Pokemon Unown – Items/TMs/Tutors

Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Unown by brazgardian! It’s a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Fire Red.

It’s difficult and overhaul hack ROM with too many features such as Pokemon up to Gen 8, Mega Evolutions, Optional Toggles, and more… It’s completable and playable in English. And now, Let’s play!


Here are the location of important items and rewards. Hae a Pokemon hold a lucky egg to get its hidden ability when using an ability capsule.

Old RodViridian City (By water)
Cleanse TagViridian Forest (Buffed)
Soothe BellCerulean City (Left house)
New TMsCeladon Market 2F Upper
General Held ItemsCeladon Market 2F Lower
Evolution ItemsCeladon Market 4F Left
Mega StonesCeladon Market 4F Right
Berries, VitaminsCeladon Market 5F Upper
Ability CapsuleCeladon Market 5F Upper. 
Z-CrystalsCeladon Market 5F Lower
HM05 FlashRoute  2 Aid: 10 Pokemon
Lucky EggRoute 10 Aid: 20 Pokemon
ItemfinderRoute 11 Aid: 30 Pokemon
Amulet CoinRoute 16 Aid: 40 Pokemon
Mega RingRoute 15 Aid: 50 Pokemon


Generally, we’ve done our best to make most moves are available via TMs, Tutors, or Egg moves. Moreover, the move Relearner and Egg teacher are on the Celadon roofs, they will request mushrooms and heartscales respectively.

Learnable TMs

1Focus PunchSilph. Co 5F
2Dragon ClawVictory Road
3Water PulseCerulean Gym
4Calm MindSaffron Gym
5RoarOutside Mt. Moon
6ToxicFuschia Gym
7HailVictory Road
8Bulk UpSilph. Co 7F
9Bullet SeedMt. Moon
10Hidden PowerSafari zone
11Sunny DaySafari Zone
12TauntTR Hideout 2B
13Ice BeamSeafoam Islands
14BlizzardPokemon Mansion
15Hyper BeamBerry Forest
16Light ScreenSafari Zone
17ProtectTwo Island
18Rain DanceRoute 15
19Giga DrainCeladon Gym
20SafeguardSafari Zone
21FrustrationTR Hideout 3B
22SolarbeamPokemon Mansion
23Iron TailRock Tunnel
24ThunderboltPower Plant
25ThunderPower Plant
26EarthquakeViridian Gym
27ReturnRoute 12
28DigCerulean City
29PsychicSaffron City
30Shadow BallPokemon Tower
31Brick BreakRoute 11
32Double TeamSafari Zone
33ReflectSilph Co.
34Shock WaveVermillion Gym
35FlamethrowerMt. Ember
36Sludge BombRocket HQ – Island 5
37SandstormVictory Road
38Fire BlastSilph Co. 7F
39Rock TombSilph Co. 4F
40Aerial AceRoute 9
41TormentSilph Co. 4F
42FacadeRock Altar, Island 6
43Secret PowerRoute 24
44RestRoute 2
45AttractRoute 24
46ThiefMt. Moon B2
47Steel WingSafari Zone
48Skill SwapRoute 12
49SnatchTR Hideout B4
50OverheatVictory Road
51RoostCeladon Market
52Focus BlastCeladon Market
53Energy BallCeladon Market
54False SwipeCeladon Market
55BrineCeladon Market
56Hone ClawsCeladon Market
57Charge BeamCeladon Market
58EndureCeladon Market
59Dragon PulseCeladon Market
60Drain PunchCeladon Market
61Will O WispCeladon Market
62Silver WindCeladon Market
63VenoshockCeladon Market
64ExplosionCeladon Market
65Shadow ClawCeladon Market
66PaybackCeladon Market
67RecycleCeladon Market
68Giga ImpactCeladon Market
69Rock PolishCeladon Market
70DiveCeladon Market
71Stone EdgeCeladon Market
72AvalancheCeladon Market
73Thunder WaveCeladon Market
74Gyro BallCeladon Market
75Swords DanceCeladon Market
76Stealth RockCeladon Market
77Flame ChargeCeladon Market
78Low SweepCeladon Market
79Dark PulseCeladon Market
80Rock SlideCeladon Market
81X ScissorCeladon Market
82Sleep TalkCeladon Market
83ScaldCeladon Market
84Poison JabCeladon Market
85Dream EaterCeladon Market
86Grass KnotCeladon Market
87SwaggerCeladon Market
88PluckCeladon Market
89U TurnCeladon Market
90SubstituteCeladon Market
91Flash CannonCeladon Market
92Volt SwitchCeladon Market
93Dragon TailCeladon Market
94IncinerateCeladon Market
95Struggle BugCeladon Market
96BulldozeCeladon Market
97Frost BreathCeladon Market
98Work UpCeladon Market
99Wild ChargeCeladon Market
100InfestationCeladon Market
101Power Up PunchCeladon Market
102Dazzling GleamCeladon Market
103Sludge WaveCeladon Market
104PsyshockCeladon Market
105Brutal SwingCeladon Market
106Smart StrikeCeladon Market
107AcrobaticsCeladon Market
108SnarlCeladon Market
109DefogCeladon Market
110CaptivateCeladon Market
111Smack DownCeladon Market
112RoundCeladon Market
113Echoed VoiceCeladon Market
114Natural GiftCeladon Market
115QuashCeladon Market
116Trick RoomCeladon Market
117FlingCeladon Market
118Aurora VeilCeladon Market
119Sky DropCeladon Market
120Nature PowerCeladon Market

Move Tutors

OutrageCape Brink
SuperpowerCeladon City (requires surf)
EndeavorCeladon Market 3F
SynthesisCerulean City
TailwindCerulean City
Play RoughCinnabar Island Lab R1
Signal BeamCinnabar Island Lab R1
Zen HeadbuttCinnabar Island Lab R1
Aqua TailCinnabar Island Lab R2
HeatwaveCinnabar Island Lab R2
Hydro PumpCinnabar Island Lab R2
LiquidationCinnabar Island Lab R2
Air SlashCinnabar Island Lab R3
Close CombatCinnabar Island Lab R3
Gunk ShotCinnabar Island Lab R3
Iron HeadCinnabar Island Lab R3
Baton PassFuchsia City
CrunchMt. Ember
AgilityPewter City (requires cut)
Body SlamPewter City (requires cut)
Nasty PlotPewter City (requires cut)
TrickPewter City (requires cut)
Earth PowerRock Tunnel
Iron DefenseRock Tunnel
Fire PunchRoute 4
Thunder PunchRoute 4
EncoreSaffron City
Foul PlaySaffron City
Magic CoatSaffron City
SpikesSaffron City
Toxic SpikesSaffron City
Knock OffSilph Co.
Dragon DanceVictory Road
Ice PunchVictory Road
Pain SplitViridian City (requires cut)

Learnable at Level 40

These moves may be tutors in some games, but were converted to learnable moves here.

Core EnforcerBehemotd BashExpanding ForceScale Shot
Draco MeteorBehemoth BladeFlip TurnScorching Sands
Dragon AscentBody PressGrassy GlideSkitter Smack
Relic SongBurning JealousyLash OutSteel Beam
Secret SwordClangorous SoulMeteor BeamSteel Roller
Thousand ArrowsCoachingMisty ExplosionTerrain Pulse
Thousand WavesCorrosive GasPoltergeistTriple Axel
Volt TackleDual WingbeatRising Voltage