Pokemon Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 Redux – Important NPCs

Important NPCs (v1.4.1)
General Notes

As is standard in these projects, several NPCs have been moved around to improve balance/quality of life.

  • This document notes new NPCs. If you don’t seen an NPC from vanilla listed here, they have received no changes and will be found like in vanilla.

Wii Cheat Codes
Location: Aspertia City, player’s house.

  • Interact with the Wii to activate Cheat codes!

Ranch Audino Trainer
Location: Floccesy Ranch.

  • This is an endlessly repeatable battle which will help with early grinding. You will always face a level 5 Audino (6 on Challenge Mode), which cannot harm the player.
  • Simply speak to the Audino standing next to the woman to initiate the training!
  • This is the same woman who also gives you a free Audino egg, see the Gift Pokémon document for more information.

Move Deleter
Location: Castelia Pokémon Center.

  • The move deleter’s brother can be found in Castelia Pokémon Center, replacing the slightly irritating Genonet interaction.
  • The move deleter still be found in the PWT.
  • No other changes.

EV/Level Trainers – The Battle Bros!
Location: Pokémon World Tournament, Outside.

  • The EV/Level trainer from Renegade Platinum returns for Redux, this time split into two (though both are in the same place).
  • You can endlessly battle both without risk to EV train your Pokémon or to get them leveled up.
  • See the Trainer Changes document for a guide on when each level of training is unlocked.

Move Tutors
Location(s): Drfitveil City, Lentimas Town, Humilau City, Route 23 (new) and Nacrene City.

  • All move tutors remain where they are for balance purposes in Redux.
    • However, the Master tutor in Nacrene City can now also be found on Route 23.
  • Shards can be purchased in Driftveil Pokémon Center, or farmed from dust clouds in certain caves.

Fossil Reviver
Location: Relic Castle (Desert Resort entrance).

  • New to Redux, a Fossil Reviving NPC can be found in the Relic Castle.
    • She is accompanied by Roark, who will give the player a random Fossil. See the Gift Pokémon document for more information.
  • Fossils can be found across Unova, see the Item Changes document for more information.