Pokemon Revelation – Obtaining Pokemon

Available in Ruby/Sapphire, missing from Emerald:

10% surfing at Routes 102, 111, 114, 117, and 120, Lv. 20-30
1% added to other Pokemon per area; some missing Kanto/Johto Pokemon are now outbreak Pokemon
Restore Victory Road to Ruby/Sapphire (lowers Lairon and eliminates dedicated Mawile slot)

Modified Paired Pokemon:

Lotad/Seedot and Lombre/Nuzleaf
Lotad and Seedot at 10% each on Route 102
Seedot at 20% on Route 117 during the day (see Volbeat/Illumise for more)
Nuzleaf swaps with Lombre at night on Route 114; Zangoose/Seviper gets the 1%
Remove from Route 120
Both at 10% each on Route 117 at night
Surfing in Meteor Falls: Solrock on 1F, Lunatone on B1F
See below for land encounters

Day/Night Wild Pokemon:

Machop/Marill (Route 112)
Slugma/Sandshrew (Route 113)
Roselia/Oddish (Route 117)
Meditite/Shuppet and Vulpix (Mt. Pyre exterior)

In-game trade Pokemon:

Restore R/S trades. Move, edit Emerald trades to Battle Frontier Lounge 6 with Isis.
Trainer names adjusted to better suit gender.
All Pokemon info is identical to R/S besides Trainer names.
Pikachu swapped out for Spinda in Skitty trade to be viable when you first get to Fortree.
Mail shuffled around to better fit recipient Pokemon.

Emerald trade changes:

Seedot -> Farfetch’d, nicknamed Dux
Plusle -> Smoochum, nicknamed Smooches
Horsea -> Dratini, nicknamed Dragoon
Meowth -> Eevee, nicknamed Eeva

Trade-evolved Pokemon:

In-game trader in Fortree City.
The GBA kid here in the vanilla game mentions that some Pokemon evolve via trade.
He will now trade Pokemon with you to see if one of them will evolve.
The selected Pokemon will be traded with itself. Standard trade procedures follow.
The self-trade’s in-game explanation? The trade was glitched due to a faulty connection.

Pokemon not normally obtainable in R/S/E:

Safari Zone Extensions
Area 5
Both: Nidoran♀
Day: Paras, Chansey, Kangaskhan
Night: Spinarak, Hoothoot, Stantler
Surfing: Slowpoke
Super Rod: Poliwag

Area 6
Both: Tauros, Nidoran♂
Day: Sunkern, Ledyba, Scyther
Night: Exeggcute, Venonat, Houndour

Desert Underpass: Diglett, Dugtrio, Dunsparce (via Rock Smash)

Fossils obtained via Rock Smash at Desert Underpass:

Helix Fossil -> Omanyte
Dome Fossil -> Kabuto
Old Amber -> Aerodactyl

Meteor Falls: Onix, Steelix, Larvitar

Battle Frontier
Surfing: Seel, Dewgong, Lapras, Mantine
Good Rod: Shellder
Super Rod: Krabby, Kingler, Qwilfish

Artisan Cave 1F: Unown

Mirage Island now appears after defeating/catching both Kyogre and Groudon.
Both: Ponyta
Day: Delibird, Hoppip
Night: Sneasel, Misdreavus

Altering Cave: Seven versions on rotation, one for each day of the week.
Each day will have one Pokemon giving 2 EVs of a specific stat, with a repeat for Sp. Atk.
Pokemon may hold a Berry for the specific stat (repurposing an unused feature).
Items will be placed corresponding to the focused stat of the day.
Map design will change based on the Pokemon of the day.

Clefairy: HP default
Magmar: Sp. Atk Fiery Path
Marowak: Defense Mirage Tower
Electabuzz: Speed Meteor Falls (original palette)
Primeape: Attack Rusturf Tunnel
Swinub: extra Shoal Cave Ice Room
Hypno: Sp. Def Cave of Origin

Mass Outbreaks:

Route 101: Rattata
Route 102: Caterpie
Route 103: Pidgey
Route 104: Spearow
Route 110: Bellsprout
Route 112: Growlithe
Route 114: Ekans
Route 115: Murkrow
Route 116: Meowth
Route 117: Beedrill
Route 119: Tangela
Route 120: Yanma
Route 121: Furret
Route 123: Haunter

Game Corner:

Mr. Mime


Hoenn Starters:
1st at the beginning of the game
2nd from your rival after beating the game, via the Poke Ball in their room
3rd from the Contest Lady for helping her win a contest
Johto Starters:
1st after beating the game
2nd after entering the Hall of Fame a second time
3rd after completing the Hoenn Dex
Kanto Starters and Celebi: beat Trainer Hill modes in record time (first three rebalanced)
Bulbasaur from Normal Mode
Charmander from Variety Mode
Squirtle from Unique Mode
Celebi from Expert Mode (locked until other three prize Pokemon obtained)

Snorlax: In front of entrance to Altering Cave; Blue Flute required to wake it up

Kanto Birds: In Altering Cave after reading sign on Faraway Island. Corresponding layouts…
Articuno: Shoal Cave Ice Room
Zapdos: Meteor Falls (original palette)
Moltres: Fiery Path

Mewtwo: In Cave of Origin after catching Faraway Island Mew; need Mew in party

Togepi: From the hot springs old woman after beating the game and receiving the Wynaut Egg

Johto Beasts: Roaming Hoenn after enabling trigger at Navel Rock

Jirachi: Make a wish to the rock outside Mossdeep Space Center after beating Team Magma.
Event won’t occur until the next week, speak to the rocket scientist to trigger.
Given Jirachi has same structure as Wishmaker Jirachi from Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc.


They can’t be used until after beating the game due to the ferry not running.
Repurpose a few bits of key text from OR/AS when applicable.
Tickets triggered by the following:

Eon Ticket
Received by Norman in the post-game in Petalburg Gym
Will happen before first rematch
Aurora Ticket
Received by Juan after defeating him for the first time
Not available until the post-game; Wallace is the Gym Leader the first time through
Mystic Ticket
Received by Captain Stern instead of Deep Sea Tooth/Scale for giving him the Scanner
He won’t “have” the ticket if you give him the Scanner before becoming Champion
Mystery Gift man will give you the ticket after beating the game in that case
Old Sea Map
Give interview to reporter in Oceanic Museum and watch resulting Recent Happenings on TV
Given by Mystery Gift man to replicate process of receiving it officially
Reporter only appears after beating the game, disappears after watching show
Mystery Gift man appears the next day after saving the game