Pokemon Black 2 Kaizo – Mart Items

Trainers each have competitive teams, with maximum IVs (31) in each stat, as well as balanced and / or themed teams. In contrast, the player cannot earn EVs through battling. Trainers on routes are comparatively easier, while gym trainers tend to be stronger.

0 Badges1-2 Badges3+ BadgesRoute 9 Mall
Poke BallPoke BallPoke BallCustap Berry
Rare CandyGreat BallGreat BallEnigma Berry
Rare CandyUltra BallJaboca Berry
Sitrus BerryRare CandyLansat Berry
Lum BerrySitrus BerryMicle Berry
Super RepelLum BerryStarf Berry
Full RestoreSuper Repel
Red ShardMax Repel
Green ShardFull Restore
Yellow ShardRed Shard
Blue ShardGreen Shard
Heart ScaleYellow Shard
Escape RopeBlue Shard
Heart Scale
Escape Rope