Fantasy Life EUR Cheat Codes

Fantasy Life is a Nintendo 3DS role-playing life simulation game developed and distributed by Level-5. The game was first launched in Japan in 2012, then Nintendo released it internationally in 2014. Akihiro Hino developed and directed the game, and Nobuo Uematsu composed the soundtrack.

Cheat Codes Here:
[9.999.999 Dosh Max/Inf Money]
00725C0C 0098967F

[Max exp Lvl 99]
00725C04 000DDAC2

[max statut lvl 99]
00725C00 0000010E

[Max exp Lvl 200]
00725C04 004F5A5B

[999 Lunares Silver Coins]
00725EC8 000003E7

[999 Lunares Gold Coins]
00725EC4 000003E7

[Every Class God Rank]
00725BA4 0A006D60
00725BBC 0A007530
00725BAC 0A01935C
00725BB8 0A013880
00725BB4 0A009C40
00725BDC 0A006D60
00725BC4 0A013880
00725BD8 0A013880
00725BE0 0A007530
00725BD0 0A0080E8
00725BCC 0A013880
00725BA0 0A0061A8

[999 Skill Points]
00725C00 000003E7

[All Class Max Stars (Fletchling Rank)]
00725BA4 01006D60
00725BBC 01007530
00725BAC 0101935C
00725BB8 01013880
00725BB4 01009C40
00725BDC 01006D60
00725BC4 01013880
00725BD8 01013880
00725BE0 01007530
00725BD0 010080E8
00725BCC 01013880
00725BA0 010061A8