This makes the code slips irrelevant. I will present the solutions below.

i. Solve the tile puzzle in the kitchen to get the (First Code Slip).
ii. In the study, enter the code,”Raph” to get the (Second Code Slip).
iii. Do the piano puzzle by inspecting the red book. Start on the place
where the X is marked and walk in the following order:
Up, right, right, down, left left.
This will give you the (Third Code Slip).
iv. In Mr. Palermo’s room, read his journal to get the (Fourth Code Slip).
v. Enter the safe code 4-1-9-0-8-4-5 to get (Lucile’s Testimony).

Case Seven: Phantom Threads

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Cordelia’s Idea, “The Resistance should find a way to block the smuggling tunnel beneath the Glacial Theater.”
Sean’s Request, “Someone has been sabotaging the Glacial Theater’s latest production, but the show must go on.”
Sean’s Reasoning, “According to Sean, Priya is the lead because her fans boost ticket sales.”
Priya’s Testimony, “Priya was on stage performing a soliloquy when she was nearly hit by a falling sandbag.”
Priya’s Fears, “Priya is afraid of what might happen next, and has been trying to get herself fired.”
Spurl’s Testimony, “Angeline is a far better actor than Priya. But all the actors are bad, so that’s not saying much.”
Angeline’s Testimony, “According to Angeline, the show’s costume designer, Sammy, had his fabric scissors stolen.”
Scissors Clue, “A pair of golden scissors were left on the Theater Catwalk, by a length of rope.”
Sandbag Clue, “A sandbag tied up with rope fell from the rafters and was left on stage.”
Angeline’s Testimony II, “According to Angeline, Priya is over dramatic and often skips rehearsals.”
Sammy’s Testimony, “Sammy is friends with Angeline.”
Francis’ Testimony, “Francis thinks that someone might be out to get Priya.”


I. Cordelia’s Idea
i. After getting out of the meeting, speak to Cordelia to get (Cordelia’s Idea).

I. Sean’s Request and Sandbag Clue
i. Go to Glacial Theater.
ii. Speak to Sean in the main theater.
iii. Go on stage and inspect the sandbag to get the (Sandbag Clue).
iv. Go backstage and speak to Sean again to get (Sean’s Request).

II. Priya’s Testimony
i. Go to Priya’s dressing room.
ii. Ask Priya about [Today’s Incident] to get (Priya’s Testimony).

III. Scissors Clue and Sean’s Reasoning
i. Go to the storage room backstage and climb up to the catwalk.*
ii. Inspect the cut rope at the end of the catwalk to get the (Scissors Clue)
and (Sean’s Reasoning).

*Sylvester dislikes heights and therefore will not climb up to the catwalk
until he has a good reason to. In this case, you need Priya’s testimony first.

IV. Angeline’s Testimony and Angeline’s Testimony II
i. Return to the storage room and ask Angeline [Notice anything suspicious?]
to get (Angeline’s Testimony).
ii. Ask Angeline about [Tensions between the cast?] and present
(Sean’s Reasoning) to get (Angeline’s Testimony II).

V. Francis’ Testimony
i. Go to the third floor of the theater.
ii.Speak with Francis to get (Francis’ Testimony).

VI. Priya’s Fears
i. Ask Priya [Will you continue acting?].*
ii. Present (Angeline’s Testimony II) followed by
(Francis’ Testimony) to get (Priya’s Fears).

*You MUST have Francis’ testimony for the confrontation event to trigger.

VII. Spurl’s Testimony
i. Return to the main theater and go to the waiting room.
ii. Go greet Chief Spurl. (Old woman sitting on the couch).
iii. Ask Spurl [How was the play?] to get (Spurl’s Testimony).

VIII. Sammy’s Testimony
i. Go to the Fashion District and enter Sammy’s Shop.
ii. Give the (Scissors Clue) to Sammy.
iii. Ask Sammy either about (Angeline?) or (Scissors?) to get (Sammy’s Testimony).

IX. Confronting Francis
i. Return to Glacial Theater and speak with Francis.
ii. Present (Sean’s Reasoning) followed by (Spurl’s Testimony).
iii. Present (Angeline’s Testimony II) and choose [Fallen sandbag].
iv. Present (Scissors Clue) followed by (Sammy’s Testimony).

X. Finishing the Case
i. Go back to the main stage and enter the (now opened) Smuggling Tunnel.
ii. Go through the Smuggling Tunnel.
iii. Fight Francis

Case Eight: Bee Meri

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Beacon, “A whistle that will call the Vespiquen of Powder Snow Apiary together if blown.”
Lonardo Emblem ,”A coin with the Lonardo emblem on it.”
Worker’s Testimony, “Combee and Vespiquen can be subdued by inhaling smoke.”
Keeper’s Testimony, “One of the beekeepers noticed suspicious men with fire-type Pokémon loitering around in the evening.”
Luciano’s Instructions, “To get aboard the SS. Seousirg, a costume and special photo ID are needed.”
Espeon Disguise, “Clothes and a mask made by the designer Sammy, which resemble an Espeon.”
ID Photo, “A set of photos of Sylvester in the Espeon disguise to be used for a fake ID.”
Fake ID, “Self-explanatory, this will allow entry onto the SS. Seousirg.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Talk to Luciano, ask [Are you alright?]
ii. Go to Powder Snow Apiary and enter the Gift Shop
iii. Talk to Luciano.
iv. Go fight the Combee.

II. The Beacon
i. Go to the back office of the Gift Shop.
ii. Speak with the owner.
iii. Speak with Henrietta (shiny Vespiquen) to get the (Beacon).

III. Worker’s Testimony
i. Speak to the cashier to introduce yourself.
ii. Ask her [About Maisy’s Moltres…] to get the (Worker’s Testimony).

IV. Lonardo Emblem
i. Go outside.
ii. Pick up the (Lonardo Emblem), which will be on the ground
by one of the northern ponds.

V. Keeper’s Testimony
i. Speak to the Bee Lady on the bench to the west of the apiary.
ii. Ask [Notice anything strange?] to get the (Keeper’s Testimony).

VI. Luciano’s Instructions
i. Present the (Lonardo Emblem) to Luciano, followed by
the (Keeper’s Testimony).
i. State [Their Pokémon!] to get Luciano’s Instructions.

VII. Espeon Disguise
i. Go to Sammy’s Shop and talk with Sammy.
ii. Go to the Modeling Agency and climb to the top.
iii. Speak with the Director on the top floor, and go back down to the second floor.
iv. Speak with Sammy to get the (Espeon Disguise) and the (ID Photo).

i. Go back to the Gift Shop.
ii. Talk to Luciano.
iii. Go to the Northern Pier.
iv. Fight Luciano to get the (Fake ID).

