Pokemon Dauntless Black – Trainer Sheet – Icirrus Gym

Gen 5 is easily one of my favorite generations of the games. I also like difficulty hacks to spice things up a bit, but I’ve never quite jived with the Drayano-style hacks where all the pokemon are so different from what I used to. So I decided to make a hack that I would like to see, and hopefully some of you will enjoy it as well.

Twist Mountain
(If you chose Snivy)
Skarmory (65)Tyranitar (65)Snorlax (65)Simipour (65)Ferrothorn (66)Emboar (66)
LeftoversChople BerryLeftoversLife OrbLeftoversCharcoal
Drill PeckStone EdgeCurseHydro PumpPower WhipFlare Blitz
Steel WingCrunchBody SlamBlizzardIron HeadWild Charge
SpikesSuperpowerCrunchToxicLeech SeedSuperpower
RoarStealth RockAmnesiaProtectProtectWill-o-Wisp
Sturdy (32)Sand StreamThick Fat (32)Torrent (48)Iron BarbsReckless (48)
(If you chose Tepig)
Skarmory (65)Tyranitar (65)Snorlax (65)Simisage (65)Chandelure (66)Samurott (66)
LeftoversChople BerryLeftoversLife OrbLeftoversMystic Water
Drill PeckStone EdgeCurseLeaf StormFlamethrowerAqua Tail
Steel WingCrunchBody SlamGunk ShotShadow BallX-Scissor
SpikesSuperpowerCrunchLeech SeedEnergy BallAqua Jet
RoarStealth RockAmnesiaProtectWill-o-WispSwords Dance
SturdySand StreamThick Fat (32)OvergrowFlash Fire (16)Shell Armor (48)
(If you chose Oshawott)
Skarmory (65)Tyranitar (65)Snorlax (65)Simisear (65)Jellicent (66)Serperior (66)
LeftoversChople BerryLeftoversLife OrbLeftoversMiracle Seed
Drill PeckStone EdgeCurseOverheatScaldLeaf Storm
Steel WingCrunchBody SlamSuperpowerShadow BallDragon Pulse
SpikesSuperpowerCrunchWill-o-WispToxicLeech Seed
RoarStealth RockAmnesiaProtectRecoverProtect
SturdySand StreamThick Fat (32)BlazeWater Absorb (16)Contrary (48)
(Surf opens up a lot of previous visited locations or side-tracks. These are listed on the separate ‘Surf Locations’ sheet next to this one.)
Hiker Terrell
Forretress (65)Sawk (65)Golem (66)
Custap BerryCustap BerryCustap Berry
Stealth RockClose CombatStone Edge
Gyro BallRock SlideHammer Arm
Volt SwitchIce PunchRoar
SturdySturdy (16)Sturdy (32)
Black Belt Teppei(non-Winter only)
Machamp (65)Pinsir (66)Ursaring (66)Krookodile (65)
Salac BerryMuscle BandToxic OrbBlack Belt
Bulk UpBulk UpBulk UpBulk Up
EarthquakeClose CombatCrunchSuperpower
Poison JabRock SlideSeed BombThunder Fang
No Guard (32)Hyper Cutter (16)Quick Feet (32)Intimidate (16)
Worker Rich(non-Winter only)
Conkeldurr (66)Flareon (66)Raticate (66)
Flame OrbToxic OrbFlame Orb
Hammer ArmFlame ChargeFacade
Rock SlideSuperpowerCrunch
Ice PunchIron TailWild Charge
Guts (16)Guts (48)Guts (32)
Worker Rob
Donphan (66)Relicanth (66)Aggron (67)
Sitrus BerryShuca BerryShuca Berry
