Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission 2 JPN Cheat Codes

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 (ドラゴンボールヒーローズ アルティメットミッション2, Doragon Bru Hrzu Arutimetto Misshon Ts) is a card-based fighting game that is a portable port of Dragon Ball Heroes and the sequel to Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission. In Japan, the game was published on the. The Nintendo 3DS.

Cheat Code Here:
[Max Coins]
009FCDE4 0098967F

[All Cards]
C0000000 00000817
209FC5C8 000000FF
DC000000 00000001
D1000000 00000000

[Hero Cards Stats]
109FDEF0 0000270F
109FDEF4 0000270F
109FDEF8 0000270F

[Hero Cards Something 99]
209FDF00 00000063

[Hero Card Level 99]
209FDEC0 00000063

[Hero Card Remain Exp 0]
009FDEC4 00000000