Pokemon X and Y romfs ‘a’ folder content notes

a/0/0/0: bits of Pokémon status interface? strings seem to indicate status icons, type icons, damage class icons,…
a/0/0/1: 3 × CGFX
a/0/0/2: pokelist (more bits of interface?), camera & lighting CGFX
a/0/0/3: substitute texture (+model?)
a/0/0/4: moooore bits of interface?
a/0/0/5: battle interface? status/type icons
a/0/0/6: species related binary file
a/0/0/7: pokemon models
a/0/0/8: map fade animation
a/0/0/9: 20 BCH (+1 dummy) “tuki(h)(0-9)”, 3 binary
a/0/1/0: child menu (gray)
a/0/1/1: cute menu (orangered)
a/0/1/2: encounters (other map data?) zonedata in [360.0]

encounters – download full documentations here: XYencountersSlots
Grass 12 slots 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/5/4/1%
Yellow Flowers 12 slots …
Purple Flowers 12 slots
Red Flowers 12 slots
Rough 12 slots (snow/rocky on Mamoswine/Rhydon etc)

Water 5 slots 50/30/15/4/1%
Rock Smash 5 slots …

Old Rod 3 slots 60/35/5%
Good Rod 3 slots
Super Rod 3 slots

Horde 1 5 slots 60%
Horde 2 5 slots 35%
Horde 3 5 slots 5%

location names – (@0x1C zd, txt file 72)
zd entry,location index,location name
0,6,Vaniville Town
1,6,Vaniville Town
2,6,Vaniville Town
3,6,Vaniville Town
4,6,Vaniville Town
5,6,Vaniville Town
6,6,Vaniville Town
7,6,Vaniville Town
8,10,Aquacorde Town
9,10,Aquacorde Town
10,10,Aquacorde Town
11,10,Aquacorde Town
12,30,Camphrier Town
13,30,Camphrier Town
14,32,Shabboneau Castle
15,32,Shabboneau Castle
16,32,Shabboneau Castle
17,30,Camphrier Town
18,30,Camphrier Town
19,30,Camphrier Town
20,30,Camphrier Town
21,52,Geosenge Town
22,52,Geosenge Town
23,52,Geosenge Town
24,52,Geosenge Town
25,52,Geosenge Town
26,52,Geosenge Town
27,52,Geosenge Town
28,52,Geosenge Town
29,76,Dendemille Town
30,76,Dendemille Town
31,114,Dendemille Gate
32,114,Dendemille Gate
33,76,Dendemille Town
34,76,Dendemille Town
35,76,Dendemille Town
36,76,Dendemille Town
37,76,Dendemille Town
38,90,Couriway Town
39,116,Couriway Gate
40,90,Couriway Town
41,90,Couriway Town
42,90,Couriway Town
43,90,Couriway Town
44,90,Couriway Town
45,44,Ambrette Town
46,118,Ambrette Gate
47,44,Ambrette Town
48,166,Ambrette Aquarium
49,44,Ambrette Town
50,44,Ambrette Town
51,44,Ambrette Town
52,44,Ambrette Town
53,18,Santalune City
54,18,Santalune City

55,18,Santalune City
56,18,Santalune City
57,18,Santalune City
58,18,Santalune City
59,18,Santalune City
60,18,Santalune City
61,18,Santalune City
62,18,Santalune City
63,22,Lumiose City
64,22,Lumiose City
65,22,Lumiose City
66,22,Lumiose City
67,22,Lumiose City
68,22,Lumiose City
69,22,Lumiose City
70,120,Lumiose Gate
71,120,Lumiose Gate
72,120,Lumiose Gate
73,120,Lumiose Gate
74,120,Lumiose Gate
75,22,Lumiose City
76,22,Lumiose City
77,24,Prism Tower
78,24,Prism Tower
79,24,Prism Tower
80,24,Prism Tower
81,24,Prism Tower
82,24,Prism Tower
83,22,Lumiose City
84,22,Lumiose City
85,22,Lumiose City
86,22,Lumiose City
87,22,Lumiose City
88,22,Lumiose City
89,22,Lumiose City
90,22,Lumiose City
91,22,Lumiose City
92,22,Lumiose City
93,22,Lumiose City
94,26,Lysandre Labs
95,26,Lysandre Labs
96,26,Lysandre Labs
97,26,Lysandre Labs
98,26,Lysandre Labs
99,26,Lysandre Labs
100,26,Lysandre Labs
101,26,Lysandre Labs
102,26,Lysandre Labs
103,26,Lysandre Labs
104,22,Lumiose City
105,22,Lumiose City
106,22,Lumiose City
107,22,Lumiose City
108,22,Lumiose City
109,162,Lumiose Station
110,22,Lumiose City
111,22,Lumiose City
112,22,Lumiose City
113,22,Lumiose City