IX. SS. Suoesirg Pt. 1
i. Enter every open room on the SS. Suoesirg to unlock the dining hall.
ii. Go to the dining hall and sit through the auction.
iii. Meet Luciano at the stairs in the main hall.
iv. Navigate through the ship’s hold.

X. SS. Suoesirg Pt. 2
i. Inspect Lustrous.
ii. Inspect Adamant
iii. Inspect briefcase.
iv. Inspect Luciano.
v. Fight Dominic.

Case Nine: Sunglow

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Toilet Paper, “A single somewhat soggy roll of toilet paper! It looks really lonely!”
Pliers, “These are some pretty heavy duty pliers. I bet someone put them in a cake to sneak them into prison!”
Chains, “I took these chains from my cold, hard bed. Take that you splinter-y monster!”
Crowbar, “A crowbar, taken from the incorrect purse.”
Zolpidem Tartrate, “A half-empty tray of pills, prescribed to Sammy. Likely fast-acting.”
Jade’s Tea, “A special blend of tea for Jade. Comes in a plastic up instead of a breakable one!”
Purse, “A black and gold Sammy(tm) Winter Line Original purse!”
Hanger, “A metal clothing hanger, currently useless.”
Lockpick, “A rough lockpick made from a coat hanger.”
Rope, “An escape rope made out of tied-together clothes, just like in the movies!”
The Python’s Testimony, “Francis is loose somewhere in Priya’s house. It’s up to Mordecai to solve the case!”
Sylvester’s Instructions, “Sylvester’s instructions are completely useless!”
Shoe Girl’s Testimony, “The girl in the mudroom was attacked by Francis. She was hit on the head with something heavy.”
Purse Lady’s Testimony, “The lady in the mudroom is using a replica purse made to look like Priya’s. However, someone swapped it out for a different one.”
Agenda Clue, “Jade is not Francis in disguise because she has been with Sammy all day.”
Jade’s Testimony, “Sammy is a tough boss, but he’s been worse than usual lately, so she comes in late.”
Angeline’s Testimony, “Sammy hasn’t been sleeping well, thus the meds. His pills went missing at the theater a few weeks ago.”
Priya’s Testimony, “ It is difficult to hide in the urns at Priya’s house because the heavy lids need to be pried off.”
Purse Lady’s Testimony II, “According to the purse lady, a crowbar can be used to pry up very heavy things like a manhole cover.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Go to Luciano’s House in the Aurora Harbourfront
ii. Talk to Luciano

II. Escaping Jail
i. Go to the toilet and get the (Toilet Paper).
ii. Place the (Toilet Paper) with the other rolls.
iii. Go to the loose tile and get the (Pliers).
iv. Cut the chains on Mordecai’s bed to get the (Chains).
v. Use the (Chains) to unclog the sink drain.
vi. Exit through the sewer.
v. Fight guard.
vi. Walk through abandoned courtrooms until reaching the “Fearow” statue.
vii. Fight Leonardo.

III. Running Around
i. Go to Sylvester’s apartment.
ii. Talk to Cordelia.
iii. Go to the Aurora Downs.
iv. Go to the Aurora Marketplace, and talk to Pascal.

IV. Truly Starting the Case
i. Go inside and talk with Pascal again to get the (Python’s Testimony).
ii. Go up to Priya’s room and talk to Jade to get the (Agenda Clue).
iii. Go to the second floor bathroom and take a bath.

V. Gathering Evidence
i. Go to the coat room and talk with the Purse Lady to get the (Purse Lady’s Testimony).
ii. Ask the Shoe Girl [Is your head ok?] to get the (Shoe Girl’s Testimony).
ii. Return upstairs and go to the kitchen. Speak with the caterer to get (Jade’s Tea).
iii. Go to Priya’s Room and attempt to take the purse by Jade to get the (Purse).
iv. Give Jade the tea to make her sociable.
v. Ask Jade [About Sammy?] to get (Jade’s Testimony).
vi. Return back downstairs with the purse to get the (Crowbar).
vii. Speak with the Purse Lady twice. Once to return the purse, and once so she can offer her expertise.
viii. Ask the Purse Lady either [About manhole covers?] or [Why steal manholes?] to get the (Purse Lady’s Testimony II).
ix. Return to the bathroom and use the crowbar to open the bathtub grate, and get the (Zolpidem Tartrate).
x. Go upstairs and return the cup to the caterer.
xi. Speak with Pascal in the hallway and ask [Are there hiding places?] to get (Priya’s Testimony).
xii. Go to Priya’s room and speak with Angeline. Pick [Sammy’s the culprit!] and present the (Sleeping Pills) to get (Angeline’s Testimony).
xiii. Return back down to the first floor.

VI. Escaping
i. Grab the [Hanger] from the coat rack.
ii. Go to the air vent and solve the wire puzzle there, to get the (Lockpick).*
iii. Use the lockpick to unlock the closet and get the (Rope).
iv. Go to the mannequin by the broken stairs, and lasso it to climb out.

*Steps one and two can be done in any order.

VI. Confrontation
i. Return upstairs to the hallway.
ii. Speak with Pascal.
iii. Pick [Jade!].
iv. Present (Jade’s Testimony).
v. Present the (Purse Lady’s Testimony).

Case Ten: Cascade Capers

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Hatchet, “A well-worn hatchet. It belongs to Sylvane.”
Juno’s Testimony, “Juno finds Sylvane difficult to get along with, and knows that he stresses Eloise.”
Juno’s Testimony II, “The only reason Eloise and Juno haven’t moved in is that Eloise needs to take care of Sylvane. “
Bruno’s Testimony, “Bruno doesn’t mind Eloise, but he finds the many Lafayettes to be confusing and annoying.”
Brutus’ Testimony, “Brutus doesn’t like Eloise, Sylvane, or any Lafayette for that matter.”
Sylvane’s Testimony, “Sylvane doesn’t trust the Lonardos. He believes they killed Rockruff.”
Eloise’s Testimony, “Rockruff wasn’t Eloise’s Pokémon, it was Sylvane’s.”
Autopsy Report, “Rockruff somehow wound up in the water and drowned, likely around dinnertime.”
Book Clue, “A book about caring for people with Alzheimer’s.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Go to Cascade Cove and enter Sylvester’s parents’ house.
ii. Enter every room, including the backyard, in the house.
iii. Speak with Lue and the others.
iv. Go outside to speak with Eloise and Sylvane.
v. Return indoors to speak with Mordecai.

