Pokemon Unown – Trainers


These trainers are not necessarily bounded by their vanilla pokemon. Instead, competitive teams are created using a custom battle generator. The matches get more difficult with time, starting off with low variance but starting to use competitive moves by Gym 3 and items by Gym 4. The gym themes are setup at about 3:1 ratio but may include unknown types. There is always at least 1 from the “may include” column.


*Misty and Brock use anime inspired teams 🙂

NameThemeLvlMegaMay include
BrockRock, Ground*16nOnix, Sudowoodo
MistyWater, Fairy*24nStarmie, Togetic
SurgeElectric, Steel32nRaichu
ErikaGrass, Water40nVileplume, Victreebel
KogaPoison, Dark 48yMuk, Weezing
SabrinaPsychic, Fairy56yAlakazam, Espeon
BlaineFire, Dragon64yArcanine, Incineroar
GiovanniGround, Dark72yNidoking, Rhyperior

Elite Four

NameThemeLvlMegaMay include
LoreleiIce, Water80yCloyster, Mamoswine, Slowbro
BrunoFighting, Steel80yLucario, Conkeldurr, Machamp
AgathaGhost, Dark80yGengar, Aegislash, Mimikyu
LanceDragon, Fire 80yDragonite, Gyarados, Charizard


CeladonNormal, Dark36*n
SaffronDark, Normal45*y
Always includes Persian. *may level scale.


Route 22Grass, Water, Fire12*n
Cerulean Grass, Water, Fire21*n
SS AnneGrass, Water, Fire24*n
Poke. TowerGrass, Water, Fire35*n
Silph CoGrass, Water, Fire42*y
Route 22Grass, Water, Fire72*y
ChampionGrass, Water, Fire80y
Always includes their starter. *may level scale.

Regular Trainers

All regular trainers use the vanilla engine to generate a random pokemon of similar power and type, baring a few special cases to enable uncommon or non-existent types (fairy, dark). Hence, whenever you are in a battle, you can expect the trainer to use the same types they were using before. If they have a dual-type, one is chosen randomly. They start to scale to your level and use competitive movesets later on.