114,22,Lumiose City
115,22,Lumiose City
116,22,Lumiose City
117,22,Lumiose City
118,22,Lumiose City
119,22,Lumiose City
120,22,Lumiose City
121,22,Lumiose City
122,22,Lumiose City
123,22,Lumiose City
124,22,Lumiose City
125,22,Lumiose City
126,22,Lumiose City
127,22,Lumiose City
128,22,Lumiose City
129,22,Lumiose City
130,22,Lumiose City
131,22,Lumiose City
132,22,Lumiose City
133,22,Lumiose City
134,22,Lumiose City
135,22,Lumiose City
136,22,Lumiose City
137,22,Lumiose City
138,22,Lumiose City
139,22,Lumiose City
140,22,Lumiose City
141,22,Lumiose City
142,22,Lumiose City
143,22,Lumiose City
144,22,Lumiose City
145,22,Lumiose City
146,22,Lumiose City
147,22,Lumiose City
148,22,Lumiose City
149,22,Lumiose City
150,22,Lumiose City
151,22,Lumiose City
152,22,Lumiose City
153,22,Lumiose City
154,22,Lumiose City
155,22,Lumiose City
156,22,Lumiose City
157,40,Cyllage City
158,40,Cyllage City
159,40,Cyllage City
160,40,Cyllage City
161,40,Cyllage City
162,40,Cyllage City
163,40,Cyllage City
164,40,Cyllage City
165,40,Cyllage City
166,40,Cyllage City
167,40,Cyllage City
168,40,Cyllage City
169,40,Cyllage City
170,40,Cyllage City
171,40,Cyllage City
172,58,Shalour City
173,122,Shalour Gate
174,58,Shalour City
175,58,Shalour City
176,58,Shalour City
177,58,Shalour City
178,58,Shalour City
179,58,Shalour City
180,58,Shalour City
181,60,Tower of Mastery
182,60,Tower of Mastery
183,60,Tower of Mastery

184,60,Tower of Mastery
185,60,Tower of Mastery
186,60,Tower of Mastery
187,64,Coumarine City
188,64,Coumarine City
189,124,Coumarine Gate
190,64,Coumarine City
191,64,Coumarine City
192,64,Coumarine City
193,64,Coumarine City
194,64,Coumarine City
195,64,Coumarine City
196,64,Coumarine City
197,64,Coumarine City
198,64,Coumarine City
199,64,Coumarine City
200,70,Laverre City
201,126,Laverre Gate
202,70,Laverre City
203,70,Laverre City
204,70,Laverre City
205,70,Laverre City
206,70,Laverre City
207,70,Laverre City
208,70,Laverre City
209,70,Laverre City
210,70,Laverre City
211,86,Anistar City
212,128,Anistar Gate
213,128,Anistar Gate
214,86,Anistar City
215,86,Anistar City
216,86,Anistar City
217,86,Anistar City
218,86,Anistar City
219,86,Anistar City
220,86,Anistar City
221,86,Anistar City
222,94,Snowbelle City
223,130,Snowbelle Gate
224,130,Snowbelle Gate
225,94,Snowbelle City
226,94,Snowbelle City
227,94,Snowbelle City
228,94,Snowbelle City
229,94,Snowbelle City
230,94,Snowbelle City
231,94,Snowbelle City
232,94,Snowbelle City
233,108,Kiloude City
234,108,Kiloude City
235,108,Kiloude City
236,164,Kiloude Station
237,108,Kiloude City
238,108,Kiloude City
239,108,Kiloude City
240,108,Kiloude City
241,110,Battle Maison
242,110,Battle Maison
243,106,Pokémon League
244,106,Pokémon League
245,106,Pokémon League
246,106,Pokémon League
247,150,Blazing Chamber
248,152,Flood Chamber
249,154,Ironworks Chamber
250,156,Dragonmark Chamber
251,150,Blazing Chamber
252,152,Flood Chamber
253,154,Ironworks Chamber
254,156,Dragonmark Chamber
255,158,Radiant Chamber
256,158,Radiant Chamber
257,106,Pokémon League
258,8,Route 1
259,12,Route 2
260,16,Route 3
261,20,Route 4
262,28,Route 5

