Pokemon Black 2 Kaizo – Trainers

Trainers each have competitive teams, with maximum IVs (31) in each stat, as well as balanced and / or themed teams. In contrast, the player cannot earn EVs through battling. Trainers on routes are comparatively easier, while gym trainers tend to be stronger.

Asperita CityCheri BerrySilk ScarfBerry Juice
RivalRivalRivalYoungster TerrellCynthia Part 1Youngster Petey
SnivyTepigOshawottShinx @ Oran BerryBudew (M)Chimchar @ Oran Berry
Ability: ContraryAbility: Thick FatAbility: Shell ArmorAbility: Inner FocusAbility: Poison PointAbility: Blaze
Level: 5Level: 5Level: 5Level: 6Level: 7Level: 9
Adamant NatureAdamant NatureAdamant NatureAdamant Nature– Mega DrainTimid Nature
– Tackle– Tackle– Tackle– Spark– Poison Powder– Flame Charge
– Leer– Tail Whip– Tail Whip– Tackle– Growth– Fury Swipes
– Charge– Poison Sting– Hone Claws
CleffaCleffaCleffa– Focus Energy
Ability: Friend GuardAbility: Friend GuardAbility: Friend GuardPichu @ Focus BandGible
Level: 3Level: 3Level: 3Ability: StaticAbility: Rough SkinCottonee @ Eviolite
Relaxed NatureRelaxed NatureRelaxed NatureLevel: 6Level: 8Ability: Prankster
– Copycat– Copycat– CopycatTimid Nature– TwisterLevel: 8
Cheri Berry– Fake Out– Mud-SlapModest Nature
– Swift– Work Up– Mega Drain
– Thunder Shock– Tackle– Leech Seed
– Stun Spore
Azurill @ Oran BerryTogepi– Tailwind
Ability: Thick FatAbility: Serene Grace
Level: 7Level: 7Turtwig @ Leftovers
Relaxed Nature– MetronomeAbility: Shell Armor
IVs: 0 Atk– SwiftLevel: 9
– Whirlpool– WishAdamant Nature
– Icy Wind– Tackle– Tackle
– Charm– Curse
– Aqua JetFeebas @ Water Gem– Bullet Seed
Ability: Swift Swim
Level: 8
– Tackle
– Water Gun
– Flail
Riolu (M)
Ability: Inner Focus
Level: 7
– Rock Smash
– Quick Attack
– Bullet Punch
Floccesy RanchNormal GemNormal GemNormal GemFloccesy Town
RivalRivalRivalLass MollyYoungster KennyJanitor OrvilleSchool Kid SeymourSchool Kid Cassie
Snivy @ Scope LensTepig @ LeftoversOshawott @ Berry JuicePurrloin @ Oran BerryWingull @ Focus SashMagnemite @ Scope LensGeodude @ Scope LensChikorita @ Big Root
Ability: ContraryAbility: Thick FatAbility: Shell ArmorAbility: PranksterAbility: DrizzleAbility: LevitateAbility: Solid RockAbility: Prankster
Level: 12Level: 12Level: 12Level: 9Level: 11Level: 12Level: 12Level: 12
Jolly NatureAdamant NatureModest NatureJolly NatureModest NatureModest NatureRelaxed NatureRelaxed Nature
– Razor Leaf– Flame Charge– Water Pulse– Fake Out– Water GunIVs: 0 Atk– Self-Destruct– Mega Drain
– Leech Seed– Rollout– Icy Wind– Feint Attack– Gust– Shock Wave– Rock Blast– Leech Seed
– Synthesis– Bulk Up– Swagger– Hone Claws– Icy Wind– Thunder Wave– Bulldoze– Light Screen
– Swagger– Will-O-Wisp– Calm Mind– Thunder Wave– Mud-Slap– Mirror Shot– Curse– Reflect
– Ancient Power
Cleffa @ EvioliteCleffa @ EvioliteCleffa @ EvioliteFerroseed @ Rocky HelmetDwebble @ Oran BerryLotad @ Oran Berry
Ability: Friend GuardAbility: Friend GuardAbility: Friend GuardAbility: Iron BarbsHorsea @ Oran BerryGeodude @ Lum BerryAbility: SturdyAbility: Swift Swim
Level: 12Level: 12Level: 12Level: 11Ability: Swift SwimAbility: SturdyLevel: 12Level: 12
Relaxed NatureRelaxed NatureRelaxed Nature– Bullet SeedLevel: 10Level: 10Relaxed Nature– Mega Drain
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Metal ClawModest Nature– Smack Down– Fury Cutter– Water Pulse
– Follow Me– Follow Me– Follow Me– ProtectIVs: 0 Atk– Bulldoze– Smack Down– Icy Wind
– Helping Hand– Helping Hand– Helping Hand– Rock Smash– Water Gun– Rock Smash– Rock Smash– Synthesis
– Shock Wave– Shock Wave– Shock Wave– Icy Wind– Autotomize– Protect
– Flamethrower– Flamethrower– FlamethrowerBronzor @ Metal Coat– Dragon BreathPonyta @ Passho Berry
Ability: Heatproof– Work UpJoltik @ MagnetRhyhorn @ Hard StoneAbility: Drought
Deino @ Scope LensDeino @ Scope LensDeino @ Scope LensLevel: 9Ability: Compound EyesAbility: Solid RockLevel: 12
Ability: HustleAbility: HustleAbility: HustleBold NatureTentacool @ Poison BarbLevel: 11Level: 12– Incinerate
Level: 12Level: 12Level: 12– ConfusionAbility: Clear BodyTimid NatureRelaxed Nature– Stomp
Jolly NatureJolly NatureJolly Nature– Mirror ShotLevel: 10IVs: 0 Atk– Magnitude– Agility
– Bite– Bite– Bite– AncientPower– Poison Sting– Struggle Bug– Rock Tomb– Will-O-Wisp
– Dragon Tail– Dragon Tail– Dragon Tail– Calm Mind– Whirlpool– Electroweb– Facade
– Taunt– Taunt– Taunt– Acid Armor– Charge Beam– Bulk Up
– Work Up– Work Up– Work Up– Supersonic– Mega Drain
Ekans @ Oran BerryEkans @ Oran BerryEkans @ Oran Berry
Ability: IntimidateAbility: IntimidateAbility: Intimidate
Level: 14Level: 14Level: 14
Adamant NatureAdamant NatureAdamant Nature
– Poison Fang– Poison Fang– Poison Fang
– Rock Tomb– Rock Tomb– Rock Tomb
– Bulldoze– Bulldoze– Bulldoze
– Coil– Coil– Coil
Aspertia City GymTM 83 Work Up
Johto WhitneyHoenn NormanLeader Cheren
Munchlax @ Custap BerrySlakoth @ Oran BerryPorygon @ Leftovers
Ability: GluttonyAbility: Slow StartAbility: Download
Level: 13Level: 15Level: 17
Relaxed Nature– Fury SwipesModest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Faint Attack– Icy Wind
– Covet– Yawn– Electroweb
– Rock Tomb– Slack Off– Swift
– Rock Smash– Pain Split
– Metronome
Kecleon @ Lum Berry
Starly @ Focus SashRufflet @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Color Change
Ability: IntimidateAbility: HustleLevel: 14
Level: 13Level: 13– Fury Swipes
Jolly NatureAdamant Nature– Fake Out
– Pluck– Facade– Knock Off
– Quick Attack– Aerial Ace– Rock Smash
– Reversal– U-turn
– Endeavor– TailwindStaravia @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Intimidate
Miltank @ LeftoversMinccino @ King’s RockLevel: 17
Ability: Thick FatAbility: Skill LinkJolly Nature
Level: 14Level: 14– Facade
– RolloutAdamant Nature– U-turn
– Stomp– Tail Slap– Wing Attack
– Milk Drink– Bullet Seed– Quick Attack
– Defense Curl– Flail
– Work UpDitto @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Imposter
Taillow @ Flame OrbTogetic @ Scope LensLevel: 14
Ability: GutsAbility: Super LuckTimid Nature
Level: 14Level: 13– Transform
Jolly NatureCalm Nature
– Wing AttackIVs: 0 AtkMinccino @ Oran Berry
– Quick Attack– Air CutterAbility: Skill Link
– U-turn– Magical LeafLevel: 17
– Protect– Ancient PowerJolly Nature
– Tailwind– Tail Slap
– U-turn
– Sing
– Wake-Up Slap
Route 20 (Part 2)Miracle SeedPoison GemBerry JuiceKebia Berry
Hiker JeromeSinnoh GardeniaPreschooler LinNursery Aide KimyaTwins Lia & Lily
Rhyhorn @ Rindo BerryGrotle @ Miracle SeedNumel @ Shuca BerryWoobat @ Berry JuiceSkorupi @ Scope Lens
Ability: Solid RockAbility: OvergrowAbility: DroughtAbility: SimpleAbility: Sniper
Level: 18Level: 20Level: 21Level: 21Level: 22
Relaxed Nature– BulldozeSassy NatureTimid NatureJolly Nature
– Rock Blast– Razor Leaf– IncinerateIVs: 0 Atk– Cross Poison
– Ice Fang– Bulk Up– Bulldoze– Stored Power– Night Slash
– Bulldoze– Bite– Ancient Power– Air Cutter– Bug Bite
– Curse– Will-O-Wisp– Charge Beam– Protect
Roselia @ Focus Sash– Calm Mind
Wooper @ Rindo BerryAbility: Poison PointDeerling @ Liechi BerrySkorupi @ Scope Lens
Ability: DrizzleLevel: 20Ability: ChlorophyllStaravia @ Lum BerryAbility: Sniper
Level: 19– Magical LeafLevel: 22Ability: IntimidateLevel: 23
Relaxed Nature– SludgeAdamant NatureLevel: 22Adamant Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Leech Seed– Horn LeechJolly Nature– Cross Poison
– Water Gun– Stun Spore– Double Kick– Pluck– Night Slash
– Mud Bomb– Leech Seed– Facade– Bug Bite
– YawnLeafeon @ Lum Berry– Protect– U-turn– Protect
– Helping HandAbility: Chlorophyll– Tailwind
Level: 21Ivysaur @ Occa BerryMienfoo @ Focus Sash
Anorith @ Lum Berry– Razor LeafAbility: ChlorophyllMurkrow @ Scope LensAbility: Inner Focus
Ability: Swift Swim– Body SlamLevel: 22Ability: Super LuckLevel: 22
Level: 20– Knock OffTimid NatureLevel: 22Adamant Nature
Adamant Nature– Rock SmashIVs: 0 AtkAdamant Nature– Fake Out
– Aerial Ace– Mega Drain– Night Slash– Drain Punch
– Rock TombShroomish @ Focus Sash– Sludge– Pluck– Acrobatics
– Bug BiteAbility: Technician– Weather Ball– Steel Wing– Detect
– ProtectLevel: 19– Synthesis– Swagger
– Mega DrainMienfoo @ Focus Sash
– Stun SporeGrowlithe @ Focus SashGligar @ Toxic OrbAbility: Inner Focus
– Leech SeedAbility: IntimidateAbility: Poison HealLevel: 23
– ProtectLevel: 21Level: 21Jolly Nature
Jolly NatureJolly Nature– Fake Out
– Flame Charge– Bulldoze– Drain Punch
– Reversal– Rock Tomb– Acrobatics
– Snarl– Wing Attack– Detect
– Thunder Fang
Virbank Complex
Grass GemTM 94 Rock SmashPoison GemPsychic GemWater GemTM 59 Incinerate
Kanto ErikaWorker MitchellYoungster MasahiroYoungster WaylonWorker NathanWorker Isaac
Gloom @ Salac BerryMachop @ Flame OrbDiglett @ Focus SashWoobat @ Scope LensGeodude @ Normal GemKirlia @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: StenchAbility: GutsAbility: Sand StreamAbility: Friend GuardAbility: SturdyAbility: Friend Guard
Level: 24Level: 24Level: 24Level: 24Level: 24Level: 24
– Giga DrainAdamant NatureAdamant NatureTimid NatureAdamant NatureModest Nature
– Venoshock– Facade– DigIVs: 0 Atk– Self-DestructIVs: 0 Atk
– Toxic Spikes– Karate Chop– Reversal– Air Cutter– Rock Slide– Psyshock
– Drain Punch– Smack Down– Rock Slide– Psyshock– Brick Break– Magical Leaf
– Protect– Bulldoze– Reflect– Shock Wave
Weepinbell @ Custap Berry– Light Screen– Calm Mind
Ability: GluttonyGolett @ Black BeltCacnea @ Lum BerryGastly @ Focus Sash
Level: 23Ability: Iron FistAbility: Iron BarbsSolosis @ Lum BerryAbility: LevitateMisdreavus @ Eject Button
– Razor LeafLevel: 23Level: 24Ability: RegeneratorLevel: 24Ability: Levitate
– SelfdestructAdamant NatureBrave NatureLevel: 23Timid NatureLevel: 24
– Venoshock– Focus Punch– Giga DrainModest NatureIVs: 0 AtkTimid Nature
– Stun Spore– Smack Down– Focus PunchIVs: 0 Atk– Ominous WindIVs: 0 Atk
– Magnitude– Leech Seed– Psybeam– Sludge– Hex
Tangela @ Eject Button– Thunder Punch– Double Team– Flash Cannon– Icy Wind-Snarl
Ability: Regenerator-Magical Leaf– Will-O-Wisp– Perish Song
Level: 24Nosepass @ Air BalloonStunfisk @ Leftovers– Confuse Ray– Will-O-Wisp
– Ancient PowerAbility: Solid RockAbility: Sand VeilCarvanha @ Dark Gem
– Grass KnotLevel: 25Level: 23Munna @ LeftoversAbility: Speed BoostItem: Black GlassesZorua @ Eject Button
– Leech SeedRelaxed NatureRelaxed NatureAbility: Magic BounceLevel: 23Ability: Illusion
– Knock Off– Self-DestructIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 24Adamant NatureLevel: 24
– Smack Down– Mud BombModest Nature– BiteTimid Nature
Cottonee @ Leftovers– Thunder Wave– Shock WaveIVs: 0 Atk– Super Fang– Night Slash
Ability: Prankster– Sandstorm– Electroweb– Stored Power– Ice Fang– U-turn
Level: 25– Thunder Wave– Charge Beam– Protect– Snarl
– Giga DrainDrilbur @ Berry Juice– Barrier– Incinerate
– Leech SeedAbility: Sand RushGible @ Sitrus Berry– Calm MindLuxio @ Berry Juice
– Stun SporeLevel: 22Ability: Sand VeilAbility: IntimidatePawniard @ Scope Lens
– EndeavorAdamant NatureLevel: 24Gothita @ EvioliteLevel: 24Ability: Defiant
– BulldozeAdamant NatureAbility: Shadow TagAdamant NatureLevel: 24
– Metal Claw– Dual ChopLevel: 23– Thunder FangAdamant Nature
– Brick Break– Smack DownModest Nature– Fire Fang– Payback
– Bulk Up– Bulldoze– Fake Out– Ice Fang– Brick Break
– Hone Claws– Helping Hand– Bite– Magnet Bomb
– Psybeam– Swords Dance
– Dark Pulse
Virbank City GymTM 09 VenoshockVirbank City(Route 20 Again)
Roughneck NickyGuitarist Billy JoLeader RoxieTeam Plasma GruntTeam Plasma Grunt
Golbat @ Focus SashCroagunk @ Black BeltTentacool @ Sitrus BerryScraggy @ Sitrus BerryShelgon @ Starf Berry
Ability: Shadow TagAbility: Dry SkinAbility: Clear BodyAbility: IntimidateAbility: Sheer Force
Level: 25Level: 26Level: 27Level: 28Level: 30
Jolly Nature– Poison JabCalm Nature– Fake OutAdamant Nature
– Acrobatics– Mach PunchIVs: 0 Atk– Drain Punch– Fire Fang
– Poison Fang– Fake Out– Scald– Thunder Punch– Dual Chop
– U-turn– Faint Attack– Venoshock– Dragon Dance– Crunch
– Quick Attack– Toxic Spikes– Dragon Dance
Whirlipede @ Black Sludge– Confuse RayGabite @ Rocky Helmet
Weezing @ Custap BerryAbility: Speed BoostAbility: Rough SkinLampent @ Passho Berry
Ability: LevitateLevel: 26Foongus @ EvioliteLevel: 29Ability: Shadow Tag
Level: 25Impish NatureAbility: Effect SporeAdamant NatureLevel: 31
– Self-Destruct– Bug BiteLevel: 27– BulldozeModest Nature
– Flame Burst– Poison Tail– Giga Drain– Rock TombIVs: 0 Atk
– Will-O-Wisp– Swords Dance– Venoshock– Rock Slide– Ominous Wind
– Sludge – Protect– Toxic Spikes– Facade– Flame Burst
– Swagger– Energy Ball
Arbok @ Eject ButtonHaunter @ EvioliteShedinja @ Scope Lens– Calm Mind
Ability: IntimidateAbility: LevitateMuk @ Black SludgeAbility: Wonder Guard
Level: 24Level: 25Ability: Poison TouchLevel: 30Fraxure @ Choice Scarf
Adamant NatureModest NatureLevel: 26Adamant NatureAbility: Mold Breaker
– Poison TailIVs: 0 AtkAdamant Nature– Night SlashLevel: 30
– Faint Attack– Ominous Wind– Fire Punch– Shadow ClawAdamant Nature
– Fire Fang– Sludge– Ice Punch– Shadow Sneak– Dual Chop
– Ice Fang– Shock Wave– Thunder Punch– Will-O-Wisp– Night Slash
– Shadow Sneak– Venoshock– Hone Claws
Qwilfish @ Salac BerryMisdreavus @ Focus Sash– Rock Slide
Ability: IntimidateSeviper @ Black SludgeRoselia @ Focus SashAbility: Levitate
Level: 25Ability: DefiantAbility: Poison PointLevel: 29Yamask @ Leftovers
Jolly NatureLevel: 25Level: 28Timid NatureAbility: Mummy
– Self-DestructAdamant NatureTimid NatureIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 33
– Poison Fang– Poison TailIVs: 0 Atk– Shadow BallRelaxed Nature
– Aqua Jet– Sucker Punch– Giga Drain– Power GemIVs: 0 Atk
– Swords Dance– Coil– Shadow Ball– Shock Wave– Hex
– Glare– Venoshock– Destiny Bond– Swagger
-Extrasensory– Destiny Bond
Sneasel @ Chople Berry– Will-O-Wisp
Skorupi @ Scope LensAbility: Prankster
Ability: Super LuckLevel: 31Krokorok @ Black Glasses
Level: 28Impish NatureAbility: Intimidate
Adamant Nature– Fake OutLevel: 31
– Cross Poison– Ice PunchJolly Nature
– Night Slash– Reflect– Drill Run
– Bug Bite– Swagger– Faint Attack
– Acupressure– Rock Slide
– Thunder Fang
Qwilfish @ Poison Barb
Ability: Intimidate
Level: 28
– Poison Fang
– Bounce
– Aqua Jet
– Destiny Bond
Royal Unova
Castelia SewersEvioliteBlack BeltMagnet
Multibattle with RivalKanto BlaineWorker ZackDoctor Heath
Grunt 1Grunt 2RivalRivalRivalNinetales @ Shuca BerryHitmontop @ Focus SashSwoobat @ Sitrus Berry
Vibrava @ Life OrbScrafty @ Sitrus BerryArbok @ Poison GemArbok @ Poison GemArbok @ Poison GemAbility: DroughtAbility: IntimidateAbility: Friend Guard
Ability: LevitateAbility: IntimidateAbility: IntimidateAbility: IntimidateAbility: IntimidateLevel: 34Level: 34Level: 34
Level: 32Level: 32Level: 33Level: 33Level: 33Timid NatureAdamant NatureModest Nature
Jolly NatureAdamant NatureAdamant NatureAdamant NatureAdamant NatureIVs: 0 Atk– Fake OutIVs: 0 Atk
– Bulldoze– Fake Out– Poison Jab– Poison Jab– Poison Jab– Flame Burst– Helping Hand– Psyshock
– Dragon Claw– Sucker Punch– Crunch– Crunch– Crunch– Extrasensory– Rock Slide– Air Slash
– Rock Slide– Brick Break– Dragon Tail– Dragon Tail– Dragon Tail– WIll-O-Wisp– Sucker Punch– Heat Wave