Head SmashHead SmashHead Smash
EarthquakeDiveHeavy Slam
Stealth RockZen HeadbuttMetal Burst
SturdyRock Head (32)Rock Head (32)
Worker Cairn(non-Winter only)
Gigalith (66)Bastiodon (67)Rhyperior (67)
Rock GemRock GemRock Gem
Smack DownSmack DownSmack Down
GravityHeavy SlamAqua Tail
SandstormToxicIron Tail
SturdySturdySolid Rock (32)
Doctor Hank (Double Battle)
Cradily (67)Politoed (67)Gastrodon (67)Lumineon (67)
LeftoversMystic WaterRindo BerryLife Orb
Giga DrainSurfSurfSurf
AncientPowerPsychicSludge BombAir Cutter
BarrierIcy WindEarth PowerSignal Beam
RecoverRain DanceRecoverTailwind
Storm Drain (48)Drizzle (48)Storm Drain (32)Storm Drain (32)
Hiker Neil
Drapion (68)Aggron (67)Kangaskhan (67)
Focus SashLeftoversLeftovers
Toxic SpikesHeavy SlamFake Out
CrunchRock SlideBody Slam
Bug BiteFire PunchCircle Throw
Battle Armor (16)Sturdy (16)Scrappy (32)
Hiker Darrell
Hippowdon (67)Gastrodon (68)Torterra (68)
EarthquakeMuddy WaterSeed Bomb
Slack OffRecoverEarthquake
ToxicToxicLeech Seed
Sand StreamStorm Drain (32)Shell Armor (48)
Battle Girl Sharon
Mienshao (68)Medicham (68)Toxicroak (68)Raichu (68)
Sitrus BerryLum BerryBlack SludgeFighting Gem
Fake OutFake OutFake OutFake Out
Force PalmForce PalmPoison JabVolt Tackle
Rock SlidePsycho CutDrain PunchFocus Blast
U-turnBullet PunchIce PunchGrass Knot
Regenerator (32)Pure PowerDry Skin (32)Static
Worker Brand
Breloom (68)Crobat (68)Magcargo (69)
Focus SashWide LensSitrus Berry
Low SweepAir SlashFlamethrower
Seed BombSludge BombEarth Power
Mach PunchGiga DrainAcid Armor
Technician (48)Inner FocusWeak Armor (48)
Worker Heath
Arcanine (68)Houndoom (69)Typhlosion (69)
Lum BerryLum BerryCharcoal
Flare BlitzNasty PlotLava Plume
Wild ChargeFlamethrowerExtrasensory
DigDark PulseEarthquake
Intimidate (16)Unnerve (48)Blaze
(Extra Cave)
Ace Trainer Jordan(Winter only)
Golurk (68)Froslass (68)Walrein (69)Mamoswine (69)Lapras (69)
Focus SashFocus SashLeftoversLeftoversLeftovers
Stealth RockSpikesIce BeamStealth RockSurf
Shadow PunchIce BeamBody SlamIcicle CrashIce Beam
ThunderpunchShadow BallToxicEarthquakeThunderbolt
Ice PunchDestiny BondRoarRoarRoar
Iron Fist (16)Cursed Body (48)Thick Fat (16)Thick Fat (48)Water Absorb (16)
Route 8
Ranger Lewis(Gives Pecha)
Stunfisk (69)Golduck (69)Walrein (69)Amoonguss (69)Rapidash (69)
Shuca BerryWise GlassesLeftoversBlack SludgePower Herb
Volt SwitchSurfSurfGiga DrainFlare Blitz
Muddy WaterPsychicRock SlideSludge BombBounce
BounceConfuse RayProtectProtectSolarbeam
Static (16)Cloud Nine (32)Thick Fat (16)Effect SporeFlash Fire (32)
Parasol Lady Melita
Maractus (69)Seismitoad (70)Jellicent (70)Vaporeon (69)
Focus SashMuscle BandRindo BerryLeftovers
SpikesDrain PunchHexHydro Pump
