Fire Emblem Warriors Switch NA Cheat Codes

Battle legions of opponents like Marth, Xander, Corrin, Chrom, and other Fire Emblem warriors using over-the-top Dynasty Warriors-style techniques. New heroes mystically clash with warriors from Fire EmblemTM past in the Kingdom of Aytolis, where they must work together to confront innumerable opponents and restore the enigmatic Shield of Flames to stop the Chaos Dragon. As you progress through the tale, you will unlock new playable characters, each with their own set of moves, weapons, combinations, and spoken dialogue. A unique approach on battling is offered with a blend of fierce combat and strategic Fire Emblem gameplay.

Here is cheat codes:

04000000 00047940 1E27D001
04000000 00047968 1E27D002
04000000 000479E0 1E27D002
04000000 00047A04 1E27D002
04000000 00047A2C 1E27D001
04000000 00047A54 1E27D001
04000000 00047A7C 1E27D003
04000000 00047AA4 1E27D003
04000000 00047AD8 1E27D004
04000000 00047B5C 1E27D001
04000000 00047B9C 1E27D002
04000000 00047C0C 1E27D002
04000000 00047C80 1E27D002
04000000 00047CA4 1E27D002
04000000 00047CD0 1E27D003

[999 Chroms Leather Belt]
04100000 9743C78C 000003E7

[999 Chroms Leather Belt]
02100000 9743C78C 000003E7

[999 Chroms Pauldron]
02100000 9743C78E 000003E7

[999 Chroms Pauldron]
04100000 9743C78E 000003E7

[999 Cordelias Book on Love]
02100000 9743C7A2 000003E7

[999 Cordelias Wing Hairpins]
02100000 9743C7A0 000003E7

[999 Corrins Brooch]
02100000 9743C7A8 000003E7

[999 Corrins Hair Clasp]
02100000 9743C7AA 000003E7

[999 Fredericks Pebbles]
02100000 9743C79C 000003E7

[999 Fredericks Ribbon Tie]
02100000 9743C79E 000003E7

[999 Liannas Cape]
02100000 9743C78A 000003E7

[999 Liannas Cape]
04100000 9743C78A 000003E7

[999 Liannas Hairpin]
02100000 9743C788 000003E7

[999 Liannas Hairpin]
04100000 9743C788 000003E7

[999 Lissas Crinoline]
02100000 9743C79A 000003E7

[999 Lissas Nest-Egg Purse]
02100000 9743C798 000003E7

[999 Lucinas Cuffs]
02100000 9743C790 000003E7

[999 Lucinas Cuffs]
04100000 9743C790 000003E7

[999 Lucinas Mask]
04100000 9743C792 000003E7

[999 Lucinas Mask]
04100000 9743C792 000003E7

[999 Lucinas Mask]
02100000 9743C792 000003E7

[999 Owains Belt Sash]
02100000 9743C7A4 000003E7

[999 Owains Divine Names]
02100000 9743C7A6 000003E7

[999 Robins Primer]
02100000 9743C794 000003E7

[999 Robins Robes]
02100000 9743C796 000003E7

[999 Rowans Buckle]
04100000 9743C784 000003E7

[999 Rowans Buckle]
02100000 9743C784 000003E7

[999 Rowans Cape]
02100000 9743C786 000003E7

[999 Rowans Cape]
04100000 9743C786 000003E7

[999 Ryomas Headpiece]
02100000 9743C7AC 000003E7

[999x Annas Bows Opus]
02100000 9743C8EE 000003E7

[999x Annas Bows Scroll]
02100000 9743C878 000003E7

[999x Annas Cap]
02100000 9743C7EC 000003E7

[999x Annas Essence]
02100000 9743C8AE 000003E7

[999x Annas Purse]
02100000 9743C7EE 000003E7

[999x Archers Breastplate]
02100000 9743C810 000003E7

[999x Archers Shoulder Pad]
02100000 9743C812 000003E7

[999x Auras Opus]
02100000 9743C8F2 000003E7

[999x Auras Scroll]
02100000 9743C8D6 000003E7

[999x Axe Fighters Glove]
02100000 9743C80C 000003E7

[999x Axe Fighters Helmet]
02100000 9743C80E 000003E7

[999x Azuras Essence]