– U-turn– Dragon Dance– Coil– Coil– Coil– Calm Mind– Swagger
Machoke @ Flame Orb
Liepard @ Focus SashServine @ Scope LensPignite @ Sitrus BerryDewott @ Water GemIvysaur @ Life OrbAbility: GutsGolbat @ Scope Lens
Ability: PranksterSeadra @ Scope LensAbility: ContraryAbility: Thick FatAbility: Shell ArmorAbility: ChlorophyllLevel: 34Ability: Shadow Tag
Level: 32Ability: SniperLevel: 33Level: 33Level: 33Level: 33Jolly NatureLevel: 34
Jolly NatureLevel: 33Adamant NatureAdamant NatureTimid NatureModest Nature– Brick BreakJolly Nature
– Fake OutModest Nature– Leaf Blade– Fire Punch– ScaldIVs: 0 Atk– Thunder Punch– Cross Poison
– Faint AttackIVs: 0 Atk– Body Slam– Ice Punch– Ice Beam– Giga Drain– Ice Punch– Fly
– Sucker Punch– Scald– Reflect– Superpower– Icy Wind– Sludge– Knock Off– U-turn
– Thunder Wave– Dragon Pulse– Glare– Rock Slide– Night Slash– Weather Ball– Tailwind
– Aurora Beam– DigBoldore @ Custap Berry
Dusclops @ Eviolite– ProtectZweilous @ Choice BandZweilous @ Choice BandZweilous @ Choice BandAbility: SturdyDonphan @ Lum Berry
Ability: AnalyticAbility: HustleAbility: HustleAbility: HustleMagmar @ Shuca BerryLevel: 34Ability: Sturdy
Level: 33Cofagrigus @ LeftoversLevel: 32Level: 32Level: 32Ability: No GuardAdamant NatureLevel: 34
Quiet NatureAbility: MummyAdamant NatureAdamant NatureAdamant NatureLevel: 33– ExplosionAdamant Nature
IVs: 0 AtkLevel: 32– Dragon Claw– Dragon Claw– Dragon ClawModest Nature– Rock Slide– Bulldoze
– Shadow BallBold Nature– Crunch– Crunch– CrunchIVs: 0 Atk– Iron Head– Rock Slide
– PsyshockIVs: 0 Atk– Aqua Tail– Aqua Tail– Aqua Tail– Inferno– Ice Shard
– Ice Beam– Hex– Body Slam– Body Slam– Body Slam– Poison GasGraveler @ Eviolite– Endeavor
– Trick Room– Trick Room– ThunderboltAbility: Solid Rock
– Pain SplitLevel: 34Eelektrik @ Sitrus Berry
– Will-O-WispRelaxed NatureAbility: Levitate
Quilava @ Starf Berry– Rock SlideLevel: 34
Ability: Flash Fire– Gyro BallBold Nature
Level: 34– EarthquakeIVs: 0 Atk
Timid Nature– Curse– Thunderbolt
IVs: 0 Atk– Volt Switch
– Flame Burst– Swagger
– Body Slam– Thunder Wave
– Rock Tomb
– Aerial Ace
Castelia City Gym
Sharp BeakHard StoneSilver PowderTM 76 Struggle Bug
Harlequin ClarenceHarlequin Jack Harlequin GaryJohto BugsyLeader Burgh
Shuckle @ LeftoversPelipper @ Scope LensGalvantula @ Charti BerryForretress @ Normal GemScolipede @ Black Sludge
Ability: ContraryAbility: DrizzleAbility: Compound EyesAbility: SturdyAbility: Speed Boost
Level: 35Level: 35Level: 36Level: 36Level: 38
Relaxed NatureTimid NatureTimid NatureAdamant Nature– X-Scissor
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Explosion– Rock Tomb
– Helping Hand– Scald– Thunderbolt– Foul Play– Toxic Spikes
– Toxic– Air Cutter– Energy Ball– Poison Jab
– Struggle Bug– Icy Wind– Bug BuzzHeracross @ Flame Orb
– Mud-Slap– Tailwind– Thunder WaveAbility: GutsGalvantula @ Focus Sash
Level: 36Ability: Compound Eyes
Poliwhirl @ EvioliteEscavalier @ Occa BerryQuagsire @ Rindo BerryJolly NatureLevel: 37
Ability: DrizzleAbility: No GuardAbility: Drizzle– FacadeTimid Nature
Level: 34Level: 35Level: 35– Brick BreakIVs: 0 Atk
Jolly NatureAdamant NatureRelaxed Nature– Shadow Claw– Thunder Wave
– Waterfall– Iron Head– Bulldoze– Rock Slide– Electroweb
– Brick Break– Megahorn– Scald– Volt Switch
– Ice Punch– Superpower– Ice BeamRotom-Mow @ Sitrus Berry– Bug Buzz
– Hypnosis– Knock Off– RecoverAbility: Levitate
Level: 36Volcarona @ Focus Sash
Scyther @ EviolitePinsir @ Choice ScarfCrustle @ White HerbTimid NatureAbility: Flame Body
Ability: TechnicianAbility: MoxieAbility: SturdyIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 37
Level: 35Level: 35Level: 36– Energy BallModest Nature
Adamant NatureAdamant NatureAdamant Nature– DischargeIVs: 0 Atk
– Aerial Ace– Bug Bite– Rock Slide– Will-O-Wisp– Fiery Dance
– Bug Bite– Submission– X-Scissor– Confuse Ray– Bug Buzz
– Quick Attack– Rock Slide– Knock Off– Rage Powder
– Swords Dance– Night Slash– Shell SmashPinsir @ Salac Berry– Quiver Dance
Ability: Moxie
Durant @ Life OrbAccelgor @ Starf BerryScyther @ Life OrbLevel: 35Armaldo @ Charti Berry
Ability: HustleAbility: UnburdenAbility: TechnicianJolly NatureAbility: Battle Armor
Level: 36Level: 35Level: 35– Body SlamLevel: 37
Jolly NatureModest Nature– Bug Bite– EarthquakeJolly Nature
– Iron HeadIVs: 0 Atk– Aerial Ace– Knock Off– Rock Slide
– X-Scissor– Bug Buzz– U-Turn– X-Scissor– Brick Break
– Rock Slide– Energy Ball– Swords Dance– X-Scissor
– Superpower– Sludge Bomb– Swords Dance
– Yawn
Heracross @ Coba Berry
Ability: Moxie
Level: 36
Jolly Nature
– Submission
– Drill Run
– X-Scissor
– Rock Slide
Scizor @ Life Orb
Ability: Technician
Level: 37
Adamant Nature
– Bullet Punch
– Bug Bite
– Brick Break
– Swords Dance
Route 4
Ghost GemRocky HelmetLife OrbDragon FangSoft SandSpell TagLeftoversFlame OrbWhite HerbTM 17 Protect
Sinnoh FantinaFisherman AndrewPoliceman BravenPoliceman DellPoliceman NeagleRoughneck SilvesterRoughneck JoeyHoenn BrawlyBiker StanleyHooligans Rob & SalColress
Drifblim @ Petaya BerryPelipper @ Charti BerryLuxray @ Shuca BerrySmeargle @ Focus SashSerperior @ Coba BerryDusclops @ EvioliteRapidash @ Focus SashMedicham @ Life OrbGothitelle @ Sitrus BerryRegigigas @ Lum BerryFroslass @ Focus Sash
Ability: UnburdenAbility: DrizzleAbility: IntimidateAbility: MoodyAbility: ContraryAbility: AnalyticAbility: DroughtAbility: Huge PowerAbility: Shadow TagAbility: DefeatistAbility: Snow Warning
Level: 39Level: 38Level: 42Level: 43Level: 42Level: 43Level: 44Level: 44Level: 44Level: 45Level: 42
– Shadow BallTimid NatureAdamant NatureJolly NatureModest NatureAdamant NatureAdamant Nature– Low KickSassy NatureAdamant NatureTimid Nature
– ThunderboltIVs: 0 Atk– Wild ChargeIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Shadow Punch– Flare Blitz– Zen Headbutt– Fake Out– Crush GripIVs: 0 Atk
– Acrobatics– Air Slash– Fire Fang– Hypnosis– Leaf Storm– Confuse Ray– Wild Charge– Rock Slide– Psychic– Drain Punch– Ice Beam
– Selfdestruct– Scald– Ice Fang– Helping Hand– Dragon Pulse– Will-O-Wisp– Drill Run– Thunder Punch– Foul Play– Ice Punch– Shadow Ball
– Tailwind– Volt Switch– Tailwind– Leech Seed– Trick Room– Agility– Trick Room– Rock Slide– Thunderbolt
Gengar @ Spell Tag– Protect– Detect– GlareMachamp @ Focus Sash– Destiny Bond
Ability: LevitateHoundoom @ Focus SashWeezing @ Normal GemCharizard @ Charti BerryAbility: No GuardGigalith @ Lum BerryThundurus @ Charti Berry
Level: 40Ludicolo @ Miracle SeedAbility: IntimidateSlaking @ LeftoversEmboar @ Life OrbAbility: LevitateAbility: Solar PowerLevel: 43Ability: SturdyAbility: PranksterMetagross @ Lum Berry
– Shadow BallAbility: Swift SwimLevel: 42Ability: Slow StartAbility: Thick FatLevel: 42Level: 44– Dynamic PunchLevel: 44Level: 45Ability: Clear Body
– Sludge BombLevel: 39IVs: 0 AtkLevel: 42Level: 41Adamant NatureTimid Nature– Fire BlastRelaxed NatureTimid NatureLevel: 43
– PsychicModest Nature– Flame BurstJolly NatureAdamant Nature– Sludge BombIVs: 0 Atk– Rock Slide– EarthquakeIVs: 0 AtkImpish Nature
– Destiny Bond– Giga Drain– Dark Pulse– Body Slam– Fire Punch– Explosion– Flame Burst– Bulk Up– Rock Slide-Thunderbolt– Meteor Mash
– Scald– Nasty Plot– Shadow Claw– Brick Break– Wild Charge– Solar Beam– Gyro Ball– Air Slash– Bullet Punch
Mismagius @ Sitrus Berry– Fake Out– Counter– Ice Punch– Ice Punch– Will-O-Wisp– Air SlashHariyama @ Sitrus Berry– Curse– Thunder Wave– Explosion
Ability: Levitate– Icy Wind– Bulk Up– Bulk Up– ProtectAbility: Thick Fat– Swagger– Rock Slide
Level: 40Piloswine @ Starf BerryEscavalier @ Occa BerryLevel: 44Snorlax @ Custap Berry
– Shadow BallEmpoleon @ Mystic WaterAbility: IntimidateDruddigon @ Rocky HelmetMeganium @ Light ClayAbility: No GuardVenusaur @ Coba Berry– Belly DrumAbility: GluttonyAmoonguss @ Rocky HelmetZoroark @ Focus Sash
– Energy BallAbility: DefiantLevel: 43Ability: Rough SkinAbility: PranksterLevel: 43Ability: Chlorophyll– Mach PunchLevel: 44Ability: Effect SporeAbility: Illusion
– Confuse RayLevel: 40Adamant NatureLevel: 42Level: 43Adamant NatureLevel: 44– Brick BreakBrave NatureLevel: 45Level: 42
– ExtrasensoryAdamant Nature– Icicle CrashAdamant NatureIVs: 0 Atk– MegahornIVs: 0 Atk– Ice Punch– Body SlamRelaxed NatureJolly Nature
– Razor Shell– Drill Run– Dual Chop– Reflect– Iron Defense– Energy Ball– Belly DrumIVs: 0 Atk– Night Slash
Dusclops @ Eviolite– Iron Head– Rock Slide– Fire Punch– Light Screen– Iron Head– Weather BallHitmontop @ Focus Sash– Brick Break– Giga Drain– Sucker Punch
Ability: Analytic– Brick Break– Ice Shard– Rock Slide– Synthesis– Swords Dance– Sludge BombAbility: Intimidate– Shadow Claw– Spore– Fire Punch
Level: 41– Knock Off– Bulk Up– Giga Drain– Sleep PowderLevel: 44– Rage Powder– U-turn
– Shadow ClawKrookodile @ Scope LensReuniclus @ Leftovers– Close CombatRhydon @ Eviolite– Helping Hand
– Fire PunchRelicanth @ Rindo BerryAbility: IntimidateFeraligatr @ Mystic WaterEelektross @ Sitrus BerryAbility: RegeneratorGastrodon @ Rindo Berry– Bullet PunchAbility: Solid RockEelektross @ Sitrus Berry
– Ice PunchAbility: Swift SwimLevel: 42Ability: Sheer ForceAbility: LevitateLevel: 42Ability: Storm Drain– Fake OutLevel: 44Metagross @ Life OrbAbility: Levitate
– Shadow SneakLevel: 40Jolly NatureLevel: 42Level: 42Modest NatureLevel: 43– Rock SlideBrave NatureAbility: Clear BodyLevel: 44
Impish Nature– Night SlashAdamant NatureModest NatureIVs: 0 AtkModest Nature– Drill RunLevel: 44Relaxed Nature
– Stone Edge– Drill Run– WaterfallIVs: 0 Atk– PsychicIVs: 0 Atk– Hammer ArmAdamant Nature– Volt Switch
– Waterfall– Dragon Claw– Crunch– Thunderbolt– Aura Sphere– Icy Wind– Ice Punch– Meteor Mash– Aqua Tail
– Ice Fang– Thunder Fang– Superpower– Volt Switch– Thunder Wave– Earth Power– Curse– Earthquake– Swagger
– Iron Defense– Aqua Jet– Flamethrower– Calm Mind– Yawn– Rock Slide– Thunder Wave
– Giga Drain– Recover– Explosion
Magneton @ Eviolite
Charizard @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Levitate
Ability: Solar PowerLevel: 44
Level: 45Modest Nature
Modest NatureIVs: 0 Atk
IVs: 0 Atk– Volt Switch
– Flamethrower– Flash Cannon
– Air Slash– Psyshock
– Focus Blast– Thunder Wave
– Sunny Day
Toxicroak @ Focus Sash
Ability: Poison Touch
Level: 43
Jolly Nature
– Night Slash
– Sucker Punch
– Fire Punch
Desert Resort– U-turn
Eject ButtonWide LensZoom LensFocus BandExpert BeltTM 89 U-TurnElectric GemFighting GemElectric Gem
Nurse MariahPokemon Ranger JadenBackpacker SamBackpacker TamiBackpacker WaltPsychic FuturePsychic TommyPokemon Ranger AnjaBackpacker Clara
Chansey @ EvioliteWhimsicott @ Focus SashHippowdon @ Sitrus BerryInfernape @ Sitrus BerryTentacruel @ LeftoversJirachi @ LeftoversAzumarill @ Sitrus BerryReuniclus @ Sitrus BerryBeartic @ Lum Berry
Ability: RegeneratorAbility: PranksterAbility: Sand StreamAbility: Iron FistAbility: Storm DrainAbility: Serene GraceAbility: Huge PowerAbility: RegeneratorAbility: Swift Swim
Level: 43Level: 44Level: 44Level: 44Level: 44Level: 45Level: 44Level: 44Level: 44
Calm NatureTimid NatureImpish NatureAdamant NatureCalm NatureJolly NatureAdamant NatureQuiet NatureJolly Nature
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Ice Fang– Flare BlitzIVs: 0 Atk– Iron Head– WaterfallIVs: 0 Atk– Icicle Crash
– Follow Me– Giga Drain– Fire Fang– Drain Punch– Scald– Zen Headbutt– Aqua Jet– Psychic– Brick Break
– Toxic– Tailwind– Slack Off– Acrobatics– Sludge Wave– Wish– Belly Drum– Thunder– Rock Slide
– Light Screen– Helping Hand– Yawn– Counter– Ice Beam– Thunder Wave– Ice Punch– Pain Split– Aqua Jet
– Reflect– Endeavor– Toxic Spikes– Trick Room
Excadrill @ Focus SashClefable @ Eject ButtonLiepard @ Sitrus BerryPachirisu @ Focus SashQuagsire @ Rindo Berry
Alakazam @ TwistedSpoonStaraptor @ Life OrbAbility: Sand RushAbility: RegeneratorSkarmory @ Occa BerryAbility: LimberAbility: Volt AbsorbRampardos @ Choice BandAbility: Drizzle
Ability: Magic BounceAbility: IntimidateLevel: 43Level: 44Ability: Lightning RodLevel: 45Level: 47Ability: Mold BreakerLevel: 44
Level: 43Level: 43Adamant NatureModest NatureLevel: 44Impish NatureBold NatureLevel: 43Bold Nature
Timid NatureAdamant Nature– EarthquakeIVs: 0 AtkImpish Nature– Fake OutIVs: 0 AtkBrave NatureIVs: 0 Atk
IVs: 0 Atk– Brave Bird– Iron Head– Follow Me– Drill Peck– Thunder Wave– Follow Me– Head Smash– Scald
– Psychic– Brick Break– Rock Slide– Hyper Voice– Stealth Rock– Foul Play– Sweet Kiss– Earthquake– Earth Power
– Focus Blast– U-turn– Hone Claws– Icy Wind– Toxic– U-turn– Thunder Wave– Iron Head– Recover
– Shadow Ball– Protect– Aura Sphere– Roost– Super Fang– Thunder Punch– Blizzard
– Calm MindRotom-Wash @ Sitrus BerrySableye @ Sitrus Berry
Drapion @ Scope LensAbility: LevitateGastrodon @ LeftoversProbopass @ Chople BerryAbility: PranksterLuxray @ Air BalloonConkeldurr @ Flame OrbMagnezone @ Chople Berry
HitmonchanAbility: SniperLevel: 44Ability: Storm DrainAbility: LevitateLevel: 45Ability: IntimidateAbility: GutsAbility: Levitate
Ability: Iron FistLevel: 44Timid NatureLevel: 44Level: 45Impish NatureLevel: 44Level: 44Level: 44
Level: 44Adamant NatureIVs: 0 AtkModest NatureQuiet Nature– Fake OutAdamant NatureBrave NatureModest Nature
Adamant Nature– Night Slash– ScaldIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Foul Play– Wild Charge– Drain PunchIVs: 0 Atk
– Fake Out– Cross Poison– Thunderbolt– Scald– Pain Split– Recover– Crunch– Mach Punch– Thunder
– Drain Punch– Aqua Tail– Discharge– Earth Power– Power Gem– Thunder Wave– Super Fang– Ice Punch– Discharge
– Ice Punch– Bulk Up– Nasty Plot– Ice Beam– Flash Cannon– Ice Fang– Knock Off– Flash Cannon
– Mach Punch– Recover– ToxicMismagius @ Spell Tag– Thunder Wave
Gallade @ Scope LensArcheops @ Flying GemAbility: LevitateJellicent @ LeftoversAmoonguss @ Sitrus Berry
Porygon2 @ EvioliteAbility: DefiantAbility: DefeatistUnfezant @ Scope LensFerrothorn @ LeftoversLevel: 45Ability: Water AbsorbAbility: Effect SporeElectivire @ Scope Lens
Ability: DownloadLevel: 43Level: 43Ability: Super LuckAbility: Iron BarbsModest NatureLevel: 44Level: 44Ability: Motor Drive
Level: 43Adamant NatureJolly NatureLevel: 45Level: 44IVs: 0 AtkModest NatureQuiet NatureLevel: 44
Modest Nature– Psycho Cut– AcrobaticsAdamant NatureRelaxed Nature– HexIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkAdamant Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Cross Chop– Dragon Claw– Night Slash– Gyro Ball– Shadow Ball– Water Spout– Spore– Wild Charge
– Tri Attack– Thunder Punch– Rock Slide– Double-Edge– Power Whip– Focus Blast– Shadow Ball– Energy Ball– Aqua Tail
– Electroweb– Swords Dance– Protect– U-turn– Leech Seed– Power Gem– Recover– Sludge Bomb– Cross Chop
– Ice Beam– Protect– Protect– Trick Room– Foul Play– Protect
– Recover
Relic Castle
Focus SashPsychic GemGround Gem
Psychic PerryPsychic DuaPsychic Low
Wobbuffet @ Lum BerryAlakazam @ Focus SashTyranitar @ Focus Sash
Ability: Shadow TagAbility: Magic BounceAbility: Sand Stream
Level: 46Level: 46Level: 46
Impish NatureModest NatureJolly Nature
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Rock Slide
– Counter– Psyshock– Earthquake
