Untitled Porygon Game Walkthrough

This walkthrough should help you figure out the solutions to puzzles and the elevator passcode if you get stuck. It does not cover the narrative content sprinkled throughout the lab, we want you to discover the story for yourself. Regardless, do be warned that this guide may contain spoilers.

==Test Chamber 0==

Manifesting in Test Chamber 0, you’re given the objective of restoring Carladez’s power. But there isn’t an obvious way to leave the chamber. The door only goes one way, and when you interact with the terminal it asks for authorization.

Activate Altervision and interact with the human body. Pick up their ID card, with it. You are now able to use the terminal. Select “Override Door.”

==Containment Bay==

The Containment Bay’s significance may not seem obvious at first, but for now, make note of the following:
The number of testing chambers.
Which Testing Chambers are locked.
The total amount of vents on top of each chamber.


This room has sliding physics. Each directional slide is considered its own, so for instance if we slide right and immediately slide up, then that counts as two slides instead of one. After 15 slides, you will be sent back to the Containment Bay. If we manage interact with the sign by the door, it says that “Employees must wash their hands before returning to work.” The door is jammed, otherwise.
You are able to see which direction you’ll slide while in Altervision.

Upon entry, slide right. Then, slide left. Slide up. Move left and slide left. Move up and interact with the sink. The door will suspiciously unjam itself. Then, move right until you’re just below the other sink. Slide down, then slide left. Slide up, and move left until you’re just under the door. You’ll now be able to exit the room.

==Server Room==

Turn on Altervision and you’ll see that levers have appeared on the server blades. There are four in total, and each time you flip lever two others get flipped. This may be hard to see due to Altervision’s field of view.

The fastest way to solve this puzzle is to interact with the two switches below the one on the left nearest the entrance. By completing this puzzle, the power turns back on. You’ll now be able to properly interact with the elevator in the Hallway.

Reading the sign near the entrance of the room while in Altervision tells us that character 5 of the elevator passcode is the total # of the large machinery on top of the chambers / # chambers. This refers to the testing chambers in the Containment Bay. Above each testing chamber are vents. Adding them all together gives us 36. Dividing by the total by the number of chambers (9) gives us 4.
Thus, we know that the 5th character of the elevator password is 4 (xxxx4)

==Main Hallway==

Turn on Altervision and read the sign next to the elevator. It will read “The first number is the location where you first MANIFESTED” – Which is Testing Chamber 1
“Numbers 2 through 4 have been given to you at the bay where you began.” – Refers to Containment Bay
“These will help for you in ORDER to Un(LOCK) the elevator.” – Refers to all the locked testing chambers
The first location where you manifested is Test Chamber 1, thus the first number of the code is 1
The locked chambers, in order, is 3, 5, 9, thus the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th numbers for the code are 3, 5, 9
1 – Being the chamber the player spawns in
3, 5, 9 – Being the chambers that are locked, in order
4 – For it’s the total # of the large machinery on top of the chambers / # chambers (36/9) = 4

Going up the elevator will end the hack. The hack WILL NOT save right before the ending.