II. Pre-Dinner Shenanigans
i. Go through the Sawmill and exit through the other door to reach Sylvane.
ii. Hop across the logs to the well island to get the (Hatchet).
iii. Return the hatchet to Sylvane.
iv. Speak with Eloise.
v. Speak with Juno.
vi. Speak with Bruno.
vii. Speak with Brutus.

III. Starting the Case
i. Listen to Sylvane to get the (Autopsy Report)
ii. Switch to Mordecai.
iii. Go into the Sawmill and attempt to climb the ladder.
iv. Chase after Purrloin.
v. Get through the Old Smuggling Tunnels.
vi. Leave the Sawmill. Climb the vines outside of the main house to reach the open window.
vii. Go into Eloise’s room and read the book to get the (Book Clue).
viii. Leave the second floor via the door in order to unlock it for Sylvester.

IV. Switch to Syl
i. Switch to Sylvester.
ii. Go upstairs in the main house, to Sylvane’s room. Look at the photo album there.
iii. Speak with Sylvane to get (Sylvane’s Testimony).
iv. Go into Eloise’s room. Talk with Eloise, select [Small Talk].
v. Go downstairs and speak with Leonardo.
vi. Return up stairs and ask Juno [About Sylvane?] to get (Juno’s Testimony).
vii. Go to Eloise’s studio in the sawmill, and ask her [About Rockruff?] to get (Eloise’s Testimony).

IV. Switch back to Mordecai.
i. Switch to Mordecai.
ii. Go to the library.
iii. Ask Bruno [About Eloise?] to get (Bruno’s Testimony).
iv. Ask Brutus [About Eloise?] and present (Bruno’s Testimony), followed by (Sylvane’s Testimony) to get (Brutus’ Testimony).
vi. Go to Eloise’s studio and ask Juno [Why are you here?] to get (Juno’s Testimony II).
v. Return to the character-switching spot and talk with Sylvester.

V. Confrontation
i. Switch to Mordecai.
ii. Present (Sylvane’s Testimony).
iii. Present (Brutus’ Testimony).
iv. Present (Eloise’s Testimony).
v. Select [Eloise] or [Juno].
vi. If you select [Eloise], present (Juno’s Testimony).
vii. If you select [Juno], present (Juno’s Testimony II).

Case Eleven: Trebel in Paradise

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Jamming Device, “A device that appears to disrupt cell phone use by preventing them from turning on.”
Kingston’s Testimony, “Byron has a way to completely disrupt the use of cell phones in the Retreat.”
Byron’s Testimony, “There is a ghost haunting the Rococo Retreat, which is scaring away more visitors.”
Hart’s Testimony, “Detective Hart did research on the Rococo Retreat. It was build over an old Lafayette settlement.”
Hart’s Testimony II, “Detective Hart asked Byron to unlock the west bath room for his investigation.”
Door Clue, “There is a hidden door in the bath area of the Rococo Retreat. It is easy to hear others because of the thin walls and ceiling.”
Floor Plan, “A floor plan of the Rococo Retreat.”
Sylvester’s Reasoning, “The ghost is a blatant fake. The Silph Scope app will not work so long as Byron’s phone disruptor is turned on.”
Kingston’s Testimony II, “The ghost appears in the evenings, and always at the same place in the bedroom. It sometimes speaks in a hoarse voice.”
Punk Guy’s Testimony, “The Punk Guy has disagreements with Byron over his scream-o music.”
Punk Girl’s Testimony, “The others have problems with Byron, but Kingston doesn’t argue with Byron about things.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Meet Eloise outside her house.
ii. Climb Mt. Trebel. Fight Hart.
iii. Make a detour with Eloise to the Rococo Retreat.
iv. Go to the rec room.
v. Speak with Eloise.
vi. Speak with Hart.
vii. Go to the dining room, speak with the Punk Girl.
viii. Go to the bedroom, speak with the Punk Guy.
ix. Speak with the hipster.
x. Return downstairs and speak with the Punk Girl to eat dinner.

II. Post-Dinner Problems
i. Collect food around the Rococo Retreat.
ii. Go inside and attempt to summon the ghost, to obtain (Kingston’s Testimony), (Sylvester’s Reasoning), (Byron’s Testimony), and (Hart’s Testimony).
iii. Go to the dining room and ask the Punk Guy [About Byron?] to get the (Punk Guy’s Testimony).

III. Investigation Time
i. Go to the rec room and ask Kingston about [The ghost?] to get (Kingston’s Testimony II).
ii. Go upstairs and get prompted to find Truffles.
iii. Go outside to get Truffles.
iv. Follow Souffle to get the (Jamming Device).
v. Go back upstairs and speak with Truffles to watch Hart do his thing.
vi. Speak with Truffles again to tail Hart.
vii. Enter the bathroom and interact with the false door to get the (Door Clue) and (Hart’s Testimony).
viii. Return to the first floor and talk with the Punk Girl to prompt the need to get rid of Byron.
ix. Go to the front desk and speak with Byron. Select [Tell me about the building.] followed by [Ask about more.] to get the (Floor Plan).
ix. Talk with Byron again and give him the jamming device.
x. Speak with the Punk Girl and ask [About Byron]. Present the (Punk Guy’s Testimony) to get the (Punk Girl’s Testimony).
xi. Speak with Hart.

IV. Confrontation and Remainder of 11
i. Present the (Floor Plan).
ii. Present the (Door Clue).
iii. Present the (Punk Girl’s Testimony).
iv. Continue your journey to Chateau Lafayette.

Case Twelve: Meanwhile with Mordecai

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Credit Card, “A black credit card. Arturo says to only use it for big or important purchases.”
Arturo’s Card, “A simple calling card from Arturo. It radiates sophistication.”
Baby Photo, “A candid family photo of the Lonardos.”
Cordelia’s Reasoning, “Cordelia believes that the Arturo might know where Fearrow’s Poké Ball is.”
Rosewell’s Reasoning, “Rosewell believes that the Lonardos may have Fearrow’s Poké Ball, and that Luciano could verify this.”
Luciano’s Testimony, “The Lonardos never had Fearrow’s Poké Ball. Looking into a custom Poké Ball maker might offer some leads.”
Courier Clue, “A list of Bolt Courier’s delivery clients for that day.”
Arturo’s Testimony, “The Flores family would commission an artisan called Patterson for custom Poké Balls.”
List Clue, “A list of businesses and people, one of which is Bolt Couriers.”
Apprentice’s Testimony, “Patterson sometimes delivers Poké Balls in person.”
Desk Dude’s Testimony, “Delivery times are slow at Bolt Couriers because the main courier went missing.”
Apron Clue, “The standard Bolt Courier uniform. It is reflective, so air traffic can see the delivery service in the sky.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Go to Arturo’s Office.
ii. Meet with Arturo.
iii. Speak with Ramira.
iv. Go to the Okane Slums and get an apartment.
v. Speak with Ramira again.
vi. Take a nap.
vii. Ask Cordelia about [Fearow’s Poké Ball?] to get (Cordelia’s Reasoning.)
viii. Ask Rosewell about [Fearow’s Poké Ball?] to get (Rosewell’s Reasoning.)
ix. Return to Arturo’s office.
x. Get the (Courier Clue) from the paper in the Lonardo Safehouse.
xi. Find Arturo under the scaffolding.
xii. Go to Luciano’s Place and defeat the Union of the Street Kids Who Steal for the Lonardo Family in Return for Protection. (USKWSLFRP).
xiii. Ask Luciano [About Zapdos’ Poké Ball?] to get (Luciano’s Testimony).