– Mirror Coat– Ice Beam– Zen Headbutt
– Destiny Bond– Thunderbolt– Dragon Dance
– Encore– Flamethrower
Togekiss @ Sitrus Berry
Wobbuffet @ Lum BerrySableye @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Serene Grace
Ability: Shadow TagAbility: PranksterLevel: 46
Level: 46Level: 46Timid Nature
Impish NatureImpish NatureIVs: 0 Atk
IVs: 0 Atk– Fake Out– Follow Me
– Counter– Foul Play– Air Slash
– Mirror Coat– Will-O-Wisp– Thunder Wave
– Destiny Bond– Pain Split– Tailwind
– Encore
Gallade @ Flying GemZoroark @ Life Orb
Wobbuffet @ Lum BerryAbility: DefiantAbility: Illusion
Ability: Shadow TagLevel: 46Level: 46
Level: 46Adamant NatureAdamant Nature
Impish Nature– Psycho Cut– Fire Punch
IVs: 0 Atk– Drain Punch– Foul Play
– Counter– Acrobatics– Ice Punch
– Mirror Coat– Detect– Knock Off
– Destiny Bond
– EncoreGolurk @ Sitrus BerryConkeldurr @ Life Orb
Ability: No GuardAbility: Iron Fist
Wobbuffet @ Lum BerryLevel: 46Level: 46
Ability: Shadow TagAdamant NatureAdamant Nature
Level: 46– Rock Slide– Drain Punch
Impish Nature– Dynamic Punch– Mach Punch
IVs: 0 Atk– Sucker Punch– Ice Punch
– Counter– Rock Polish– Fire Punch
– Mirror Coat
– Destiny Bond
– Encore
Nimbasa City GymTM 72 Volt SwitchNimbasa City(BACK TO BACK FIGHTS)
Sinnoh VolknerHoenn WatsonKanto SurgeLeader ElesaIngo & Emmet w/ Rosa or NatePlasma GruntPlasma GruntRich Boy RolanLady Colette
Luxray @ Shuca BerryEelektross @ Flying GemRotom-Heat @ LeftoversThundurus @ LeftoversLeftoversIngo EmmetRosa / NateLampent @ EvioliteCacturne @ Focus SashGolem @ Normal GemAggron @ Normal Gem
Ability: IntimidateAbility: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: PranksterRotom-Wash @ Lum BerryRotom-Mow @ Sitrus BerryGardevoir @ Life OrbAbility: Flash FireAbility: Iron BarbsAbility: SturdyAbility: Sturdy
Level: 47Level: 47Level: 46Level: 49Ability: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: TraceLevel: 50Level: 49Level: 45Level: 45
Jolly NatureBrave NatureIVs: 0 AtkTimid NatureLevel: 47Level: 47Level: 46IVs: 0 Atk– Leaf Blade– Explosion– Explosion
– Wild Charge– Wild Charge– Discharge– ThunderboltIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Fire Blast– Crunch
– Ice Fang– Aqua Tail– Flamethrower– Grass Knot– Thunderbolt– Leaf Storm– Psychic– Shadow Ball– Counter
– Superpower– Acrobatics– Volt Switch– Swagger– Hydro Pump– Thunderbolt– Hyper Voice– Energy Ball– Thunder Punch
– Quick Attack– Volt Switch– Pain Split– Thunder Wave– Dark Pulse– Light Screen– Energy Ball– Will-O-Wisp
– Will-O-Wisp– Shadow Ball– PsyshockMandibuzz @ Leftovers
Misdreavus @ Focus SashManectric @ Shuca BerryElectabuzz @ EvioliteRotom-Wash @ Sitrus BerryMurkrow @ EvioliteAbility: Filter
Ability: PranksterAbility: StaticAbility: Motor DriveAbility: LevitateRotom-Heat @ Lum BerryRotom-Frost @ Sitrus BerryGallade @ Life OrbAbility: PranksterLevel: 50
Level: 46Level: 47Level: 47Level: 48Ability: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: JustifiedLevel: 49IVs: 0 Atk
Calm Nature– ThunderboltBold NatureModest NatureLevel: 47Level: 47Level: 46IVs: 0 Atk– Foul Play
IVs: 0 Atk– FlamethrowerIVs: 0 Atk– Hydro PumpIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Close Combat– Foul Play– Toxic
– Shadow Ball– Agility– Fire Blast– Thunderbolt– Overheat– Blizzard– Stone Edge– Swagger– Roost
– Pain Split– Thunder Wave– Electroweb– Volt Switch– Discharge– Thunder– Leaf Blade– Tailwind– Snarl
– Thunder Wave– Confuse Ray– Electroweb– Nasty Plot– Reflect– Fire Punch– Snarl
– Confuse RayMagnezone @ Life Orb– Thunder Wave– Signal Beam– Shadow BallSkuntank @ Life Orb
Ability: LevitateEelektross @ Flying GemSneasel @ EvioliteAbility: Aftermath
Luxray @ Air BalloonLevel: 47Gastrodon @ Rindo BerryAbility: LevitateAbility: PranksterLevel: 49
Ability: IntimidateModest NatureAbility: Storm DrainLevel: 48Level: 50– Fire Blast
Level: 47IVs: 0 AtkLevel: 46Brave Nature– Foul Play– Gunk Shot
Adamant Nature– Zap CannonCalm Nature– Thunderbolt– Fake Out– Dark Pulse
– Wild Charge– Flash CannonIVs: 0 Atk– Flamethrower– Snarl– Explosion
– Fire Fang– Electroweb– Scald– Aqua Tail– Substitute
– Volt Switch– Psychic– Earth Power– Acrobatics
– Protect– Icy WindZweilous @ Eviolite
Arcanine @ Air Balloon– RecoverZebstrika @ Life OrbAbility: Hustle
Electivire @ Air BalloonAbility: IntimidateAbility: Motor DriveLevel: 49
Ability: Motor DriveLevel: 47Raichu @ Focus SashLevel: 48– Dragon Rush
Level: 46Adamant NatureAbility: Static– Wild Charge– Crunch
– Thunderbolt– Flare BlitzLevel: 46– Flame Charge– Head Smash
– Fire Punch– Brick BreakJolly Nature– Bounce– Superpower
– Thunder Wave– Ice Fang– Fake Out– Me First
– Aqua Tail– Extreme Speed– Helping Hand
– Volt Switch
Rotom-Fan @ Choice ScarfGalvantula @ Focus Sash– EndeavorMagnezone @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: LevitateAbility: Compound EyesAbility: Levitate
Level: 47Level: 47Raikou @ Expert BeltLevel: 48
Modest NatureModest NatureAbility: Motor DriveModest Nature
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 44IVs: 0 Atk
– Discharge– ThunderTimid Nature– Discharge
– Air Slash– Bug BuzzIVs: 0 Atk– Flash Cannon
– Volt Switch– Thunder Wave– Discharge– Volt Switch
– Grass Knot– Volt Switch– Scald– Metal Burst
– Aura Sphere
– Volt SwitchElectivire @ Choice Band
Ability: Motor Drive
Level: 47
Jolly Nature
– Earthquake
– Wild Charge
– Ice Punch
– Fire Punch
Route 16
Grass GemSteel GemPsychic GemTM 92 Trick RoomDark Gem
Depot Agent HankCyclist HectorKanto SabrinaBackers Stu & ArtCyclist Krissa
Samurott @ Sitrus BerryJellicent @ LeftoversAlakazam @ Focus SashAmoonguss @ Coba BerryBronzong @ Leftovers
Ability: Shell ArmorAbility: Water AbsorbAbility: Magic BounceAbility: RegeneratorAbility: Levitate
Level: 50Level: 50Level: 51Level: 51Level: 51
Modest NatureModest Nature– PsychicQuiet NatureAdamant Nature
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Shadow BallIVs: 0 Atk– Zen Headbutt
– Ice Beam– Water Spout– Energy Ball– Spore– Hypnosis
– Air Slash– Shadow Ball– Focus Blast– Energy Ball– Confuse Ray
– Scald– Recover– Sludge Bomb– Trick Room
– Calm Mind– Trick RoomSlowking @ Leftovers– Rage Powder
Ability: Shell ArmorChandelure @ Focus Sash
Swampert @ Mystic WaterElectivire @ Air BalloonLevel: 51Slowbro @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Flash Fire
Ability: TorrentAbility: Motor Drive– PsychicAbility: Shell ArmorLevel: 51
Level: 50Level: 50– Ice BeamLevel: 51Quiet Nature
Adamant NatureImpish Nature– ScaldQuiet NatureIVs: 0 Atk
– EarthquakeIVs: 0 Atk– Slack OffIVs: 0 Atk– Heat Wave
– Waterfall– Follow Me– Psychic– Hex
– Counter– Light ScreenGardevoir @ Life Orb– Ice Beam– Will-O-Wisp
– Bulk Up– Helping HandAbility: Trace– Scald– Protect
– FlamethrowerLevel: 51– Trick Room
Blastoise @ Rocky Helmet– PsychicReuniclus @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Shell ArmorAggron @ Hard Stone– Shadow BallRhyperior @ Rindo BerryAbility: Magic Guard
Level: 50Ability: Rock Head– Calm MindAbility: Solid RockLevel: 51
Relaxed NatureLevel: 50– Destiny BondLevel: 51Quiet Nature
– Fake OutBrave NatureBrave NatureIVs: 0 Atk
– Helping Hand– Head SmashBronzong @ Steel Gem– Rock Wrecker– Psyshock
– Icy Wind– Iron TailAbility: Heatproof– Earthquake– Fire Blast
– Water Spout– Drill RunLevel: 51– Brick Break– Recover
– Ice Punch– Flash Cannon– Curse– Trick Room
Empoleon @ Metal Coat– Psyshock
Ability: TorrentArmaldo @ Lum Berry– Trick RoomSnorlax @ Starf BerryGolem @ Life Orb
Level: 50Ability: Battle Armor– Confuse RayAbility: GluttonyAbility: Sturdy
Modest NatureLevel: 50Level: 51Level: 52
– SurfBrave NatureRelaxed NatureBrave Nature
– Ice Beam– Rock Slide– Body Slam– Explosion
– Flash Cannon– X-Scissor– Shadow Claw– Smack Down
– Aqua Jet– Knock Off– Belly Drum– Earthquake
– Curse– Slack Off– Fire Punch
Fire Gem
Lostlorn ForestDragon GemRock Gem
Pokemon Breeder GalenPokemon Ranger SerenityPokemon Ranger Forrest
Gliscor @ Toxic OrbNinetales @ LeftoversRegirock @ Life Orb
Ability: Poison HealAbility: DroughtAbility: Clear Body
Level: 51Level: 50Level: 51
– EarthquakeTimid NatureBrave Nature
– TailwindIVs: 0 Atk– Rock Slide
– Swords Dance– Flamethrower– Drain Punch
– Protect– Solar Beam– Thunder Punch
– Nasty Plot– Curse
Mismagius @ Spell Tag– Extrasensory
Ability: LevitateGothitelle @ Sitrus Berry
Level: 52Sawsbuck @ Miracle SeedAbility: Shadow Tag
Timid NatureAbility: ChlorophyllLevel: 53
IVs: 0 AtkLevel: 52Sassy Nature
– HexAdamant Nature– Fake Out
– Foul Play– Horn Leech– Psychic
– Thunder Wave– Double-Edge– Helping Hand
– Confuse Ray– Bulk Up– Trick Room
– Jump Kick
Medicham @ Focus SashConkeldurr @ Flame Orb
Ability: Pure PowerVenusaur @ Petaya BerryAbility: Guts
Level: 51Ability: ChlorophyllLevel: 53
Jolly NatureLevel: 52Brave Nature
– High Jump KickModest Nature– Drain Punch
– Zen HeadbuttIVs: 0 Atk– Ice Punch
– Thunder Punch– Giga Drain– Mach Punch
– Bulk Up– Sludge Bomb– Protect
– Weather Ball
Volcarona @ Charti Berry– Earth PowerVanilluxe @ Focus Sash
Ability: Flame BodyAbility: Snow Warning
Level: 52Level: 53
Modest NatureModest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Blizzard
– Heat Wave– Aura Sphere
– Bug Buzz– Ice Shard
– Quiver Dance– Mirror Coat
– Protect
Ice GemFighting GemFighting GemFlying GemScope LensDragon Gem
Baker JennArtist HortonPokemon Ranger LoisDancer BrianBackers Ava & AyaMusician PrestonMotorcyclist Charles
Just a level 1 boiBisharp @ Chople BerryKingler @ Scope LensJust a level 1 boiAbsol @ Scope LensDusknoir @ Ghost GemCamerupt @ Shuca Berry
Ability: DefiantAbility: Hyper CutterAbility: Super LuckAbility: AnalyticAbility: Drought
Level: 54Level: 54Level: 54Level: 55Level: 52
Adamant Nature– CrabhammerJolly NatureBrave NatureBold Nature
– Sucker Punch– Night Slash– Shadow ClawIVs: 0 Atk
– Iron HeadPelipper @ Charti Berry– Psycho Cut– Fire Punch– Eruption
– Metal BurstAbility: Drizzle– Sucker Punch– Sucker Punch– Earth Power
– Low KickLevel: 55– Swords Dance– Will-O-Wisp– Power Gem
IVs: 0 Atk– Calm Mind
Braviary @ Salac Berry– ScaldUnfezant @ Scope LensMilotic @ Leftovers
Ability: Defiant– Air SlashAbility: Super LuckAbility: Marvel ScaleCharizard @ Charti Berry
Level: 54– TailwindLevel: 54Level: 54Ability: Blaze
Adamant Nature– Icy WindAdamant NatureModest NatureLevel: 53
– Brave Bird– FlyIVs: 0 AtkTimid Nature
– Rock SlideElectivire @ Air Balloon– Facade– ScaldIVs: 0 Atk
– SuperpowerAbility: Motor Drive– Tailwind– Dragon Pulse– Flamethrower
– U-turnLevel: 55– Roost– Recover– Air Slash
Adamant Nature– Icy Wind– Solar Beam
Blaziken @ Passho Berry– Follow MeHonchkrow @ Scope Lens– Ancient Power
Ability: Speed Boost– Wild ChargeAbility: Super LuckPoliwrath @ Choice Scarf
Level: 54– Cross ChopLevel: 55Ability: MoxieLilligant @ Light Clay
– Flare Blitz– Ice PunchAdamant NatureLevel: 55Ability: Chlorophyll
– Thunder Punch– Night SlashAdamant NatureLevel: 52
– Swords DanceGolduck @ Mystic Water– Brave Bird– Brick BreakBold Nature
– DetectAbility: Swift Swim– U-turn– WaterfallIVs: 0 Atk
Level: 54– Heat Wave– Ice Punch– Solar Beam
Sharpedo @ Life OrbTimid Nature– Rock Slide– Light Screen
Ability: Speed BoostIVs: 0 AtkDrapion @ Scope Lens– Reflect
Level: 54– Hydro PumpAbility: SniperCloyster @ Focus Sash– Giga Drain
Adamant Nature– PsychicLevel: 55Ability: Skill Link
– Waterfall– Focus BlastAdamant NatureLevel: 55Typhlosion @ Lum Berry
– Crunch– Calm Mind– Night SlashAdamant NatureAbility: Flash Fire
– Ice Fang– Cross Poison– Icicle SpearLevel: 53
– Protect– Cross Chop– Rock BlastBold Nature
– Focus Energy– Ice ShardIVs: 0 Atk
– Shell Smash– Flame Burst
– Extrasensory
– Thunderbolt
– Protect
Driftveil City Gym
Driftveil CityRock GemSteel GemRock GemRock GemGround GemGround GemSteel GemTM 78 BulldozePWT
RoodKanto BrockJohto JasmineHoenn RoxanneSinnoh RoarkWorker PasqualTeam Rocket GiovanniSinnoh ByronLeader ClayJunk Fights capped at lvl 25 by the game… ez clap
Hydreigon @ Yache BerryGolem @ Rindo BerryGliscor @ Yache BerryProbopass @ Chople BerryBastiodon @ Shuca BerryKrookodile @ Chople BerryNidoking @ Shuca BerryExcadrill @ Rocky HelmetTyranitar @ Air Balloon
Ability: LevitateAbility: SturdyAbility: Hyper CutterAbility: LevitateAbility: SturdyAbility: IntimidateAbility: Sheer ForceAbility: Sand RushAbility: Sand Stream
Level: 55Level: 56Level: 57Level:56Level: 55Level: 57Level: 56Level: 56Level: 57
Bold NatureAdamant NatureCareful Nature– Rock Slide– Stealth RockAdamant NatureAdamant NatureImpish NatureJolly Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Explosion– Tailwind– Zap Cannon– Earthquake– Earthquake– Rock Slide– Iron Head– Rock Slide
– Dragon Pulse– Rock Slide– Earthquake– Earthquake– Rock Slide– Fire Fang– Poison Jab– Drill Run– Crunch
– Dark Pulse– Earthquake– Swords Dance– Fire Punch– Iron Head– Thunder Fang– Sucker Punch– Iron Defense– Superpower
– Flamethrower– Counter– Brave Bird– Bulk Up– Ice Punch– Stealth Rock– Bulldoze
– ProtectGolurk @ Choice Band
Gastrodon @ LeftoversSteelix @ Steel GemTyranitar @ Air BalloonAbility: No GuardGligar @ EvioliteGastrodon @ Rindo BerryBronzong @ LeftoversExcadrill @ Focus Sash
Walrein @ Chople BerryAbility: Storm DrainAbility: SturdyAbility: Sand StreamLevel: 57Ability: Hyper CutterAbility: Storm DrainAbility: LevitateAbility: Sand Rush
Ability: Thick FatLevel: 56Level: 57Level: 56Impish NatureLevel: 59Level: 57Level: 57Level: 59
Level: 54Modest Nature– Iron HeadJolly Nature– Dynamic PunchImpish NatureCalm Nature– Flash CannonAdamant Nature
Bold NatureIVs: 0 Atk– Earthquake– Drill Run– Stone EdgeIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Psychic– Drill Run
– Blizzard– Muddy Water– Rock Polish– Crunch– Rock Tomb– Guillotine– Scald– Trick Room– Iron Head
– Surf– Icy Wind– Rock Slide– Dragon Dance– Thunder Punch– Tailwind– Swagger– Confuse Ray– Brick Break
– Earthquake– Earth Power– Protect– Toxic– Yawn– Dragon Dance– Stealth Rock
– Slack Off– ProtectHippowdon @ LeftoversRampardos @ Hard Stone– Roost– Recover
Ability: Sand StreamGolem @ Hard StoneAbility: Mold BreakerAggron @ Metal CoatGarchomp @ Yache Berry
Froslass @ Choice ScarfRhyperior @ Lum BerryLevel: 57Ability: SturdyLevel: 57Mamoswine @ Chople BerryKrookodile @ Salac BerryAbility: SturdyAbility: Rough Skin
Ability: Snow WarningAbility: Solid RockImpish NatureLevel: 54Jolly NatureAbility: IntimidateAbility: MoxieLevel: 56Level: 58
Level: 54Level: 56– Earthquake– Stone Edge– Head SmashLevel: 57Level: 57Jolly NatureJolly Nature
Modest NatureAdamant Nature– Stone Edge– Earthquake– Brick BreakAdamant NatureJolly Nature– Iron Head– Dragon Claw
IVs: 0 Atk– Explosion– Slack Off– Explosion– Earthquake– Icicle Spear– Earthquake– Stone Edge– Earthquake
– Blizzard– Rock Wrecker– Curse– Ice Punch– Rock Polish– Ice Shard– Crunch– Autotomize– Aqua Tail
– Shadow Ball– Drill Run– Bulldoze– Ice Fang– Metal Burst– Swords Dance
– Psychic– Ice PunchExcadrill @ Metal CoatCradily @ Grass GemGigalith @ Normal Gem– Endeavor– Dragon Claw
– ThunderboltAbility: Sand RushAbility: Storm DrainAbility: SturdyBastiodon @ Shuca BerryLandorus-Therian @ Eject Button
Dugtrio @ Focus SashLevel: 57Level: 56Level: 56Donphan @ Custap BerryRhyperior @ Lum BerryAbility: SturdyAbility: Intimidate