02100000 9743C8B6 000003E7

[999x Azuras Opera Gloves]
02100000 9743C8B0 000003E7

[999x Azuras Pendant]
02100000 9743C8B2 000003E7

[999x Blessed Lances Opus]
02100000 9743C8CE 000003E7

[999x Blessed Lances Scroll]
02100000 9743C8B4 000003E7

[999x Brynhildrs Opus]
02100000 9743C8C8 000003E7

[999x Brynhildrs Scroll]
02100000 9743C866 000003E7

[999x Caedas Bracelet]
02100000 9743C7D8 000003E7

[999x Caedas Breastplate]
02100000 9743C7DA 000003E7

[999x Caedas Essence]
02100000 9743C8A4 000003E7

[999x Camillas Axes Opus]
02100000 9743C8C6 000003E7

[999x Camillas Axes Scroll]
02100000 9743C864 000003E7

[999x Camillas Belt]
02100000 9743C7C4 000003E7

[999x Camillas Essence]
02100000 9743C89A 000003E7

[999x Camillas Tasses]
02100000 9743C7C6 000003E7

[999x Captains Axe]
02100000 9743C83C 000003E7

[999x Captains Bow]
02100000 9743C83E 000003E7

[999x Captains Lance]
02100000 9743C83A 000003E7

[999x Captains Sword]
02100000 9743C838 000003E7

[999x Captains Tome]
02100000 9743C840 000003E7

[999x Cavaliers Greaves]
02100000 9743C820 000003E7

[999x Cavaliers Saddle]
02100000 9743C822 000003E7

[999x Celicas Circlet]
02100000 9743C7E6 000003E7

[999x Celicas Essence]
02100000 9743C8AA 000003E7

[999x Celicas Shield]
02100000 9743C7E4 000003E7

[999x Chaos Dragons Barbs]
02100000 9743C800 000003E7

[999x Chaos Dragons Jewel]
02100000 9743C802 000003E7

[999x Chroms Essence]
02100000 9743C87E 000003E7

[999x Cordelias Axes Opus]
02100000 9743C910 000003E7

[999x Cordelias Essence]
02100000 9743C888 000003E7

[999x Cordelias Lances Scroll]
02100000 9743C852 000003E7

[999x Corrins Essence]
02100000 9743C88C 000003E7

[999x Darioss Circlet]
02100000 9743C7FE 000003E7

[999x Darioss Shield]
02100000 9743C7FC 000003E7

[999x Divinestones Opus]
02100000 9743C8E8 000003E7

[999x Divinestones Scroll]
02100000 9743C872 000003E7

[999x Elises Essence]
02100000 9743C89E 000003E7

[999x Elises Flowers]
02100000 9743C7CC 000003E7

[999x Elises Ribbon]
02100000 9743C7CE 000003E7

[999x Enlirons Opus]
02100000 9743C8E0 000003E7

[999x Enlirons Scroll]
02100000 9743C844 000003E7

[999x Exalted Falchions Opus]
02100000 9743C8E4 000003E7

[999x Exalted Falchions Scroll]
02100000 9743C86C 000003E7

[999x Facinnas Opus]
02100000 9743C8E2 000003E7

[999x Facinnas Scroll]
02100000 9743C846 000003E7

[999x Falchions Opus]
02100000 9743C906 000003E7

[999x Falchions Scroll]
02100000 9743C848 000003E7

[999x Fredericks Axes Opus]
02100000 9743C90E 000003E7

[999x Fredericks Axes Scroll]
02100000 9743C850 000003E7

[999x Fredericks Essence]
02100000 9743C886 000003E7

[999x Fujin Yumis Opus]
02100000 9743C8BE 000003E7

[999x Fujin Yumis Scroll]
02100000 9743C85C 000003E7

[999x Gharnefs Orb]
02100000 9743C7FA 000003E7

[999x Gharnefs Ring]
02100000 9743C7F8 000003E7

[999x Great Knights Barding]
02100000 9743C82E 000003E7

[999x Great Knights Gauntlet]
02100000 9743C82C 000003E7

[999x Hauteclaires Opus]
02100000 9743C8F4 000003E7

[999x Hauteclaires Scroll]
02100000 9743C8DE 000003E7

[999x Hinokas Essence]
02100000 9743C890 000003E7

[999x Hinokas Lances Opus]
02100000 9743C8BC 000003E7

[999x Hinokas Scarf]
02100000 9743C7B2 000003E7

[999x Hinokas Scroll]
