God of War walkthrough – Marked Trees, Midgard, and Gate Opening

####The Marked Trees and the first Midgard quest
After a great, tactile introduction to Kratos slicing down a tree, the first thing you’ll do in God of War is kayak downstream with Atreus.

Follow the river and path, then watch the opening sequence until you’re given your first objective: Hunt with Atreus.

Hunt with Atreus
First, a collectible. Find a lost toy at the gate.

Follow Atreus through the wooden gates as he looks for the wild beast. Keep an eye on the ground to the right for your first taste of Hacksilver, an in-game money used to upgrade your gear.

Left of the stone stairs, a few yards ahead, is another object. Another Lost and Found toy you may sell for Hacksilver. First of many, don’t miss it!

Continue with Atreus, picking up Hacksilver and looking for side routes with chests (this one has additional Hacksilver).

You’ll approach a bridge with a gap and boards blocking one end. This is a tutorial for one of the game’s core mechanics, which you’ll utilize for puzzles and battle.

Hold L2 to aim, press R1 or R2 to throw, and Triangle to recall. The reticule transforms to a glowing symbol when you can hurl your axe at anything, so keep that in mind while you play.

After the bridge, you’ll confront Draugr, the game’s first and most common enemy. R1 and R2 are your swift and heavy strikes, and you can toss your axe, but it should be simple now.

Just beyond them is a green orb; devour it to heal. You’ll find them in breakable pots and containers and on fallen opponents.

Follow Atreus up onto a bridge that goes into a mountainous building for a cutscene as you approach the beast.

####The Marked Trees quest gate opener
Follow the route down and around to an arena-like space with several Draugr. Send it. Enter the rear door for a Lost and Found toy, then proceed to the pillar with the chain to continue.

Pull the chain to lift the far gate, then hurl your axe at the giant circular cog above it to hold it. Let go and head through, then recall your axe.

Outside, turn left instead of following Atreus to locate a blazing red chest with over 500 Hacksilver. A ledge with a golden chain leads back to where the Draugr were spawning.

Right up the stairs and break the wooden panels to discover a narrow hallway with two locked doors. Open them to find a mythological carving. This is one of eleving Shrines you may locate in the game, which recount tales of Giants of folklore. It also starts the Labour (a side-task) of discovering all eleven, which gives XP.

Backtrack to where you began, but check at the left wall for a Hacksilver chest. On the ledge where you were, a grate suggests additional treasure, but you can’t get it anymore.

You’ll discover the animal after a short stroll. This time, assist Atreus aim by lining up the crosshairs with the deer’s torso and holding Square until the square in the crosshairs glows red.