Flygon @ Soft SandAbility: Arena TrapAdamant Nature– Giga DrainAdamant NatureAbility: SturdyAbility: Solid RockLevel: 57Level: 57
Ability: LevitateLevel: 56– Drill Run– Ancient Power– ExplosionLevel: 57Level: 56– Stealth RockAdamant Nature
Level: 53Jolly Nature– Iron Head– Leech SeedAdamant Nature– Stone Edge– Earthquake– Earthquake
Jolly Nature– Rock Slide– Swords Dance– Protect– Head Smash– Drill Run– Rock Slide– Bulldoze
– Dragon Claw– Earthquake– Protect– Drill Run– Iron Head– Iron Head– Fly
– Rock Tomb– Sucker Punch– Superpower– Fire Punch– U-turn
– Earthquake– Protect– Counter
– Rock SlideLucario @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Inner Focus
Mamoswine @ Starf BerryLevel: 57
Ability: Thick FatModest Nature
Level: 54IVs: 0 Atk
Impish Nature– Aura Sphere
– Icicle Crash– Flash Cannon
– Superpower– Dark Pulse
– Earthquake– Dragon Pulse
– Knock Off
Gastrodon @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Storm Drain
Level: 59
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Muddy Water
– Earth Power
– Yawn
– Recover
Plasma Frigate
Grunt 1 – 372Grunt 2 – 373Grunt 3 & 4, with CherenGrunt 5 & 6, with Rival
Chandelure @ Air BalloonScrafty @ Sitrus BerryCherenGrunt 3Grunt 4RivalGrunt 5Grunt 6
Ability: Shadow TagAbility: IntimidatePorygon-Z @ Normal GemDusclops @ EvioliteWeavile @ Lum BerryHydreigon @ White HerbSharpedo @ Focus SashSpiritomb @ Lum Berry
Level: 60Level: 60Ability: AdaptabilityAbility: AnalyticAbility: PranksterAbility: LevitateAbility: Speed BoostAbility: Bad Dreams
Bold NatureImpish NatureLevel: 61Level: 60Level: 60Level: 61Level: 61Level: 60
IVs: 0 Atk– Fake OutTimid NatureIVs: 0 AtkImpish NatureTimid NatureAdamant NatureRelaxed Nature
– Flamethrower– Close CombatIVs: 0 Atk– Shadow Ball– Fake OutIVs: 0 Atk– Waterfall– Hypnosis
– Shadow Ball– Foul Play– Tri Attack– Will-O-Wisp– Foul Play– Draco Meteor– Crunch– Foul Play
– Energy Ball– Super Fang– Ice Beam– Pain Split– Reflect– Surf– Aqua Jet– Memento
– Trick Room– Thunderbolt– Trick Room– Screech– Dark Pulse– Protect– Sucker Punch
Dragonair @ Eviolite– Shadow Ball– Nasty Plot
Haxorus @ Yache BerryAbility: MultiscaleHonchkrow @ Scope LensScrafty @ Sitrus BerryGengar @ Muscle Band
Ability: Mold BreakerLevel: 60Staraptor @ Life OrbAbility: Super LuckZoroark @ Chople BerryArbok @ Poison GemAbility: IntimidateAbility: Levitate
Level: 60Bold NatureAbility: IntimidateLevel: 60Ability: IllusionAbility: IntimidateLevel: 61Level: 60
Impish NatureIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 61Jolly NatureLevel: 60Level: 60Impish NatureAdamant Nature
– Outrage– Dragon PulseAdamant Nature– Night SlashModest NatureAdamant Nature– Fake Out– Knock Off
– Brick Break– Flamethrower– Brave Bird– Brave BirdIVs: 0 Atk– Gunk Shot– Foul Play– Drain Punch
– Earthquake– Swagger– Close Combat– Swagger– Night Daze– Crunch– Swagger– Explosion
– Swords Dance– Thunder Wave– Double-Edge– Sucker Punch– Flamethrower– Ice Fang– Drain Punch– Fire Punch
– U-turn– Snarl– Coil
Houndoom @ Shuca BerryBisharp @ Focus SashKrookodile @ Focus Sash– Nasty PlotSableye @ Sitrus BerryShedinja @ Focus Sash
Ability: IntimidateAbility: DefiantDitto @ Lum BerryAbility: IntimidateTornadus-Therian @ Flying GemAbility: PranksterAbility: Wonder Guard
Level: 60Level: 60Ability: ImposterLevel: 60Froslass @ Dark GemAbility: RegeneratorLevel: 60Level: 61
Bold NatureAdamant NatureLevel: 60Adamant NatureAbility: Snow WarningLevel: 59Careful Nature– Shadow Claw
IVs: 0 Atk– Iron HeadIVs: 30 Atk– EarthquakeLevel: 61Adamant Nature– Fake Out– Shadow Sneak
– Flamethrower– Sucker Punch– Transform– CrunchHasty Nature– Acrobatics– Foul Play– Will-O-Wisp
– Snarl– Knock Off– Rock Slide– Ice Beam– U-turn– Will-O-Wisp– Sucker Punch
– Will-O-Wisp– Swords Dance– Aqua Tail– Shadow Ball– Superpower– Recover
– Super Fang– Thunderbolt– Foul Play
– Sucker Punch
Relic Passage NorthRelic Passage MidRelic Passage South
Water GemFire GemSteel GemIce GemPsychic GemPsychic GemGrass GemNormal GemIce GemElectric Gem
Backpacker EileenBackpacker RandallHiker KeithHiker TobiasPsychic TullyPsychic EnaBackpacker AnnieBackpacker KendallScientist TerranceScientist Lumina
Politoed @ Rocky HelmetNinetales @ Fire GemTyranitar @ Focus SashWalrein @ Chople BerryDeoxys-Defense @ LeftoversAzelf @ Normal GemSerperior @ Grass GemTerrakion @ Life OrbSlowbro @ Sitrus BerryMagnezone @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: DrizzleAbility: DroughtAbility: Sand StreamAbility: Snow WarningAbility: TelepathyAbility: LevitateAbility: ContraryAbility: JustifiedAbility: Shell ArmorAbility: Levitate
Level: 62Level: 62Level: 62Level: 62Level: 62Level: 62Level: 62Level: 62Level: 62Level: 63
Modest NatureCalm NatureImpish NatureBold NatureBold NatureAdamant NatureIVs: 0 AtkAdamant NatureBold NatureModest Nature
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Rock SlideIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Explosion– Leaf Storm– Rock SlideIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk
– Surf– Flamethrower– Crunch– Blizzard– Seismic Toss– Fire Blast– Leech Seed– Close Combat– Scald– Zap Cannon
– Icy Wind– Solar Beam– Superpower– Surf– Toxic– Dragon Pulse– Earthquake– Foul Play– Flash Cannon
– Helping Hand– Shadow Ball– Dragon Dance– Yawn– Cosmic PowerAlakazam @ Focus Sash– Synthesis– Iron Head– Yawn– Discharge
– Blizzard– Extrasensory– Recover– RecoverAbility: Magic Bounce– Trick Room– Thunder Wave
Excadrill @ Life OrbLevel: 63Camerupt @ Shuca BerryWhimsicott @ Focus Sash
Kingdra @ Water GemMoltres @ Charti BerryAbility: Sand RushLapras @ Life OrbUxie @ LeftoversModest NatureAbility: DroughtAbility: PranksterSlowking @ Life OrbThundurus-Therian @ Choice Specs
Ability: Swift SwimAbility: Solar PowerLevel: 62Ability: Water AbsorbAbility: LevitateIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 63Level: 63Ability: Shell ArmorAbility: Volt Absorb
Level: 62Level: 62Adamant NatureLevel: 62Level: 62– PsyshockCalm NatureModest NatureLevel: 62Level: 62
Modest NatureModest Nature– Drill RunBold NatureModest Nature– Shadow BallIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkModest Nature
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Rock SlideIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Grass Knot– Eruption– Energy Ball– SurfIVs: 0 Atk
– Muddy Water– Heat Wave– Brick Break– Scald– Stored Power– Protect– Earth Power– Tailwind– Blizzard– Thunderbolt
– Dragon Pulse– Solar Beam– Swords Dance– Blizzard– Charge Beam– Ancient Power– Stun Spore– Grass Knot– Air Slash
– Ice Beam– Ancient Power– Thunder– Psych Up– Heat Wave– Endeavor– Nasty Plot– Focus Blast
– Flash Cannon– Earth Power– Perish Song– Recover– Grass Knot
Lilligant @ Sitrus BerryZangoose @ Choice Band
Cloyster @ Focus SashAbility: ChlorophyllAbility: Adaptability
Ability: Skill LinkLevel: 63Level: 60
Level: 63Modest NatureAdamant Nature
Adamant NatureIVs: 0 Atk– Body Slam
– Icicle Spear– Sleep Powder– Brick Break
– Rock Blast– Energy Ball– Fire Punch
– Ice Shard– Quiver Dance– Sucker Punch
– Shell Smash– Synthesis
Route 6
Custap BerryLight ClayStarf BerryPetaya BerryLiechi BerrySalac BerryEnigma Berry
Parasol Lady NicoleSinnoh MayleneScientist JacquesScientist MarissaSchool Kid AlvinParasol Lady TihanaPokemon Ranger Richard
Electivire @ Life OrbLucario @ Choice ScarfRegisteel @ LeftoversGalvantula @ Occa BerrySkarmory @ Sitrus BerryPachirisu @ Shuca BerryBlissey @ Leftovers
Ability: Sheer ForceAbility: Inner FocusAbility: Clear BodyAbility: Compound EyesAbility: Lightning RodAbility: Volt AbsorbAbility: Regenerator
Level: 63Level: 63Level: 62Level: 63Level: 63Level: 65Level: 64
Adamant Nature– Aura SphereImpish NatureTimid NatureImpish NatureBold NatureCalm Nature
– Thunder Punch– Flash CannonIVs: 0 Atk– Thunder– Brave BirdIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk
– Fire Punch– Dragon Pulse– Seismic Toss– Electroweb– Tailwind– Follow Me– Seismic Toss
– Brick Break– Dark Pulse– Thunder Wave– Bug Buzz– Stealth Rock– Thunder Wave– Toxic
– Ice Punch– Stealth Rock– Sucker Punch– Toxic Spikes– Swagger– Soft-Boiled
Infernape @ Life Orb– Swagger– Super Fang– Light Screen
Magmortar @ White HerbAbility: Iron FistCrobat @ Wacan BerryPelipper @ Mystic Water
Ability: No GuardLevel: 63Empoleon @ Mystic WaterAbility: Shadow TagAbility: DrizzleRampardos @ Choice BandPorygon2 @ Eviolite
Level: 63– Fire PunchAbility: TorrentLevel: 63Level: 63Ability: Mold BreakerAbility: Download
Modest Nature– Thunder PunchLevel: 64Jolly NatureBold NatureLevel: 64Level: 64
IVs: 0 Atk– Ice PunchModest Nature– Brave BirdIVs: 0 AtkAdamant NatureModest Nature
– Fire Blast– Mach PunchIVs: 0 Atk– Poison Jab– Scald– Head SmashIVs: 0 Atk
– Focus Blast– Hydro Pump– Super Fang– Air Slash– Earthquake– Hyper Beam
– Heat WaveToxicroak @ Focus Sash– Ice Beam– Tailwind– Blizzard– Thunder Punch– Foul Play
– OverheatAbility: Dry Skin– Grass Knot– Roost– Hammer Arm– Thunder Wave
Level: 64– AgilityScizor @ Life Orb– Electroweb
Dusknoir @ Sitrus Berry– Poison JabAbility: TechnicianDarmanitan @ Life OrbGallade @ Life Orb
Ability: Analytic– Close CombatBlastoise @ NeverMeltIceLevel: 63Ability: Sheer ForceAbility: DefiantStaraptor @ Life Orb
Level: 63– Fake OutAbility: TorrentAdamant NatureLevel: 64Level: 63Ability: Intimidate
Brave Nature– Rock SlideLevel: 63– Bullet PunchAdamant NatureJolly NatureLevel: 64
– Shadow PunchModest Nature– Superpower– Wild Charge– Drain PunchAdamant Nature
– Brick BreakGallade @ Scope Lens– Fake Out– Bug Bite– Zen Headbutt– Ice Punch– Brave Bird
– Pain SplitAbility: Defiant– Hydro Cannon– Swords Dance– Close Combat– Zen Headbutt– Close Combat
– Will-O-WispLevel: 63– Icy Wind– Rock Slide– Destiny Bond– Quick Attack
– Psycho Cut– BlizzardAerodactyl @ Wacan Berry– U-turn
– Nigh SlashAbility: Rock HeadLanturn @ Shuca BerryAccelgor @ Charti Berry
– Close CombatBasculin @ Focus SashLevel: 63Ability: Water AbsorbAbility: UnburdenDitto @ Choice Scarf
– Rock SlideAbility: AdaptabilityAdamant NatureLevel: 63Level: 63Ability: Imposter
Level: 64– Rock SlideModest NatureTimid NatureLevel: 64
Jolly Nature– Aqua TailIVs: 0 Atk– Bug BuzzAdamant Nature
– Aqua Tail– Earthquake– Scald– YawnIVs: 30 Atk
– Endeavor– Dragon Dance– Thunderbolt– Sludge Bomb– Transform
– Zen Headbutt– Icy Wind– Me First
Mistralton Cave– Superpower– Recover
Rock GemFighting GemTM 52 Focus BlastToxic Orb
Hiker ShelbyHiker JebediahAce Trainer GeoffAce Trainer Belle
Golem @ Normal GemMedicham @ Focus SashMetagross @ Metal CoatGarchomp @ Dragon Fang
Ability: SturdyAbility: Huge PowerAbility: Clear BodyAbility: Rough Skin
Level: 64Level: 66Level: 66Level: 66
Adamant Nature– Close CombatAdamant NatureAdamant Nature
– Explosion– Zen Headbutt– Meteor Mash– Earthquake
– Drill Run– Bullet Punch– Bulldoze– Dragon Claw
– Rock Slide– Bulk Up– Bullet Punch– Fire Fang
– Counter– Ice Punch– Thunder Fang
Whimsicott @ Miracle Seed
Golem @ Passho BerryAbility: PranksterVolcarona @ CharcoalThundurus-Therian @ Lum Berry
Ability: Solid RockLevel: 65Ability: Flame BodyAbility: Volt Absorb
Level: 65Bold NatureLevel: 65Level: 65
Brave NatureIVs: 0 AtkTimid NatureModest Nature
– Iron Head– Energy BallIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk
– Rock Slide– Tailwind– Fiery Dance– Discharge
– Earthquake– Swagger– Bug Buzz– Dark Pulse
– Sucker Punch– Grass Whistle– Quiver Dance– Grass Knot
– Rage Powder– Volt Switch
Kangaskhan @ Life OrbSawk @ Life Orb
Ability: ScrappyAbility: SturdyAlakazam @ Wide LensMilotic @ Leftovers
Level: 65Level: 66Ability: Magic BounceAbility: Multiscale
Adamant NatureAdamant NatureLevel: 65Level: 66
– Fake Out– Close CombatModest NatureBold Nature
– Crunch– Knock OffIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk
– Double-Edge– Dual Chop– Psychic– Muddy Water
– Fire Punch– Counter– Psyshock– Blizzard
– Focus Blast– Icy Wind
Conkeldurr @ Flame OrbThroh @ Flame Orb– Calm Mind– Recover
Ability: GutsAbility: Guts
Level: 66Level: 65Breloom @ Focus SashMagmortar @ Salac Berry
Adamant NatureAdamant NatureAbility: TechnicianAbility: No Guard
– Drain Punch– Circle ThrowLevel: 65Level: 65
– Mach Punch– DetectJolly NatureTimid Nature
– Knock Off– Thunder Punch– SporeIVs: 0 Atk
– Detect– Rock Slide– Bullet Seed– Fire Blast
– Drain Punch– Focus Blast
– Leech Seed– Thunderbolt
– Protect
Normal GemWacan BerryPassho Berry
Chargestone Cave (F1)Salac BerryFocus SashRock GemWater GemDragon GemChargestone Cave (BF1)Yache BerryIce GemChargestone Cave (BF2)Coba BerryCoba BerryCoba Berry
Guitarist AnnaScientist RonaldAce Trainer CorkyPokemon Ranger LouisAce Trainer MaryHiker OttoPokemon Ranger BrianaDoctor KitSinnoh CandiceGuitarist BeverlyAce Trainer ShayeHiker JeremyAce Trainer Vicki
Cloyster @ White HerbFeraligatr @ Choice ScarfCobalion @ Life OrbPolitoed @ Sitrus BerryPelipper @ Charti BerryForretress @ Rocky HelmetRaichu @ Shuca BerryBeartic @ Life OrbAbomasnow @ Focus SashWeezing @ LeftoversLatias @ White HerbHippowdon @ Soft SandCresselia @ Leftovers
Ability: Skill LinkAbility: Sheer ForceAbility: JustifiedAbility: DrizzleAbility: DrizzleAbility: SturdyAbility: Lightning RodAbility: Swift SwimAbility: Snow WarningAbility: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: Sand StreamAbility: Levitate
Level: 66Level: 67Level: 68Level: 66Level: 67Level: 67Level: 67Level: 66Level: 67Level: 68Level: 65Level: 68Level: 66
Adamant NatureAdamant NatureJolly NatureModest NatureTimid NatureCareful NatureCareful NatureAdamant Nature– BlizzardAdamant NatureModest NatureAdamant NatureModest Nature
– Icicle Spear– Waterfall– Iron HeadIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Fake Out– Icicle Crash– Wood Hammer– ExplosionIVs: 0 Atk– EarthquakeIVs: 0 Atk
– Rock Blast– Rock Slide– Quick Attack– Scald– Scald– Spikes– Thunder Wave– Superpower– Ice Shard– Destiny Bond– Draco Meteor– Rock Slide– Psychic
– Ice Shard– Ice Punch– Sacred Sword– Ice Beam– Hurricane– Toxic– Extreme Speed– Aqua Jet– Rock Slide– Pain Split– Surf– Crunch– Ice Beam
– Shell Smash– Earthquake– Swords Dance– Endeavor– Blizzard– Stealth Rock– Swagger– Rock Slide– Will-O-Wisp– Icy Wind– Slack Off– Calm Mind
– Hypnosis– Protect– Struggle BugFroslass @ BrightPowder– Tailwind– Moonlight
Clefairy @ EvioliteSceptile @ Flying GemMagmortar @ Shuca BerryTentacruel @ Mystic WaterQuagsire @ Soft SandAbility: Snow CloakMismagius @ Sitrus BerrySwampert @ Leftovers
Ability: Friend GuardAbility: UnburdenAbility: Flame BodyEscavalier @ Life OrbMagikarp @ Water GemForretress @ Light ClayAbility: Clear BodyAbility: DrizzleLevel: 67Ability: LevitateGothitelle @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Sap SipperHitmontop (M) @ Focus Sash
Level: 66Level: 66Level: 67Ability: No GuardAbility: Swift SwimAbility: SturdyLevel: 67Level: 67– BlizzardLevel: 67Ability: Shadow TagLevel: 65Ability: Intimidate
Calm NatureAdamant NatureCalm NatureLevel: 67Level: 71Level: 67Modest NatureBold Nature– Shadow BallTimid NatureLevel: 68Relaxed NatureLevel: 66
