God of War walkthrough – Alfheim, The Light of Alfheim, Lake of Light

###Alfheim and The Light of Alfheim quest
We are going to guess that “Elf Realm” is the literal translation for the name Alfheim, which means “Elf Realm.” You and your partner are going to have to take care of it by yourselves once more now that the Witch has been pulled back into the other realm in such an unexpected manner. Your mission is to make your way to the enormous beam of light off in the distance, enter it, and use the Bifrost, a realm-hopping trinket, to fill up the empty space inside of it.

Figure out how to get to the light.

Continue forward across this Elven version of Tyr’s Bridge until you reach a point where you are confronted with some massive vines that writhe and block the path ahead of you. You’re going to want to get used to this new gameplay mechanic: in order to remove the vines, you have to throw your axe so that it hits the glowing part that’s in the middle of the knot.

After you have removed this vine and the one directly behind it, continue forward while keeping to the right. There are some strange runes written on the wall that Atreus can decipher. Directly to the right of those runes is another vine that is blocking your path to a chest; remove it in order to receive some Hacksilver as a reward.

You will see some Dark Elves murdering a Light Elf just ahead of you, at the end of the bridge. Kratos refers to this moment as “the end of a war.” It won’t be long before the Dark Elves focus their attention on you; therefore, it’s time to engage in combat with them.

They are generally faster and more aggressive with their attacks, making them much more difficult to deal with than standard Draugr. Knocking them up in the air for a combo doesn’t work so well as they can simply fly out of it and recover (unless you freeze them with a heavy axe throw first), and they are much trickier than basic Draugr. Keep moving and make an effort to learn the patterns that they use to attack, and you should be fine.

Now that those foes have been eliminated, there are additional vines blocking the path. In order to successfully complete this challenge, you will need to hit both of the glowing spots with a single swing of the axe. As you make your way further into the realm, you will need to keep this second mechanic in mind.

If you keep going, you’ll eventually run into Sindri the dwarf, who owns his own shop and will be waiting for you up ahead. Weird! You should complete any necessary upgrades, and then proceed with your mission; right now, you should look for a boat.

Set the Boat Free

There is one hidden behind some vines to your left as you entered the area, as you probably guessed from the previous sentence. You need to hit three glowing spots in a single throw in order to free it; to get the correct angle, head round to the right of the vines, and you’ll be able to line up your throw nicely.

Help Atreus move the boat closer to the shore, then hop in it yourself. You have some opportunity to investigate the water here, much like you did at the Lake of Nine, and there are additional areas that branch off from the primary storyline and contain a wide variety of things to find. However, for the time being, we are going to skip ahead in this walkthrough and take you directly to the next story objective.

Navigate your ship forward toward the small glowing blue object that turns out to be a unique consumable item called Yggdrasil’s Dew of Cooldown. Consuming this item grants you a permanent increase of 2 points in the Cooldown stat.

If you continue forward from the waypoint, there will be a brief pause during which Atreus will be struggling with some strange voices that are occurring inside his head. What a knucklehead! Continue.

Continue paddling downstream until you reach a new location, the breathtaking Lake of Light, and then exit the river.

###Lake of Light and how to find a way into the Temple
Once more, there is content to discover in this area; however, in order to proceed with the narrative, moor your ship at the nearby dock when prompted, and then head up to one of those sand bowls that represents a puzzle.

You must carve a rune into the sand, just like you did before, in order to proceed, but there are no runes in the immediate area. Get back in the boat and set sail in the direction of the opposite end of the lake, where the light was seen to originate.

There is a light bridge up ahead that leads directly towards the light when you cock, but the Dark Elves that are fighting nearby will soon put an end to your ability to progress by destroying the bridge and attacking you.

When all of them have been removed, you will see a pair of large cogs on either side of the location where you moored your vessel. Spin one while fending off the foes, then spin the other, and it will raise a massive pair of curved pillars out of the water. These pillars begin to take the shape of a rune as they rise out of the water.

Locate an entrance to the Temple.

Paddle back to the teeny island with the bowl of sand, and instruct the boy to carve a rune into the surface of the sand. You will hear a tremendous rumble, and then the water in front of you will begin to part. At the same time, a massive chasm will open up, and you will be lowered down into it – a way in!

Brace yourself for the challenging journey that lies ahead, and be prepared to be greeted by a Dark Elf gentleman who appears to be rather agitated.