God of War walkthrough – Brenna Daudi boss battle and Sanctuary Grove bloom

###Brenna Daudi boss fight
Finally! God of War’s trolls are all distinct, yet also similar. This one fires fiery missiles that are blockable but hard to evade, but otherwise it’s like the previous.

Distract it with Atreus arrows to gain a chance to go in close and hack, utilizing Spartan Rage and Runic skills when available. Try to clear off Draugr that spawn as rapidly as possible with axe throws to give yourself room.

Heavy axe throws to Brenna Daudi’s face are good for reducing its life bar, but watch careful for its fiery attacks and walk aside when it turns on you until Atreus draws its ire again.

Glowing orange orbs raise your Spartan Rage gauge when stomped on, while smaller foes and smashable pots drop health orbs.

When you beat Brenna Daudi, swallow up the loot – Hacksilver, two loads of Soft Svartalfheim Steel, and Ivaldi’s Anvil, a Heavy Runic Attack – and then heal from nearby orbs.

Another runic chest is nearby. At the cliff’s water’s edge. The first seal is to the right, the second above and to the left, and the third is behind you, propped up by rib-like pillars. First hit the furthest, then race to the chest and hit the other two.

The chest includes a health-boosting Idunn Apple.

Left of the chest, Atreus may climb up and drop a chain for you to follow. Atreus notes a Lore Marker, a luminous blue tablet, in his diary. Continue.

Atreus will discover the boar in the torch-marked cave after picking up Hacksilver. Help him aim, but the arrow bounces off the mystical boar. Strange!

Turn right before entering the ravaged settlement. On a burning house’s roof is an Eye of Odin to axe. Smash into each home to get Hacksilver. Faces of Magic is behind the right home.

On your left is a ledge with a Hacksilver chest. As you play, a Reaver will appear; punch him instead of chopping him, then move the giant rock to allow Atreus another shot at the boar.

This time, it works, but Atreus chases it recklessly, losing his mother’s knife. He vanished into the fog…

#Find Atreus
As you chase him, rough, foggy routes will appear. In truth, this is a planned puzzle. Follow his voice, shouting out when instructed, and turning around at dead ends.

Through a short rock fissure, you’ll reach a clearing where Atreus is with a lady and a pig.

###Find the white-petalled flower and Sanctuary Grove

After a cutscene, you must transport the boar to the Witch’s residence in Sanctuary Grove.

You must locate a white-petaled flower for a healing salve. Kratos takes you flower picking. He probably liked it.

Follow the guidelines above the white flowers after exiting the entrance and turning left. Grab one and proceed to the front.


Help Atreus choose a flower (and lecture him about the fallen knife), then go back to the rear door and enter.

The witch will give you and Atreus a ward to conceal you from the Norse gods, who don’t appreciate outsiders.

As you proceed down the subterranean tunnels, you’ll unlock the Witch’s Compass, a waypoint that shows you which way to go.