Pokemon Platinum Redux v2.5 – Battle Items

Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Platinum Redux by Hennus. It’s an NDS Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Platinum.

ItemEffectEffect ValueLocation
Sitrus Berryheals HP when under 50% HP30%Oreburgh
Plates/Silk Scarfdamage boost for matching type20%Oreburgh
Quick Clawmakes user go first20%Oreburgh
Lum Berrycures any status conditionOreburgh
Chesto Berrycures sleepOreburgh
Liechi Berryraises Atk when under 33%Eterna
Petaya Berryraises SpAtk when under 33%Eterna
Salac Berryraises Spe when under 33%Eterna
Custap Berrygoes first when under 33%Eterna
Heat/Damp/Smooth/Icy Rockincreases weather effect duration to 240 turnsEterna
Light Clayincreases duration of screens by 3 turnsEterna
Wise Glassesincreases SpAtk15%208
Muscle Bandincreases Atk15%208
Type Weakness Berrieshalves damage from super effective attack208
Choice Scarfincreases Spe but user can only use one move50%Veilstone
Choice Bandincreases Atk but user can only use one move25%Veilstone
Choice Specsincreases SpAtk but user can only use one move25%Veilstone
Leftoversheals HP every turn6,25%Veilstone
Big Rootincreases healing on absorption moves70%Valor Lakefront
Expert Beltincreases super effective damage25%Valor Lakefront
Life Orbincreases damage but user loses 10% HP after attacking25%Valor Lakefront
Shell Bellheals based on damage dealt20%Valor Lakefront
Zoom Lensincreases accuracy when going second30%Canalave
Wide Lensincreases accuracy15%Canalave
Bright Powderlowers opponents accuracy10%Canalave
Focus Sashuser lives one hit moves with 1 HPCanalave
Scope Lensincreases critical hit ratioCanalave
Power Herbremoves startup turn of 2 turn moves217
White Herbrestores stats when lowered217