263,34,Route 6
264,38,Route 7
265,38,Route 7
266,42,Route 8
267,46,Route 9
268,50,Route 10
269,54,Route 11
270,62,Route 12
271,62,Route 12
272,66,Route 13
273,68,Route 14
274,68,Route 14
275,74,Route 15
276,78,Route 16
277,78,Route 16
278,84,Route 17
279,88,Route 18
280,88,Route 18
281,92,Route 19
282,96,Route 20
283,100,Route 21
284,100,Route 21
285,102,Route 22
286,14,Santalune Forest
287,36,Parfum Palace
288,36,Parfum Palace
289,36,Parfum Palace
290,36,Parfum Palace
291,36,Parfum Palace
292,36,Parfum Palace
293,36,Parfum Palace
294,36,Parfum Palace
295,36,Parfum Palace
296,36,Parfum Palace
297,36,Parfum Palace
298,36,Parfum Palace
299,36,Parfum Palace
300,36,Parfum Palace
301,36,Parfum Palace
302,36,Parfum Palace
303,132,Glittering Cave
304,132,Glittering Cave
305,56,Reflection Cave
306,56,Reflection Cave
307,56,Reflection Cave
308,56,Reflection Cave
309,72,Poké Ball Factory

310,72,Poké Ball Factory
311,72,Poké Ball Factory
312,72,Poké Ball Factory
313,82,Frost Cavern
314,82,Frost Cavern
315,82,Frost Cavern
316,82,Frost Cavern
317,82,Frost Cavern
318,98,Pokémon Village
319,168,Unknown Dungeon
320,104,Victory Road
321,160,Pokémon League Gate
322,104,Victory Road
323,104,Victory Road
324,104,Victory Road
325,104,Victory Road
326,104,Victory Road
327,104,Victory Road
328,104,Victory Road
329,48,Battle Chateau
330,48,Battle Chateau
331,48,Battle Chateau
332,48,Battle Chateau
333,48,Battle Chateau
334,134,Connecting Cave
335,136,Kalos Power Plant
336,136,Kalos Power Plant
337,136,Kalos Power Plant
338,136,Kalos Power Plant
339,138,Team Flare Secret HQ
340,138,Team Flare Secret HQ
341,138,Team Flare Secret HQ
342,138,Team Flare Secret HQ
343,140,Terminus Cave
344,140,Terminus Cave
345,140,Terminus Cave
346,140,Terminus Cave
347,140,Terminus Cave
348,140,Terminus Cave
349,142,Lost Hotel
350,144,Chamber of Emptiness
351,146,Sea Spirit’s Den
352,38,Route 7
353,38,Route 7
354,148,Friend Safari
355,148,Friend Safari
356,86,Anistar City
357,112,Azure Bay
358,110,Battle Maison
359,22,Lumiose City