Giga DrainIce PunchIce BeamIce Beam
Aerial AcePoison JabRecoverStored Power
ToxicToxicWill-o-WispAcid Armor
Water Absorb (16)Water Absorb (48)Water Absorb (16)Water Absorb
Ranger Annie(Gives Pecha)
Roserade (69)Dewgong (70)Vanilluxe (70)Octillery (71)Braviary (69)
Focus SashLum BerryIcy RockLife OrbFlying Gem
Toxic SpikesHailHailBlizzardSky Drop
Giga DrainIce BeamBlizzardOctazookaRock Slide
Sludge BombDiveFlash CannonSignal BeamToxic
Natural Cure (16)Thick Fat (16)Ice BodySniper (32)Defiant (48)
Fisherman Bruce
Cloyster (70)Gastrodon (70)Gyarados (70)Wailord (70)
Focus SashLeftoversLum BerrySitrus Berry
SpikesYawnDragon DanceCurse
Icicle CrashEarth PowerBounceAmnesia
Razor ShellSludge BombRestWaterfall
ExplosionRecoverSleep TalkBody Slam
Shell Armor (16)Storm Drain (32)IntimidateWater Veil (16)
Parasol Lady Lumi
Politoed (70)Golduck (70)Castform (71)Whiscash (71)
Life OrbWise GlassesChoice SpecsLeftovers
SurfSurfScaldDragon Dance
Ice BeamIce BeamThunderEarthquake
PsychicPsychicShadow BallWaterfall
Rain DanceCalm MindIce BeamSpark
Drizzle (48)Swift Swim (48)ForecastHydration (48)
Moor of Icirrus
Fisherman Damon
Slowbro (70)Tentacruel (70)Swampert (71)Omastar (71)
LeftoversBlack SludgeRindo BerryLife Orb
PsychicSludge WaveEarthquakeMuddy Water
SurfSurfMuddy WaterAncientPower
AmnesiaBarrierIce BeamEarth Power
Own Tempo (32)Clear Body (16)TorrentShell Armor (32)
Ranger Chloris(Gives Sitrus)
Ninetales (70)Sunflora (71)Tropius (71)Exeggutor (72)Bellossom (71)
Sitrus BerrySitrus BerrySitrus BerrySitrus BerrySitrus Berry
Heat WaveSolarbeamSolarbeamSolarbeamSolarbeam
SolarbeamEarth PowerAir SlashPsychicSludge Bomb
HexGrowthLeech SeedSludge BombTeeter Dance
Will-o-WispSunny DaySubstituteSubstituteSunny Day
Drought (48)Solar Power (32)Harvest (48)Harvest (48)Chlorophyll
Ranger Harry(Gives Sitrus)
Swalot (71)Snorlax (71)Victreebel (72)Heatmor (72)Grumpig (71)
Sitrus BerrySitrus BerrySitrus BerrySitrus BerrySitrus Berry
Sludge BombBelly DrumSunny DayCurseCalm Mind
Ice BeamBody SlamLeaf BladeFire PunchPsychic
Body SlamFire PunchSludge BombBody SlamPower Gem
StockpileIce PunchWeather BallLow KickFocus Blast
Liquid Ooze (16)Thick Fat (32)ChlorophyllFlash Fire (32)Thick Fat (16)
Parasol Lady Mariah(non-Winter only)
Blastoise (72)Glaceon (72)Milotic (72)Vanilluxe (72)
LeftoversLum BerryWater GemOcca Berry
SurfIce BeamHydro PumpIce Beam
Ice BeamShadow BallIce BeamFlash Cannon
Dragon TailSignal BeamRecoverTaunt
Mirror CoatMirror CoatMirror CoatMirror Coat
TorrentSnow CloakMarvel ScaleIce Body
Icirrus Gym
Black Belt Grant
Cloyster (72)Froslass (73)Mamoswine (73)Beartic (73)Lapras (74)
Focus SashMental HerbLum BerryWhite HerbLeftovers
Toxic SpikesSpikesStealth RockHailIce Beam