II. Further Investigations
i. Meet with Arturo at the Café Pressé and present (Luciano’s Testimony) to get (Arturo’s Testimony) and (Arturo’s Card).
ii. Go to P&W Tailors to change clothes.
iii. Go to Patterson’s and speak with the man at the desk. Following that, speak with Patterson’s apprentice and ask [What should my name be?].
iv. Say your new name should be, “Plllfffbt.”
v. Ask about [About your Grandpa?], and present the (Courier Clue) to get the (Apprentice’s Testimony).
vi. Return to the Café Pressé and pick up the (List Clue) as well as the (Baby Photo) from the ground.
vii. Return to Okane Square and enter Bolt Couriers.
viii. Speak with Desk Dude and present either the (Courier Clue) or the (List Clue) to get (Desk Dude’s Testimony) and the (Apron Clue).
ix. Fly to the Factory Outskirts and speak with the woman at the front desk in the Poké Ball Factory.
x. Go through the Poké Ball Factory and speak with the Party Planner.

III. Ending the Case
i. Re-enter Patterson’s.
ii. Leave for Amontillado Creek, and go to the Amontillado factory.
iii. Reach the catwalk to the far left of the factory, and confront Patterson.

Case Thirteen: Verrine’s Advocate

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Baby Photo, “A candid family photo of the Lonardos.”
Courier Clue, “A list of Bolt Courier’s delivery clients for that day.”
Arturo’s Testimony, “The Flores family would commission an artisan called Patterson for custom Poké Balls.”
List Clue, “A list of businesses and people, one of which is Bolt Couriers.”
Apprentice’s Testimony, “Patterson sometimes delivers Poké Balls in person.”
Desk Dude’s Testimony, “Delivery times are slow at Bolt Couriers because the main courier went missing.”
Apron Clue, “The standard Bolt Courier uniform. It is reflective, so air traffic can see the delivery service in the sky.”
Desk Dude’s Testimony II, “Desk Dude went to the back of the shop when Mordecai was present.”
Desk Dude’s Confession, “Mordecai helped deliver packages. One of which was a cake, to the Poké Ball factory.”
Cleaner’s Testimony, “There are no signs in the factory that Patterson died there.”
Half Birthday Card, “A birthday card for Patterson’s granddaughter’s 8.5th birthday.”
Apprentice’s Confession, “Mordecai was nice to the store apprentice, not threatening.”
Chief Valconi’s Testimony, “Mordecai did not have his Zapdos upon being arrested.”


I. Starting the Case
i. Talk with Arturo.
ii. Talk with Ramira.
iii. Talk with the guard to leave the waiting room.
iv. Attempt to exit the hall through the eastern exit.
v. Go to the upper gallery.
vi. Return to the waiting room and speak with Arturo.

II. Desk Dude’s Cross-Examination
i. Ask about [Delivery Times] and say [I have a good reason.]
ii. Present (Desk Dude’s Testimony).
iii. Present the (Apron Clue).
iv. Ask [The back?] to get (Desk Dude’s Testimony II).
v. Ask [Paying attention?] and present (Desk Dude’s Testimony II) to get (Desk Dude’s Confession).

III. Recess and Getting Kicked Out
i. Return to the upper gallery to overhear Lucile and Leonardo’s conversation.
ii. Exit through the hall and go to the other one, to speak with Duchampe.
iii. Return to the waiting room and speak with Arturo.
iv. As Arturo, ask any three questions in order to make Patterson’s Apprentice cry.

IV. Sylvester and Luciano’s Investigation
i. Climb to the second floor of the factory.
ii. Navigate through the second floor with Tiramisu to get to the factory roof.
iii. Meet with Luciano and the Cleaner to get the (Cleaner’s Testimony) and the (Half Birthday Card).

V. Cross-Examination of the Apprentice
i. Select [Small Talk] and present the (Half Birthday Card).
ii. Speak with the Apprentice to get the (Apprentice’s Confession.)

VI. Second Recess
i. Go upstairs and speak with Lucile.
ii. Return to the waiting room.

VII. Route A – Play as Arturo (Win)
i. Ask about [The arrest?] to get (Chief Valconi’s Testimony).
ii. Ask about [The fight?] to unlock more questions.
iii. Select [The lack of direct evidence.] and present (Desk Dude’s Confession) followed by (The Apron Clue).

VIII. Route B – Play as Arturo (Fail)
i. Get kicked out
ii. Ask about [The arrest?] to get (Chief Valconi’s Testimony).
iii. Ask about [The fight?].

IX. Route C – Play as Felicia
i. Ask about [The arrest?] to get (Chief Valconi’s Testimony).
ii. Ask about [The fight?].

Case Fourteen: Pearls of Wisdom

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Necklace, “A worn necklace with a single pearl. It belongs to one of the Kiddo Thieves.”
Luciano’s Documents, “A stack of legal documents for Lonardo-related business.”
Pickup Slip, “A pickup order slip for NAME Outfitters on Ellsemere Street.”
Uniforms, “Four school uniforms for the Thorndale Academy.”
Kiddo’s Request, “The guard at the Ellsemere Alley Clubhouse stole the kid’s necklace. He wants it back.”
Patterson’s Testimony, “Zapdos saved Patterson mid-fall, but now it won’t let him leave the Woodsy Path.”
Postcard Clue, “A postcard from Lustrous and Adamant to Luciano.”
Juno’s Testimony, “After collection day, the Lonardos usually would go to Garbordor’s Grotto Pawn Shop in the Underground.”
Luciano’s Testimony, “Lustrous adores weapons, and more or less anything that causes pain.”
Eloise’s Testimony, “Lustrous, under her username xXPalkiaLoverXx, posted a video of Sylvester jumping into the river.”
Adamant’s Hint, “If Lustrous is playing games, you can tell a pirate joke and she’ll always respond.”
Sylvester’s Idea, “Lustrous might be somewhere around the NAME. There’s a bank and pirate-themed restaurant”

Starting the Case
i. Take a nap.
ii. Go rescue Luciano.
iii. Talk to the Kiddos blocking the kitchen to get the (Kiddo’s Request).
iv. Go to the Kiddo Clubhouse in Ellsemere Alley and get the (Necklace) from the sleeping guard.
v. Tell Lustrous [I need the necklace back.], and then ask [What else can I do?].
vi. Go to the Café Pressé and get the coffee order.
vii. Go to P&W Tailors to give the coffees to Lucile and Duchampe.
viii. Leave P&W’s and speak with Lustrous.

