Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen – Important Item Locations

– ROUTE 1: The PokeMart sample guy now gives infinite Potions, Rare Candies, Big
Mushrooms, and Oran Berries.

– VIRIDIAN CITY: At the pond, the Fishing Guru now gives you an Old Rod once you
speak to him.

– ROUTE 4: The Magikarp guy in the Route 4 Pokemon Center now gives you a Hoenn
starter of the type weak to your original starter’s type. There is now also
a Name Rater in this Pokemon Center.

– CERULEAN CITY: In one of the houses, May is there. She gives infinite status-healing

– VERMILION CITY: In the house where the Fishing Guru used to be, there is now a move

– LAVENDER TOWN: In the PokeMart, there’s a guy that gives infinite Leftovers and Sitrus

– ROUTE 16: The house that normally has Fly now also has Surf.

– SAFARI ZONE: The warden’s Gold Teeth required to get Strength are now right inside the Safari Zone’s gates.