a/0/1/3: map models
a/0/1/4: config UI
a/0/1/5: bclims/an – berries “nuts_pile”, balloon, background
a/0/1/6: amie minigame yarns, puffs & UI
a/0/1/7: pokepuff UI
a/0/1/8: camera UI
a/0/1/9: namechange/input UI
a/0/2/0: alphabetical/phonetic sorting logic binaries?
a/0/2/1: MM BCH (overworld entity models?)
a/0/2/2: 269 * 24byte, 1*136byte (16 entries, 8bp?)
a/0/2/3: 78 * (4byte header count, 0x50 entry)
a/0/2/4: 380 BM BCH map objects (fountain, chandelier)
a/0/2/5: 144 * (4byte header count, 100byte entry)
a/0/2/6: bottom screen UI (PSS/Amie bg, Pokemon/Bag Circulars)
a/0/2/7: PSS specific UI (dummy trainers, birthday, icons)
a/0/2/8: reaction faces, amie buttons UI
a/0/2/9: super training UI
a/0/3/0: super training bags, enemy portraits
a/0/3/1: 59 * (4byte length)
a/0/3/2: cursor & hover effects (waza oboe)
a/0/3/3: 1779 × CGFX – battle effect graphics?
a/0/3/4: pokeball model
a/0/3/5: vs trainer plates & battle fade gfx
a/0/3/6: 904 × SESD
a/0/3/7: 16 × CGFX emitted models (exclamation, heart)
a/0/3/8: 785 * 20 bytes
a/0/3/9: 178 * 16 bytes
a/0/4/0: Trainer Pokemon
a/0/4/1: 1030 * varied GR
a/0/4/2: 227 * varied MM
a/0/4/3: amie face
a/0/4/4: amie hand
a/0/4/5: pss enemy/self connection
a/0/4/6: pss interaction option buttons
a/0/4/7: pss lower team bclan
a/0/4/8: pss interfare(?) redundant stuff
a/0/4/9: pss yesno
a/0/5/0: pss msg
a/0/5/1: pss npc & icon folder

a/0/5/2: pss select effects
a/0/5/3: pss checklist
a/0/5/4: pss object select
a/0/5/5: pss lower window anim
a/0/5/6: pss menu sprites
a/0/5/7: pss config
a/0/5/8: pss selectmenu
a/0/5/9: pss battle lower
a/0/6/0: 1 binary
a/0/6/1: 39 binary * various (floating point numbers?)
a/0/6/2: Weather Effects ~ 9 * WE CGFX/BCH
a/0/6/3: bag sprites
a/0/6/4: salon 8 * CGFX
a/0/6/5: 2 * CGFX ~ kujira_CullingShader
a/0/6/6: Lumiose subMap
a/0/6/7: pss colosseum
a/0/6/8: 1 binary (4 byte entries?)
a/0/6/9: town map UI
a/0/7/0: title language UI
a/0/7/1: report (last on / off)
a/0/7/[2-9]: text (ja-kana, ja-kanji, en, fr, it, de, es, ko)
a/0/8/[0-7]: script text
a/0/8/8: Clothing Mannequin model (612 bch), 19 binary
a/0/8/9: Player Trainer models
a/0/9/0: ??? ← as about everything? (signed int tables? 1091)
a/0/9/1: Apparel animation/UI
a/0/9/2: TM BCH for gym04
a/0/9/3: pokemon icons (945, 40×30) (montage)
a/0/9/4: item icons (579, 30×30) (montage)
a/0/9/5: move category sprites
a/0/9/6: bordered message boxes (?)
a/0/9/7: held item sprite, xp/hp fillers
a/0/9/8: pkmdata summary view sprites (pkrscure, penta, marks)
a/0/9/9: time spinner
a/1/0/0: cursor
a/1/0/1: cries (3751×CSEQ + 997×CWAR)
a/1/0/2: 160 CGFX (okashi/Candy)
a/1/0/3: 2 CGFX (lighting?), 1 BIN (22byte entries, 307 total)
a/1/0/4: box UI (backgrounds,etc)
a/1/0/5: 24 CGFX pokeballs
a/1/0/6: pokeball models
a/1/0/7: 1 BIN (2049 bytes)
a/1/0/8: TM CGFX (‘jump out’ tobidashi)
a/1/0/9: 4 CGFX, 5 BCH, 1 darc (pokeselect)
a/1/1/0: grass gym ™
a/1/1/1: shop UI
a/1/1/2: 1 bin, PSS spritebuilding