IVs: 0 Atk– AcrobaticsIVs: 0 AtkAdamant NatureModest NatureCareful NatureIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Thunderbolt– Shadow BallCalm Nature– Muddy Water– Fake Out
– Follow Me– Leaf Blade– Follow Me– MegahornIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Hydro Pump– Scald– Will-o-wisp– Shadow Sneak– Fake Out– Blizzard– Close Combat
– Icy Wind– Drain Punch– Fire Blast– Iron Head– Hydro Pump– Spikes– Sludge Bomb– Earth Power– Thunderbolt– Psyshock– Yawn– Mach Punch
– Thunder Wave– Thunder Punch– Will-O-Wisp– Knock Off– Reflect– Ice Beam– Icy WindWeavile @ Focus Sash– Hypnosis– Hypnosis– Superpower– Sucker Punch
– Swagger– Confuse Ray– Swords DanceSeismitoad @ Life Orb– Struggle Bug– Giga Drain– RecoverAbility: Prankster– Foul Play
Charizard @ Life OrbAbility: Swift Swim– Light ScreenLevel: 68Skuntank @ Focus SashKrookodile @ Sitrus BerryArcanine @ Choice Scarf
Machamp @ Lum BerryAbility: Solar PowerWhimsicott @ Grass GemAccelgor @ Focus SashLevel: 67Arcanine @ Sitrus BerryOmastar @ Rindo Berry– Fake OutAbility: AftermathToxicroak @ Focus SashAbility: IntimidateAbility: Intimidate
Ability: No GuardLevel: 67Ability: PranksterAbility: UnburdenModest NatureHaxorus @ Yache BerryAbility: IntimidateAbility: Swift Swim– Foul PlayLevel: 68Ability: Poison TouchLevel: 67Level: 67
Level: 66Modest NatureLevel: 66Level: 66IVs: 0 AtkAbility: Mold BreakerLevel: 67Level: 67– SwaggerAdamant NatureLevel: 67Adamant NatureAdamant Nature
Adamant NatureIVs: 0 AtkModest NatureTimid Nature– Muddy WaterLevel: 66– Flare BlitzModest Nature– Double Team– Gunk ShotAdamant Nature– Earthquake– Flare Blitz
– Dynamic Punch– Heat WaveIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Earth PowerImpish Nature– Wild ChargeIVs: 0 Atk– Foul Play– Fake Out– Rock Slide– Dragon Pulse
– Stone Edge– Air Slash– Energy Ball– Bug Buzz– Sludge Wave– Dragon Tail– Close Combat– SurfMamoswine @ Choice Scarf– Sucker Punch– Bullet Punch– Hone Claws– Overheat
– Rock Tomb– Ancient Power– Hurricane– Energy Ball– Grass Knot– Aqua Tail– Extreme Speed– BlizzardAbility: Thick Fat– Explosion– Cross Chop– Dragon Tail– Bulldoze
– Knock Off– Sunny Day– Shadow Ball– Yawn– Low Kick– Power GemLevel: 67– Gunk Shot
– Stun Spore– AttractKabutops @ Starf Berry– Rock SlideKingler @ Scope Lens– Earth Power– Icicle CrashHariyama @ Sitrus BerrySableye @ Sitrus BerryMamoswine @ Never-Melt Ice
Muk @ Black SludgeEelektross @ Lum BerryAbility: Swift SwimAbility: Moxie– EarthquakeAbility: Thick FatLucario @ Shuca BerryAbility: PranksterAbility: Intimidate
Ability: Poison TouchAbility: LevitateJellicent @ Sitrus BerryScizor @ Life OrbLevel: 67Throh @ Flame OrbLevel: 68Tauros @ Silk Scarf– Ice ShardLevel: 68Ability: Inner FocusLevel: 68Level: 67
Level: 67Level: 67Ability: Water AbsorbAbility: TechnicianAdamant NatureAbility: GutsAdamant NatureAbility: Intimidate– Rock SlideAdamant NatureLevel: 67Impish NatureJolly Nature
Impish NatureAdamant NatureLevel: 67Level: 67– Aqua TailLevel: 67– CrabhammerLevel: 67– Low KickModest Nature– Fake Out– Icicle Spear
– Poison Jab– Wild ChargeModest NatureAdamant Nature– Stone EdgeImpish Nature– Rock SlideJolly Nature– Earthquake– Aura Sphere– Foul Play– Ice Shard
– Ice Punch– Aqua TailIVs: 0 Atk– Bullet Punch– Aqua Jet– Circle Throw– Brick Break– Double-Edge– Ice Punch– Flash Cannon– Will-O-Wisp– Knock Off
– Acid Armor– Fire Punch– Water Spout– Bug Bite– Knock Off– Thunder Punch– Hone Claws– Wild Charge– Thunder Punch– Dragon Pulse– Pain Split– Earthquake
– Pain Split– Bulk Up– Shadow Ball– Superpower– Knock Off– Outrage– Extreme Speed
– Recover– U-turn– Protect– Rock Slide
– Giga Drain
Route 7
NeverMeltIceOcca BerryShuca BerryCharcoalColbur BerrySalac BerryPayapa BerryBabiri Berry
Johto PryceLass FloNursery Aide HollieHoenn FlanneryPreschooler ChrissyTwins Sola & AnaHarlequin PatHarlequin Ian
Cloyster @ Focus SashMagneton @ EvioliteSawsbuck @ Life OrbCamerupt @ Shuca BerryZoroark @ Chople BerryMeganium @ Light ClayMusharna @ LeftoversBastiodon @ Shuca Berry
Ability: Skill LinkAbility: LevitateAbility: ChlorophyllAbility: DroughtAbility: IllusionAbility: PranksterAbility: Magic BounceAbility: Sturdy
Level: 70Level: 68Level: 69Level: 70Level: 69Level: 69Level: 68Level: 69
– Shell SmashIVs: 0 AtkAdamant Nature– FlamethrowerModest NatureIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkBold Nature
– Rock Blast– Flash Cannon– Horn Leech– Earth Power– Dark Pulse– Giga Drain– PsyshockIVs: 0 Atk
– Icicle Spear– Thunder– Jump Kick– Rock Slide– Snarl– Grass Whistle– Yawn– Metal Burst
– Ice Shard– Thunder Wave– Double-Edge– Protect– Flamethrower– Light Screen– Charge Beam– Stealth Rock
– Swagger– Swords Dance– Sucker Punch– Reflect– Trick Room– Swagger
Lapras @ LeftoversBlaziken @ Sitrus Berry– Toxic
Ability: Water AbsorbArcheops @ Flying GemCamerupt @ Passho BerryAbility: Speed BoostVanilluxe @ Chople BerryTerrakion @ Scope LensTorterra @ Miracle Seed
Level: 68Ability: DefeatistAbility: DroughtLevel: 68Ability: Snow WarningAbility: JustifiedAbility: Shell ArmorCradily @ Big Root
– Hydro PumpLevel: 69Level: 69Adamant NatureLevel: 69Level: 67Level: 68Ability: Storm Drain
– ScaldJolly NatureModest Nature– Flare BlitzCalm NatureJolly NatureBrave NatureLevel: 70
– Thunder– Head SmashIVs: 0 Atk– High Jump KickIVs: 0 Atk– Rock Slide– Wood HammerModest Nature
– Icy Wind– Acrobatics– Eruption– Brave Bird– Blizzard– Earthquake– EarthquakeIVs: 0 Atk
– Rock Slide– Earth Power– Protect– Flash Cannon– Close Combat– Crunch– Giga Drain
Mamoswine @ Life Orb– Knock Off– Heat Wave– Water Pulse– Protect– Curse– Leech Seed
Ability: Intimidate– YawnRapidash @ Shuca Berry– Mirror Coat– Ancient Power
Level: 69Rapidash @ Liechi BerryAbility: DroughtAzumarill @ Sitrus BerryEscavalier @ Focus Sash– Sludge Wave
– Icicle CrashAbility: DroughtShedinja @ Spell TagLevel: 69Lapras @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Huge PowerAbility: Swarm
– Ice ShardLevel: 69Ability: Wonder Guard– Flare BlitzAbility: Water AbsorbLevel: 69Level: 69Lanturn @ Leftovers
– Drill RunJolly NatureLevel: 69– Solar BeamLevel: 68Adamant NatureBrave NatureAbility: Volt Absorb
– Rock Slide– OverheatAdamant Nature– Wild ChargeModest Nature– Aqua Tail– MegahornLevel: 69
– Solar Beam– Shadow Claw– Drill RunIVs: 0 Atk– Aqua Jet– Iron HeadModest Nature
Walrein @ Chople Berry– Flare Blitz– X-Scissor– Scald– Belly Drum– Close CombatIVs: 0 Atk
Ability: Snow Warning– Morning Sun– Shadow SneakHoundoom @ Air Baloon– Blizzard– Superpower– Knock Off– Thunder
Level: 69– Will-O-WispAbility: Intimidate– Dragon Pulse– Blizzard
– BlizzardLilligant @ Miracle SeedLevel: 69– ThunderGardevoir @ Starf BerryConkeldurr @ Life Orb– Surf
– ScaldAbility: ChlorophyllHeracross @ Flame Orb– SnarlAbility: TraceAbility: Iron Fist– Recover
– Ice ShardLevel: 69Ability: Guts– FlamethrowerRegice @ Life OrbLevel: 68Level: 69
– Slack OffModest NatureLevel: 69– Will-O-WispAbility: FilterModest NatureBrave NatureMedicham @ Sitrus Berry
– Brave BirdIVs: 0 AtkJolly Nature– SwaggerLevel: 69IVs: 0 Atk– Drain PunchAbility: Huge Power
– Close Combat– Leaf Storm– MegahornModest Nature– Psychic– Fire PunchLevel: 69
– Quick Attack– Quiver Dance– Close CombatIVs: 0 Atk– Shadow Ball– Thunder PunchAdamant Nature
– Tailwind– Giga Drain– Knock Off– Blizzard– Energy Ball– Ice Punch– High Jump Kick
– Protect– Rock Slide– Zap Cannon– Calm Mind– Zen Headbutt
– Rock Polish– Bullet Punch
– Focus Blast– Rock Slide
Celestial Tower
TM 75 Swords DanceTM 80 Rock SlideTM 31 Brick Break
Psychic JoycePokefan GeorgiaSocialite Grace
Deoxys-Attack @ Psychic GemBreloom @ Toxic OrbArcanine @ Shuca Berry
Ability: TelepathyAbility: Poison HealAbility: Intimidate
Level: 71Level: 69Level: 70
Modest NatureJolly Nature– Flare Blitz
– Psycho Boost– Spore– Solar Beam
– Thunderbolt– Leech Seed– Overheat
– Ice Beam– Drain Punch– Extreme Speed
– Shadow Ball– Substitute
Rapidash @ Choice Scarf
Deoxys-Defense @ LeftoversCelebi @ Psychic GemAbility: Drought
Ability: TelepathyAbility: Natural CureLevel: 69
Level: 71Level: 70– Heat Wave
Bold Nature– Leaf Storm– Megahorn
– Night Shade– Psychic– Wild Charge
– Stealth Rock– Earth Power– Solar Beam
– Thunder Wave– U-turn
– SpikesNinetales @ Focus Sash
Virizion @ Coba BerryAbility: Drought
Starmie @ Mystic WaterAbility: JustifiedLevel: 69
Ability: AdaptabilityLevel: 69Timid Nature
Level: 70Adamant NatureIVs: 0 Atk
Timid Nature– Close Combat– Heat Wave
IVs: 0 Atk– Leaf Blade– Dark Pulse
– Muddy Water– Swords Dance– Calm Mind
– Blizzard– Swagger– Will-O-Wisp
– Psychic
– Grass KnotSceptile @ Focus SashEntei @ Starf Berry
Ability: UnburdenAbility: Flash Fire
Gallade (M) @ Scope LensLevel: 69Level: 68
Ability: DefiantMild NatureAdamant Nature
Level: 70– Dragon Pulse– Sacred Fire
Adamant Nature– Acrobatics– Stone Edge
– Psycho Cut– Energy Ball– Crunch
– Night Slash– Quick Attack– Extreme Speed
– Cross Chop
– Shadow SneakSerperior @ LeftoversHoundoom @ Fire Gem
Ability: ContraryAbility: Intimidate
Chandelure @ Choice ScarfLevel: 69Level: 69
Ability: Flash FireBold NatureTimid Nature
Level: 71IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk
Modest Nature– Leaf Storm– Dark Pulse
IVs: 0 Atk– Leech Seed– Snarl
– Heat Wave– Dragon Pulse– Flamethrower
– Shadow Ball– Hyper Beam– Nasty Plot
– Energy Ball
– Psychic
Mistralton City Gym
Coba BerryCoba BerryShuca BerryTM 62 Acrobatics
Johto FalknerHoenn WinonaPilot ElronLeader Skyla
Swellow @ Flame OrbSkarmory @ Occa BerryMoltres @ Focus SashStaraptor @ Power Herb
Ability: GutsAbility: SturdyAbility: Solar PowerAbility: Intimidate
Level: 71Level: 70Level: 69Level: 70
– FacadeAdamant NatureModest Nature– Endeavor
– Quick Attack– Brave BirdIVs: 0 Atk– Tailwind
– Brave Bird– Stealth Rock– Fire Blast– Sky Attack
– U-turn– Tailwind– Air Slash– Quick Attack
– Sunny Day– Earth Power
Pidgeot @ Silk Scarf– Ancient Power
Ability: Big PecksCrobat @ Flying GemArcheops @ Flying Gem
Level: 70Ability: Shadow TagArticuno @ Wacan BerryAbility: Defeatist
– Double-EdgeLevel: 71Ability: FilterLevel: 72
– FlyAdamant NatureLevel: 68Jolly Nature
– Steel Wing– Cross PoisonBold Nature– Acrobatics
– Quick Attack– AcrobaticsIVs: 0 Atk– Rock Slide
– U-turn– Air Slash– Earthquake
– Zen Headbutt– Sunny Day– U-turn
Togekiss @ Normal Gem– Blizzard
Ability: Serene GraceStaraptor @ Life Orb– TailwindDragonite @ Dragon Gem
Level: 70Ability: IntimidateAbility: Multiscale
Modest NatureLevel: 70Gliscor @ Toxic OrbLevel: 72
IVs: 0 AtkAdamant NatureAbility: Poison HealAdamant Nature
– Air Slash– Brave BirdLevel: 72– Dragon Rush
– Hyper Voice– Close CombatImpish Nature– Earthquake
– Fire Blast– Double-EdgeIVs: 0 Atk– Extreme Speed
– Earth Power– Double Team– Guillotine– Dragon Dance
– Roost
Aerodactyl @ Sitrus BerryAltaria @ Yache Berry– SwaggerTornadus @ Focus Sash
Ability: Rock HeadAbility: Cloud Nine– ProtectAbility: Prankster
Level: 70Level: 70Level: 72
Jolly Nature– Dragon PulseScyther @ EvioliteModest Nature
– Head Smash– Cotton GuardAbility: TechnicianIVs: 0 Atk
– Acrobatics– Air SlashLevel: 68– Air Slash
– Dragon Claw– Nasty PlotAdamant Nature– Focus Blast
– Aqua Tail– Bug Bite– Tailwind
Xatu @ Focus Sash– Aerial Ace– Swagger
Honchkrow @ Scope LensAbility: Magic Bounce– Swords Dance
Ability: Super LuckLevel: 70– U-turnGyarados @ Wacan Berry
Level: 70Timid NatureAbility: Intimidate
Jolly NatureIVs: 0 AtkBraviary @ Yache BerryLevel: 72
– Night Slash– PsychicAbility: DefiantJolly Nature
– Fly– Air SlashLevel: 69– Waterfall
– Foul Play– Foul PlayAdamant Nature– Bounce
– Sucker Punch– Tailwind– Brave Bird– Earthquake
– Rock Slide– Dragon Dance
– Tailwind
– SuperpowerZapdos @ Life Orb
Ability: Lightning Rod
Level: 71
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Thunderbolt
– Hurricane
– Heat Wave
Strange House– Volt Switch
TM 34 (Sludge Wave)TM50 (Overheat)
Backpacker BoonePsychic Lynette
Landorus @ Rocky HelmetMewtwo @ Life Orb
Ability: Sheer ForceAbility: Shadow Tag
Level: 73Level: 83
Adamant NatureModest Nature
– ExplosionIVs: 0 Atk
– Earth Power– Psystrike
– Dark Pulse– Shadow Ball
– Blizzard
Metagross @ Rocky Helmet– Fire Blast
Ability: Clear Body
Level: 73Clefairy @ Eviolite
Adamant NatureAbility: Friend Guard
– ExplosionLevel: 75
– Zen HeadbuttBold Nature
– PursuitIVs: 0 Atk
– Follow Me
Gigalith @ Rocky Helmet– Helping Hand
Ability: Sturdy– Protect
Level: 73– Hyper Voice
Adamant Nature
– Explosion
– Rock Slide
Golem @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Sturdy
Level: 73
Adamant Nature
– Explosion
– Earthquake
– Stone Edge
Muk @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Poison Touch
Level: 73
– Explosion
– Gunk Shot
– Sucker Punch
Zangoose @ Focus Sash
Ability: Adaptability
Level: 1
– Endeavor
– Quick Attack
Reversal Mountain (Outside)Reversal Mountain (Inside)
Chilan BerryFire GemFighting GemWater GemRock Gem
Cyclist JeremiahCyclist AdelaideJohto ChuckPokemon Ranger ElizaHiker Jared
Tauros @ Silk ScarfVolcarona @ Focus SashPoliwrath @ Choice ScarfBlastoise @ LeftoversRegirock @ Passho Berry
Ability: IntimidateAbility: Flame BodyAbility: MoxieAbility: Shell ArmorAbility: Solid Rock
Level: 75Level: 75Level: 74Level: 74Level: 74
Jolly NatureModest Nature– Close CombatModest NatureAdamant Nature
– Head SmashIVs: 0 Atk– Waterfall– Fake Out– Rock Wrecker
– Head Charge– Bug Buzz– Ice Punch– Icy Wind– Earthquake
– Zen Headbutt– Fiery Dance– Rock Slide– Surf– Ice Punch
– Wild Charge– Quiver Dance– Water Spout– Stealth Rock
– HurricaneHitmontop @ Eject Button
Bouffalant @ Sitrus BerryAbility: IntimidateEmpoleon @ Life OrbAerodactyl @ Life Orb
Ability: RecklessGardevoir @ Life OrbLevel: 73Ability: DefiantAbility: Rock Head
Level: 74Ability: Trace– Fake OutLevel: 75Level: 74
Adamant NatureLevel: 74– Rock SlideAdamant Nature– Ice Fang
– Head Charge– Psyshock– Brick Break– Waterfall– Thunder Fang
– Wild Charge– Magical Leaf– Mach Punch– Iron Head– Fire Fang
– Megahorn– Calm Mind– Earthquake– Earthquake
– Earthquake– Shadow BallMachamp @ Flame Orb– Knock Off
Ability: GutsArmaldo @ Scope Lens
Aggron @ Shuca BerryLevel: 74Samurott @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Battle Armor
Ability: Rock Head– Cross ChopAbility: Shell ArmorLevel: 75
Level: 74Cloyster @ Rindo Berry– Ice PunchLevel: 75Adamant Nature
Adamant NatureAbility: Skill Link– Rock TombModest Nature– X-Scissor
– Head SmashLevel: 75– Protect– Hydro Cannon– Rock Blast
– Iron HeadAdamant Nature– Air Slash– Knock Off
– Earthquake– Icicle SpearHitmonlee @ Normal Gem– Focus Blast– Low Kick
– Brick Break– Rock BlastAbility: Unburden– Aqua Jet
– WaterfallLevel: 73 Cradily @ Leftovers
Pinsir @ Choice Scarf– Shell Smash– Fake OutFeraligatr @ Choice ScarfAbility: Storm Drain
Ability: Moxie– High Jump KickAbility: Sheer ForceLevel: 76
Level: 75Infernape @ Choice Band– Rock SlideLevel: 74Impish Nature
Adamant NatureAbility: Iron Fist– Blaze KickAdamant Nature– Seed Bomb
– Close CombatLevel: 74– Waterfall– Rock Slide
– Rock SlideAdamant NatureHitmonchan @ Eject Button– Crunch– Curse
– X-Scissor– Close CombatAbility: Iron Fist– Ice Fang– Leech Seed
– Knock Off– Flare BlitzLevel: 73– Rock Slide
– Thunder Punch– Fake Out
– Ice Punch– Drain PunchSwampert @ Sitrus Berry
