Pokemon Wally Quest Changed/Tweaked the information

Pokemon changes

Evolution changes:
Wurmple->Silcoon: Evolve during day
Wurmple->Cascoon: Evolve during night
Kadabra->Alakazam: Level to 37+
Machoke->Machamp: Level to 37+
Graveler->Golem: Level to 37+
Graveler-Alolan->Golem-Alolan: Level to 37+
Haunter->Gengar: Level to 37+
Gurrdurr->Conkeldurr: Level to 37+
Boldore->Gigalith: Level to 37+
Phantump->Trevenant: Level to 37+
Pumpkaboo->Gourgiest: Level to 37+
Poliwhirl->Politoed: Level up with King’s Rock
Slowpoke->Slowking: Level up with King’s Rock
Onix->Steelix: Level up with Metal Coat
Scyther->Scizor: Level up with Metal Coat
Seadra->Kingdra: Level up with Dragon Scale
Rhydon->Rhyperior: Level up with Protector
Electabuzz->Electivire: Level up with Electirizer
Magmar->Magmortar: Level up with Magmarizer
Porygon->Porygon2: Level up with Upgrade
Porygon2->Porygon-Z: Level up with Dubious Disc
Feebas->Milotic: Level up with Prism Scale ONLY
Dusclops->Dusknoir: Level up with Reaper Cloth
Clamperl->Huntail: Level up with Deep Sea Tooth
Clamperl->Gorebyss: Level up with Deep Sea Scale
Spritzee->Aromatisse: Level up with Sachet
Swirlix->Slurpuff: Level up with Whipped Dream
Karrablast->Escavalier: Level up w/ Shelmet OR Accelgor in party
Shelmet->Accelgor: Level up w/ Karrablast OR Escavalier in party
Magneton->Magnezone: Level up w/ Magnet
Nosepass->Probopass: Level up w/ Magnet
Eevee->Leafeon: Use Leaf Stone
Evee->Glaceon: Use Ice Stone
Charjabug->Vikavolt: Use Thunder Stone
Crabrawler->Crabominable: Use Ice Stone
Happiny->Chansey: Level up w/ Oval Stone (no time required)
Sneasel->Weavile: Level up w/ Razor Claw (no time required)
Gligar->Gliscor: Level up w/ Razor Fang (no time required)
Pikachu->Pikachu-Alolan: Dawn Stone
Exeggcute->Exeggutor-Alolan: Dawn Stone
Cubone->Marowak-Alolan: Level up at night
Rockruff Own-Tempo->Lycanroc-Dusk: Level up with friendship instead of time window
Minior can evolve into its different colours through Stones, including to its own colour:
-Red: Fire Stone
-Orange: Sun Stone
-Yellow: Thunder Stone
-Green: Leaf Stone
-Blue: Water Stone
-Indigo: Dusk Stone
-Violet: Moon Stone
-This has the *feature* of Minior benefiting from Eviolite

All baby Pokemon’s eggs now hatch in 2 egg cycles

Ability changes:
Silvally’s RKS System now works with Plates instead of Memories
Zygarde: No longer has Power Construct, a different mechanism for gaining 100% instead. All forms available have Aura Break
Eternal Flower Floette has Synchronize as its ability

Move changes: Some NPCs may have special moves not in their normal learnset
Meloetta now learns Relic Song at level 1 (use Heart Scale)
Keldeo now learns Secret Sword at level 1 (use Heart Scale)

Friendship changes: Ralts’ base friendship is now 70, Rayquaza’s and Diancie’s are 255, Meltan is 35

All Pokemon up to Gen VII, including Melmetal, should be catchable in the post-game (after the first Elite Four)
-Most alternate forms are included
Legendaries are only available in the post-game
-Those with an overworld sprite should not disappear when you lose, flee or beat them, only disappearing when caught
-Some are map-specific: You have to clear a quest and they will then have a chance to appear in a specific map as a wild encounter
-The roamer can be caught multiple times
-One Pokemon can be permanently missed
See the pokemonlocations file for more details.

Move changes

Frustration and Return have their power improved to 127 maximum
Hidden Power is Type Dark as a result of the IV changes
Multi-Attack now works with Plates instead of Memories


The Old Rod is the only fishing rod in game, and can fish different Pokemon
Evolution stones are now reusable Key Items
Two new pockets: Battle items (held items) and Special (plates, Mega Stones, Z-Crystals)
EV-reducing berries subtract EVs by 20. They increase friendship by: 5 when friendship is low, 10 at medium, 2 at high
Energy Root, Energy Powder, Heal Powder and Revival Herb decrease friendship by: 10 when friendship is low, 5 at medium, 0 at high

There are no hidden items except for those related to specific events


EVs are now used as Contest Conditions:
-HP: Sheen
-Attack: Coolness
-Defense: Toughness
-Speed: Cuteness
-SpA: Beauty
-SpD: Smartness

Mega Evolution and Z-Moves

In addition to the normal requirements, the player can only Mega Evolve a Pokemon if the Pokemon is at maximum friendship
Mega Evolutions and Z-moves can both be used in the same battle

Diligence – Soft level cap

“Diligence” is a soft level cap that is raised after acquiring badges
0 badges: 18
1 badge: 24
2 badges: 30
3 badges: 40
4 badges: 45
5 badges: 50
6 badges: 65
7 badges: 75
8 badges: 85
After E4: 100

Note: You will likely hit the level cap at stages in the game

The soft level cap will divide the EXP gained in battle by 8
Because of this mechanic, Prof Oak challenges will be difficult, so recommend adjusting the rules

HMs/Field TMs
HMs and Field TM functionalities are now all optional, or available through some other means
-There should be no trees to Cut
-If there are smashable rocks, they’re not actually smashable but deliberate obstacles
-If there are boulders, they’re deliberate obstacles or can be moved without Strength (just interact with it)
-Upon getting the Surfboard you can just jump into water, and later you can dive and climb waterfalls with it
-There is a Flying service at every town, the lady will allow you to Fly after beating the Fortree Gym
–There is a mild bug in this, that your last location for Teleport/white-out will not be updated to the town flown to this way
-Flash: The only places that allow Flash will have a wild Pokemon nearby that can learn it


This game cannot trade across playthroughs/different ROMS. In particular the Pokemon data structures have been altered
However, there are a large number of in-game trades
Trading no longer affects disobedience


Disobedience is now based on a threshold of friendship:
0 badges: 60
2 badges: 50
4 badges: 40
6 badges: 30
8 badges: 20
If your Pokemon’s friendship is higher than the threshold, it will not disobey you in battle
Below the threshold, the probability of disobedience is (threshold – friendship) / threshold
When disobeying, the Pokemon will loaf around as an action
Frustration will ignore this; the Pokemon will use Frustration except when friendship is 0

0 FRIENDSHIP: The Pokemon will not obey you, even with Frustration, and hurt itself

In general this mechanic shouldn’t appear except with legendaries, pseudo-legendaries and a few Pokemon.

Secret Base

You can only have one Secret Base