Harvest Moon 3D A New Beginning USA Cheat Codes

Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning is a Nintendo 3DS game. It is the franchise’s final installment to be given the moniker Harvest Moon in other countries.

Cheat Code here:
[Max money]

[99 Items (Bag Slot 1)]
285C24EC 00000063

[Unlimited Stamina]
085AF0E4 00000064

[1st Item Slot Change]
085C24DC 0000FFFF
085C24E8 000000FF
085C24EC 000000FF

[Max Trapping Level]
085D8B38 0000FFFF

[Max Fishing Level]
085D8894 0000FFFF

[Max Cooking Level]
085D5BD4 0000FFFF

[Max Maker Level]
085D5BD8 0000FFFF

[Max Mining Level]
085E0534 0000FFFF

[Max Affection All Wild Animals]
C0000000 00000017
085B1A98 000003E8
DC000000 00000044
D2000000 00000000

[Max Affection (Farm Animals 1-8)]
085AFFB4 000003E8
085B0020 000003E8
085B008C 000003E8
085B00F8 000003E8
085B0164 000003E8
085B01D0 000003E8
085B023C 000003E8
085B02A8 000003E8

[Max Affection (Farm Animals 9-16)]
085B0314 000003E8
085B0380 000003E8
085B03EC 000003E8
085B0458 000003E8
085B04C4 000003E8
085B0530 000003E8
085B059C 000003E8
085B0608 000003E8

[Max Affection (Farm Animals 17-24)]
085B0674 000003E8
085B06E0 000003E8
085B074C 000003E8
085B07B8 000003E8
085B0824 000003E8
085B0890 000003E8
085B08FC 000003E8
085B0968 000003E8