Pokemon Dauntless Black – Trainer Sheet – Striaton Gym

Gen 5 is easily one of my favorite generations of the games. I also like difficulty hacks to spice things up a bit, but I’ve never quite jived with the Drayano-style hacks where all the pokemon are so different from what I used to. So I decided to make a hack that I would like to see, and hopefully some of you will enjoy it as well.

Accumula Town
Trainer N
Hippopotas (7)Snover (7)
Soft SandOran Berry
YawnIcy Wind
BiteRazor Leaf
Sand TombIngrain
Sand StreamSnow Warning
Route 2
Youngster Jimmy
Patrat (7)Lillipup (7)
BiteTake Down
Keen Eye (32)Vital Spirit (16)
Lass Mali
Purrloin (7)Skitty (7)
Focus SashSilk Scarf
LimberCute Charm
Youngster Roland
Audino (7)
Berry Juice
Sleep Talk
BiancaOnly one of the following starters
Lillipup (8)Oshawott (9)or Snivy (9)or Tepig (9)
Oran BerryOran BerryOran BerryOran Berry
BiteWater PulseLeech SeedWill-o-Wisp
Fury CutterMega DrainFlame Charge
Vital SpiritTorrentOvergrowBlaze
The Dreamyard
Lass Eri
Clefairy (9)Togepi (9)Jigglypuff (9)
Leppa BerryLeppa BerryLeppa Berry
Cute CharmSerene GraceCute Charm
Youngster Joey
Snubbull (9)Teddiursa (9)Patrat (10)
Light BallToxic OrbKing’s Rock
Super FangCovetPursuit
BiteRock SmashWork Up
IntimidateQuick FeetKeen Eye
Trainer School
(If you chose Snivy)
Tepig (12)Ferroseed (11)Panpour (10)Munchlax (10)
Oran BerryOran BerryOran BerryOran Berry
Flame ChargeCurseAqua RingCurse
AssuranceBullet SeedTickleRecycle
Rock TombPin MissileBiteTackle
BlazeIron BarbsGluttonyThick Fat
(If you chose Tepig)
Oshawott (12)Litwick (11)Pansage (10)Munchlax (10)
Oran BerryOran BerryOran BerryOran Berry
Icy WindFire SpinLeech SeedCurse
Water PulseWill-o-WispMega DrainLick
Double TeamNight ShadeTickleRecycle
Aqua JetConfuse RayBiteTackle
TorrentFlash FireGluttonyThick Fat
(If you chose Oshawott)
Snivy (12)Frillish (11)Pansear (10)Munchlax (10)
Oran BerryOran BerryOran BerryOran Berry
Leech SeedBubblebeamFlame BurstCurse
Mega DrainIcy WindWill-o-WispLick
GlarePain SplitBiteTackle
OvergrowWater AbsorbGluttonyThick Fat
Striaton Gym
Waiter Maxwell
Cacnea (12)Vulpix (12)Remoraid (12)
SilverpowderBlackglassesWide Lens
Teeter DanceConfuse RaySupersonic
Needle ArmIncineratePsybeam
Pin MissileQuick AttackOctazooka
GrowthFaint AttackMud Shot
Sand VeilFlash FireMoody
Waitress Tia
Chinchou (12)Growlithe (12)Shroomish (12)
MagnetLiechi BerryWide Lens
Thunder WaveBody SlamStun Spore
BubblebeamFlame WheelHeadbutt
Shock WaveAgilityMega Drain
Secret PowerReversalWake-Up Slap
Volt AbsorbIntimidateEffect Spore
(If you chose Snivy)
Clefairy (13)Whismur (13)Togetic (13)Ponyta (14)Numel (14)Pansear (15)
CharcoalLum BerryOran BerryExpert BeltSoft SandSitrus Berry
IncinerateIncinerateIncinerateFlame ChargeFlame ChargeTickle
SingAstonishWork UpStompMagnitudeBite
Cosmic PowerStompWishWork UpWill-o-WispWork Up
Echoed VoiceScreechBaton PassDouble KickAmnesiaFlame Burst
Cute CharmSoundproofSerene GraceFlash FireSimpleGluttony
(If you chose Tepig)
Clefairy (13)Aipom (13)Spinda (13)Bidoof (14)Buizel (14)Panpour (15)
Mystic WaterLum BerryOran BerryWhite HerbBlackglassesSitrus Berry
Water PulseWater PulseWater PulseCurseAqua JetTickle
SingShock WaveDizzy PunchAmnesiaPursuitBite
Cosmic PowerTicklePsybeamYawnRock TombWork Up
Echoed VoiceBaton PassPsych UpRolloutBulk UpBrine
Cute CharmRun AwayOwn TempoUnawareSwift SwimGluttony
(If you chose Oshawott)
Clefairy (13)Jigglypuff (13)Mincinno (13)Deerling (14)Nuzleaf (14)Pansage (15)
Miracle SeedLum BerryOran BerryExpert BeltBlackglassesSitrus Berry
Magical LeafGrass KnotGrass KnotDouble KickGrowthTickle
SingSingSwiftFaint AttackRazor LeafBite
Cosmic PowerPoundCharmGrass KnotFaint AttackWork Up
Echoed VoiceRestWork UpSynthesisFake OutMagical Leaf
Cute CharmCute CharmCute CharmSap SipperEarly BirdGluttony