God of War walkthrough – A Realm Beyond, Tyr’s Temple, the Realm Travel Room

###A Realm Beyond and Tyr’s Temple
Keep in step with the Witch.

It appears that the Witch has been following your every move. Keep up with her as she makes her way back down the hill toward the broken wooden contraption. She will clean it up for you, and soon enough, you will be able to hop on and ride back down to Sindri, the dwarf that you met earlier, for a convenient shortcut up and down that portion of the mountain.

If you look carefully, you’ll find a chest that’s been moved to a more convenient location lower down. You will see a smoking poison tower just in sight if you travel over to Sindri’s area and then turn your attention to the East. You should swing your axe at that, and then quickly circle back around to the base of the lift on the opposite side.

You can now make your way to a chest located to the north-east of the lift by working your way around the area. Inside the chest, you will find a piece of Solf Svartalfheim Steel.

Now, follow the Witch back inside through the doors you first got here through. However, this time, she’s got a different way for you to retrace your steps than the way you came in the first time. When her special arrows are fired at the blue chrystals that you might have seen along the way, a bridge is created (remember this mechanic! ), and the path that leads back to the other side is now passable once more.

Continue following her all the way back to the temple, and when you reach the doors leading back inside, take a right down the steps. There’s a dead guy at the bottom of the stairs with another collectible Artefact that belongs to the Abandon Ship set.

If you go back up and down the steps in the opposite direction that the Witch is pointing, she will construct another bridge for you, this time along the side of the main temple structure. In order to move the entire structure so that it points in a different direction, you will need to run across and follow her instructions as well as the on-screen prompts. Atreus is getting the impression that you actually possess a certain amount of strength.

After you have followed her back up and into the building, she will teach Atreus how to shoot these magical arrows that form bridges. This information will come in very handy later on. In the next room, which is called the Realm Travel Room, you should follow her after she has crossed the next bridge.

###Realm Travel Room
Visit the town of Alfheim.

It would appear that this world consists of more than just a single realm in its entirety. You will learn about the Bifrost, a tool for travelling between realms that appears to only be able to hold one charge at a time, if you follow the Witch to the altar and watch the enlightening cutscene.

You need to go to Alfheim in order to get around the annoying black smoke that was blocking your path on the Mountain Foothills, and while you’re there, you should charge up this Bifrost as well.

Have some fun with the unique map for travelling to different realms, and when you’re ready, select the realm you want to go to in order to be transported there! For the time being, you can only go to Alfheim.

Once you have arrived, you should follow the Witch outside, watch the scene unfold, and then get ready to explore a completely new world…