02100000 9743C85A 000003E7

[999x Hinokas Tassels]
02100000 9743C7B0 000003E7

[999x Iagos Dark Instrument]
02100000 9743C7F4 000003E7

[999x Iagos Half Mask]
02100000 9743C7F6 000003E7

[999x Knights Pauldron]
02100000 9743C81E 000003E7

[999x Knights Shield]
02100000 9743C81C 000003E7

[999x Lady Swords Opus]
02100000 9743C8EA 000003E7

[999x Lady Swords Scroll]
02100000 9743C874 000003E7

[999x Leos Collar]
02100000 9743C7CA 000003E7

[999x Leos Essence]
02100000 9743C89C 000003E7

[999x Leos Tomato]
02100000 9743C7C8 000003E7

[999x Liannas Essence]
02100000 9743C87C 000003E7

[999x Linde Charm]
02100000 9743C8D2 000003E7

[999x Lindes Bangle]
02100000 9743C8D0 000003E7

[999x Lindes Essence]
02100000 9743C8D4 000003E7

[999x Lissas Axes Opus]
02100000 9743C90C 000003E7

[999x Lissas Axes Scroll]
02100000 9743C84E 000003E7

[999x Lissas Essence]
02100000 9743C884 000003E7

[999x Lucinas Essence]
02100000 9743C880 000003E7

[999x Lyns Cord Belt]
02100000 9743C7EA 000003E7

[999x Lyns Essence]
02100000 9743C8AC 000003E7

[999x Lyns Glove]
02100000 9743C7E8 000003E7

[999x Mages Mask]
02100000 9743C814 000003E7

[999x Mages Robe]
02100000 9743C816 000003E7

[999x Manaketes Scale]
02100000 9743C830 000003E7

[999x Manaketes Tail]
02100000 9743C832 000003E7

[999x Marths Brooch]
02100000 9743C7D4 000003E7

[999x Marths Essence]
02100000 9743C8A2 000003E7

[999x Marths Tiara]
02100000 9743C7D6 000003E7

[999x Master Seal]
02100000 9743C912 000003E7

[999x Minervas Essence]
02100000 9743C8DC 000003E7

[999x Minervas Red Armor]
02100000 9743C8DA 000003E7

[999x Minervas Whip]
02100000 9743C8D8 000003E7

[999x Missiletainns Opus]
02100000 9743C914 000003E7

[999x Missiletainns Scroll]
02100000 9743C854 000003E7

[999x Monsters Claw]
02100000 9743C842 000003E7

[999x Monsters Fang]
02100000 9743C834 000003E7

[999x Monsters Horns]
02100000 9743C836 000003E7

[999x Moonlights Opus]
02100000 9743C8CA 000003E7

[999x Moonlights Scroll]
02100000 9743C868 000003E7

[999x Myrmidon breechcloth]
02100000 9743C804 000003E7

[999x Myrmidon Head Guard]
02100000 9743C806 000003E7

[999x Navarres Cord Belt]
02100000 9743C7DC 000003E7

[999x Navarres Essence]
02100000 9743C8A6 000003E7

[999x Navarres Sword Strap]
02100000 9743C7DE 000003E7

[999x Niles Bows Opus]
02100000 9743C8CC 000003E7

[999x Niless Bows Scroll]
02100000 9743C86A 000003E7

[999x Niless Essence]
02100000 9743C8A0 000003E7

[999x Niless Eye Patch]
02100000 9743C7D2 000003E7

[999x Niless Hood]
02100000 9743C7D0 000003E7

[999x Oboros Chest Guard]
02100000 9743C7BE 000003E7

[999x Oboros Essence]
02100000 9743C896 000003E7

[999x Oboros Lances Opus]
02100000 9743C8C2 000003E7

[999x Oboros Sleeve Sash]
02100000 9743C7BC 000003E7

[999x Oboros Spears Scroll]
02100000 9743C860 000003E7

[999x Olivias Blade Scroll]
02100000 9743C904 000003E7

[999x Olivias Blades Opus]
02100000 9743C918 000003E7

[999x Olivias Essence]
02100000 9743C902 000003E7

[999x Olivias Hair Band]
02100000 9743C8FE 000003E7

[999x Olivias Model Theater]
02100000 9743C900 000003E7

[999x Outlaws Bracer]
02100000 9743C818 000003E7

[999x Outlaws Mask]
02100000 9743C81A 000003E7

[999x Owains Essence]
