Fantasy Life USA Cheat Codes

Fantasy Life is a Nintendo 3DS role-playing life simulation game developed and distributed by Level-5. The game was first launched in Japan in 2012, then Nintendo released it internationally in 2014. Akihiro Hino developed and directed the game, and Nobuo Uematsu composed the soundtrack.

Cheat Codes Here:
[Inf. Dosh (9,999,999)]
00720C0C 0098967F

[Max Level]
00720C04 004F5A5B

[Infinite Magic]
D3000000 10000000
16EB2DA6 000042C8

[Infinite HP (200)]
D3000000 10000000
16EB2DA2 00004348

[Have 99 Stat Points]
00720C00 00000063

[999 gold lunares coins]
00720EC4 000003E7

[999 silver lunares coins]
00720EC8 000003E7