Mordecai’s Work
i. Go to the guest room to speak with Luciano and the kiddos.
ii. Return to the dining room to speak with Rosewell.
iii. Go back to speak with Luciano and the kiddos.
iv. Go to Amontillado Alley and watch the gangster interact with the kiddo there.
v. Speak with the Lafayette who watched the scene to unlock the sewers.
vi. Break into the children’s home and rescue all four of the children. Then, return to the top floor to rescue the final kiddo.

Back to Sylvester
i. Walk through the ravine and reach the Woodsy Pathway.
ii. Speak with Patterson.
iii. Go into Patterson’s cabin and speak with him again, there, to get (Patterson’s Testimony).
iv. Speak with Luciano.
v. Return to Luciano’s Place and inspect his desk to get (Luciano’s Documents) and the (Postcard Clue).*
vi. Go to Cascade Cove and speak with Juno.
vii. Speak with Eloise and as [I need your help.] followed by [Cousin Stunt Double?] to get (Eloise’s Testimony).
viii. Return to Sylvester’s House and go to the guest room.
ix. Speak with Luciano. Present the (Postcard Clue) to get (Luciano’s Testimony).**
x. Return to the Cascade Logging Camp. Follow Eloise and Juno to Eloise’s Studio.
xi. Ask Juno [Tell me about Luciano.] and present the (Postcard Clue) to get (Juno’s Testimony).

*You can’t do this any earlier in the case. Talking to Luciano triggers the ability to gather these documents.
**You have to have (Eloise’s Testimony) in order to do this step, which is why you can’t do it earlier.

Mordecai’s Meeting
i. Go to Arturo’s Office for the meeting.
ii. Leave Arturo’s Office and get prompted by Rosewell to visit P&W’s. He will give the (Pickup Slip).
iii. To go P&W’s to pick up the (Uniforms).*
iv. Go to the Factory Outskirts, where Garbodor’s Grotto is located.
v. Speak with the pawn shop owner and Adamant to get (Adamant’s Hint).
vi. Leave the store and speak with Rosewell.

*This step must be done before going to the pawn shop. This is because Adamant’s presence will discourage Mordecai from going in.

Back to Sylvester Pt. 2
i. Speak with Truffles to get (Sylvester’s Idea).
ii. Go to the bank and speak with the teller.
iii. Go to the fish and chips place and speak with the waitress.
iv. Enter the Tiny Tunnel.
v. Speak with Truffles.
vi. Pick [Finding the necklace.] followed by [To have fun.], and present (Adamant’s Hint).
vii. Pick [Hide-n-seek.] and present (Juno’s Testimony)
viii. Pick [Lustrous’ motive.] and present (Luciano’s Testimony).

Back to Mordecai Pt. 2
i. Go to the Travel Agency roof.
ii. Speak with Zapdos.
iii. Fight Leonardo.

Case Fifteen: Nautical Nonsense

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Dame Erica’s Testimony, “The Dame saw Kalvin wandering around last night, while she was leaving the lounge.”
Putty Clue, “A ball of putty with a variety of functions. It can retain the shape of things pressed into it.”
Juno’s Testimony, “Kalvin is afraid of Luciano.”
Kalvin’s Testimony, “The reason Kalvin was wandering around at night is because he heard something outside his room and fled.”
Window Clue, “The port window in Kalvin’s room is slightly ajar.”
Julio’s Testimony, “Julio and three others played cards all night. Kalvin was not one of them.”
Alice’s Testimony, “Kalvin isn’t a good thief. Alice covered this up for him so he wouldn’t get in trouble with the Lonardo superiors.”
Cora’s Testimony, “Cora snuck out to play cards, late at night with the other children.”
Gold Key, “A golden key for something in Flores Mansion.”
Copper Ball, “A Poké Ball. Elmer Patterson was forced to make it after my parents took his children hostage. They killed his family anyway.”

I. Starting the Case
i. Return to Sylvester’s Parent’s House, and switch to Sylvester, if you have not.
ii. Go to the dining room and speak with the kiddo on the couch to return his necklace.
iii. After Sylvester goes to his room, he will be called back to the dining room by Rosewell.
iv. Speak with Rosewell when you are ready to leave Riverview.

II. Killing Time Until Dinner
i. Speak to Hart.*
ii. Speak to Eloise.
iii. Speak to Juno.
iv. Speak to Alice. After she leaves, speak to Kalvin.
v. Speak to either Alice or Henry after she has left the room with Kalvin.
vi. Speak to Luciano when Alice is arguing with Henry.

*Steps i to iv can be done in any particular order you want.

III. Next-Day Drama
i. Leave your bedroom and head for the main hall.
ii. Speak with the group.
iii. Speak with Ivan.*
iv. Speak with Julio to get (Julio’s Testimony).
v. Go to the upstairs dining room and speak with Dame Erica. Ask [Last night?] to get (Dame Erica’s Testimony).
vi. Then, ask [Your room?] to get permission to enter Dame Erica’s room.
vii. Go to the top deck to speak with Kalvin.
viii. Return back downstairs, and head to Sylvester’s room. Speak with Juno and Luciano. Return back out to the hallway and speak with Juno again to get (Juno’s Testimony) and (Kalvin’s Testimony).
xi. Go to the upper left bedroom to speak with Alice. Ask [About Kalvin?] and present (Juno’s Testimony) to get (Alice’s Testimony).
x. Go to the lower deck and inspect the window with the hidden item animation to get the (Window Clue).

*Talking to Ivan will prompt Sylvester to take note of the port window outside.

IV. Safe Shenanigans
i. Go to Dame Erica’s room. (West set of bedrooms, lower central entrance.)
ii. Speak with Hart.*
iii. Speak with Cora. Ask about [Last night?] and present (Julio’s Testimony) to get (Cora’s Testimony).
iv. Go to Kalvin’s room. Inspect the safe there. Go to Sylvester’s room, and speak to Luciano.
v. Inspect the safe to get the (Putty Clue).

*This is necessary to prompt Hart to finish his own investigation.