a/1/1/3: badge case
a/1/1/4: pokemon view UI
a/1/1/5: intro CGFX
a/1/1/6: encount tile/panels (pc, 30 each)
a/1/1/7: pc buttons
a/1/1/8: trade UI
a/1/1/9: super training UI
a/1/2/0: super training minigame stuff with 85 BCH, 1 CGFX
a/1/2/1: 47 * 12 bytes
a/1/2/2: 36 * (header count @0x4, 0xC entry length)
a/1/2/3: 48 * 32 bytes
a/1/2/4: 80 * 236 bytes
a/1/2/5: 80 * 216 bytes
a/1/2/6: 500 * 36 bytes (end is unused)
a/1/2/7: 500 * 28 bytes (end is unused)
a/1/2/8: 63 * 120 “”
a/1/2/9: 50 * 120 “”
a/1/3/0: 80 * 20
a/1/3/1: 100 * 244
a/1/3/2: 58 * 244
a/1/3/3: 80 * 64
a/1/3/4: 80 * 80
a/1/3/5: 109 CGFX (effects?)
a/1/3/6: little bit of data for each pokemon form
a/1/3/7: evolution (shinka) CGFX & UI
a/1/3/8: pokedex data sprites
a/1/3/9: 2 TM (no ext?)
a/1/4/0: Team Flare NPC Models
a/1/4/1: common menu window
a/1/4/2: 2 binary (index tables?)
a/1/4/3: 28 CGFX cameras + darc video related
a/1/4/4: 44 CGFX (mega transformation animations?)
a/1/4/5: battle backgrounds?
a/1/4/6: 26 BCH, 4 CGFX, 105 BG BCH
a/1/4/7: 1 TM (rope/door)
a/1/4/8: 1 TM BCH (fire)
a/1/4/9: 170 binaries
a/1/5/0: GTS Background & Windows
a/1/5/1: 44 * various
a/1/5/2: holo caster streetpass pokeball jpeg (with exif data!), debug camera
a/1/5/3: assist power UI related
a/1/5/4: box search UI
a/1/5/5: 4 * SESD
a/1/5/6: TM berrytree
a/1/5/7: gym6 cgfx/anim

a/1/5/8: customize amie
a/1/5/9: amie bg 224 bclim (misc backgrounds/items)
a/1/6/0: pokepuff sprites
a/1/6/1: benri/handy button
a/1/6/2: remembering move (waza omoidashi) UI
a/1/6/3: finger pointing down icon
a/1/6/4: pokeride TM CGFX (riding rhydon)
a/1/6/5: title screens, map models
a/1/6/6: list menu window
a/1/6/7: 1 TM CGFX (skeletal wing? haze)
a/1/6/8: 1 TM CGFX
a/1/6/9: 6 × CGFX
a/1/7/0: wonder UI
a/1/7/1: 6 × CGFX
a/1/7/2: gamesync
a/1/7/3: 26 BCH
a/1/7/4: 1 TM BCH gym08
a/1/7/5: 1 TM CGFX
a/1/7/6: text dialog windows
a/1/7/7: 1 TM CGFX
a/1/7/8: trainer sprites
a/1/7/9: battlematch UI
a/1/8/0: 66 * SESD
a/1/8/1: TM cut tree animation CGFX
a/1/8/2: TM rock smash(?) animation CGFX
a/1/8/3: TM rock strength(?) animation CGFX
a/1/8/4: TM dig animation (anahoru) CGFX
a/1/8/5: 4 CFNT fonts
a/1/8/6: Friend entry UI
a/1/8/7: TM water animation CGFX
a/1/8/8: 23 MM
a/1/8/9: 38 * 604 bytes
a/1/9/0: battle video save
a/1/9/1: TM CGFX of a red/blue switch & belt
a/1/9/2: a handful of grammar bits in different languages
a/1/9/3: traial UI/bg
a/1/9/4: 15 * various bin (16bit indexes)
a/1/9/5: TM BCH tr0906+ trainer models?
a/1/9/6: 2 BCH kujira_CullingShader
a/1/9/7: 1 BIN; 2A entries @ 0x54/84d ea
a/1/9/8: communications wait
a/1/9/9: 22 TGA images (TRUEVISION-XFILE)
a/2/0/0: friend safari UI
a/2/0/1: camera CGFX
a/2/0/{3,5,7}: Normal Maison, Super Maison, and Inverse Battle PKM
a/2/0/{4,6}: Normal Maison & Super Maison Trainer choices
a/2/0/8: memory clear UI
a/2/0/9: homenix UI (no pressing home?)
a/2/1/0: com_towerin BCH
a/2/1/1: com_tower BCH (buildings)?
a/2/1/2: move stats
a/2/1/3: egg moves
a/2/1/4: level-up moves
a/2/1/5: evolution data