– Thunder PunchAbility: Sap Sipper
– Ice PunchLevel: 74
Adamant Nature
– Muddy Water
– Earthquake
– Ice Punch
– Bulk Up
Undella TownUndella BayRoute 13
Rival (all starters)Dark GemPsychic GemGhost GemCharti BerryCharti Berry
Clefairy @ EvioliteSwimmer MattSwimmer ArissaJohto MortyAce Trainer MiguelAce Trainer Angi
Ability: Friend GuardPolitoed @ Sitrus BerryPelipper @ Wacan BerryHaunter @ EvioliteMetagross @ Red CardBisharp @ Focus Sash
Level: 80Ability: DrizzleAbility: DrizzleAbility: LevitateAbility: Clear BodyAbility: Defiant
Bold NatureLevel: 75Level: 76Level: 78Level: 78Level: 79
IVs: 0 AtkBold NatureIVs: 0 Atk– Shadow BallImpish NatureAdamant Nature
– Follow MeIVs: 0 Atk– Hurricane– Confuse Ray– Bulldoze– Sucker Punch
– Helping Hand– Muddy Water– Scald– Sludge Wave– Meteor Mash– Iron Head
– Thunder Wave– Icy Wind– Tailwind– Destiny Bond– Zen Headbutt– Metal Burst
– Minimize– Swagger– Roost– Bullet Punch– Brick Break
– CounterChandelure @ Air Balloon
Hydreigon @ Yache BerryKingdra @ Starf BerryAbility: Flash FireHeracross @ Flame OrbSlaking @ Leftovers
Ability: LevitateRelicanth @ Hard StoneAbility: Swift SwimLevel: 79Ability: GutsAbility: Slow Start
Level: 78Ability: Swift SwimLevel: 76– FlamethrowerLevel: 79Level: 78
Modest NatureLevel: 77Modest Nature– Shadow BallJolly NatureImpish Nature
IVs: 0 AtkJolly NatureIVs: 0 Atk– Energy Ball– Megahorn– Fake Out
– Draco Meteor– Aqua Tail– Muddy Water– Calm Mind– Drain Punch– Body Slam
– Surf– Head Smash– Ice Beam– Rock Tomb– Slack Off
– Dark Pulse– Zen Headbutt– YawnDusknoir @ Sitrus Berry– Earthquake– Yawn
– Flamethrower– Rock Polish– Dragon PulseAbility: Analytic
Level: 78Rotom-Heat @ Rocky HelmetAbomasnow @ NeverMeltIce
Arbok @ Shuca BerryKabutops @ Scope LensKingler @ Scope Lens– Shadow ClawAbility: LevitateAbility: Snow Warning
Ability: IntimidateAbility: Swift SwimAbility: Hyper Cutter– Pain SplitLevel: 78Level: 79
Level: 80Level: 75Level: 76– Trick RoomModest NatureQuiet Nature
Adamant NatureAdamant NatureAdamant Nature– Will-O-WispIVs: 0 Atk– Blizzard
– Gunk Shot– Stone Edge– Crabhammer– Flamethrower– Wood Hammer
– Crunch– Waterfall– Body SlamMismagius @ Spell Tag– Thunderbolt– Focus Blast
– Aqua Tail– Knock Off– Knock OffAbility: Levitate– Volt Switch– Ice Shard
– Earthquake– Low Kick– Rock SlideLevel: 79– Will-O-Wisp
– Shadow BallSawk @ Liechi Berry
Rotom-Wash @ Sitrus BerryLudicolo @ Starf BerryWhimsicott @ Sharp Beak– Power GemGyarados @ Wacan BerryAbility: Sturdy
Ability: LevitateAbility: Swift SwimAbility: Prankster– HypnosisAbility: IntimidateLevel: 78
Level: 79Level: 77Level: 79– Confuse RayLevel: 78– Sucker Punch
Modest NatureModest NatureModest NatureJolly Nature– Counter
IVs: 0 Atk– Giga DrainIVs: 0 Atk– Dragon Tail– Close Combat
– Hydro Pump– Ice Beam– Hurricane– Aqua Tail– Fire Punch
– Thunderbolt– Surf– Energy Ball– Earthquake
– Volt Switch– Fake Out– Tailwind– Thunder Wave
– Will-O-Wisp– Stun Spore
Seismitoad @ Rindo Berry
Tornadus-Therian @ Flying GemAbility: Swift SwimSimipour @ Mystic Water
Ability: RegeneratorLevel: 76Ability: Water Absorb
Level: 78Adamant NatureLevel: 80
– Acrobatics– Gunk ShotModest Nature
– U-turn– Drain PunchIVs: 0 Atk
– Heat Wave– Aqua Tail– Scald
– Tailwind– Earthquake– Swagger
– Helping Hand
Heatran @ Air Balloon– Icy Wind
Ability: Flash Fire
Level: 77
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Heat Wave
– Flash Cannon
– Earth Power
– Dragon Pulse
Lacunosa TownRoute 12
Zinzolin + Grunt w/ Rival Steel GemDragon GemDark Gem
ZinzolinGruntRivalChampion StevenBlack Belt JerielBackers Cleo & Rio
Absol @ Scope LensScrafty @ Lum BerryClefable @ Normal GemSkarmory @ LeftoversLuxray @ Eject ButtonPachirisu @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Super LuckAbility: IntimidateAbility: Magic GuardAbility: LightningrodAbility: IntimidateAbility: Volt Absorb
Level: 80Level: 77Level: 79Level: 81Level: 80Level: 82
Jolly NatureAdamant NatureModest Nature– SpikesRelaxed NatureImpish Nature
– Night Slash– Fake OutIVs: 0 Atk– Stealth Rock– Volt TackleIVs: 0 Atk
– Psycho Cut– Close Combat– Follow Me– Toxic Spikes– Volt Switch– Follow Me
– Swords Dance– Dragon Dance– Hyper Voice– Whirlwind– Ice Fang– Thunder Wave
– Sucker Punch– Sucker Punch– Psychic– Crunch– Super Fang
– Focus BlastAggron @ Steel Gem– Helping Hand
Gengar @ Ghost GemAbility: SturdyInfernape @ Life Orb
Zekrom @ Life OrbAbility: LevitateArbok @ Shuca BerryLevel: 80Ability: BlazeLapras @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: TeravoltLevel: 78Ability: Intimidate– Iron HeadLevel: 81Ability: Water Absorb
Level: 80Modest NatureLevel: 81– Rock SlideModest NatureLevel: 80
Adamant NatureIVs: 0 AtkAdamant Nature– EarthquakeIVs: 0 AtkModest Nature
– Fusion Bolt– Shadow Ball– Gunk Shot– Protect– Blast BurnIVs: 0 Atk
– Dragon Claw– Sludge Bomb– Crunch– Focus Blast– Hydro Pump
– Fly– Destiny Bond– Aqua TailMetagross @ Shuca Berry– Grass Knot– Ice Beam
– Rock Slide– Foul Play– EarthquakeAbility: Clear Body– Calm Mind– Thunder
Level: 80– Rain Dance
Dusknoir @ Life OrbChandelure @ Air BalloonTornadus-Therian @ Flying Gem– Meteor MashStaraptor @ Eject Button
Ability: AnalyticAbility: Shadow TagAbility: Regenerator– Ice PunchAbility: IntimidateMagneton @ Eviolite
Level: 80Level: 79Level: 79– Zen HeadbuttLevel: 80Ability: Levitate
Adamant NatureTimid NatureLevel: 78– Rock SlideJolly NatureLevel: 81
– Shadow ClawIVs: 0 Atk– U-turn– Double-EdgeBold Nature
– Fire Punch– Heat Wave– Heat WaveArmaldo @ Charti Berry– Brave BirdIVs: 0 Atk
– Thunder Punch– Shadow Ball– TailwindAbility: Battle Armor– Close Combat– Thunder
– Ice Punch– Energy BallLevel: 80– U-turn– Thunder Wave
– Calm Mind– Rock Slide– Swagger
– X-ScissorRoserade @ Starf Berry– Electroweb
– Iron DefenseAbility: Serene Grace
– Dig Level: 79Typhlosion @ Eject Button
Mild NatureAbility: Flash Fire
Cradily @ Yache Berry– Sludge BombLevel: 80
Ability: Storm Drain– Energy BallModest Nature
Level: 79– Body SlamIVs: 0 Atk
– Giga Drain– Protect– Eruption
– Ancient Power– Heat Wave
– Leech Seed– Earth Power
– Recover– Hyper Beam
Kangaskhan @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Scrappy
Level: 80
Adamant Nature
– Fake Out
– Double-Edge
– Zen Headbutt
– Rock Slide
Village BridgeRoute 11Route 9
Custap BerryHaban BerryHaban BerryFocus SashFocus SashFocus Sash
NGentleman StonewallChampion JuanPokemon Ranger CroftonRoughneck ChanceBiker ZekeBiker Philip
Zoroark @ Focus SashRegigigas @ Sitrus BerryGolduck @ Twisted SpoonVolcarona @ Starf BerryDarkrai @ Choice SpecsRayquaza @ Choice BandDialga @ Adamant Orb
Ability: IllusionAbility: DefeatistAbility: Swift SwimAbility: Flame BodyAbility: IllusionAbility: Air LockAbility: Telepathy
Level: 80Level: 78Level: 82Level: 82Level: 77Level: 80Level: 77
– Night DazeJolly NatureTimid NatureTimid NatureModest NatureAdamant NatureTimid Nature
– Flamethrower– Crush GripIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Brave BirdIVs: 0 Atk
– Sucker Punch– Drain Punch– Surf– Heat Wave– Dark Pulse– Outrage– Roar of Time
– U-Turn– Thunder Wave– Psychic– Bug Buzz– Blizzard– Extreme Speed– Earth Power
– Fire Punch– Blizzard– Hurricane– Thunderbolt– Waterfall– Aura Sphere
Carracosta @ Rindo Berry– Light Screen– Quiver Dance– Spacial Rend– Ice Beam
Ability: SturdyMeganium @ LeftoversDragonair @ Eviolite
Level: 81Ability: PranksterPoliwhirl @ EvioliteDurant @ Starf BerryZoroark @ Focus SashAbility: MultiscaleKrookodile @ Choice Band
– Hydro PumpLevel: 81Ability: DrizzleAbility: HustleAbility: IllusionLevel: 82Ability: Moxie
– Rock SlideBold NatureLevel: 83Level: 82Level: 82Calm NatureLevel: 82
– Shell SmashIVs: 0 AtkModest NatureJolly NatureModest NatureIVs: 0 AtkAdamant Nature
– Aqua Jet– Giga Drain– Aqua Tail– Iron Head– Night Daze– Dragon Pulse– Earthquake
– Swagger– Belly Drum– Dig– Flamethrower– Thunder Wave– Crunch
Archeops @ Sitrus Berry– Synthesis– Aqua Jet– Rock Slide– U-turn– Swagger
Ability: Defeatist– Light Screen– Brick Break– Hone Claws– Counter– Light ScreenMagnezone @ Occa Berry
Level: 81Ability: Levitate
– EarthquakePorygon-Z @ Red CardOmastar @ Shuca BerryMagmortar @ Starf BerryScrafty @ Life OrbVictini @ Wide LensLevel: 82
– Rock SlideAbility: AdaptabilityAbility: Swift SwimAbility: No GuardAbility: IntimidateAbility: Victory StarTimid Nature
– FlyLevel: 81Level: 82Level: 82Level: 82Level: 80IVs: 0 Atk
– U-TurnTimid NatureModest Nature– Heat WaveAdamant NatureSerious Nature– Flash Cannon
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Thunder– Fake Out– V-create– Discharge
Vanilluxe @ Chople Berry– Tri Attack– Surf– Dynamic Punch– High Jump Kick– Energy Ball– Volt Switch
Ability: Snow Warning– Thunderbolt– Power Gem– Will-O-Wisp– Dragon Claw– Bolt Strike– Electroweb
Level: 81– Ice Beam– Earth Power– Head Smash– Psyshock
– Blizzard– Psyshock– Ice BeamSimisage @ Starf BerryCharizard @ Focus Sash
– Ice ShardAbility: Sap SipperAbsol @ Scope LensSkuntank @ Life OrbAbility: Blaze
– Water PulseDitto @ Lum BerryLanturn @ Shuca BerryLevel: 82Ability: Super LuckAbility: AftermathLevel: 82
– Mirror CoatAbility: ImposterAbility: Water AbsorbModest NatureLevel: 82Level: 82Modest Nature
Level: 81Level: 83– Leaf StormJolly NatureAdamant NatureIVs: 0 Atk
– TransformBold Nature– Focus Blast– Night Slash– Explosion– Heat Wave
IVs: 0 Atk– Fake Out– Sucker Punch– Crunch– Air Slash
Ditto @ Lum Berry– Surf– Nasty Plot– Close Combat– Ancient Power
Ability: Imposter– Volt Switch– Rock Slide– Dragon Pulse
Level: 82– Thunder WaveSimipour @ Starf Berry
– Transform– Icy WindAbility: Water Absorb
Level: 82
Cacturne @ Sitrus BerryModest Nature
Ability: Water Absorb– Fake Out
Level: 83– Hydro Pump
Adamant Nature– Focus Blast
– Sucker Punch– Nasty Plot
– Seed Bomb
– Foul Play
– Low Kick
Opelucid City GymTM 82 Dragon Tail
Johto ClairElite Four LanceChampion BlueLeader Drayden
Kingdra @ Scope LensAerodactyl @ Flying GemHydreigon @ Life OrbLatios @ White Herb
Ability: SniperAbility: Rock HeadAbility: LevitateAbility: Levitate
Level: 82Level: 83Level: 80Level: 82
Timid NatureImpish NatureModest NatureTimid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Head SmashIVs: 0 Atk– Draco Meteor
– Muddy Water– Acrobatics– Dragon Pulse– Psychic
– Dragon Pulse– Fire Fang– Dark Pulse– Ice Beam
– Ice Beam– Aqua Tail– Surf– Charge Beam
– Focus Energy– Earth Power
Gyarados @ Starf BerryLatias @ Leftovers
Salamence @ Yache BerryAbility: IntimidateCharizard @ Life OrbAbility: Levitate
Ability: IntimidateLevel: 83Ability: BlazeLevel: 82
Level: 83Adamant NatureLevel:82Calm Nature
Jolly Nature– Bounce– Dragon Claw– Dragon Pulse
– Outrage– Aqua Tail– Flamethrower– Surf
– Fly– Ice Fang– Air Slash– Calm Mind
– Aqua Tail– Thunder Fang– Protect– Roost
– Rock Slide
Dragonite @ Yache BerryKyurem-White @ Power Herb
Druddigon @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Inner FocusGyarados @ Water GemAbility: Turboblaze
Ability: Rough SkinLevel: 83Ability: IntimidateLevel: 85
Level: 83Adamant NatureLevel: 81Timid Nature
Impish Nature– Dragon Rush– Waterfall– Ice Burn
– Dragon Claw– Fly– Bounce– Dragon Pulse
– Earthquake– Aqua Jet– Dragon Dance– Earth Power
– Fire Punch– Fire Punch– Fire Fang– Fusion Flare
– Glare
Haxorus @ Haban BerrySalamence @ Dragon FangHydreigon @ Fire Gem
Dragonair @ EvioliteAbility: Mold BreakerAbility: MoxieAbility: Levitate
Ability: Marvel ScaleLevel: 82Level: 82Level: 83
Level: 83– Dragon Claw– Dragon ClawTimid Nature
– Dragon Pulse– Dragon Dance– Air Slash– Draco Meteor
– Scald– Earthquake– Flamethrower– Dark Pulse
– Thunderbolt– Iron Tail– Rock Slide– Flamethrower
– Flamethrower– Tailwind
Garchomp @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Rough Skin
Level: 83
Jolly Nature
– Dragon Rush
– Earthquake
– Swords Dance
– Swagger
Haxorus @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Unnerve
Level: 84
Adamant Nature
– Outrage
– Earthquake
– Aqua Tail
– Rock Slide
Opelucid City Plasma Fights
Plasma Grunt 1Plasma Grunt 2Plasma Grunt 3ZinzolinShadow 
Bisharp @ Life OrbGengar @ Focus SashScolipede @ LeftoversHoundoom @ Shuca BerryCresselia @ Leftovers
Ability: DefiantAbility: LevitateAbility: Speed BoostAbility: IntimidateAbility: Levitate
Level: 87Level: 88Level: 88Level: 90Level: 90
Jolly NatureTimid Nature– Poison JabCalm NatureBold Nature
– Sucker PunchIVs: 0 Atk– MegahornIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk
– Iron Head– Shadow Ball– Drill Run– Fire Blast– Psyshock
– Night Slash– Destiny Bond– Protect– Snarl– Helping Hand
– Low Sweep– Sludge Bomb– Swagger– Moonlight
– FlamethrowerTyranitar @ Life Orb– Will-O-Wisp– Thunder Wave
Spiritomb @ LeftoversAbility: Sand Stream
Ability: Bad DreamsWeavile @ Chople BerryLevel: 87Sableye @ Sitrus BerryZoroark @ Life Orb
Level: 87Ability: Prankster– Rock SlideAbility: PranksterAbility: Illusion
Bold NatureLevel: 88– EarthquakeLevel: 92Level: 89
IVs: 0 AtkImpish Nature– CrunchImpish NatureModest Nature
– Hypnosis– Fake Out– Fire Punch– Fake OutIVs: 0 Atk
– Dream Eater– Swagger– Foul Play– Dark Pulse
– Confuse Ray– ReflectToxicroak @ Starf Berry– Pain Split– Fire Blast
– Pain Split– Foul PlayAbility: Poison Touch– Shadow Ball– Bounce
Level: 87– Snarl
Chandelure @ Air BalloonSableye @ Sitrus Berry– Fake OutZekrom @ Life Orb
Ability: Shadow TagAbility: Prankster– Poison JabAbility: TeravoltKrookodile @ Eject Button
Level: 88Level: 87– Cross ChopLevel: 89Ability: Moxie
Calm NatureImpish Nature– Bullet PunchAdamant NatureLevel: 89
IVs: 0 Atk– Fake Out– Fusion BoltJolly Nature
– Heat Wave– Foul PlayJellicent @ Mystic Water– Dragon Claw– Earthquake
– Energy Ball– Will-O-WispAbility: Water Absorb– Fly– Crunch
– Dark Pulse– Confuse RayLevel: 88– Rock Slide– Rock Slide
– Trick RoomIVs: 0 Atk– Low Kick
Drapion @ Scope Lens– Water SpoutAbsol @ Scope Lens
Froslass @ Focus SashAbility: Sniper– Shadow BallAbility: Super LuckGolurk @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Snow WarningLevel: 89– BlizzardLevel: 92Ability: Iron FistAbility: No Guard
Level: 87Impish Nature– Will-O-WispJolly NatureLevel: 89
Modest Nature– Night Slash– Night SlashAdamant Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Cross Poison– Psycho Cut– Dynamic Punch
– Blizzard– Cross Chop– Swords Dance– Stone Edge
– Shadow Ball– Aqua Tail– Sucker Punch– Rock Tomb
– Thunderbolt– Shadow Claw
– ProtectSpiritomb @ Wide Lens
Ability: Moody
Level: 90
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Focus Blast
– Foul Play
– Confuse Ray
– Shadow Ball
Dusknoir @ Life Orb
Ability: Analytic
Level: 89
Adamant Nature
– Shadow Claw
– Fire Punch
– Thunder Punch
– Ice Punch
Humilau City Gym
Passho BerryGrass GemWater GemTM 55 Scald
Champion WallaceSinnoh WakeKanto MistyLeader Marlon
Swampert @ Sitrus BerryGyarados @ Eject ButtonLapras @ Mystic WaterPolitoed @ Rindo Berry
Ability: TorrentAbility: IntimidateAbility: Water AbsorbAbility: Drizzle
Level: 92Level: 93Level: 92Level: 93
Impish NatureCareful Nature– ScaldCalm Nature
– Waterfall– Aqua Tail– Ice BeamIVs: 0 Atk
– Bulldoze– Dragon Tail– Thunderbolt– Muddy Water
– Hammer Arm– Stone Edge– Perish Song– Blizzard
– Bulk Up– Thunder Wave– Helping Hand