V. In Eloise’s Words: Logical Nerd Duel Time
i. Go to the main hall, speak with Hart.
ii. Present (Kalvin’s Testimony).
iii. Select [Kalvin had motive to steal it].
iv. Present (Alice’s Testimony).
v. Select [Cora].
vi. Present (Cora’s Testimony) followed by the (Window Clue).
viii. Speak to Kalvin.*
xi. Speak to Hart.

*The order in which you speak to Kalvin and Hart does not matter.

VI. Mordecai Time!
i. Go to Amontillado Creek. From there, enter the side cave that leads to the Woodsy Path.
ii. Speak with Patterson. Continue walking west to reach the Flores Property. Enter the mansion.
iii. Interact with the Poké Ball to release Rotom.
iv. Ask Rotom [Possess the drill!] to fix the car’s wheel.
v. Interact with the toy car to have Rotom possess it.
vi. Speak with Rotom again. Follow it to the interrogation room. Pick up the tape on the table.
viii. Go to the surveillance room. Watch tape one.
xi. Leave the basement by heading east. Don’t forget to hit the switch that opens the easy route on the way back!

VII. Exploring the Mansion
i. Go to the pool maintenance room. Solve the pipe puzzle there. (Like any tile puzzle, this can be solved with trial and error. It is also randomized every time you enter the room.)
ii. Head up the ladder to reach the second floor. Tape two will be on the floor nearby.
iii. Return to the basement to watch tape two.
iv. Go to the ballroom. (First floor, room to the west.) Slide around and reach the exit. Slide down the hall to reach the balcony. Pick up the (Gold Key) and leave.
v. Go back to the second floor of the mansion, and enter the west wing.

VIII. Unlocking the Big Safe
i. Enter the library.
ii. Speak to the typewriter to make Rotom reappear.
iii. Speak to Rotom again.
iv. Speak to Rotom while facing left.
v. Speak to Rotom while facing up.
vi. Speak to Rotom while facing down.
vii. Speak to Rotom while facing up.
viii. Speak to Rotom one last time.
ix. Enter the music room.
x. Pick the green music book.
xi. Follow the steps in the music book’s pattern.
xii. Down, up, left, left, right, right, down, right right.
xiii. Enter Montague’s office. Enter the safe. Unlock the little safe with the key to get the third video tape.
xiv. Return to the basement to watch the third video tape.

IX. Wrapping Up
i. Go to the second floor east wing. Enter Maya’s room. (Upper right.)
ii. Interact with the TV to play Rotom’s game.
iii. Go to Madesto’s room. (Lower right.)
iv. Interact with his diary.
v. Go upstairs to the master bedroom. Inspect the crib to get the fourth tape. Watch the fourth tape.
vi. Go to Fearow’s roost. Pick up the (Copper Ball).
vii. After speaking with Lucile, chase her down. Insist on a battle.

Case Sixteen: Lost and Found

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Alice’s Testimony II, “Both Henry and Kalvin are missing. Alice wants to find them.”
Rose’s Testimony, “Rose kept watch in the bedroom last night. Henry and Kalvin were both in bed, and didn’t leave until the early morning.”
Lucy’s Testimony, “Kalvin confessed he hasn’t stolen anything to Lucy. It happened on the Inn balcony just before bedtime.”
Glasses Clue, “Kalvin’s glasses. They were tucked underneath his bed.”
Ano’s Testimony, “Henry was hanging out in the alley beside the Inn last night.”
Meh Rod, “A useless fishing rod. It probably can’t even catch a Magikarp. But Ano needs one.”
Multiscale Talisman, “A talisman to ward off evil spirits. It shines with the colours of the ocean.”

I. Starting the Case
i. Speak to Eloise. Battle with Ivan and Julio.
ii. Speak to Kalvin. Chase down the Sableye.
iii. Speak with Sableye while facing left.
iv. Speak with Sableye while facing right.
v. Speak with Sableye while facing up.
vi. Speak with Sableye while facing right.
vii. Speak with Sableye while facing one last time.
viii. Go to the Inn. Enter the second floor. Speak to Alice and Juno. Then, speak to Kalvin.
ix. Go to the pub. Speak to Ano.
x. Speak to Ano again.
xi. Go outside and speak to the fisherman in the corner. Pay for the (Meh Rod). Fight the fisherman.
xii. Return to Ano.

II. Starting the Case
i. Go downstairs. Speak to Alice.
ii. Go out to Route One. Meet with Alice again to get (Alice’s Testimony II).
iii. Return to town. Speak with Luciano to get [Rose’s Testimony].
iv. Speak to Luciano again and ask [About last night?]. Present (Alice’s Testimony) to get (Lucy’s Testimony).
v. Return to the Inn’s second floor. Sniff around Kalvin’s bed (blue, beside the bookshelf) to get the (Glasses Clue).
vi. Go outside to the Inn’s balcony. Speak with Ano to get (Ano’s Testimony).
viii. Go back downstairs to speak with Alice.
xi. Present the (Glasses Clue) followed by (Lucy’s Testimony) and (Ano’s Testimony) to eventually receive the (Multiscale Talisman).

III. Shadebloom Woods
i. Walk through the western pond section. Fight Lucile to get the White Queen chess piece.
ii. Continue walking north. Enter the Lugia statue’s base.
iii. Press the button to watch the candle pattern. The numbers of the candles are: 1. Lower left 2. Upper left 3. Middle 4. Lower right 5. Upper left.
iv. Interact with the candles in the order 1 2 3.
v. Interact with the candles in the order 5 3 5 2.
vi. Interact with the candles in the order 5 4 1 3 2.
viii. Proceed to pick up the Black King chess piece.
xi. Leave the tomb and continue walking northeast to reach the central woods.
x. Walk through the woods until you find Lustrous, sitting on a couch. Fight Lustrous to get the White Pawn chess piece.
xi. Enter the hollow tree stump. Interact with the Black Bishop piece. Fight Silva and Sylvester II to get the piece.
xii. Leave the central woods by walking further east. Slide down the hill. Sit and speak with Maisy to get the Black Rook chess piece.
xiii. Continue sliding down the hill. Walk through the confusing caves until you reach the White Knight chess piece. Fight Hart to get it.*
xiv. Return to the woods entrance and walk north. With all the pieces, you can now proceed.
xv. Fight Kalvin.

*The location the cave entrances send you is randomized. Just keep running through and you’ll get where you need to be.

