Pokemon Platinum Redux v2.5 – TM Locations

Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Platinum Redux by Hennus. It’s an NDS Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Platinum.

NumberMoveSingle copy locationInfinite copies Rowan
1Body slamVeilstone rock climbLeague
2Giga Impactveilstone galacticVictory Road
3Foul WaterSmall MarshCanalave City
4Scam219Floaroma Town
5Hyper Beam223League
6Mud Slap203Floaroma Town
7Brave Bird213 rock climbVictory Road
8Rapid Spin202Floaroma Town
9Nasty Plot216Victory Road
10Agility215Pastoria City
11H2O AbsorptionEterna ForestJungle Path
12AurorabeamEterna CliffJungle Path
13Reflect205Hearthome City
14Cross PoisonValor LakefronCanalave City
15Shock WaveSolaceon213
16Shadow PunchSolaceon213
17Toxic217Victory Road
18Draco Meteor210 rock climbLeague
19Slack Offoreburgh tunnel surf222
20HazeOreburgh MineEterna City
21Light Screen205Hearthome City
22Tailwind213 surf222
23Dark Pulse212 surfCanalave City
24Drill RunJungle PathPastoria City
25Natural Gift214Celestic Town
26BraindrainEternaJungle Path
27Seismic TossSandgemOreburgh City
28Swords Dancecoronet northVictory Road
30Zen Headbutveilstone galacticVictory Road
31Calm Mind215Pastoria City
32Dragon BreathOreburgh TunnelEterna City
33Magical LeafEterna ForestJungle Path
34Aerial AceOld ChateauJungle Path
36Thunder WaveValor Lakefront rock climbVictory Road
37HailJubilife LakesHearthome City
38Signal BeamEterna galacticJungle Path
39Sludgeravaged rathEterna City
40Bulk Up215Pastoria City
41Flare Blitz212217
42Tectonic Shift208 rock climbLeague
43Flame Chargewayward caveVeilstone City
44Will O WispValor Lakefront rock climbVictory Road
45U Turnwayward caveVeilstone City
46Sandstorm204Hearthome City
47Rock Tomb204213
48Power Gemcoronet northLeague
49Power Whip211217
50Stone Edge208 waterfallLeague
51Knock OffGreat MarshCanalave City
52Brick BreakGreat MarshCanalave City
53Blast Burn222League
54WishJubilife Lakes surf222
55Scald5. badge217
56Hydro Cannon223League
57Charge Beam8. badgeLeague
58Bug Buzz216 rock climbVictory Road
59Frenzy Plant222League
60Drain Punch4. badgeCanalave City
61Earthquakevalley windwork surf222
62Ominous Wind208Veilstone City
63Shadow Ballravaged path surf222
64Psychiccoronet surf222
65Shadow Claw3. badgeCelestic Town
66Silver WindCoronetVeilstone City
67Rain dance204Hearthome City
68Thunderboltmaniac tunnelCelestic Town
69Volt Tackle210 waterfallLeague
70Ancient Power207Veilstone City
71Astonish219Oreburgh City
72Ice Burn7. badgeVictory Road
73PluckVerity LakefrontOreburgh City
74Ice Beammaniac tunnelCelestic Town
75Flamethrowermaniac tunnelCelestic Town
76Stealth Rock1. badgeEterna City
77Volt Switchwayward caveVeilstone City
78Magnet Bomb210217
79Focus Blast211 rock climbVictory Road
80Iron HeadSolaceon ruins213
81Giga Drain221 surf222
82Draconic SlamVeilstonePastoria City
83Sludge Bombtrophy gardenCanalave City
84Heat Wave209 surf222
85Freeze Strikeiron island222
86Grass Knot2. badge213
87Dragon RageSmall Marsh surf222
88Sunny day204Hearthome City
89X-Scizortrophy garden217
90Rest207Veilstone City
91Flash Cannon6. badge222
92Mystical Mistcanalave222
HM 1CutEterna
HM 2FlyVeilstone
HM 3SurfCelestic
HM 4StrengthIron Island
HM 5Heavy StormSolaceon Ruins
HM 6Rock SmashOreburgh Gate
HM 7WaterfallSunyshore
HM 8Rock Climb217