God of War walkthrough – Daudi Kaupmaor and the Stranger

###Daudi Kaupmaor boss fight
This conflict has no true strategy, despite appearances. You must reduce the giant troll-health thing’s until a quick-time event kills him.

To distract Daudi Kaupmaor, timing Atreus’ arrows by pressing Square while shooting at anything. Then go up behind him and swing your axe as many times as possible before he turns around.

His attacks are very well-telegraphed – you’ll be able to tell when they’re coming – but since a lot of your talents, like dodging, aren’t truly enabled yet, it takes some time to get out of the way, so watch out.

Otherwise, toss your axe at him from a distance and attack him in melee while he’s distracted to trigger a cinematic of you bludgeoning him to death. Done! By beating him, you’ll unlock Troll’s Toll.

After you’re cured, climb Atreus’ wooden palisade. On the opposite side, more Draugr await. You may stun them by continuously hitting them until the red bar beneath their health bar fills, then finish them off with R3.

A door nearby has a blue-ish glass-mirrored diamond. This is a Hidden Chamber, another Labour-maker, but you can’t do anything here. You’ll see them along the way but won’t return for a while, so record them and go on.

Blue ice-man enemies spawn here. It’s impervious to ice damage, so use your fists to hurt it. Kratos probably loves it, so it’s not a big deal.

After crushing an adversary, seek for a rope and wood device holding planks. Hit the rope’s shining metal disc with your axe to advance.

You’re almost home after jumping from the cliff. Strange things happen when you reach it. Follow cutscene instructions.

###The Stranger
After wonderful father-son moments, a Stranger arrives.

He wants to fight, so let’s give in.

This may be tough, but it’s a terrific test of your responses, since excellent timing will be your most helpful weapon.

When in doubt, shelter behind your shield to avoid the Stranger’s assaults. If you strike after blocking, you may knock him up for a good combination. Rinse and repeat until the next cutscene – he’ll evade long-range axe throws.

When you’re on your home, press R1 to hit him until the following mini-cutscene, when you’re wedged between rocks and get Spartan Rage.

Press L3 and R3 to activate it, then use your fists to land combinations. After that, his assaults will advance – watch out for the one where he produces a shockwave to pulse through the earth towards you. Step aside when he starts to attack to escape it, and keep blocking and countering when he dashes you.

When he has little health, you receive another cutscene with taunting, bludgeoning, and battling, and his assaults advance. This time he’ll leap up and crash into the ground – a classic! – so clear the area when he jumps and assault him on landing.

You may score a good counter by blocking his zigzagging punch dash. As late as possible after he begins his sprint, knock him backwards to open him up to counterattacks.