Case Seventeen: Whispers of the Desert

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Water Clue,”The water levels have a higher than normal Geiger count. This is allegedly not a health risk.”
Brick Clue,”Cobalt found a strange brick in the temple water. It is slightly radioactive, but supposedly not dangerous.”
Zirconium’s Hypothesis,”The hidden cavern was being used to grow food and store supplies.”
Palladium’s Advice,”Riding together is a sign of respect between people and Pokémon.”
Palladium’s Testimony,”The strange bricks are Pokémon from another dimension, Stakataka! Only a strong trainer can ride and tame it.”
Mural Clue,”A mural of a person standing on a stack of bricks with eyes. It was in the storage cavern.”
Unknowable Object,”It shines from every angle, yet it seems to have no recognizable sides or dimensions. It has the same radiation level as the bricks.”
Geiger Counter,
Topaz Ball,

I. Starting the Case and Day One
i. Speak with Arturo when you are ready to join the meeting.
ii. Go to the top floor of the hospital. Speak with Rubidium when you are ready to leave.
iii. Meet with the group in the tent.
iv. Go into the secondary tent. Speak with Cordelia.
v. Walk northeast. Speak with Zirconium. Return to the secondary tent to ask Rotom for help. Then, go back to Zirconium.
vi. Speak with Zirconium inside the cavern.
vii. Head north. Speak with Cobalt to get the (Water Clue).
viii. Continue going north to enter the temple.
ix. Fall down the sandpits in the order: Upper Left, Lower Right, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Right, Upper Left, Lower Left, Upper Right.
x. Upon reaching the bottom, press the switch. Return to the main floor of the temple. Go to the west.
xi. Press the button to watch the candle pattern. In order from left to right, the number of the candles are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
xii. Press the candles in the order: 1 5 4 2.
xiii. Press the candles in the order: 3 4 1 2 3.
xiv. Press the candles in the order: 4 5 5 3 2 1 5.
xv. Proceed to the unlocked room. Enter the water. Find and press the underwater switch quickly, before time runs out.
xvi. Walk through the now unlocked northern entrance of the temple. Escape the Unown, to reach the canyon.
xvii. Return to camp.

II. Day Two
i. Walk east, to where Cordelia is training with Beehyeem. Speak with Palladium.
ii. Interact with TargetBot to play a round of target destruction.
iii. Walk northeast, and enter the cave where Zirconium is. Speak with him to unlock the next door.
iv. Talk with Zirconium once more to get (Zirconium’s Hypothesis).
v. Return to Morove Canyon. Speak with Cobalt to get the (Brick Clue) and the (Geiger Counter).
vi. Enter the northern Well Temple and push around the boulders to the correct position to get the (Scroll).
viii. Bring the (Scroll) back to Cobalt.
xi. Interact with: one of the tablets outside of the temple, the wall inscription in the temple pool room, the tablet underwater, the wall inscription in the Unown hallway, and the wall inscription in the northern temple.
x. Return to camp.

III. Day Three
i. Fight Xatu in camp.
ii. Leave camp. Fight the Xatu attacking Cobalt.
iii. Head north. Zap the Unown.
iv. Go southwest. Attack any Hippowdon in sight. Do this to rescue Rotom.
v. Rescue Zirconium.
vi. Leave camp. Follow Cordelia to and through the canyon to reach the southeastern temple.
vii. Navigate through the mirror path using Cordelia’s position as a reference for safe tiles. Hit the switch.
viii. Enter the unlocked room. Take the south exit, where you can find the (Unknowable Object).*
viii. Enter the unlocked room. Speak with Cordelia.
*Don’t jump down the cliff unless you plan on torturing yourself with unnecessary backtracking. Also, if you talk to Cordelia on day five, Mordecai will simply fly to the top of the cliff to get the (Unknowable Object.)

IV. Day Four
i. Speak to Fearow.
ii. Speak to Palladium. Attempt to speak to Fearow again to eventually get (Palladium’s Advice).
iii. Chase after Fearow, going through Thistle Cavern and Ivory Gulch.
iv. Speak to Fearow through the cage. Fight the bandit.

V. Day Five
i. Speak to Palladium to get (Palladium’s Testimony).
ii. Return to Zirconium’s cave. Speak with him again to get through the next door.*
iii. Solve the mural tile puzzle to get the (Mural Clue).
iv. Return to camp.
v. Present (Palladium’s Testimony).
vi. Present (Palladium’s Advice) followed by the (Mural Clue).
vii. Present (Zircon’s Hypothesis) followed by the (Unknowable Object) to eventually receive the (Topaz Ball).

*You can actually do this as early as day four, but that interrupts the flow of the story.

Case Eighteen: Teacher’s Pet

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Bolt Cutters,”A decent-sized pair of bolt cutters. Handy for your average break-and-entry.”
Hedge Clippers,”A decent-sized pair of hedge clippers. Currently bloody.”
Serenity Letter,”A letter from Serenity Inc. to Iodine, warning him not to have any more incidents.”
Janitor’s Testimony,”The Janitor has helped Hart and the protest leader gain access to the school.
Janitor’s Testimony II,”The Janitor owns the hedge clippers but not the bolt cutters. The clippers are very dull.”
Graduation Photo,”The photo of Leonardo’s graduating class. Taken in the principal’s office.”
Leonardo’s Testimony,”The Serenity Letter is a clear forgery. Leonardo can tell because he’s well-versed in making forgeries himself.”
Leader’s Testimony,”The leader was inside the school recently. He was having a meeting with the principal.”
Henry’s Testimony,”Hart has been lurking around the school. Probably trying to solve the case first, again.”
Fake Body,”A taxidermy Bidoof head. Quite clearly not the alleged victim of the case.”

I. Starting the Case
i. Walk southeast to reach Blackthorne Village. Speak with the police officer blocking the school.
ii. Return to Route Two. Speak with Juno.
iii. Speak with Kalvin. Have a battle with him.
iv. Speak with Julio, twice.
v. Speak with Ivan.
vi. Speak with Luciano.
viii. Speak with Ano. Pester Luciano together, again.
xi. Chase after Julio and speak to him one last time.
x. Speak to Eloise.
xi. Return to town. Enter the Inn. Speak with Juno again.
xii. Speak to the officer out front of the school again.
xiii. Go downstairs and back to the school crowd.
xiv. Return to the Inn and go upstairs. Fight Luciano.
xv. Go back to the school. Go to the second floor and enter the southwest classroom. Speak with Ano to have him move the officer in front of the office.
xvi. Enter the office and speak with Leo.