a/2/1/6: mega “evolution” map
a/2/1/7: 8 * 404 bytes (101 entries)
a/2/1/8: pokemon stats (personal)
a/2/1/9: baby map
a/2/2/0: item stats
a/2/2/1: 718 byte binary (int vals?)
a/2/2/2: battle video UI
a/2/2/3: syoujyou (diploma/certificate) dex complete
a/2/2/4: dendoiri (certificate) BCH model
a/2/2/5: language selection
a/2/2/6: number input lower
a/2/2/7: ‘picture watch’
a/2/2/8: eshop item present
a/2/2/9: battle institute certificate
a/2/3/0: TM BCH glittering grass
a/2/3/1: miracle wonder trade UI
a/2/3/2: vs battle UI (score)
a/2/3/3: TM BCH smoke/scaffolding?
a/2/3/4: battle house UI
a/2/3/5: TM BCH gym05 floor
a/2/3/6: TM CGFX lighting (pichu heart/star?)
a/2/3/7: 6 TM models (face/armsbody)
a/2/3/8: TM BCH waterfall splash
a/2/3/9: type icons and other stuff
a/2/4/0: bclims: “ally_gauge”, “bag_button”, “battle timer”…
a/2/4/1: bclims: “big_four_name01” through 04, “big_four_vs”, similar for champion/gym
a/2/4/2: vs win/loss images
a/2/4/3: bclims: “high_score”, “result_title”, …
a/2/4/4: bclims: “clear”, “cleared”, “gameover_c”, “meter_bougyo”, …
a/2/4/5: 1 SESD
a/2/4/6: live/world online tournament UI
a/2/4/7: 13 CGFX (flower,notes)
a/2/4/8: TM BCH fishing float bite
a/2/4/9: “The End” screen
a/2/5/0: two short files; all bytes 0x06 or below
a/2/5/1: odd, short file
a/2/5/2: bclans: “tutorial_active_lower”, “tutorial_lower_cansel”, …
a/2/5/3: bclims: amie and super training overview pics (tutorial?)
a/2/5/4: battle party poke select UI
a/2/5/5: 7 bins, 24byte entries (header u32 entry ct)
a/2/5/6: SMDH game icon (large/small) & 2 bin
a/2/5/7: battle video UI (local tournament?) — lacking delete
a/2/5/8: staffroll credits
a/2/5/9: 36200byte & 400byte bins
a/2/6/0: stereo frame ani
a/2/6/1: game over ani
a/2/6/2: battle fade-in effects (flare rock fly etc)

a/2/6/3: game sync screenshots
a/2/6/4: pokedex captions / search filter UI
a/2/6/5: the end “Fin”
a/2/6/6: BCH CGFX type backgrounds (color & a sun) (hall of fame?)
a/2/6/7: fatal error screen
a/2/6/8: mode01 mode02 mode04 bclim
a/2/6/9: congratulations
a/2/7/0: fade animation


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