SpikesIce BeamIcicle CrashIcicle CrashThunderbolt
Razor ShellShadow BallEarthquakeSuperpowerBody Slam
Icicle SpearThunder WaveRoarRoarRoar
Skill Link (32)Cursed Body (48)Oblivious (16)Snow CloakWater Absorb (16)
Battle Girl Miriam
Lapras (74)Dewgong (73)Jynx (74)Altaria (73)Politoed (73)
Sitrus BerryLeftoversWise GlassesYache BerryWide Lens
WhirlpoolWhirlpoolMean LookCotton GuardHypnosis
Ice BeamIce BeamPsychicDragon DanceScald
PsychicProtectIce BeamDragon ClawFocus Blast
Perish SongPerish SongPerish SongPerish SongPerish Song
Shell Armor (32)Thick Fat (16)Oblivious (16)Natural CureWater Absorb (16)
Black Belt Kendrew
Dewgong (73)Hariyama (73)Mamoswine (74)Walrein (76)Snorlax (74)
Icy RockPayapa BerryLight ClayLeftoversSitrus Berry
HailFake OutReflectIce BeamBody Slam
ToxicClose CombatLight ScreenCrunchCrunch
DiveRock SlideEarthquakeRestRest
Ice BeamIce PunchIcicle CrashSleep TalkSleep Talk
Thick Fat (16)Thick Fat (16)Thick Fat (48)Thick Fat (16)Thick Fat (32)
Battle Girl Mikiko
Abomasnow (73)Glalie (74)Glaceon (74)Vanilluxe (75)Walrein (76)
Occa BerryFocus SashLeftoversLeftoversLeftovers
BlizzardHailBlizzardFlash CannonSubstitute
Wood HammerToxicToxicAcid ArmorToxic
Leech SeedExplosionProtectToxicProtect
Snow WarningIce Body (32)Ice Body (48)Weak Armor (48)Ice Body (32)
Battle Girl Chandra
Politoed (74)Jynx (75)Beartic (75)Relicanth (75)Lapras (76)Poliwrath (76)
LeftoversLeftoversLife OrbHard StoneLeftoversMuscle Band
Rain DanceIce BeamIcicle CrashHead SmashAvalancheRain Dance
ScaldPsychicRock SlideWaterfallDrill RunWaterfall
Focus BlastCalm MindLow KickZen HeadbuttCurseBrick Break
EncoreSubsituteBulk UpStealth RockRestIce Punch
Drizzle (48)Dry Skin (48)Swift Swim (48)Swift Swim (16)Hydration (48)Swift Swim (48)
Black Belt Thomas
Cryogonal (75)Azumarill (75)Jynx (75)Hitmonlee (76)Cloyster (76)Weavile (77)
Light ClaySitrus BerryWise GlassesWhite HerbNevermelticeMuscle Band
Light ScreenBelly DrumCalm MindCurseShell SmashSwords Dance
ReflectWaterfallIce BeamClose CombatIcicle SpearNight Slash
Icy WindIce PunchPsychicRock SlideRock BlastIce Punch
ExplosionAqua JetSignal BeamPoison JabIce ShardBrick Break
LevitateHuge Power (32)Oblivious (16)Unburden (48)Skill Link (32)Pressure
Gym Leader Brycen (Triple Battle)
Froslass (77)Abomasnow (77)Lapras (77)Weavile (78)Mamoswine (78)Beartic (78)
Ice GemLife OrbIce GemLife OrbLife OrbChoice Band
BlizzardBlizzardBlizzardFake OutIcicle CrashIcicle Crash
ThunderboltWood HammerWaterfallNight SlashRock SlideRock Slide
HailRock SlideDrill RunIce PunchSuperpowerSuperpower
Thunder WaveLight ScreenHeal BellLow KickReflectFacade
Snow CloakSnow WarningShell Armor (32)PressureThick FatSnow Cloak