II. The Investigation
i. Inspect the sparkling bookshelf to get the (Serenity Letter).
ii. Present the (Serenity Letter) to Leonardo to get (Leonardo’s Testimony).
iii. Speak to the officer looking under the desk to get the (Hedge Clippers).
iv. Leave the office and go upstairs. Speak with Ivan to have him move the officer blocking the student residence.
v. Enter the central western classroom. Help free the officer stuck in the locker by solving the tile puzzle to get the (Bolt Cutters).
vi. Enter the student residence area. Speak to the janitor (elderly man standing in hall) to have him move.
vii. Enter Henry’s room (lower left) and ask him [Anything suspicious?] to get (Henry’s Testimony).*
viii. Go to the auditorium. From there, enter the janitor’s office. Ask him about the [Locked rooms?] to get the (Janitor’s Testimony).**
ix. Speak with the Janitor again and ask [About tools?] to get the (Janitor’s Testimony II).***
x. Go upstairs and enter the library. Speak to Violet.

*Henry’s testimony is not mandatory, nor is showing him the bolt cutters. But it does fill in more details about the case.
**He also unlocks the library at this time.
***You need the hedge clippers and bolt cutters for this to happen.

III. Gulliver and Luciano
i. Inspect the sparkling bookshelf to get the (Serenity Letter).
i. Go outside. Find Gulliver. (The hipster protest leader standing in front of Stumpy’s statue.)
ii. Speak to Gulliver. Select [Small Talk] to get him to open up.
iii. Ask [The school?] and present the (Janitor’s Testimony) to get (Gulliver’s Testimony).
iv. Follow Gulliver to the Inn patio. Speak with him to annoy Luciano and send him back inside.
v. Follow Luciano to the Inn room. Ask for his help to get the (Grad Photo).

IV. Wrapping Up
i. Go to the school’s backyard.
ii. When stopped by the officer, present the (Grad Photo) followed by the (Bolt Cutters) and the (Janitor’s Testimony II).
iii. Inspect Stumpy’s head to get the (Fake Body).
iv. Return to the office to speak with Leonardo.

Case Nineteen: Starry Soirée

List of Evidence, Testimony, and Items

Party Planner’s Gossip,”Bolt Couriers cannot be trusted! They turned the Party Planner’s cake delivery upside-down!”
Angeline’s Gossip,”Louis Rosewell is planning to run for mayor next year.”
Sean’s Gossip,”The Riverview Hotel is selling, soon, because of all the trouble it’s encountered this past year.”
Sylvia’s Gossip,”Maisy and Syl’s mom got into a major fight. Maisy wanted Syl to leave the city indefinitely with his mom.”
Johnny’s Gossip,”Johnny’s family is connected to Serenity Inc. His grandfather is Iodine, principal of Blackthorne Academy.”
Kingston’s Gossip,”Kingston met Johnny at the Rococo Retreat, an exclusive and expensive getaway on Mt. Trebel.”
Bruce’s Card,”Bruce Serenity’s business card. It has his direct contact information on it!”

I. Starting the Case and Priya’s Party
i. Leave the Inn. Meet Ano in Twisting Cave.
ii. Get carried away by Tropius.
iii. Enter Priya’s Condo. Speak with Priya to get the Coin Case and coins.
iv. Enter the coat room. Speak with Pascal and Ramira.
v. Go into the bathroom. Speak with Cordelia. Approach the suspicious urn. Fight Francis.
vi. Go to the top floor. Approach the model sitting on the couch. Realize she is the party planner, and defeat her to get the (Party Planner’s Gossip).
vii. Enter the kitchen. Play one of each game (Voltorb Flip, Roulette, and Slots.)
ix. Speak to the Purse Lady.
x. Speak to Angeline and pick [Gossip?].
xi. Go to the phone in the hallway to call Sylvester. Return to the kitchen and ask Angeline about [Gossip?] again to get (Angeline’s Gossip).
xii. Go downstairs to the coat room and ask the Python to leave.

II. Sean’s Party
i. Talk to the redheaded Lafayette standing beside the nursing station (Sylvia) to make Sawyer appear.
ii. Select [About Sawyer?].
iii. Follow Alice to the auditorium. Battle her.
iv. Select [Gossip!] when talking to Sylvia to get (Sylvia’s Gossip).
v. Enter Sylvane’s house. Speak with Sean and select [Gossip?]. Go to the dining room and speak with Sylvane. Go to the kitchen and offer to help the Lafayette surrounded by children.
vi. Find the first child blending in at the dining room. Find the second child hiding on top of one of the bookshelves in the library. Find one child in Sylvane’s room, and find the last in Eloise’s bedroom.
viii. While in the library, speak to Bruno and Brutus. Speak to Pascal. Speak to Cordelia. Speak to Sawyer, and select [Let’s fight!].
xi. While finding the kids in the bedrooms, speak to Sammy in the hallway.
x. After finding all four kids, speak to the Lafayette in the kitchen again.
xi. Meet Sawyer outside for the fight.
xii. Go through the sawmill to reach the other side, where Scottsborough, Ramira, and a disguised Sean are talking. Speak with them to get (Sean’s Gossip).
xiii. Return to the library to speak with Pascal.

III. Johnny’s Party
i. Go downstairs. Speak to the Innkeeper about cold medicine.
ii. Return upstairs. Speak with Henry and Luciano.
iii. Leave the Inn and get ambushed by Luciano’s kids. Meet them on Route Two and have a talk.*
iv. Speak to the kiddos with Hart on Route Two.
v. Speak to Johnny. Ask [About you?].
vi. Speak to Kingston. Ask [Why’s that?] to get [Kingston’s Gossip].
viii. Speak to Johnny again. Ask [About the retreat?] to get (Johnny’s Gossip).
xi. Speak to Pascal. Approach the group of two hipsters and a punk girl to listen in on their conversation. Go inside to call Sylvester.
x. Speak to Pascal again. Follow the hipsters inside. Fight the hipster bothering Johnny.
xi. Say goodbye to Johnny.

*Your choices in this talk don’t matter.

IV. The Regatta
i. Attempt to speak to Bruce.
ii. Go to the phone and call Sylvester.
iii. Enter the school again. Go to the backyard to speak with Luciano. Return back indoors. Go to Iodine’s office.
iv. Return to the dining room to speak with Iodine. Select [About your background?] and present (Johnny’s Gossip) followed by (Palladium’s Testimony).
v. Speak to Bruce again to get (Bruce’s Card).*
vi. Speak to the Beauty and Business Lady. Present (Angeline’s Gossip).
viii. Go to the Yacht Club entrance and speak to Lucile.
xi. Speak to the Lady and Model. Present the (Party Planner’s Gossip).
x. Speak to Lucile again.
xi. Speak to Sawyer. Ask (Did you talk to Maisy?).
xii. Add Fearow to your party permanently, and fight Maisy.
xiii. Follow Henry to the auditorium. Fight Hart.
xiv. Enter the school. Go to the library.**

*Your choice of insults does not matter. However, “Who let you out of the retirement home?” is arguably the funniest choice.
**This cutscene will play every time you enter the library. So, you only need to do it once to finish the demo.