God of War walkthrough – Destroy the Hive, claim the Light, Escape the Temple

###Destroy the Hive and claim the Light
Now is the time to brace yourself for whatever may come, because things don’t look good. First things first, make your way up the ramp, and when you get to the top, take out another one of those glowing red stems that are up ahead.

Then… get into a fight! You have to fight your way through wave after wave of Dark Elves in order to reach the top of the ramp where there is another one of these red stems. However, in order to reach the top, you have to work your way up the ramp.

You need to just keep pushing forward here; if necessary, run through enemies; simply use all of your runic attacks; spam Spartan Rage whenever it is ready; and plough forward. You’ll soon reach the top, where you’ll need to cut down one more red stem to permanently get rid of the Dark Elves.

You will find yourself inside the light after the cutscene plays; just continue walking forwards towards the sounds of the voices until another cutscene brings you crashing back down to earth and into reality with Atreus.

It turns out that you’ve been in there for a while, but after completely not apologising to your son, you have at least refilled that Bifrost thingy, which also allows you to charge up Atreus’ bow with special Light Arrows. These Light Arrows are the same Light Arrows that allow the Witch to hit those blue crystals to form light bridges. Handy! This is how you’ll get out of this situation.

You should shoot the arrows in the same manner as you would a regular Atreus arrow, which is by pointing and pressing the Square button. You’ll need to form a bridge by breaking the first crystal up ahead in order to continue. After that, descend to the left side of the room, where there is a crystal lying on the ground.

First, bring it to the socket to the south of that small platform, and then climb back up the side you just dropped down on to reach a red chest with another Fragmented Heart of Alfheim inside. This chest contains an enchantment that, when stacked with your other enchantments, will provide you with a significant amount of Dark Elf resistance (you’ll need it soon).

Then you will need to hop down, pick up the crystal once more, and lug it over to the other socket in the eastern corner of the platform. While you are there, shoot the crystal just to the east of you with Atreus (generally, shoot crystals as soon as you have line of sight of them, as you might not always be able to get an angle after you move on).

The next step is to use the ledge that is immediately adjacent to you to ascend to the level above, and then proceed across the bridge.

On the other side, you will be confronted by some Nightmares; after taking care of them, you will need to cut down the two vines simultaneously in order to access the nearby Hacksilver chest.

After removing another vine from the wall, turn around and look to the south to locate the crystal on the opposite side of the bridge. A pair of Dark Elves will appear, and you must eliminate them before crossing the bridge.

Go to the next bridge to your right and clear the vines by hitting two glowing spots from just above the bridge. Once the vines have been cleared, shoot the crystal that appears right behind them.

Now that the bridge has been cleared, travel back to the previous platform and climb the wall that has been cleared to reach the highest level.

Eliminate the foes located there and proceed across the new bridge to the south, heading in the direction of the large grand doors located at the exit.

Defeat the foes waiting for you at the top of the ramp, then open the chest to receive the Light Runic Attack known as Strike of the Utgard.

Then, face the doors and look up; there is a hanging crystal and, above that, a disc in the chain that can be brought down by hitting it with a throw of your axe.

After that, carry the crystal through and place it in the socket before shooting it to activate the lore tablet that is in front of you. After that, you and Atreus can read the information on the tablet.

After that, pick up the crystal once more, and bring it up the ramp that’s to the right. Another locked door can be found there, but if you have the crystal with you, it will not be difficult for you to open it. To begin, insert it into the socket that can be found in the centre of that region.

Climb the ledge to the right, then cross the new bridge to reach the chest in the middle of the platform; it holds a horn of blood mead.

The next step is to move to the extreme right of that light bridge and look to the left of the door that is locked; from this vantage point, you will be able to see the glowing vines lining up for a shot.

You need to drop down and pick up the crystal a second time, then transport it to the socket that is now open. Run to the left end of the new bridge that has appeared above that socket, and then use your power to lift the boy up. This will allow him to reach the sand bowl and carve the rune into it.

The door is open! You should go outside, where you will be greeted by a number of Light Elves, and then make your way to the dock; however, the boat is not in this location.

###Escape the temple, use the Sand Bowl Lift
When you walk down the bridge to the dock, you will notice that the boat is, of course, still at the sand bowl where it was before. This means that in order to escape, one must go back down, through the large trench, and then ascend using the Sand Bowl Lift at the opposite end.

Make use of the lift for the sand bowl.

After that, proceed to the right side of the platform and use this lift to get back down to the lower level. Inside the bottom chamber, there is a room that has recently opened up to the north and it contains a chest made of hacksilver.

There is also a room that has recently been opened up to the west that contains a dead elf as well as a spoils of war elf artefact (the first of six).

Now, turn your attention to the door that is closed to the south and pry it open. Water is pouring in from the outside, and the enormous chasm that is above you is closing, making everything nice and dark.

In the immediate vicinity, a Revenant will materialise; before attempting to kill it, remember to first stun it with Atreus’ arrows and then deal it damage. It may seem strange, but there are also a few other foes that have a distinct northern European appearance, so keep an eye out for them.

A crystal socket can be found close to the body of a deceased elf at the bottom of a short ramp that leads south. To move forward in the game, you will need to locate a crystal.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is face south-east and then use light arrows to navigate the bridges along that corridor until you reach the room at the end. Inside, if you look up, you will see a crystal hanging from a chain that is connected to a small disc. It is suspended from the ceiling. You can retrieve the crystal by using your axe to knock over the disc and then picking it up.

Once the door has been opened, a swarm of enemies known as Draugr will attack. Once they have been eliminated, proceed to search the newly accessible rooms for another dead elf who was carrying an artefact.

Now bring the crystal to the North-West and use the Light Arrows to cross the bridges through that corridor to a chamber at the end too. This chamber contains another socket and a puzzle for you to solve (you can skip this and put it straight in the socket on the little ramp, but hey, it’s free treasure).

The puzzle can be started by placing the crystal in the hole. You are looking at a door that has the letters B, E, F, and something that looks like a T written on it.

You have a limited amount of time to use your axe to throw at the discs that are mounted on the pillars that are nearby in order to spin the plates and display the correct letters in the correct order (if you run out of time, shoot the crystal with Atreus again to retry).

When you enter the room, begin at the one that is to your immediate left and work your way around in a clockwise direction, moving to the one to your immediate right after passing the one to your immediate left. The answer is as follows:

Near-left: One strike in the clockwise direction to demonstrate B
To the far left, one strike anticlockwise to show an F.
On the far right, two hits going clockwise to demonstrate the letter E
Near-right: One strike in the anticlockwise direction to demonstrate T
If you do it quickly (it is recommended that you stand in the middle of the room), the door will open, revealing another red chest containing Runic Scaled Spaulders, which are a piece of common chest armour. Which, if we’re being completely honest, seems a little bit unimpressive.

To proceed further toward the exit, you will need to pick up the crystal, carry it back to the area with the short ramp, and place it in the slot there.

Continue on all the way back to the sand bowl where you first entered, but don’t use it just yet. You can get there by crossing the new bridge back to the wheel you used to raise and lower the levels for the Nornir rune chest a long time ago, and then carrying on until you reach the bowl.

If you look up, there are a few hanging sacks that contain a little bit of treasure, and you can knock them down if you want to. While you are here, look up.

Now, just take a moment to organise your belongings so that you will be adequately prepared for what is coming up next…