– Hypnosis
Pelipper @ Focus SashRaichu @ Focus SashStarmie @ Focus Sash
Ability: DrizzleAbility: Lightning RodAbility: AdaptabilityKingdra @ Life Orb
Level: 92Level: 91Level: 92Ability: Swift Swim
Modest Nature– Fake OutTimid NatureLevel: 93
– Hurricane– Volt SwitchIVs: 0 AtkModest Nature
– Scald– Volt Tackle– SurfIVs: 0 Atk
– Tailwind– Endeavor– Blizzard– Draco Meteor
– U-turn– Psyshock– Hydro Pump
Quagsire @ Water Gem– Grass Knot– Muddy Water
Milotic @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Drizzle– Ice Beam
Ability: Marvel ScaleLevel: 92Empoleon @ Life Orb
Level: 91Relaxed NatureAbility: DefiantKeldeo-Resolute @ Mystic Water
– Hydro PumpIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 93Ability: Justified
– Ice Beam– ScaldAdamant NatureLevel: 93
– Recover– Earth Power– WaterfallModest Nature
– Calm Mind– Recover– Iron HeadIVs: 0 Atk
– Yawn– Ice Punch– Scald
– Aqua Jet– Secret Sword
Cloyster @ Rindo Berry– Ice Beam
Ludicolo @ Grass GemAbility: Skill LinkFeraligatr @ Starf Berry– Grass Knot
Ability: Swift SwimLevel: 92Ability: Torrent
Level: 91Adamant NatureLevel: 93Milotic @ Leftovers
– Giga Drain– Icicle SpearAdamant NatureAbility: Multiscale
– Scald– Razor Shell– Aqua TailLevel: 95
– Icy Wind– Rock Blast– Brick BreakModest Nature
– Ice Beam– Shell Smash– Body Slam– Scald
– Ice Beam– Aqua Jet– Ice Beam
– Calm MindFloatzel @ Sitrus Berry– Hypnosis
Ability: Swift SwimBlastoise @ Sitrus Berry– Recover
Sharpedo @ Focus SashLevel: 92Ability: Shell Armor
Ability: Speed Boost– WaterfallLevel: 91Rhyperior @ Rindo Berry
Level: 91– Aqua JetModest NatureAbility: Lightning Rod
Adamant Nature– Crunch– Fake OutLevel: 95
– Waterfall– Ice Fang– Hydro CannonAdamant Nature
– Crunch– Yawn– Rock Wrecker
– Ice Fang– Icy Wind– Drill Run
– Protect– Superpower
– Ice Punch
Suicune @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
Level: 95
Modest Nature
– Scald
– Snarl
– Icy Wind
– Tailwind
Route 22
Psychic GemPsychic GemPsychic GemShuca Berry
Ace Trainer ShelHoenn LizaHoenn TateHiker Justin
Reuniclus @ LeftoversGardevoir @ TwistedSpoonGallade @ Scope LensAggron @ Life Orb
Ability: Magic GuardAbility: TraceAbility: DefiantAbility: Sturdy
Level: 95Level: 95Level: 95Level: 95
Bold Nature– Psychic– Psycho CutAdamant Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Shadow Ball– Night Slash– Iron Head
– Psychic– Energy Ball– Brick Break– Ice Punch
– Calm Mind– Protect– Focus Energy– Head Smash
– Recover– Superpower
– Trick RoomXatu @ Charti BerryBronzong @ Leftovers
Ability: Magic BounceAbility: LevitateRhyperior @ Passho Berry
Chansey (F) @ EvioliteLevel: 94Level: 94Ability: Lightning Rod
Ability: Natural Cure– Psyshock– Zen HeadbuttLevel: 95
Level: 95– Air Slash– Gyro BallAdamant Nature
Calm Nature– Tailwind– Curse– Rock Wrecker
IVs: 0 Atk– Confuse Ray– Hypnosis– Drill Run
– Seismic Toss– Iron Head
– Toxic– Fire Punch
– Soft-Boiled
– Sweet KissRegirock @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Solid Rock
Aggron @ Muscle BandLevel: 95
Ability: SturdyAdamant Nature
Level: 95– Stone Edge
Adamant Nature– Drill Run
– Head Smash– Explosion
– Iron Head– Drain Punch
– Metal Burst
– Dragon ClawGolem @ Normal Gem
Ability: Sturdy
Glalie @ Starf BerryLevel: 95
Ability: MoodyAdamant Nature
Level: 95– Explosion
Impish Nature– Rock Slide
– Icicle Crash
– Body SlamGastrodon @ Rindo Berry
– Super FangAbility: Storm Drain
– ProtectLevel: 95
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Scald
– Earth Power
– Yawn
– Recover
Route 21Seaside Cave
Yache BerryOcca BerryDark GemNormal Gem
Wife HannahSwimmer KaoruPokemon Ranger MikikoPokemon Ranger JohanBlack Belt Rocky
Budew @ Focus SashMilotic @ LeftoversLiepard @ Focus SashPorygon-Z @ Silk ScarfGigalith @ Custap Berry
Ability: Serene GraceAbility: MultiscaleAbility: PranksterAbility: AdaptabilityAbility: Sturdy
– Energy BallLevel: 95Level: 95Level: 95Level: 92
– Sludge WaveCalm NatureImpish NatureTimid Nature– Explosion
– SynthesisIVs: 0 Atk– Fake OutIVs: 0 Atk– Rock Slide
– Protect– Scald– Assist– Tri Attack
– Dragon Pulse– Foul Play– Ice BeamGigalith @ Normal Gem
Roselia @ Focus Sash– Recover– Swagger– DischargeAbility: Sturdy
Ability: Serene Grace– Rain Dance– Shadow BallLevel: 92
Level: 96Heracross @ Flame Orb– Explosion
– Energy BallAbomasnow @ Occa BerryAbility: GutsWhimsicott @ Focus Sash– Rock Slide
– Sludge BombAbility: Snow WarningLevel: 93Ability: Prankster
– Leech SeedLevel: 95Adamant NatureLevel: 94Gigalith @ Custap Berry
– ProtectRelaxed Nature– MegahornModest NatureAbility: Sturdy
– Blizzard– Close CombatIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 92
Politoed @ Mystic Water– Wood Hammer– Rock Slide– Energy Ball– Explosion
Ability: Drizzle– Earthquake– Agility– Hurricane– Rock Slide
Level: 94– Leech Seed– Tailwind
– ScaldZangoose @ Life Orb– Cotton GuardGigalith @ Normal Gem
– Perish SongLudicolo @ Coba BerryAbility: AdaptabilityAbility: Sturdy
– Icy WindAbility: Swift SwimLevel: 93Galvantula @ Red CardLevel: 92
– HypnosisLevel: 95Jolly NatureAbility: Compound Eyes– Explosion
Timid Nature– Body SlamLevel: 95– Rock Slide
Blissey @ Leftovers– Fake Out– Close CombatTimid Nature
Ability: Natural Cure– Energy Ball– Ice PunchIVs: 0 Atk
Level: 93– Scald– Knock Off– Thunder
– Softboiled– Rain Dance– Bug Buzz
– Seismic TossSeviper @ Sitrus Berry– Volt Switch
– ToxicWalrein @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Defiant– Struggle Bug
– AromatherapyAbility: Thick FatLevel: 94
Level: 94Adamant NatureTyphlosion @ Choice Scarf
Venusaur @ Salac BerryModest Nature– Gunk ShotAbility: Flash Fire
Ability: OvergrowIVs: 0 Atk– CoilLevel: 95
Level: 94– Blizzard– Sucker PunchBold Nature
– Petal Dance– Surf– Knock OffIVs: 0 Atk
– Sludge Bomb– Yawn– Heat Wave
– Weather Ball– Slack OffArbok @ Eject Button– Energy Ball
– Leech SeedAbility: Intimidate– Earth Power
Level: 95– Extrasensory
Arceus @ Draco PlateAdamant Nature
Ability: Multitype– Poison Jab
Level: 90– Aqua Tail
– Draco Meteor– Dragon Tail
– Recover– Ice Fang
– Extreme Speed
– Flame BurstMightyena @ Eject Button
Ability: Intimidate
Level: 94
Adamant Nature
– Crunch
– Body Slam
– Zen Headbutt
– Sucker Punch
Plasma Frigate
ShipdeckNorth Entrance
Plasma Grunt 1Plasma 2 & 3 w/ RivalStairwellSouthwest RoomNorthwest RoomSoutheast RoomEast RoomCommand Center
Dragonair @ EviolitePlasma 2 Plasma 3RivalPlasma 4Plasma 5Plasma 6Plasma 7Plasma 8Zinzolin & Grunt w/ Rival
Ability: MultiscaleSalamence @ Yache BerryGallade @ Sitrus BerryHydreigon @ Dragon GemDonphan @ Lum BerryHitmonchan @ Starf BerryLiepard @ Focus SashDruddigon @ Sitrus BerryDusknoir @ Life OrbZinzolinPlasma 9Rival
Level: 96Ability: IntimidateAbility: DefiantAbility: LevitateAbility: SturdyAbility: Iron FistAbility: UnburdenAbility: Rough SkinAbility: AnalyticZekrom @ Sitrus BerryRoserade @ Eject ButtonHydreigon @ Dragon Gem
Impish NatureLevel: 95Level: 96Level: 97Level: 97Level: 97Level: 98Level: 97Level: 97Ability: TeravoltAbility: Serene GraceAbility: Levitate
– Thunder WaveAdamant NatureJolly NatureModest NatureAdamant NatureAdamant NatureImpish Nature– OutrageBrave NatureLevel: 98Level: 95Level: 97
– Swagger– Outrage– Zen HeadbuttIVs: 0 Atk– Earthquake– Fake Out– Fake Out– Crunch– Shadow ClawImpish NatureTimid NatureModest Nature
– Dragon Rush– Fly– Close Combat– Draco Meteor– Ice Shard– Drain Punch– Thunder Wave– Earthquake– Bulk Up– Fusion BoltIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk
– Double Team– Rock Slide– Stone Edge– Surf– Body Slam– Mach Punch– Swagger– Fire Fang– Ice Punch– Dragon Claw– Energy Ball– Draco Meteor
– Dragon Dance– Bulk Up– Dark Pulse– Endeavor– Rock Slide– Foul Play– Sucker Punch– Dragon Tail– Sludge Wave– Surf
Mismagius @ Choice Scarf– FlamethrowerCofagrigus @ Leftovers– Rock Slide– Extrasensory– Dark Pulse
Ability: LevitateHoundoom @ Shuca BerryZoroark @ Focus SashWeezing @ Custap BerryBisharp @ Shuca BerryGolurk @ Life OrbAbility: MummyCrobat @ Wacan Berry– Shadow Ball– Flamethrower
Level: 96Ability: IntimidateAbility: IllusionTornadus-Therian @ Flying GemAbility: LevitateAbility: DefiantAbility: No GuardLevel: 97Ability: Inner FocusKyurem @ Chople Berry
Timid NatureLevel: 96Level: 95Ability: RegeneratorLevel: 97Level: 97Level: 97IVs: 0 AtkLevel: 97Ability: Snow WarningQwilfish @ Shuca BerryTornadus-Therian @ Flying Gem
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Dark PulseLevel: 97Relaxed NatureAdamant NatureAdamant Nature– Night ShadeJolly NatureLevel: 97Ability: IntimidateAbility: Regenerator
– Shadow Ball– Heat Wave– Flamethrower– Acrobatics– Explosion– Sucker Punch– Dynamic Punch– Will-O-Wisp– Brave BirdBold NatureLevel: 94Level: 97
– Dark Pulse– Dark Pulse– Hyper Voice– U-turn– Sludge Bomb– Iron Head– Earthquake– Pain Split– Cross PoisonIVs: 0 AtkAdamant Nature– Acrobatics
– Energy Ball– Super Fang– Sucker Punch– Heat Wave– Destiny Bond– Psycho Cut– Stone Edge– Trick Room– Super Fang– Blizzard– Aqua Tail– U-turn
– Thunderbolt– Will-O-Wisp– Tailwind– Will-O-Wisp– Rock Polish– Curse– Tailwind– Glaciate– Poison Jab– Heat Wave
Toxicroak @ Focus SashSlowbro @ Wacan Berry– Dragon Pulse– Thunder Wave– Tailwind
Bisharp @ Focus SashDrapion @ Shuca BerryAbility: Poison TouchHeatran @ Air BalloonHaxorus @ Lum BerryZoroark @ Focus SashAlakazam @ Starf BerryAbility: Shell ArmorMuk @ Custap Berry– Shadow Ball– Self-Destruct
Ability: DefiantAbility: SniperLevel: 95Ability: Flash FireAbility: Mold BreakerAbility: IllusionAbility: Magic BounceLevel: 97Ability: Poison TouchHeatran @ Air Balloon
Level: 96Level: 96Adamant NatureLevel: 96Level: 97Level: 97Level: 97IVs: 0 AtkLevel: 96Houndoom @ Shuca BerrySkuntank @ Custap BerryAbility: Flash Fire
Adamant NatureAdamant Nature– Sucker PunchTimid NatureJolly NatureAdamant NatureBold Nature– PsychicAdamant NatureAbility: IntimidateAbility: AftermathLevel: 96
– Sucker Punch– Night Slash– Poison JabIVs: 0 Atk– Dragon Dance– Foul PlayIVs: 0 Atk– Scald– Gunk ShotLevel: 98Level: 95Timid Nature
– Iron Head– Bulldoze– Cross Chop– Heat Wave– Dragon Claw– Knock Off– Psychic– Calm Mind– Sucker PunchModest Nature– Sucker PunchIVs: 0 Atk
– Low Sweep– Swords Dance– Earthquake– Flash Cannon– Low Kick– Sucker Punch– Dark Pulse– Trick Room– Ice PunchIVs: 0 Atk– Poison Gas– Heat Wave
– Poison Jab– Toxic– Earth Power– Rock Slide– U-turn– Focus Blast– Curse– Dark Pulse– Memento– Flash Cannon
– Dragon Pulse– Energy BallMandibuzz (F) @ Leftovers– Flamethrower– Flamethrower– Earth Power
Skuntank @ Life OrbScrafty @ Eject ButtonAbility: FilterDrapion @ Choice Scarf– Counter– Dragon Pulse
Ability: AftermathAbility: IntimidateGarchomp @ Rocky HelmetLevel: 97Ability: Sniper– Will-O-Wisp
Level: 97Level: 97Ability: Rough SkinIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 96
Adamant NatureImpish NatureLevel: 98– Foul PlayJolly Nature
– Gunk Shot– Fake OutJolly Nature– Toxic– Poison Jab
– Sucker Punch– Thunder Wave– Earthquake– Roost– Crunch
– Explosion– Swagger– Dragon Claw– Swagger– Earthquake
– Foul Play– Foul Play– Rock Slide– Rock Slide
– Swords DanceAmoonguss @ Sitrus Berry
Gliscor @ Toxic OrbWeavile @ Eject ButtonAbility: RegeneratorDragonite @ Yache Berry
Ability: Poison HealAbility: PranksterShedinja @ Focus SashLevel: 97Ability: Inner Focus
Level: 96Level: 97Ability: Wonder GuardIVs: 0 AtkLevel: 97
Adamant NatureImpish NatureLevel: 96– SporeCareful Nature
– Poison Jab– Fake OutAdamant Nature– Energy Ball– Dragon Rush
– Brave Bird– Ice Punch– Shadow Sneak– Foul Play– Fly
– Earthquake– Swagger– Will-O-Wisp– Sludge Bomb– Waterfall
– Protect– Double Team– Hone Claws– Dragon Dance
– Shadow Claw
Hitmonlee @ Flying Gem
Ability: Unburden
Level: 97
Adamant Nature
– Fake Out
– High Jump Kick
– Acrobatics
– Sucker Punch
Giant ChasmFrigate Part 2
Plasma 10Plasma 11 & 12 w/ RivalZinzolin FinaleColress FinaleShadow 1Shadow 2Shadow 3Ghetsis
Ditto @ Life OrbPlasma 11Plasma 12RivalZekrom @ Air BalloonMagnezone @ Light ClayAzelf @ Life OrbRotom-Heat @ White HerbRotom-Wash @ Sitrus BerryTornadus (M) @ Charti Berry
Ability: ImposterSalamence @ Eject ButtonMandibuzz @ Sitrus BerryHydreigon @ Dragon GemAbility: TeravoltAbility: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: Prankster
Level: 98Ability: IntimidateAbility: FilterAbility: LevitateAdamant NatureBold Nature– PsychicModest NatureBold NatureCalm Nature
IVs: 30 AtkLevel: 97Level: 98Level: 97– Bolt StrikeIVs: 0 Atk– Calm MindIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk
– TransformTimid NatureBold NatureModest Nature– Outrage– Discharge– Flamethrower– Overheat– Hydro Pump– Tailwind
IVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Rock Slide– Flash Cannon– Knock Off– Volt Switch– Thunderbolt– Air Slash
Smeargle @ Focus Sash– Draco Meteor– Foul Play– Draco Meteor– Crunch– Light Screen– Thunder– Thunder Wave– Heat Wave
Ability: Moody– Hurricane– Toxic– Surf– ReflectRotom-Frost @ Sitrus Berry– Shadow Ball– Confuse Ray– Taunt
Level: 98– Flamethrower– Iron Defense– Dark PulseKyurem @ Life OrbAbility: Levitate
Jolly Nature– Hydro Pump– Tailwind– FlamethrowerAbility: Snow WarningRaikou @ Shuca BerryModest NatureMesprit @ Flying GemUxie @ LeftoversKrookodile @ Salac Berry
IVs: 0 AtkModest NatureAbility: Motor DriveIVs: 0 AtkAbility: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: Moxie
– SporeMawile @ Dark GemDragonite @ Flying GemTornadus-Therian @ Flying GemIVs: 0 AtkModest Nature– Ice BeamAdamant NatureBold NatureJolly Nature
– Follow MeAbility: IntimidateAbility: MultiscaleAbility: Regenerator– Blizzard– Thunder– Thunderbolt– Zen HeadbuttIVs: 0 Atk– Earthquake
– ProtectLevel: 99Level: 99Level: 97– Draco Meteor– Scald– Shadow Ball– U-turn– Foul Play– Crunch
– EndeavorAdamant NatureJolly Nature– Acrobatics– Earth Power– Aura Sphere– Nasty Plot– Knock Off– Psyshock– Rock Slide
– Foul Play– Dragon Claw– U-turn– Protect– Extreme Speed– Acrobatics– Yawn– Bulk Up
– Sucker Punch– Sky Drop– Heat WaveCobalion @ Life Orb– Swagger
– Iron Head– Extreme Speed– TailwindDusknoir @ Life OrbFroslass (F) @ Focus SashAbility: JustifiedVirizion @ Life OrbPorygon2 @ Eviolite
– Swords Dance– EarthquakeAbility: AnalyticAbility: Snow WarningJolly NatureAbility: JustifiedTerrakion @ Choice BandAbility: Trace
Heatran @ Air BalloonAdamant NatureTimid Nature– Sacred SwordAdamant NatureAbility: Justified– Tri Attack
Gengar @ Life OrbQwilfish @ Choice ScarfAbility: Flash Fire– Trick RoomIVs: 0 Atk– Iron Head– Leaf BladeJolly Nature– Ice Beam
Ability: LevitateAbility: IntimidateLevel: 96– Earthquake– Blizzard– Swords Dance– Close Combat– Close Combat– Calm Mind
Level: 98Level: 97Timid Nature– Sucker Punch– Shadow Ball– Quick Attack– Stone Edge– Rock Slide– Recover
Modest NatureJolly NatureIVs: 0 Atk– Bulk Up– Will-O-Wisp– Swords Dance– Iron Head
IVs: 0 Atk– Explosion– Heat Wave– Destiny Bond– EarthquakeGyarados @ Water Gem
– Shadow Ball– Gunk Shot– Flash CannonSpiritomb @ LeftoversAbility: Moxie
– Focus Blast– Waterfall– Earth PowerAbility: Bad DreamsMetagross @ Life OrbAdamant Nature
– Psychic– Bounce– Dragon PulseModest NatureAbility: Clear Body– Aqua Tail