02100000 9743C88A 000003E7

[999x Parallel Falchions Opus]
02100000 9743C908 000003E7

[999x Parallel Falchions Scroll]
02100000 9743C84A 000003E7

[999x Pegasus Knights Dwon]
02100000 9743C824 000003E7

[999x Pegasus Knights Visor]
02100000 9743C826 000003E7

[999x Raijintos Opus]
02100000 9743C8BA 000003E7

[999x Raijintos Scroll]
02100000 9743C858 000003E7

[999x Robins Essence]
02100000 9743C882 000003E7

[999x Rowans Essence]
02100000 9743C87A 000003E7

[999x Ryomas Battle Coat]
02100000 9743C7AE 000003E7

[999x Ryomas Essence]
02100000 9743C88E 000003E7

[999x Sakuras Essence]
02100000 9743C894 000003E7

[999x Sakuras Headband]
02100000 9743C7BA 000003E7

[999x Sakuras Sash]
02100000 9743C7B8 000003E7

[999x Siegfrieds Opus]
02100000 9743C8C4 000003E7

[999x Siegfrieds Scroll]
02100000 9743C862 000003E7

[999x Sol Kattis Opus]
02100000 9743C8EC 000003E7

[999x Sol Kattis Scroll]
02100000 9743C876 000003E7

[999x Soldiers Helmet]
02100000 9743C80A 000003E7

[999x Soldiers Waist Guard]
02100000 9743C808 000003E7

[999x Spellbane Yumis Opus]
02100000 9743C8C0 000003E7

[999x Spellbane Yumis Scroll]
02100000 9743C85E 000003E7

[999x Takumis Essence]
02100000 9743C892 000003E7

[999x Takumis Fur Wrap]
02100000 9743C7B6 000003E7

[999x Takumis History Book]
02100000 9743C7B4 000003E7

[999x Tharjas Crystal Ball]
02100000 9743C8F6 000003E7

[999x Tharjas Essence]
02100000 9743C8FA 000003E7

[999x Tharjas Hexs Opus]
02100000 9743C916 000003E7

[999x Tharjas Hexs Scroll]
02100000 9743C8FC 000003E7

[999x Tharjas Liver-and-Eel Pie]
02100000 9743C8F8 000003E7

[999x Thorons Opus]
02100000 9743C90A 000003E7

[999x Thorons Scroll]
02100000 9743C84C 000003E7

[999x Tikis Anklet]
02100000 9743C7E0 000003E7

[999x Tikis Essence]
02100000 9743C8A8 000003E7

[999x Tikis Hairpin]
02100000 9743C7E2 000003E7

[999x Validars Bracelet]
02100000 9743C7F0 000003E7

[999x Validars Necklace]
02100000 9743C7F2 000003E7

[999x Wing Spears Opus]
02100000 9743C8E6 000003E7

[999x Wing Spears Scroll]
02100000 9743C86E 000003E7

[999x Wo Daos Opus]
02100000 9743C8F0 000003E7

[999x Wo Daos Scroll]
02100000 9743C870 000003E7

[999x Wyvern Riders Talon]
02100000 9743C828 000003E7

[999x Wyvern Riders Tasses]
02100000 9743C82A 000003E7

[999x Xanders Essence]
02100000 9743C898 000003E7

[999x Xanders Plate Armor]
02100000 9743C7C2 000003E7

[999x Xanders Shield]
02100000 9743C7C0 000003E7

[999x Yatos Opus]
02100000 9743C8B8 000003E7

[999x Yatos Scroll]
02100000 9743C856 000003E7

04000000 0004A4B4 1E27D001
04000000 0004A4DC 1E27D002
04000000 0004A554 1E27D002
04000000 0004A578 1E27D002
04000000 0004A5A0 1E27D001
04000000 0004A5C8 1E27D001
04000000 0004A618 1E27D003
04000000 0004A5F0 1E27D003
04000000 0004A64C 1E27D004
04000000 0004A6D0 1E27D001
04000000 0004A710 1E27D002
04000000 0004A780 1E27D002
04000000 0004A7F4 1E27D002
04000000 0004A818 1E27D002
04000000 0004A844 1E27D003

[Inf. Money]
02100000 9743CA88 7F969800

[MAX Money]
04100000 9743CA88 7F969800

[60 FPS]
580F0000 0130A560
580F1000 00002B08
580F1000 00000050
780F0000 00000F14
640F0000 00000000 00000001

[30 FPS]
580F0000 0130A560
580F1000 00002B08
580F1000 00000050
780F0000 00000F14
640F0000 00000000 00000002