God of War walkthrough – Jarn Fotr boss fight, Reach the Summit

###Jarn Fotr
After you have removed the stone that was preventing the rope from escaping, a hulking frost troll by the name of Jarn Fotr materialises in the centre of the area.

This Troll is pretty much the same as any other Troll you’ve encountered; the attacks are slightly different, but overall, you’re taking the same approach. To begin, you should begin chipping away at his health by throwing ranged axes at him from a distance where you are safe.

When he gets close enough for a melee attack and finishes his cycle of attacks, you should use this opportunity to get in some hacking shots and then retreat. It will be fairly simple to avoid and respond to his initial attack, which will consist of a single slam of his pillar to the ground.

After that, he will move on to a couple of swings in close quarters combat, and after that, he will begin employing a ranged attack. It’s a type of stomp that sends ice shards rippling towards you out of the ground, but it can be blocked and countered, so if you have good timing, you can actually use this to do a significant amount of damage to your opponent.

It is imperative that you do everything in your power to avoid getting caught by the flaming attacks of the more explosive Draugr that will start to appear, as this is where the difficulty level will begin to increase.

His ranged attack will then progress to three lines of ice rather than one, which can be difficult work to dodge so you are better off blocking – the central stone in the area is also useful to get behind when he goes for ranged attacks as it will stop them on the spot when they hit it.

At this point, he will have a relatively low amount of health, and a Spartan Rage will be sufficient to finish him off by dealing a good third of his health in damage.

###Reach the Summit
After you have collected all of the valuable loot that Jarn Fotr has to offer, it is time for you to make your way to the top of this lift.

Climb to the Top of the Mountain.

Atreus messed up the first wheel, so you’ll need to push the mine cart all the way over to it.

The next step is to go to the wheel and pull it in order to bring the massive lifting claw down and wrap it around the cart.

Stop the wheel from turning by hurling your axe at the gear that is directly to its right; then, climb onto the cart and retrieve your weapon to begin your ascent at long last!

After you have successfully ridden it to the top, you will move on to the next stage of the quest and proceed further up the mountain.

Accomplish the Task at Hand

As soon as you reach the top of that makeshift lift, immediately turn to the right and break through some additional wood to find a chest containing hacksilver.

Then, proceed forward until you reach the spitting fire traps ahead; you already know the drill; simply run past them at the appropriate moment, and keep going.

There is another trap similar to the last one up ahead, but this one is different in that it is a spinning column with fire coming out of it in multiple directions. Utilize the wreckage and stone pillars to the right in order to make your way around gradually, and keep an eye out for the ranged Draugr that will begin attacking you when you are approximately halfway around the circle.

To get some rare Chest Armor, pull the wheel that is located at the far end of the room to lower the fire trap column. This will also make the coffin that is located on top of the room accessible.

Continue forward until you reach the appropriate lift at the end of the passage. Dislodge the two enormous stones blocking it in order to start the ascent.

You should brace yourself for a little bit of a combat challenge here, albeit a fun one. After a brief period of time, several waves of Draugr and, not long after that, an Ogre will begin to hop on board and begin attacking you. You’ll need to manually free yourself every so often by going to the area where the lift gets stuck and pressing the appropriate buttons in the appropriate sequence.

Battle against the mini-boss Hraezlyr

Just when you think you’ve got everything under control, along comes a dragon!

This one is not particularly difficult, but it does scare me nonetheless. You just have to hack away at the massive hand that it’s using to grab the platform, landing a couple blows then backing off to avoid its swipes and bites, and repeating this process until it’s dead.

You will, at some point, reach a quiet time event in which you will be required to repeatedly press the Circle button; once you do this, the danger will have passed, at least temporarily.

You and your companion will find yourselves in yet another tunnel, but this one is full of that sticky red sap, as well as some short tree stumps that contain glowing red crystals in similar formations.

You can plug the crystals from the stumps, throw them at stuff (like the red sap) that’s electrified in any way, and the red sap that’s blocking your path will explode! Those red crystals in the stumps are called Shatter Crystals, and you can find them in the stumps. Soon enough, you’ll be able to source that electrified current for yourself (more on that in the following page), which eventually means that anything blocked by the ugly red stuff can now finally be cleared. More on that in the following page.

As you make your way up the path and out to the exterior of the mountain, practise utilising the mechanic. Once you reach the top of the path, there is another cutscene waiting for you, along with someone else…