– Sludge WaveIVs: 0 AtkAdamant Nature– Earthquake
– Hypnosis– Bullet Punch– Bounce
– Foul Play– Meteor Mash– Dragon Rush
– Dream Eater– Ice Punch
– Nasty Plot– Zen HeadbuttAggron @ Chople Berry
Ability: Sturdy
Togekiss @ Normal GemEelektross @ Flying GemImpish Nature
Ability: Serene GraceAbility: Levitate– Iron Head
Modest Nature– Discharge– Stone Edge
IVs: 0 Atk– Acrobatics– Rock Polish
– Hurricane– Dragon Claw– Earthquake
– Hyper Beam– Aqua Tail
– Aura SphereKyurem-Black @ Power Herb
– Fire BlastScizor @ Occa BerryAbility: Teravolt
Ability: TechnicianAdamant Nature
Alakazam @ Life OrbAdamant Nature– Freeze Shock
Ability: Inner Focus– Bullet Punch– Dragon Claw
Modest Nature– Bug Bite– Fusion Bolt
IVs: 0 Atk– Superpower– Dragon Dance
– Psychic– U-turn
– Nasty Plot
– Focus Blast
– Psyshock
Route 23
Focus SashFocus SashChoice Scarf
Ace Trainer GrantAce Trainer JulietChampion Cynthia
Conkeldurr @ Flame OrbThundurus (M) @ Lum BerrySpiritomb @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: GutsAbility: PranksterAbility: Bad Dreams
Adamant NatureModest NatureLevel: 99
– Drain PunchIVs: 0 Atk– Hypnosis
– Ice Punch– Thunderbolt– Dark Pulse
– Facade– Torment– Shadow Ball
– Protect– Toxic– Dream Eater
– Substitute
Rotom-Wash @ Sitrus BerryRoserade @ Miracle Seed
Ability: LevitateTyranitar @ Focus SashAbility: Poison Point
Timid NatureAbility: Sand StreamLevel: 98
IVs: 0 AtkAdamant Nature– Giga Drain
– Hydro Pump– Rock Slide– Sludge Wave
– Thunderbolt– Earthquake– Shadow Ball
– Volt Switch– Dragon Claw– Extrasensory
– Thunder Wave– Dragon Dance
Togekiss @ Scope Lens
Swampert @ Focus SashVolcarona @ Charti BerryAbility: Super Luck
Ability: TorrentAbility: Flame BodyLevel: 97
Adamant NatureModest Nature– Air Slash
– Aqua TailIVs: 0 Atk– Aura Sphere
– Earthquake– Heat Wave– Tailwind
– Hammer Arm– Bug Buzz– Flamethrower
– Rock Slide– Giga Drain
– Quiver DanceLucario @ Air Balloon
Metagross @ Air BalloonAbility: Inner Focus
Ability: Clear BodyJellicent @ Sitrus BerryLevel: 96
Impish NatureAbility: Water Absorb– Drain Punch
– Meteor MashModest Nature– Ice Punch
– EarthquakeIVs: 0 Atk– Rock Slide
– Hammer Arm– Water Spout– Bullet Punch
– Ice Punch– Blizzard
– Pain SplitMilotic @ Leftovers
– Sludge BombAbility: Marvel Scale
Level: 95
– Scald
– Ice Beam
– Recover
– Calm Mind
Garchomp @ Life Orb
Ability: Rough Skin
– Dragon Rush
– Earthquake
– Rock Slide
– Protect
Victory Road
TM02 Dragon ClawTM51 Ally SwitchTM76 Struggle BugTM79 Frost BreathTM87 SwaggerTM90 SubstituteTM91 Flash CannonTM75 Swords DanceTM71 Stone EdgeTM64 ExplosionTM10 Hidden PowerTM43 Flame ChargeTM53 Energy Ball
R. RizzoM. GiniR. PuigR. RizzoW. GlickA. SanzJ. PulkowskiS. ParkJ. YamatotoProtagonist RedR. KosugeB. GouldB. Anderson
Gothitelle @ Sitrus BerryTornadus (M) @ Flying GemScrafty @ Chople BerryCresselia (F) @ Sitrus BerryCresselia @ LeftoversCresselia @ Fire GemSalamence @ Dragon GemThundurus @ Sitrus BerryGarchomp @ Focus SashPikachu @ Light BallLandorus-Therian @ Focus SashLatios @ Choice SpecsLiepard (F) @ Dark Gem
Ability: FriskAbility: PranksterAbility: MoxieAbility: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: LevitateAbility: IntimidateAbility: PranksterAbility: Sand VeilAbility: Lightning RodAbility: IntimidateAbility: LevitateAbility: Prankster
Calm NatureJolly NatureAdamant NatureSassy NatureCalm NatureCalm NatureModest NatureCalm NatureJolly Nature– Volt TackleAdamant NatureTimid NatureJolly Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Acrobatics– Drain PunchIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 2 Atk / 30 SpA / 30 SpeIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Dragon Claw– Iron Tail– EarthquakeIVs: 0 Atk– Foul Play
– Psychic– Tailwind– Protect– Ice Beam– Skill Swap– Flame Burst– Draco Meteor– Thunderbolt– Earthquake– Quick Attack– Stone Edge– Draco Meteor– Fake Out
– Thunder Wave– Substitute– Crunch– Psyshock– Psyshock– Helping Hand– Fire Blast– Thunder Wave– Rock Slide– Fake Out– U-turn– Psyshock– Swagger
– Safeguard– Protect– Fake Out– Swagger– Sunny Day– Ice Beam– Substitute– Taunt– Protect– Protect– Flame Burst– Encore
– Protect– Trick Room– Icy Wind– Psyshock– Protect– Ice BeamLapras @ Water Gem– Thunderbolt
Haxorus @ Choice ScarfAmoonguss @ Coba BerryRotom-Wash @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Water AbsorbThundurus @ LeftoversScizor @ Steel Gem
Thundurus (M) @ Charti BerryAbility: RivalryAbility: Effect SporeMetagross @ Lum BerryThundurus @ Electric GemThundurus @ Flying GemRotom-Heat @ Fire GemHitmontop @ Fighting GemAbility: Levitate– Hydro PumpAbility: PranksterScrafty @ Choice BandAbility: Technician
Ability: PranksterAdamant NatureTimid NatureAbility: Clear BodyAbility: PranksterAbility: PranksterAbility: LevitateAbility: IntimidateCalm Nature– BlizzardCalm NatureAbility: IntimidateAdamant Nature
Bold Nature– OutrageIVs: 0 AtkAdamant NatureCalm NatureModest NatureModest NatureAdamant NatureIVs: 0 Atk– ThunderboltIVs: 0 AtkAdamant NatureIVs: 0 SpA
IVs: 0 Atk– Dual Chop– Giga Drain– Meteor MashIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Fake Out– Thunderbolt– Ice Shard– Thunderbolt– Drain Punch– Bug Bite
– Thunderbolt– Earthquake– Protect– Zen Headbutt– Thunderbolt– Thunderbolt– Thunderbolt– Close Combat– Grass Knot– Thunder Wave– Crunch– Bullet Punch
– Air Slash– Rock Slide– Spore– Earthquake– Taunt– Air Slash– Overheat– Sucker Punch– Will-O-WispSnorlax @ Custap Berry– Taunt– Stone Edge– Swords Dance
– Thunder Wave– Rage Powder– Protect– Thunder Wave– Thunder Wave– Grass Knot– Detect– Thunder WaveAbility: Gluttony– Swagger– Ice Punch– Protect
– SubstituteKrookodile @ Focus Sash– Ice Beam– Substitute– Protect– Belly Drum
Ability: IntimidateJellicent @ Choice ScarfHydreigon @ Dragon GemGarchomp @ Life OrbCresselia @ Psychic Gem– Body SlamCresselia @ Sitrus BerryVolcarona @ Lum BerryBreloom (F) @ Focus Sash
Terrakion @ Choice ScarfAdamant NatureAbility: Cursed BodyAbility: LevitateExeggutor @ Sitrus BerryLatios @ Dragon GemCresselia @ Sitrus BerryAbility: Rough SkinAbility: Levitate– Shadow ClawAbility: LevitateAbility: Flame BodyAbility: Technician
Ability: Justified– EarthquakeTimid NatureTimid NatureAbility: ChlorophyllAbility: LevitateAbility: LevitateJolly NatureModest Nature– ExplosionSassy NatureModest NatureJolly Nature
Jolly Nature– CrunchIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkCalm NatureTimid NatureCalm Nature– EarthquakeIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk / 0 SpeIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 SpA
– Close Combat– Rock Slide– Water Spout– Draco MeteorIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk– Dragon Claw– PsyshockVenusaur @ Choice Scarf– Ice Beam– Rage Powder– Mach Punch
– Rock Slide– Protect– Shadow Ball– Dark Pulse– Leaf Storm– Draco Meteor– Icy Wind– Rock Slide– Icy WindAbility: Chlorophyll– Psychic– Heat Wave– Bullet Seed
– Sacred Sword– Ice Beam– Flamethrower– Psyshock– Energy Ball– Psychic– Protect– Flame Burst– Frenzy Plant– Helping Hand– Bug Buzz– Spore
– EarthquakeThundurus (M) @ Charti Berry– Will-O-Wisp– Protect– Power Swap– Psyshock– Light Screen– Protect– Earth Power– Trick Room– Quiver Dance– Protect
Ability: Prankster– Protect– Protect– Flame BurstBisharp @ Focus Sash– Weather Ball
Hydreigon @ Chople BerryTimid NatureTornadus (M) @ Flying GemGarchomp @ Haban BerryAbility: DefiantTyranitar @ Dark Gem– Sludge BombHeatran @ Fire GemJellicent @ Sitrus BerryCresselia @ Expert Belt
Ability: LevitateIVs: 0 AtkAbility: PranksterAbility: Sand VeilHeatran @ Chople BerryHitmontop @ Fighting GemTyranitar @ Chople BerryAdamant NatureAbility: Sand StreamAbility: Flash FireAbility: Water AbsorbAbility: Levitate
Modest Nature– ThunderboltJolly NatureJolly NatureAbility: Flash FireAbility: IntimidateAbility: Sand Stream– Sucker PunchAdamant NatureCharizard @ Choice SpecsQuiet NatureModest NatureModest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Air Slash– Substitute– Dragon ClawModest NatureAdamant NatureAdamant Nature– Night Slash– Rock SlideAbility: Solar PowerIVs: 0 Atk / 0 SpeIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 Atk
– Dragon Pulse– Thunder Wave– Acrobatics– EarthquakeIVs: 0 Atk– Fake Out– Rock Slide– Iron Head– Crunch– Blast Burn– Heat Wave– Hydro Pump– Psychic
– Dark Pulse– Substitute– Tailwind– Substitute– Heat Wave– Close Combat– Crunch– Protect– Low Kick– Solar Beam– Eruption– Will-O-Wisp– Flame Burst
– Substitute– Protect– Protect– Earth Power– Detect– Superpower– Protect– Ancient Power– Earth Power– Ice Beam– Icy Wind
– ProtectScrafty @ Chople Berry– Substitute– Stone Edge– ProtectHydreigon @ Haban Berry– Air Slash– Protect– Trick Room– Helping Hand
Ability: MoxieTerrakion @ Focus SashTyranitar @ Chople Berry– ProtectAbility: LevitateSalamence @ Choice Scarf
Escavalier @ Occa BerryAdamant NatureAbility: JustifiedAbility: Sand StreamMetagross @ Choice BandExcadrill @ Life OrbModest NatureAbility: IntimidateBlastoise @ Life OrbTyranitar @ Iron BallRhydon @ EvioliteTerrakion @ Fighting Gem
Ability: Swarm– CrunchJolly NatureAdamant NatureHitmontop @ Chesto BerryAbility: Clear BodyAbility: Sand RushIVs: 0 AtkModest NatureAbility: TorrentAbility: Sand StreamAbility: Lightning RodAbility: Justified
Adamant Nature– Drain Punch– Close Combat– Rock SlideAbility: IntimidateAdamant NatureAdamant Nature– Draco Meteor– Rock Slide– Fake OutBrave NatureAdamant NatureJolly Nature
– Megahorn– Fake Out– Quick Attack– Low KickCareful Nature– Ice Punch– Earthquake– Dark Pulse– Fire Blast– Hydro CannonIVs: 0 Spe– Rock SlideIVs: 0 SpA
– Iron Head– Protect– Rock Slide– Fire Punch– Close Combat– Earthquake– Rock Slide– Fire Blast– Air Slash– Ice Beam– Crunch– Drill Run– Close Combat
– Substitute– Protect– Protect– Stone Edge– Meteor Mash– X-Scissor– Protect– Draco Meteor– Icy Wind– Rock Slide– Substitute– Rock Slide
– ProtectEelektross @ Life Orb– Rest– Bullet Punch– Protect– Fling– Protect– Substitute
Ability: LevitateThundurus (M) @ Charti BerryRotom-Wash @ Choice Specs– Fake OutCresselia @ Expert BeltMetagross @ Choice Band– Sunny Day– Protect
Conkeldurr @ LeftoversModest NatureAbility: PranksterAbility: LevitateTyranitar (F) @ Focus SashGastrodon @ Rindo BerryAbility: LevitateAbility: Clear BodyAbomasnow @ Focus Sash
Ability: GutsIVs: 0 AtkTimid NatureModest NatureTerrakion @ Choice BandAbility: Sand StreamAbility: Storm DrainModest NatureAdamant NatureConkeldurr @ Life OrbAbility: Snow WarningThundurus @ Electric Gem
Adamant Nature– ThunderboltIVs: 0 AtkIVs: 0 AtkAbility: JustifiedAdamant NatureModest NatureIVs: 0 Atk– Meteor MashAbility: Iron FistQuiet NatureAbility: Prankster
– Drain Punch– Flamethrower– Substitute– ThunderboltAdamant Nature– Low KickIVs: 0 Atk– Psyshock– Zen HeadbuttBrave Nature– BlizzardTimid Nature
– Rock Slide– Ice Beam– Thunderbolt– Hydro Pump– Close Combat– Rock Slide– Muddy Water– Icy Wind– Hammer ArmIVs: 0 Spe– Ice ShardIVs: 0 Atk
– Mach Punch– Protect– Ice Beam– Grass Knot– Rock Slide– Avalanche– Earth Power– Flame Burst– Explosion– Hammer Arm– Giga Drain– Thunderbolt
– Detect– Thunder Wave– Thunder– Quick Attack– Protect– Ice Beam– Energy Ball– Mach Punch– Protect– Air Slash
– Protect– Recover– Ice Punch– Taunt
– Protect– Thunder Wave
Rival and Elite Four Finale
Clefable @ Normal GemCofagrigus @ LeftoversScrafty @ Fighting GemGothitelle @ Sitrus BerryCobalion @ Life OrbHeatran @ Fire Gem
Ability: Magic GuardAbility: MummyAbility: IntimidateAbility: Shadow TagAbility: JustifiedAbility: Flash Fire
Modest NatureBold NatureAdamant NatureSassy NatureJolly NatureModest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Night Shade– Fake Out– Fake Out– Close CombatIVs: 0 Atk
– Follow Me– Pain Split– High Jump Kick– Psychic– Iron Head– Eruption
– Hyper Voice– Will-O-Wisp– Head Smash– Light Screen– Stone Edge– Heat Wave
– Psychic– Trick Room– Ice Punch– Reflect– Rock Polish– Energy Ball
– Focus Blast– Protect
Chandelure @ Fire GemBisharp @ Focus SashMetagross @ Life OrbWhimsicott @ Focus Sash
Hydreigon @ Dragon GemAbility: Shadow TagAbility: DefiantAbility: Clear BodyAbility: PranksterCresselia (F) @ Chesto Berry
Ability: LevitateModest Nature– Sucker PunchAdamant NatureModest NatureAbility: Levitate
Modest Nature– Heat Wave– Iron Head– Meteor Mash– Energy BallCalm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk– Shadow Ball– Low Kick– Zen Headbutt– Stun SporeIVs: 0 Atk
– Draco Meteor– Energy Ball– Swords Dance– Earthquake– Tailwind– Psyshock
– Surf– Calm Mind– Ice Punch– Endeavor– Ice Beam
– Dark PulseDarkrai @ Chople Berry– Rest
– FlamethrowerGiratina-Origin @ Griseous OrbAbility: IllusionDeoxys-Attack @ Focus SashTerrakion @ Choice Scarf– Trick Room
Ability: LevitateTimid NatureAbility: TelepathyAbility: Justified
Arbok @ Shuca BerryAdamant NatureIVs: 0 AtkNaive NatureAdamant NatureRotom-Wash @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Intimidate– Shadow Force– Dark Pulse– Psycho Boost– Rock SlideAbility: Levitate
Adamant Nature– Draco Meteor– Thunderbolt– Superpower– EarthquakeModest Nature
– Gunk Shot– Earthquake– Nasty Plot– Ice Beam– Close CombatIVs: 0 Atk
– Crunch– Will-O-Wisp– Psychic– Detect– X-Scissor– Hydro Pump
– Aqua Tail– Thunderbolt
– EarthquakeGengar @ Choice SpecsZoroark @ Focus SashReuniclus @ Sitrus BerryConkeldurr @ Flame Orb– Will-O-Wisp
Ability: LevitateAbility: IllusionAbility: Magic GuardAbility: Guts– Light Screen
Rotom-Wash @ Sitrus BerryTimid Nature– Dark PulseModest NatureAdamant Nature
Ability: Levitate– Shadow Ball– FlamethrowerIVs: 0 Atk– Drain PunchLandorus-Therian (M) @ Focus Sash
Modest Nature– Sludge Wave– Extrasensory– Psychic– Knock OffAbility: Intimidate
IVs: 0 Atk– Focus Blast– Nasty Plot– Focus Blast– Ice PunchAdamant Nature
– Hydro Pump– Thunder– Grass Knot– Mach Punch– Earthquake
– ThunderboltAmoonguss @ Eject Button– Pain Split– Rock Slide
– Volt SwitchSableye @ Sitrus BerryAbility: RegeneratorBlaziken @ Focus Sash– U-turn
– Will-O-WispAbility: PranksterBold NaturePorygon-Z @ Life OrbAbility: Speed Boost– Protect
Impish Nature– SporeAbility: AdaptabilityAdamant Nature
Tornadus-Therian @ Flying Gem– Fake Out– Rage PowderTimid Nature– Flare BlitzTyranitar @ Chople Berry
Ability: Regenerator– Will-O-Wisp– Foul Play– Hyper Beam– High Jump KickAbility: Sand Stream
– Acrobatics– Confuse Ray– Energy Ball– Ice Beam– Thunder PunchAdamant Nature
– U-turn– Foul Play– Electroweb– Protect– Rock Slide
– Heat WaveHydreigon @ White Herb– Psyshock– Crunch
– TailwindShedinja @ Focus SashAbility: LevitateMienshao @ Fighting Gem– Low Kick
Ability: Wonder GuardTimid NatureAlakazam @ Focus SashAbility: Reckless– Protect
Heatran @ Air BalloonAdamant Nature– Draco MeteorAbility: Magic BounceJolly Nature
Ability: Flash Fire– X-Scissor– Dark PulseTimid Nature– Fake OutConkeldurr @ Life Orb
Timid Nature– Sucker Punch– Flamethrower– Psychic– High Jump KickAbility: Iron Fist
IVs: 0 Atk– Will-O-Wisp– Tailwind– Focus Blast– U-turnBrave Nature
– Heat Wave– Swords Dance– Grass Knot– Knock Off– Hammer Arm
– Flash Cannon– Calm Mind– Ice Punch
– Earth Power– Mach Punch
– Dragon Pulse– Protect